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An earthquake is caused by a sudden release of energy in the. Seismism the seismicity or seismic action of a place denotes the frequency, size and kind of quakes experienced over a time period.

As soon as magnitude is the most typical scale on which quakes bigger than about 5 are reported for the whole world. The more numerous quakes smaller than magnitude 5 are quantified largely on the local magnitude scale, also called the Richter magnitude scale. Magnitude 3 or lower quakes are poor or largely nearly imperceptible and magnitude 7 and around possibly cause serious damage over larger regions, contingent upon their depth. The greatest quakes in historical times have been over 9, although there isn't any limit to the potential magnitude somewhat of magnitude. Strength of shaking is quantified in the modified Mercalli scale. The more shallow a quake, the more damage to arrangements it causes, all else being equal.