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A grim new reality for U.S. schools: 'active shooter insurance' to cover the huge costs that come in the aftermath… Reuters Top News (Wed Mar 21)
“Our school resource officer who was stationed inside the school was alerted...he pursued the shooter, engaged the… CBS News (Tue Mar 20)
The brother of the Florida shooter was arrested for trespassing at the same school where 17 were killed. Zachary Cr… CBS News (Tue Mar 20)
NEW: Authorities responding to active shooter and hostage situation at Yountville Veterans Home in California; numb… ABC News (Fri Mar 09)
Special education teacher describes 'traumatizing' active shooter drill. "One of my students was crying."… ABC News (Thu Mar 08)
If a possible mass shooter wants to hone his craft, don't hand him a virtual boot camp | via @CNNopinion… CNN (Mon Mar 05)
Shooter kills 2 people at Central Michigan University TIME (Fri Mar 02)
[email protected]: “I wouldn’t be here right now, if it wasn’t for law enforcement confronting the shooter in my case… Fox News (Wed Feb 28)
The tipster close to accused Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz told the FBI Cruz was "going to explode," acc… ABC News (Sat Feb 24)
As teachers return to a high school where a shooter killed 17 people, Florida Gov. Rick Scott proposes banning the… The Associated Press (Fri Feb 23)
Judge Janet McIvor says the shooter is at a high risk to offend again, has cognitive difficulties, and is not an ap… CBC News Alerts (Fri Feb 23)
Florida shooter willing to plead guilty to avoid death penalty, attorney says CNN (Sun Feb 18)
Florida social services investigated alleged school shooter Nikolas Cruz more than a year ago and investigators kne… Washington Post (Sun Feb 18)
Tim Clemente: "But somebody says 'I'm gonna be a professional school shooter,' it does't matter where they are, whe… Fox News (Sun Feb 18)
NEW: Broward County public defender representing Florida school shooter tells @ABC News he is willing to have his c… ABC News (Fri Feb 16)
BREAKING: FBI got tip on suspected Florida school shooter in January, but didn’t "follow protocols" NBC News (Fri Feb 16)
DETAILS: "Protocols were not followed" after tip was received about alleged Florida school shooter in January, FBI… ABC News (Fri Feb 16)
FBI admits it failed to investigate tip about accused Florida school shooter TIME (Fri Feb 16)
Read the frantic police dispatch calls just before the Florida shooter's arrest CNN (Fri Feb 16)
Florida school shooting: What to know about alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz TIME (Fri Feb 16)
Accused Florida shooter on suicide watch and "sad" and "remorseful," lawyers say Newsweek (Fri Feb 16)
Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz was a member of white supremacist group TIME (Fri Feb 16)
Accused Florida shooter on suicide watch and "sad" and "remorseful," lawyers say Newsweek (Thu Feb 15)
MORE: Judge says alleged Parkland, Florida, school shooter Nikolas Cruz will be held without bond… CBS News (Thu Feb 15)
Broward County Sheriff: Shooter "was taken into custody about an hour" after he left the school.… ABC News (Wed Feb 14)
JUST IN: The shooter who was at large in the wake of the incident at a Florida high school is now in custody, the B… CNN (Wed Feb 14)
NEW: "Shooter is now in custody," Broward County Sheriff's Office confirms of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School… CBS News (Wed Feb 14)
A shooter is still at large after gunfire at a Florida high school, police say. Reuters Top News (Wed Feb 14)
JUST IN: Shooter still at large, Broward County Sheriff's Office says. ABC News (Wed Feb 14)
Shooter still at large after incident at high school, Broward County, Florida, sheriff's office says… CNN Breaking News (Wed Feb 14)
MORE: "There is still an active shooter that has not been arrested by police," @CBSMiami says of reported shooting… CBS News (Wed Feb 14)
MORE: Authorities looking for male shooter at or near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, Br… CBS News (Wed Feb 14)
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's motive still unclear after autopsy Fox News (Sat Feb 10)
The Las Vegas shooter's autopsy report said he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and that he had a… CNN (Sat Feb 10)
Man who sold Las Vegas shooter ammo is arrested on federal TIME (Sat Feb 03)
Arizona man charged with selling armor-piercing ammunition to Vegas shooter Washington Post (Sat Feb 03)
1 dead, several injured in high school shooting in Benton, Kentucky. Governor says shooter in custody. Benton is in… CBC News Alerts (Tue Jan 23)
DEVELOPING: At least 5 students have reportedly been shot at a Kentucky high school; shooter has been apprehended… CBS News (Tue Jan 23)
Las Vegas shooter was germophobe and possibly bipolar, records TIME (Sat Jan 20)
Investigators still don't know why the Las Vegas shooter killed 58 people TIME (Fri Jan 19)
Breaking News: Las Vegas shooter Paddock had child porn on computer, FBI investigating person of interest: sheriff Fox News (Fri Jan 19)
Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend said she handled his ammo, helped him load magazines, unsealed docs say, via… Fox News (Sat Jan 13)
Colorado shooter made 6-year descent from budding attorney to killer TIME (Thu Jan 04)
NEW: Sheriff: "We are familiar with" the suspected Colorado mass shooter, but are awaiting positive identification… NBC News (Sun Dec 31)
They were investigating a disturbance in a room at a hotel-casino and the suspected shooter is facing critical inju… USA TODAY (Sun Dec 31)
JUST IN: Shooter opens fire in building in southeast Moscow, 1 killed – police RT (Wed Dec 27)
CA authorities searching for possible serial shooter responsible for at least 10 drive-by shootings during commutin… ABC News (Thu Dec 21)
JUST IN: At least two people have been shot at Aztec High School in New Mexico and the shooter is down, police say… CBS News (Thu Dec 07)
Drivers open fire on each other on Houston street after road rage incident; one shooter and one bystander injured.… ABC News (Thu Dec 07)
Vegas Victims' Attorney: 'Nothing But Resistance' From MGM - 'Not Allowed in Shooter's Room' Fox News (Sat Nov 18)
The two homemade AR-15 type semiautomatic rifles were made from parts the shooter, Kevin Janson Neal, purchased. USA TODAY (Thu Nov 16)
JUST IN: California shooter's wife has been found dead, "concealed under the floorboards" in his home, officials sa… CBS News (Wed Nov 15)
California shooter was released on bail before deadly rampage TIME (Wed Nov 15)
Sandy Hook families argue in court gun companies 'courted' shooter The Guardian (Tue Nov 14)
'Didn't even blink.' Texas church shooter had been acting strangely, witnesses TIME (Sat Nov 11)
Pulse shooter's wife Noor Salman denounced ISIS and terrorism on Facebook a year before Orlando attack… Newsweek (Fri Nov 10)
VP Pence: Air Force "moving aggressively to review" the "bureaucratic failures" that allowed Texas shooter to "purc… ABC News (Thu Nov 09)
FBI may have lost critical time unlocking Texas shooter's iPhone Reuters Top News (Thu Nov 09)
Botched Air Force handling of Texas shooter's criminal history may be 'systemic' issue Fox News (Wed Nov 08)
FBI seeks access to Texas church shooter's cellphone TIME (Tue Nov 07)
Texas authorities say they will no longer use name of shooter. "We do not want to glorify him and what he has done.… ABC News (Tue Nov 07)
FBI official, citing encryption tech, says federal agents have not been able to access the Texas shooter's phone NBC News (Tue Nov 07)
Texas official: Texas shooter suspect's cell phone has been turned over to FBI for analysis. ABC News (Tue Nov 07)
The moment two strangers who chased the Texas church shooter reunited and shared a hug CNN (Tue Nov 07)
Texas authorities say they will no longer say name of shooter. "We do not want to glorify him and what he has done.… ABC News (Tue Nov 07)
Gun law loophole may have allowed Texas church shooter Devin Kelley to buy assault-type rifle… Newsweek (Tue Nov 07)
Massachusetts is the first state to ban bump stocks, used by the Las Vegas shooter to increase his rate of fire… CNN (Tue Nov 07)
Texas church shooter was able to buy guns because Air Force never told FBI he was guilty of domestic violence… Newsweek (Tue Nov 07)
2 men in truck chase down Texas church shooter: 'Let's go' CTV News (Tue Nov 07)
MORE: Mistake by U.S. Air Force may have allowed Texas shooter to buy his weapons CBS News (Tue Nov 07)
Sutherland Springs shooter's history puts Texas gun laws in the spotlight CNN International (Mon Nov 06)
Sutherland Springs shooter Devin Kelley fractured infant stepson’s skull in 2012, retired Air Force prosecutor says… CBS News (Mon Nov 06)
Texas church shooter threatened mother-in-law before rampage: official Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 06)
Official says there was a "domestic situation" within the family of the Texas church shooter CNN (Mon Nov 06)
‘I just did what I thought was the right thing.’ Man describes high-speed pursuit of Texas church shooter TIME (Mon Nov 06)
Texas church shooting: • 26 people killed • At least 19 people hospitalized • Shooter found dead… NBC News (Mon Nov 06)
Sheriff on Texas church shooter: “We don’t think he had any type of connection to this church” and “he was not from… CNN (Mon Nov 06)
Law enforcement believes the one shooter is down following shooting in Sutherland Springs, CBS News' Pat Milton say… CBS News (Sun Nov 05)
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock had been depressed after losing money in the past two years, sheriff says:… CBS News (Sat Nov 04)
The Las Vegas shooter had money troubles prior to the attack, but his motive is still unclear, sheriff says… CNN International (Sat Nov 04)
Las Vegas shooter's brain to undergo microscopic study The Guardian (Sun Oct 29)
Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was a pedophile who wanted to "save" kids, FBI says Newsweek (Wed Oct 25)
Newly released FBI documents reveals Sandy Hook shooter threatened to kill mom, students. @annawerner with more.… CBS News (Tue Oct 24)
Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was a pedophile who wanted to "save" kids, FBI says Newsweek (Tue Oct 24)
Maryland office shooter held on $2.1 million bail NBC News (Thu Oct 19)
Companion of Las Vegas shooter put on a U.S. gov't watch list as FBI continues to press her for info, officials say… ABC News (Thu Oct 12)
Companion of Las Vegas shooter put on a U.S. gov't watch list as FBI continues to press her for info, officials say… ABC News (Wed Oct 11)
Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones won't drop the idea the Las Vegas shooter had help Newsweek (Wed Oct 11)
Las Vegas shooter believed to have used hotel's freight elevator before attack, according law enforcement sources CBS News (Tue Oct 10)
"We have uncovered no evidence to show there was a second shooter," Sheriff Joe Lombardo says of Las Vegas massacre… CBS News (Mon Oct 09)
Las Vegas shooter was 'a rational man', claims casino owner Steve Wynn, who controls Republican purse… Newsweek (Mon Oct 09)
FBI conducts new search of Las Vegas gunman's home after interviewing shooter’s girlfriend, local police chief says… ABC News (Mon Oct 09)
Note found inside Las Vegas shooter's hotel room contained numbers for wind, trajectory, and distance, sources say.… ABC News (Mon Oct 09)
A handwritten note in Vegas shooter's room contained calculations pertaining to distance and trajectory, source say… CNN (Sun Oct 08)
Note left in Las Vegas shooter's rooms reveals new details. Hear from the officers who found it. 60Minutes tonight… CBS News (Sun Oct 08)
The family of one of the 58 people killed in the Las Vegas massacre is asking for the shooter's assets to be seized… CNN Breaking News (Sat Oct 07)
Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's vehicle may have been primed to explode CBS News (Sat Oct 07)
Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock planned to escape but killed himself as the SWAT team moved in Newsweek (Sat Oct 07)
Las Vegas shooting: What will happen to the shooter's suite at Mandalay Bay? Fox News (Sat Oct 07)
LasVegas killer Stephen Paddock was lone shooter, police say Fox News (Fri Oct 06)
Vegas police: "We're very confident that there was not another shooter in that room"; still investigating whether a… ABC News (Fri Oct 06)
Vegas police say security guard who opened door to shooter's room and came under fire, then alerted other authoriti… ABC News (Fri Oct 06)
The Las Vegas shooter had taken 20 cruises, many of them in Europe and the Middle East, investigators have learned CNN International (Fri Oct 06)
How the Las Vegas shooter foiled a well-drilled counter-terrorism plan Reuters Top News (Fri Oct 06)
Sen. Feinstein on Vegas shooter: "Merely regulating bump stocks wouldn’t have necessarily prevented the gunman from… NBC News (Thu Oct 05)
Republicans signaled they're open to regulating the kind of equipment that enabled the shooter to gun down hundreds… CBS News (Thu Oct 05)
[email protected] on @TeamCavuto: The most important thing is facts...I don't want to assume what the shooter's mot… Fox News (Thu Oct 05)
Vegas shooter planned to survive and escape after deadly attack, police say Fox News (Thu Oct 05)
How high-rollers – like Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock – get special treatment at casinos:… CBS News (Thu Oct 05)
The security guard who first approached the Las Vegas shooter's suite was shot and continued to help clear rooms… CNN (Thu Oct 05)
Secretive life of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock frustrates investigators searching for motive TIME (Thu Oct 05)
Las Vegas sheriff gives timeline, shooter fired weapons for 10 minutes Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 05)
Father pens emotional letter after son is killed in Vegas, calling suspected shooter "coward" and his son a "hero."… ABC News (Thu Oct 05)
Marilou Danley, girlfriend of the Las Vegas shooter FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 05)
Attorney for Marilou Danley, the girlfriend of the Vegas shooter, makes statement outside FBI office in LA. ABC News (Wed Oct 04)
Las Vegas shooter's girlfriend had 'clean conscience,' citizenship questions emerge Fox News (Wed Oct 04)
The Las Vegas shooter had cameras set up inside and outside his hotel suite. The FBI is investigating their use… CNN International (Wed Oct 04)
FBI: It's a "surprise" that we still don't know the motive of the Las Vegas shooter CNN (Wed Oct 04)
Las Vegas shooter sent girlfriend away while he planned attack, her sisters Fox News (Wed Oct 04)
Las Vegas shooter modified guns for rapid fire and used cameras to monitor police. USA TODAY (Wed Oct 04)
What we know about Marilou Danley, who investigators hope may hold the key to unraveling Vegas shooter's motive:… ABC News (Wed Oct 04)
The Las Vegas shooter fired off and on for 9 to 11 minutes, authorities say CNN (Wed Oct 04)
The Las Vegas shooter modified his guns. Here's why that's important TIME (Wed Oct 04)
US official: Suspected Las Vegas shooter reported several gambling transactions of $10,000 or more in recent weeks… Al Jazeera News (Wed Oct 04)
The Las Vegas shooter may have tweaked his guns to fire like automatic weapons CNN (Tue Oct 03)
Why Trump was wrong to "guess" the Las Vegas shooter was a "sick" man Newsweek (Tue Oct 03)
Latest on Las Vegas massacre: - 59 dead, 527 injured - 42 guns found in shooter’s home, hotel room - Motive unknow… CNN (Tue Oct 03)
Police found 23 weapons in the Las Vegas shooter's hotel room -- but we still don't know his motive… CNN (Tue Oct 03)
Vegas shooter's weapons cache included devices enabling automatic gunfire, report says Fox News (Tue Oct 03)
Vegas shooter's stockpile: 17 weapons in hotel room; explosives, 18 firearms, ammo at home CNN International (Mon Oct 02)
[email protected] recalls the moments after the LasVegas shooter opened fire on the concert-goers.… Fox News (Tue Oct 03)
Las Vegas shooter a 'wealthy guy who liked gambling and cruises' FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 02)
Vegas shooter had at least 16 rifles, handguns, including assault rifle modified to fire automatically, sources say… ABC News (Mon Oct 02)
UPDATE: New report says LasVegas shooter was a multimillionaire who made much of his money investing in real estate Fox News (Mon Oct 02)
A fire alarm from gun smoke led police to the Las Vegas shooter’s room, retired officer says National Post (Mon Oct 02)
Las Vegas shooter's dad was on the FBI's 10 most-wanted list in 1968. USA TODAY (Mon Oct 02)
Why isn’t the Las Vegas shooting being called "terrorism" and shooter Stephen Paddock a "terrorist"?… Newsweek (Mon Oct 02)
A fire alarm from gun smoke led police to the Las Vegas shooter's room, retired officer says Washington Post (Mon Oct 02)
Listen to police audio as officers entered the hotel room of the Las Vegas shooter. Live updates:… CNN International (Mon Oct 02)
'It was hysteria. People were trampled': panic as Las Vegas shooter opened fire The Guardian (Mon Oct 02)
NEW: Police have not identified the name of the shooter but say he is a white male in his 60s who lived in a retire… CBS News (Mon Oct 02)
Concertgoers take cover and jump to the ground in a VIP tent as a shooter opens fire in Las Vegas. (Credit: Russe… NBC News (Mon Oct 02)
Las Vegas shooting: • 100+ people injured • 20+ people dead • Shooter is dead, police searching for companion… NBC News (Mon Oct 02)
BREAKING: Police confirm reports of active shooter in Las Vegas. The Associated Press (Mon Oct 02)
DEVELOPING: US Air Force Academy in CO has "received reports of active shooter on Academy grounds. There are no con… ABC News (Sat Sep 30)
Pres. Trump defends Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin amid government jet inquiry: He's a "straight shooter."… ABC News (Fri Sep 15)
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on lockdown after 'active shooter' report, New Hampshire hospital says… Fox News (Tue Sep 12)
New Mexico officials said the suspected shooter was taken into custody. USA TODAY (Tue Aug 29)
New Mexico police are responding to an active shooter at a public library in CBS News (Tue Aug 29)
‘Hunting Yankee’: N. Korea releases first person shooter that lets players kill US Marines RT (Sun Aug 27)