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China intends to force rainfall & snow over area 3 times the size of Spain RT (Mon Apr 09)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Thu Apr 05)
HSBC whistleblower arrested in Spain FRANCE 24 English (Thu Apr 05)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Sat Mar 31)
Spain’s winning identity intact as they hit Argentina for six in friendly win The Guardian (Tue Mar 27)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Sun Mar 25)
RAW: Taxi drivers protest the planned return of ride-hailing service to Barcelona. It stopped operating in Spain in… RT (Thu Mar 22)
VIEW | Five reasons why Spain is a 'time bomb' for Europe euronews (Tue Mar 06)
Five reasons why Spain is a 'time bomb' for Europe: View euronews (Thu Mar 01)
West Brom investigate after four players involved in ‘incident’ in Spain The Guardian (Fri Feb 16)
Britain's Edmund doubtful for Davis Cup tie with Spain FRANCE 24 English (Thu Feb 01)
Police arrested a family in Spain and found 8,000 pounds of oranges stuffed in their cars TIME (Wed Jan 31)
Spain risks downgrade to 'flawed democracy' over Catalonia: think tank FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 31)
Pulp Fiction: Police in Spain arrest five people for the theft of almost 9,000 pounds of oranges.… ABC News (Tue Jan 30)
Spain turns to court to block Puigdemont's Catalan comeback bid FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jan 27)
Venezuela, Spain to expel ambassadors as ‘persona non grata’ RT (Sat Jan 27)
‘He was just a kid’: the boy who became a symbol of Spain's migration crisis The Guardian (Fri Jan 26)
Spain ruling party apologises over 'illegal financing' FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 26)
Venezuela says it is stripping diplomatic credentials from the ambassador from Spain, accusing the European country… The Associated Press (Thu Jan 25)
The US is about to fall from No. 2 to No. 3, ranking behind Spain among world's top tourist destinations. Why? Pres… CNN International (Wed Jan 24)
The Catalonia crisis is no longer a "main concern," Spain's FM tells Reuters @axelthrelfall at WEF2018 See more f… Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 24)
The US is about to fall from No. 2 to No. 3, ranking behind Spain among world's top tourist destinations. Why? Pres… CNN (Wed Jan 24)
The Catalonia crisis is no longer a "main concern," Spain's FM tells Reuters @axelthrelfall at WEF2018 See more f… Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 24)
Carles Puigdemont, facing charges in Spain, to be Catalonia's new president Al Jazeera News (Mon Jan 22)
Spain renews arrest bid as Catalonia's Puigdemont travels to Denmark BBC News (World) (Mon Jan 22)
Hundreds of kilograms of cocaine hidden inside fresh pineapples have been seized by police in Portugal and Spain… CNN International (Fri Jan 19)
Brexit blow as satellite monitoring centre moves from UK to Spain The Guardian (Thu Jan 18)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Sun Jan 07)
IN THE PAPERS - 'Lay off the tapas': Spain's elite army go on diet FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 05)
Spain's unemployment shrinks in 2017 FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 03)
Spain gambled ... and everybody Foreign Policy (Tue Jan 02)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Mon Jan 01)
Puigdemont urges Spain to accept Catalan election results euronews (Sat Dec 30)
Former Catalan leader urges Spain to accept secessionist election win Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 30)
Algerian migrant held in jail in Spain found dead FRANCE 24 English (Fri Dec 29)
Spain gambled. Everybody Foreign Policy (Thu Dec 28)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Wed Dec 27)
Spain's king attempts to calm Catalonia crisis in Christmas speech The Guardian (Mon Dec 25)
Spain's king urges Catalan lawmakers to avoid 'confrontation' FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 24)
How one couple managed to retire early—to Spain TIME (Sun Dec 24)
Let me come back, Catalan leader tells Spain Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 23)
EUROPE NOW - To split or not to split? Where next for Spain and Catalonia? (Part 1) FRANCE 24 English (Sat Dec 23)
The Catalonia independence movement is not going away. Spain is staring at a long-term conflict in a deeply divided… The New York Times (Fri Dec 22)
WATCH: Catalonia's separatist parties won a slim majority in a vote Spain called to try to end a political crisis… Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 22)
Spain's crisis re-ignited as Catalan separatists win vote Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 22)
Spain's Rajoy rules out national election after Catalonia upset Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 22)
Spain just held 'El Gordo,' one of the world's biggest lotteries with billions in prizes TIME (Fri Dec 22)
Watch live: Spain's PM Rajoy speaks about Catalan election results euronews (Fri Dec 22)
?? Carles Puigdemont: "I am prepared to meet PM Rajoy anywhere in Europe, but not in Spain" FRANCE 24 English (Fri Dec 22)
Will Catalonia’s election end the independence stand-off with Spain? The Economist (Wed Dec 20)
In 1990 28% of Spain was forested; now the proportion is 37% The Economist (Mon Dec 18)
Spain's Real Madrid beat Brazil's Gremio 1-0 to win Club World Cup euronews (Sat Dec 16)
Teruel Spain: Arrest made after murder of police officers BBC News (World) (Fri Dec 15)
This is the most peculiar election Spain has seen since the 1970s The Economist (Fri Dec 15)
Salvadorean war crimes suspect Montano extradited to Spain BBC News (World) (Wed Nov 29)
Spain reports case of 'mad cow disease' FRANCE 24 English (Tue Nov 28)
Nightclub dancefloor collapses in Spain injuring 22 (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) RT (Sun Nov 26)
Flags, passion and anger: reporting from a divided Spain The Guardian (Sat Nov 25)
Ecuador warns Assange over support for Spain's Catalonia FRANCE 24 English (Thu Nov 23)
Spain, Portugal struggle with extreme drought FRANCE 24 English (Tue Nov 21)
Spain's top prosecutor, who was leading the case against separatist Catalan leaders, has died after falling ill The New York Times (Sun Nov 19)
Spain police suing Catalan satirists for 'insults' FRANCE 24 English (Sat Nov 18)
Spain says it has intel suggesting Russian-based groups used social media to spread "misinformation" related to Cat… CNN (Tue Nov 14)
Catalan crisis: Spain's Rajoy in Catalonia for first visit since direct rule euronews (Sun Nov 12)
Silva leads Spain's assault on Costa Rica Reuters Top News (Sun Nov 12)
Drought across Spain and Portugal raises alarm euronews (Thu Nov 09)
Protests block roads and stop commuter trains as Catalonia faces a general strike over Spain's power grab:… CBS News (Wed Nov 08)
Ousted Catalan leader blasts Spain after Belgium frees him FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 06)
The Catalan crisis is merely the most dramatic sign that Spain's constitution needs updating The Economist (Mon Nov 06)
In Spain, democracy and law are being reduced to hollow shells | Kenan Malik The Guardian (Sun Nov 05)
Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain: What happened when? NBC News (Sun Nov 05)
URGENT: 5 people wanted by Spain taken into custody this morning - Brussels prosecutor spokesman… RT (Sun Nov 05)
Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain: What happened when? NBC News (Sat Nov 04)
Were Catalonia able to secede from Spain yet keep its existing trade relationships, leaving would look attractive The Economist (Fri Nov 03)
Spain issues arrest warrant for dismissed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont Al Jazeera English (Fri Nov 03)
Spain detains Catalonia's ex-ministers FRANCE 24 English (Fri Nov 03)
Spain wants revenge. But arresting Catalan leaders only gives us strength | Opinion The Guardian (Thu Nov 02)
Puigdemont 'not going to Spain': lawyer FRANCE 24 English (Wed Nov 01)
Catalonia: Puigdemont 'will not return' to Spain for questioning BBC News (World) (Wed Nov 01)
Why does Catalonia want to quit Spain? It’s the economy, stupid (Op-Edge by @ProfSteveKeen) RT (Tue Oct 31)
As Catalonia's ex-leader talks to media in Belgium, Spain's constitutional court annuls independence declaration: CBC News Alerts (Tue Oct 31)
Daily Briefing: - Spain's status quo taking hold? - Brexit talks inch closer to crisis point - French economy grows… Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 31)
Spain clocks up vigorous growth in Q3 FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 30)
Catalonia and Spain could learn a lot from the Scotland independence referendum, says @ayeshahazarika… CNN International (Mon Oct 30)
Spain prosecutor files charges against Catalan leaders Al Jazeera News (Mon Oct 30)
JUST IN: Spain seeks charges of rebellion and sedition against Catalan leaders involved in independence bid CNN International (Mon Oct 30)
Crunch day for Spain as Catalonia returns to work under direct rule The Guardian (Mon Oct 30)
Hundreds of thousands march for unified Spain, poll shows depths of division Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 29)
Spain makes election suggestion to sacked Catalan leader euronews (Sun Oct 29)
Catalonia's fateful independence vote was spurred by Spain's rigidity, @TerryMoran writes: ABC News (Sat Oct 28)
Spain dissolves Catalan parliament and calls fresh elections The Guardian (Sat Oct 28)
Spain's deputy PM is put in charge of Catalonia as government officially takes charge of rebellious region BBC Breaking News (Sat Oct 28)
Spain on a knife's edge as Madrid seizes control of Catalonia FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 28)
Opinion: Catalonia and Spain: Is a Quebec arrangement the answer? From @GlobeDebate The Globe and Mail (Fri Oct 27)
'Serbia supports territorial integrity of Spain and this act contradicts Spanish constitutional system' - Serbian F… RT (Fri Oct 27)
Spain's Prime Minister calls for calm after Catalonia declares independence euronews (Fri Oct 27)
Spain authorizes government to takeover Catalonia moments after proclamation of National Post (Fri Oct 27)
'I have one interlocutor in Spain; it is Prime Minister Rajoy' - Macron expressed his support for Spanish PM… RT (Fri Oct 27)
BREAKING Catalan parliament votes for independence from Spain USA TODAY (Fri Oct 27)
Catalonia just declared independence from Spain TIME (Fri Oct 27)
WATCH LIVE: Catalan parliament begins vote on whether to declare independence from Spain Al Jazeera News (Fri Oct 27)
BREAKING NEWS: Catalan Parliament votes to declare independence from Spain CNN (Fri Oct 27)
Catalonia’s independence movement is not just a problem for Spain | Simon Jenkins The Guardian (Fri Oct 27)
Spain on verge of seizing control of Catalonia amid independence crisis CNN Breaking News (Fri Oct 27)
Spain's Senate is set to impose direct rule over Catalonia TIME (Fri Oct 27)
Spain on tenterhooks ahead of Catalan crisis sessions. The Associated Press (Fri Oct 27)
Video: Catalans consider seceding before Spain can act FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 26)
Prosecutor accuses Spain's ruling party of benefitting from kickbacks FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 26)
The Latest: Catalonia's vice president says Spain giving separatists 'no other option' but to push for independence. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 25)
Analysis: Catalonia has always been distinct. Why is it part of Spain? Washington Post (Wed Oct 25)
LIVE NOW: What do you think of Spain's crackdown on Catalan independence? CNN International (Mon Oct 23)
Spain FM: 'Many police violence pictures fake' BBC News (World) (Sun Oct 22)
Catalonia's president responds to Spain's independence threat, telling lawmakers to come up with a counter plan:… CBS News (Sat Oct 21)
Spain will sack Catalan government, call regional election Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 21)
?? Spain 'goes nuclear' on Catalonia FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 19)
Spain to suspend Catalonia's autonomy in response to independence threat Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 19)
AJNewsGrid is live from Barcelona taking your questions about Spain’s political turmoil. Ask your Qs ?… Al Jazeera English (Thu Oct 19)
Spain moves closer to taking control of Catalonia after the defiant region's independence vote… Newsweek (Thu Oct 19)
Spain moves to take over Catalonia’s government in unprecedented effort to stop region’s bid for independence Washington Post (Thu Oct 19)
Spain threatens to take over Catalonia's government as constitutional crisis looms National Post (Thu Oct 19)
NEW: Spain set to impose direct rule on Catalonia beginning Saturday NBC News (Thu Oct 19)
BREAKING: Spain to trigger Article 155 to block Catalan autonomy, says office of Prime Minister… Al Jazeera English (Thu Oct 19)
At least 44 people have been killed in wildfires in Portugal and Spain, according to officials from both countries… CNN (Wed Oct 18)
At least 44 people have been killed in wildfires in Portugal and Spain, according to officials from both countries… CNN International (Wed Oct 18)
Anger grows over Portugal and Spain's 41 fire deaths NBC News (Tue Oct 17)
The sky turned orange across the UK on Monday, due to former Hurricane Ophelia and wildfires in Spain and Portugal… CNN International (Tue Oct 17)
At least 34 people have been killed by wildfires in Portugal and Spain CNN International (Mon Oct 16)
Catalonia's leader fails to clarify declaration of independence from Spain, and instead calls for talks over status… CNN International (Mon Oct 16)
Catalan talks with Spain 'would aim at independence' FRANCE 24 English (Sun Oct 15)
Spain to play Russia in friendly: Spanish football federation FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 13)
Spain 2018 economic growth forecast 'at risk' euronews (Fri Oct 13)
Catalonia should remain in Spain, @danrunde writes. The latest from Elephants in the Room: Foreign Policy (Thu Oct 12)
Spain's prime minister says Catalan government has eight days to drop its independence or risk losing its autonomy… Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 11)
Catalan independence vote has shown that Spain, in some respect, is broken, writes Marc Herman for @CNNOpinion… CNN International (Wed Oct 11)
Spain takes first step toward ending Catalan autonomy after disputed referendum NBC News (Wed Oct 11)
Spain takes step towards suspending Catalonia autonomy Al Jazeera News (Wed Oct 11)
Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says the Spanish government is to formally ask Catalan government if it has ..… euronews (Wed Oct 11)
Catalonia's president says the region has won the right to independence from Spain, but delays split to pursue talk… CNN International (Wed Oct 11)
Catalan leader signs document declaring independence from Spain Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Breaking News: Catalonia's leader said his region earned independence from Spain but suspended the secession process The New York Times (Tue Oct 10)
Catalonia leader under intense pressure from Spain to drop independence bid. To reveal stance at noon ET. CBC News Alerts (Tue Oct 10)
The Basque Country: Spain's effective but expensive antidote to secession Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
A fibre-optic cable owned by Facebook and Microsoft stretches from Virginia Beach, Virginia, to Bilbao, Spain The Economist (Tue Oct 10)
Uncertainty reigns in Spain ahead of possible Catalan secession declaration National Post (Tue Oct 10)
France will not recognise Catalonia if it declares independence from Spain BBC News (World) (Mon Oct 09)
Political uncertainty in Spain as Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is expected to declare independence in days… CNN (Mon Oct 09)
Here's how a referendum has not only exposed divisions between Catalonia and Spain, but within Catalonia itself… CNN International (Mon Oct 09)
'Catalonia is Spain': Protests snub call for Catalan independence CNN International (Mon Oct 09)
"We want to remain in Spain" say unity protesters euronews (Sun Oct 08)