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The Justice Department can’t tie police funding to cooperation on immigration, a federal judge has ruled The New York Times (Fri Apr 13)
Attorney General Jeff Sessions delivers remarks on immigration enforcement. Fox News (Wed Apr 11)
Why ‘Stop Soros’ & what Hungary’s plan to curb pro-immigration NGOs means RT (Mon Apr 09)
[email protected] on immigration debate: "The Democratic Party is always saying, 'well if you want a border, if you… Fox News (Mon Apr 09)
Trump signed a memorandum ordering an end of so-called 'catch and release' policy, under which US immigration offic… RT (Fri Apr 06)
Mexican Ambassador: 'Mexico Does Not Advocate' Illegal Immigration to US Fox News (Thu Apr 05)
Trump denounces immigration policies, calls for tighter border security at tax cut event The Globe and Mail (Thu Apr 05)
Troops on the border: Trump ups ante in immigration battle RT (Tue Apr 03)
President @realDonaldTrump strengthens immigration stance; "NO MORE DACA DEAL!" Fox News (Tue Apr 03)
The DOJ has announced it will evaluate immigration judges on how many cases they close and how fast they hear cases… CNN (Tue Apr 03)
TONIGHT: Attorney General Jeff Sessions sits down with @TuckerCarlson to talk immigration laws on "Tucker Carlson T… Fox News (Fri Mar 09)
[email protected] on the 'Anti-Border Party': Dems' Positions on Illegal Immigration Are 'Crazy' Fox News (Fri Mar 09)
California Gov. Jerry Brown hits back at Attorney General Sessions over earlier criticism on immigration: "There's… ABC News (Thu Mar 08)
Sessions blasts California after filing U.S. immigration suit reports @SharonBernstein Reuters Top News (Wed Mar 07)
WATCH LIVE: California attorney general responds to Trump administration lawsuit over immigration… CBS News (Wed Mar 07)
Immigration official slams Oakland, Calif., over Twitter warning about raids The Globe and Mail (Wed Feb 28)
A revision of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services mission statement omits the phrase “nation of… The New York Times (Sat Feb 24)
Widow says Republican candidate's immigration ad politicizes her husband's death Washington Post (Fri Feb 23)
USDA secretary wants separate immigration program for agricultural workers Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 22)
Some use immigration as euphemism for race, says Diane Abbott The Guardian (Wed Feb 21)
The Houston school district is under fire after a student without legal status ended up in immigration detention fo… NBC News (Fri Feb 16)
The Daily 202: Immigration failure shows the ideologues are ascendant in the Trump White House Washington Post (Fri Feb 16)
Businesses are floundering while Whitehall dithers on immigration | Adam Marshall The Guardian (Fri Feb 16)
Business leader warns May against harsh immigration policy The Guardian (Fri Feb 16)
Senate blocks Trump-backed immigration plan and everything else on the table USA TODAY (Thu Feb 15)
Breaking News: Senators from both parties rejected a centrist immigration deal to help so-called Dreamers and fund… The New York Times (Thu Feb 15)
BREAKING Senate blocks Trump-backed bill to protect DREAMers and make steep cuts in legal immigration USA TODAY (Thu Feb 15)
Immigration officials put Syed Ahmed Jamal on a plane bound for Bangladesh before an immigration panel granted a te… NBC News (Thu Feb 15)
Analysis: Sen. Durbin invoked Chloe Kim in his immigration speech. Some took issue with that. Washington Post (Thu Feb 15)
Why Chuck Schumer can't win on immigration TIME (Wed Feb 14)
A top U.S. immigration official has been charged with stealing immigrants' identities National Post (Wed Feb 14)
President Trump is throwing his support behind Sen. Chuck Grassley and his immigration legislation, as the debate o… CBS News (Wed Feb 14)
LIVE: Senate holds free-for-all debate on immigration as DACA deadline approaches. ABC News (Wed Feb 14)
Senate Republican leader McConnell embraces Trump's immigration plan: Reuters Top News (Tue Feb 13)
No one knows how the Senate's immigration free-for-all will end TIME (Mon Feb 12)
Trump's the decider when it comes to immigration. Will he? | Analysis by @StCollinson CNN International (Wed Feb 07)
Trump says he would 'love' a shutdown if immigration is not part of budget deal. CBC News Alerts (Wed Feb 07)
As @KenyonCollege cancels immigration play dubbed culturally insensitive, a 'whiteness group' takes shape Fox News (Tue Feb 06)
Assistant US AG: 'When We Fail to Enforce Immigration Laws' It Aids MS-13 Fox News (Tue Feb 06)
Trump threatens government shutdown if Congress doesn't fix immigration laws USA TODAY (Tue Feb 06)
Trump threatens govt shutdown over immigration RT (Tue Feb 06)
Congress grapples with immigration, averting funding fight Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Two U.S. senators unveil bipartisan immigration plan Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Jason Riley on immigration: "I think the president is trying to reach a compromise here." Fox News (Sun Feb 04)
That working-class lives are more fraught is not down to immigration | Kenan Malik The Guardian (Sun Feb 04)
Perspective: Why immigration advocates must take back the term "chain migration" Washington Post (Thu Feb 01)
Asylum seekers win case over smoking in immigration detention centres The Guardian (Thu Feb 01)
[email protected]: "[@POTUS] is saying that our poorest borders & our lack enforcement of immigration policies that ha… Fox News (Thu Feb 01)
[email protected] urges Pres. Trump to hash out details on immigration ‘rather than throwing bombs’.… ABC News (Thu Feb 01)
In SOTU speech, Trump pushes hardline immigration policies even as he urges unity: Track… Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 31)
First Read: President Trump's SOTU address shows he and Democrats remain worlds apart on immigration NBC News (Wed Jan 31)
'Americans are dreamers too': Trump holds hard-line on immigration in State of the Union speech… National Post (Wed Jan 31)
"Americans are Dreamers too" — Immigration was a central theme during Fox News (Wed Jan 31)
Chain migration, border walls and the visa lottery system: Fact checking Trump's immigration reform claims SOTU… Newsweek (Wed Jan 31)
BREAKING: ‘Americans are dreamers too’: Trumps lays out immigration reform RT (Wed Jan 31)
'Americans Are Dreamers Too': Trump Calls for Illegal Immigration Compromise, Elicits Boos from Some Observers Fox News (Wed Jan 31)
As President Trump address an immigration crackdown during the SOTU we are live tweeting from a watch party of… BBC News (World) (Wed Jan 31)
Pres. Trump to call for bipartisanship on immigration reform, SOTU speech excerpts reveals: "So tonight I am exte… CBS News (Tue Jan 30)
Immigration, the economy and the stock market: Those are the topics @jeffglor anticipates Pres. Trump will discuss… CBS News (Tue Jan 30)
[email protected]: As immigration debate rages, 'Dreamers' await their fate. See photo essay from @lucy_nicholson:… Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 30)
As U.S. immigration debate rages, 'Dreamers' await their fate Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 30)
[email protected] on an immigration deal: "You don't get was you want as a Democrat until we get what we want as [R… Fox News (Tue Jan 30)
The White House laid out its immigration plans to Congress on Thursday. Among many factors within this plan is the… CBS News (Tue Jan 30)
[email protected] on immigration reform: "I want to make sure we give the president the latitude he needs to get this… Fox News (Mon Jan 29)
Perspective: What the 1920 Wall Street bombing tells us about Donald Trump’s immigration scare tactics Washington Post (Mon Jan 29)
Opinion: Without immigration, America will stagnate Washington Post (Mon Jan 29)
Pres. Trump tells @jonkarl any immigration deal must be bipartisan, "because Republicans really don't have the vote… ABC News (Mon Jan 29)
Trump says to address trade, immigration in State of the Union speech Reuters Top News (Mon Jan 29)
The White House will present an immigration proposal to Congress this week. It creates a path to citizenship for ne… CBS News (Mon Jan 29)
[email protected] on immigration reform: "This is not $25 billion for a wall. This is $25 billion for a wall, additional a… Fox News (Mon Jan 29)
Rapper Logic gave an impassioned speech about ethnicity, gender equality and immigration at the Grammys. Read the… CNN International (Mon Jan 29)
[email protected] on @POTUS' immigration proposal: "I give him credit for getting involved but I thought it was gene… Fox News (Mon Jan 29)
Sen. Bernie Sanders joined @FaceTheNation to discuss the president's immigration proposal and whether the Senate wi… CBS News (Sun Jan 28)
Severed doll heads left at Tel Aviv immigration office in anti-deportation stunt (VIDEO) RT (Sun Jan 28)
[email protected] slammed President @realDonaldTrump’s immigration framework, calling it part of a "campaign to make Am… Fox News (Sun Jan 28)
A day after Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents came knocking at Harry Pangemanan's door, his two U.S.-born… USA TODAY (Sun Jan 28)
On "Cavuto Live," Rep. @Jim_Jordan reacted to the @WhiteHouse's immigration framework. Fox News (Sat Jan 27)
[email protected] slammed President @realDonaldTrump’s immigration framework, calling it part of a "campaign to make Am… Fox News (Sat Jan 27)
Immigration tops the list of issues for President Trump's first State of the Union CNN (Sat Jan 27)
Why Donald Trump’s immigration comments caused such an uproar in Africa Washington Post (Fri Jan 26)
Analysis: President Trump turns the tables on immigration NBC News (Fri Jan 26)
NEW: Conservative Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward tells @martharaddatz the White House's proposed immigration p… ABC News (Fri Jan 26)
Trump: Our immigration system is stuck in the past. USA TODAY (Fri Jan 26)
Forget the wall, President Trump's plan would reshape the US legal immigration dramatically CNN (Fri Jan 26)
The big catch in Trump’s ‘Dreamers’ plan: A bid to restrict legal immigration The Globe and Mail (Fri Jan 26)
Republican Senator Cotton praises Trump immigration plan Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 26)
Trump offers 'Dreamers' a path to citizenship, wants other immigration curbs Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 26)
A call about the White House's newly released immigration plan between Stephen Miller and representatives of hardli… CNN International (Fri Jan 26)
Trump’s immigration plan offers citizenship path to ‘Dreamers,’ bolsters border security The Globe and Mail (Fri Jan 26)
Trump immigration plan to offer citizenship to 1.8m 'Dreamers' FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 26)
Immigration plan unveiled by Trump administration calls for citizenship path for Dreamers and $25 billion for a "bo… CBS News (Fri Jan 26)
AP10Things to Know for Fri.: How Trump wants to retool immigration laws; where in Europe concerns about flooding a… The Associated Press (Fri Jan 26)
Jason Riley on immigration: "Do Democrats really want a deal or do they just want this issue to bash Republicans wi… Fox News (Thu Jan 25)
President Trump's citizenship comments add to immigration confusion on Capitol hill CNN (Thu Jan 25)
Republican McConnell 'optimistic' on immigration, spending talks Reuters Top News (Thu Jan 25)
The political discussion of immigration has become increasingly removed from reality The Economist (Thu Jan 25)
'I Asked You a Question': @marthamaccallum Debates NM Mayor Who Pledges to Defy @realDonaldTrump on Immigration Fox News (Thu Jan 25)
Trump to unveil immigration plan after weeks of indecision The Guardian (Wed Jan 24)
[email protected] on immigration negotiations: "Based on negotiations, the White House will release on Monday legislative… CBS News (Wed Jan 24)
The Justice Department is threatening "sanctuary cities" with subpoenas, escalating Trump's immigration enforcement… USA TODAY (Wed Jan 24)
[email protected] issued this response when asked if a deal on immigration could be made by the February 8 deadline.… Fox News (Wed Jan 24)
[email protected] on immigration reform negotiations: "The @WhiteHouse has been crystal clear on what we're asking."… Fox News (Wed Jan 24)
Lawmakers scramble on immigration as government shutdown paused Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 23)
Immigration activist: Democrats let us down again | Analysis by @GregJKrieg CNN (Tue Jan 23)
Government shutdown fizzles on spending, immigration deal in Congress Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 23)
'Arrest @XavierBecerra': CA Gov Candidate Calls for Sessions to Charge State AG Over New Immigration Law Fox News (Tue Jan 23)
A White House spokesman labeled the immigration plan presented by Sens. Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin "amnesty," a… CNN (Tue Jan 23)
Trump may push back hard against any immigration compromise that emerges from the Senate. USA TODAY (Tue Jan 23)
President Donald Trump held two meetings with a handful of senators to discuss immigration reform: with six Republi… CNN (Mon Jan 22)
@CBSNews [email protected] vows to tackle DACA, immigration issues and military funding once bill to reopen government… CBS News (Mon Jan 22)
The Senate votes to reopen the government after Democrats win assurances on immigration. The bill goes to the House… CNN (Mon Jan 22)
The Senate clears the way to reopen the government after Democrats win assurances on immigration. The measure next… CNN Breaking News (Mon Jan 22)
[email protected]: "What frequently you hear from this White House and other hardliners on immigration is, we want a perma… CBS News (Mon Jan 22)
Sanders says the White House hopes Democrats "come to the table ready to actually make a deal (on immigration) and… CNN (Mon Jan 22)
Trump says he is pleased by shutdown deal and that a long-term immigration deal will come "if and only if it is go… CNN Breaking News (Mon Jan 22)
To some Republicans, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is the face of the government shutdown -- for immigration… CBS News (Mon Jan 22)
[email protected]: President Trump discusses the issue of immigration "in ways that, to me, seem racist"… CNN (Mon Jan 22)
[email protected]: "The reason that the government has shut down is because of a controversial illegal immigration poli… Fox News (Mon Jan 22)
U.S. Government is shut down over Democrat immigration dreams euronews (Mon Jan 22)
The political discussion of immigration has become increasingly removed from reality The Economist (Mon Jan 22)
Trump adviser Stephen Miller, a true believer in restrictionist immigration policies, is at the center of the fiery… Washington Post (Mon Jan 22)
White House Legislative Affairs Dir. Marc Short on Pres. Trump’s immigration priorities: “If we don’t solve the cha… ABC News (Sun Jan 21)
Federal government shutdown closes America's most famous monuments to immigration _ the Statue of Liberty and Ellis… The Associated Press (Sun Jan 21)
Trump will not negotiate on immigration until government reopened Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 20)
Trump to Democrats: no immigration talk until government reopened Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 20)
U.S. government shuts down as Senate fails to reach deal amid spat over immigration and spending… The Globe and Mail (Sat Jan 20)
U.S. government shuts down as Senate fails to reach deal amid spat over immigration and spending… The Globe and Mail (Sat Jan 20)
In spending fight, Republicans embrace Trump’s hard-line stand on immigration Washington Post (Sat Jan 20)
House Democrat Pelosi hopeful Schumer finds Trump-backed immigration bill Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 19)
"There is absolutely no reason to insert a DACA discussion, an immigration discussion, into the funding bill today,… CBS News (Fri Jan 19)
Donald Trump lambasts the practice as a loophole in immigration law that evil-doers exploit The Economist (Fri Jan 19)
Points-based immigration sounds innocuous. Its effect is racist, though | Justin Gest The Guardian (Fri Jan 19)
AG Jeff Sessions on @POTUS' immigration reform: "He favored the wall, he's fought for it all the way through the ca… Fox News (Fri Jan 19)
The number of DREAMers is far greater than commonly known: 3.6 million, analysis of immigration figures shows USA TODAY (Thu Jan 18)
[email protected] on @POTUS' work toward immigration reform: "When you look at the Senate proposal, it actually inc… Fox News (Thu Jan 18)
[email protected] on immigration bill: "To solve the problem you've gotta stop and make sure that people respect the… Fox News (Thu Jan 18)
European leaders, facing growing public unease, toughen up on immigration Fox News (Thu Jan 18)
'Close the deal.' Congress wants Trump to be decisive on immigration TIME (Wed Jan 17)
Trump declines to say how he referred to African countries and Haiti during immigration talks last week… Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 17)
US shutdown looms amid immigration feud BBC News (World) (Wed Jan 17)
How three elections are snarling the immigration fight | Analysis by @StCollinson CNN (Wed Jan 17)
[email protected] Principal Deputy Asst. AG Ed O'Callaghan: @POTUS's immigration is designed to serve the interests… Fox News (Wed Jan 17)
Trump reportedly said he doesn't care what the Congressional Black Caucus thinks about immigration… Newsweek (Wed Jan 17)
AG Jeff Sessions on immigration reform: "What good does it do to bring in somebody who's illiterate in their own co… Fox News (Wed Jan 17)
U.S. government shutdown looms amid harsh immigration exchange Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 16)
[email protected] on @POTUS' immigration deal negotiations: "He wants a good deal, and he wants the right deal. He laid ou… Fox News (Tue Jan 16)
@CBSNews @PressSec on reported use of vulgar word during immigration meeting: We have wasted 5 days fighting over o… CBS News (Tue Jan 16)
Pastor denounces President Trump's immigration comments with Vice President Pence sitting in the pews. USA TODAY (Tue Jan 16)
Sen. Durbin says someone on the White House staff poisoned the effort to work with Pres. Trump on immigration agree… ABC News (Tue Jan 16)
Homeland Security chief testifies she "did not hear" President Trump use vulgarity at immigration meeting last week. NBC News (Tue Jan 16)