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News about Ukraine
Croatia defender Vida apologizes for Ukraine comments Reuters Top News (Thu Jul 12)
Netherlands cannot exclude Ukraine’s liability in downing of flight MH17 as it didn’t close airspace - Dutch FM… RT (Fri Jun 01)
‘Babchenko’s fake murder in Ukraine part of ‘lamentable campaign targeting Russia’ - analysts… RT (Thu May 31)
"I'm still alive." Ukraine says it faked the death of a journalist who was critical of the Kremlin TIME (Thu May 31)
A Russian missile brought down the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in eastern Ukraine in 2014, investigators report… Al Jazeera English (Thu May 24)
Ukraine negotiator charged over plot to kill Poroshenko FRANCE 24 English (Fri Mar 09)
BREAKING: Ukraine begins seizure of Russian energy giant Gazprom's assets RT (Wed Mar 07)
U.S. says it plans to sell 210 anti-tank missiles to Ukraine The Globe and Mail (Thu Mar 01)
'Four years after Euromaidan, corruption is still king in Ukraine' - Op-Ed by @27khv RT (Sun Feb 25)
Manafort & Gates worked as lobbyists for various governments in Ukraine from 2006 to 2015 & conspired to shield inc… RT (Thu Feb 22)
Ukraine progress should soften sanctions on Russia: Germany's Gabriel Reuters Top News (Sat Feb 17)
Saakashvili says counting on supporters for Ukraine return FRANCE 24 English (Tue Feb 13)
Saakashvili may face extradition after losing Ukraine court appeal Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Polish bill over wartime history angers Israel, Ukraine FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jan 29)
After nearly 4 years of armed conflict in Ukraine, gunshots still reign and cities in the east are shells of their… NBC News (Mon Jan 29)
Measles outbreak in Ukraine kills two FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 17)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Mon Jan 15)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Fri Jan 12)
Russians view US, Ukraine & EU as country’s main enemies – survey RT (Wed Jan 10)
Ukraine to launch its first solar plant at Chernobyl FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 10)
Third U.S. destroyer in six months enters Black Sea and docks in Ukraine Newsweek (Tue Jan 09)
Lithuania urges Canada to join long-term investment drive for Ukraine The Globe and Mail (Mon Jan 08)
By providing Ukraine with defensive antitank weapons, the Trump administration has taken an important step towards… Foreign Policy (Sun Jan 07)
How Ukraine’s elite stole their country’s fortune. Watch our investigation Al Jazeera English (Sun Jan 07)
Ukraine language reform fuels identity fears among ethnic Hungarians FRANCE 24 English (Sun Jan 07)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Fri Jan 05)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Wed Jan 03)
Western media at a loss after Ukraine spooks boast ‘thwarting Kremlin hacking’ in unreadable English… RT (Wed Jan 03)
Ukraine: march for Bandera's birthday euronews (Wed Jan 03)
Thousands people across Ukraine took part in marches to mark Nazi collaborator Bandera’s birthday RT (Wed Jan 03)
Outrage in Ukraine over activist lawyer's slaying FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 02)
Ukraine was once a vital part of the Soviet space program. Now, the nation struggles to hold on to its scientific t… The New York Times (Tue Jan 02)
Ukraine kidnappers release hostage after $1m bitcoin ransom paid The Guardian (Sat Dec 30)
View: Children yearn for education in eastern Ukraine euronews (Thu Dec 28)
Ukraine and Russia-backed separatist rebels conduct landmark prisoner swap TIME (Thu Dec 28)
Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists have begun a prisoner exchange in eastern Ukraine, according to reports… CNN International (Wed Dec 27)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Wed Dec 27)
Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels swap prisoners before New Year Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 27)
Head of major cryptocurrency exchange kidnapped in Ukraine RT (Wed Dec 27)
Turkey & Ukraine unlikely to join EU in near future – German FM RT (Tue Dec 26)
US, Canadian weapons sent to Ukraine may end up in Middle East terrorists’ hands – Moscow RT (Tue Dec 26)
Prisoner exchange between Ukraine, Donbass likely on December 27 RT (Tue Dec 26)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Mon Dec 25)
Modern-day amber 'Klondikes' thrive in troubled Ukraine FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 24)
'Igniting war': 'Providing lethal arms to Ukraine, Washington ‘crosses a line’ - RT (Sun Dec 24)
ICYMI; Ukraine grateful for U.S. weapons, Russia outraged CTV News (Sun Dec 24)
Russia issues stern warning U.S. is fueling new bloodshed in Ukraine Washington Post (Sat Dec 23)
Moscow: U.S. arms may spur use of force by Kiev in eastern Ukraine Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 23)
Merkel, Macron say no alternative to peaceful settlement in eastern Ukraine Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 23)
Even as U.S. agrees to allow lethal arms exports to Ukraine, the country battles corruption in its own arms industr… Foreign Policy (Sat Dec 23)
Moscow: U.S. arms supply to provoke Kiev to use force in eastern Ukraine Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 23)
"Americans, in fact, directly push Ukrainian forces to war." Russia condemns US move to sell weapons to Ukraine… Al Jazeera English (Sat Dec 23)
Moscow: U.S. arms supply to provoke Kiev to use force in eastern Ukraine Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 23)
US to provide Ukraine with 'enhanced defensive capabilities' FRANCE 24 English (Sat Dec 23)
Even as Ukraine obtains Western military equipment, its own defense industry remains mired in Foreign Policy (Fri Dec 22)
220,000 children threatened by mines in Ukraine's east: UN FRANCE 24 English (Thu Dec 21)
The Trump administration is now allowing the export of arms to Ukraine, marking a potentially significant turn agai… CNN (Thu Dec 21)
Fighting in eastern Ukraine worst since February: OSCE Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 20)
Ukraine sets 'world record' for largest share of bad loans in history, no sign of improvement for 2018… RT (Tue Dec 19)
Ukraine joins Belarus, Eritrea, Lebanon and Moldova in the club of countries that celebrate two Christmases The Economist (Sat Dec 16)
As elections near, Putin says Russians will not stand for Ukraine-style coup FRANCE 24 English (Thu Dec 14)
AID ZONE | How are NGOs tackling the 'worsening' humanitarian challenges in eastern Ukraine? We met the people livi… euronews (Wed Dec 13)
Alabama has a higher infant mortality rate than Sri Lanka, Ukraine and many developing countries… Newsweek (Wed Dec 13)
Thousands of Saakashvili supporters stage protest against Ukraine pres Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 10)
Is Ukraine's struggle about corruption or power? via @AJInsideStory Al Jazeera English (Sun Dec 10)
Ex-Georgian president Saakashvili on hunger strike after Ukraine arrest FRANCE 24 English (Sat Dec 09)
Ex-Georgia president says he has gone on hunger strike after being detained in Ukraine's capital Al Jazeera News (Sat Dec 09)
Ukraine leader open to international Saakashvili probe FRANCE 24 English (Sat Dec 09)
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort says his work on an op-ed defending his efforts in Ukraine should not… CNN International (Fri Dec 08)
Op-ed on Manafort's work in Ukraine to be published: Kyiv Post Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 07)
How Ukraine’s attempt to arrest Saakashvili ended in a rousing rooftop speech Washington Post (Wed Dec 06)
Ukraine: Man detonates grenades in trial of murdered son; 2 dead USA TODAY (Thu Nov 30)
Henry Marsh: 'Ukraine is like a Trabant that wants to be a Ferrari' The Guardian (Sun Nov 26)
Leader of rebel-held Ukraine region resigns as infighting flares FRANCE 24 English (Sat Nov 25)
Ukraine's promise of EU membership remains elusive Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 24)
Kremlin warns of mutual damage if Ukraine cuts diplomatic ties Reuters Top News (Wed Nov 08)
North Korea, Syria and Ukraine—Are Trump and Putin planning a new world order at next week's meeting?… Newsweek (Mon Nov 06)
While Ukraine grappled with BadRabbit strike, hackers targeted data in stealthy phishing attacks… Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 03)
How Paul Manafort helped elect Russia's man in Ukraine TIME (Wed Nov 01)
Wife of man accused in Vladimir Putin assassination plot killed in Ukraine Fox News (Tue Oct 31)
BREAKING: Bomb threat forces Turkish A320 jet flying from Moscow to land in Ukraine - report RT (Tue Oct 31)
Ukraine’s first printed book vanishes along with restoration artist RT (Tue Oct 31)
"I think just the Ukraine and Russian connection could add months and months to this investigation," Ron Hosko says… CBS News (Mon Oct 30)
Russia's alternative gas transit route will shave 3% off Ukraine's GDP - US Ambassador RT (Tue Oct 24)
In Ukraine, people power rattles another government The Globe and Mail (Fri Oct 20)
Russia Ukraine: Motorway arch towed out for Crimea bridge BBC News (World) (Wed Oct 11)
Russia says Ukraine's commander-in-chief is a fantasist for suggesting Russian troops remain in Belarus… Newsweek (Sun Oct 01)
Moscow denies Ukraine's accusation that it left troops in Belarus Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 30)
Russia left troops in Belarus after wargames: Ukraine Reuters Top News (Fri Sep 29)
A North Korean spy thought he was photographing a secret missile report in Ukraine. But it was a sting operation. The New York Times (Fri Sep 29)
Ukraine depot explosions giant blow to combat capability: security chief Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 28)
Ukraine military arms dump explodes BBC News (World) (Wed Sep 27)
'Stab in the back': Hungary pledges to obstruct Ukraine’s EU integration after Kiev adopts new education law… RT (Tue Sep 26)
'We wouldn't force them, would we?': Russian FM on US & Ukraine rejecting Russian proposal for UN mission to Donbas… RT (Mon Sep 25)
'Lavrov reminded UN a West-inspired coup d’état started Ukraine crisis, not Russia' (Op-Ed) RT (Sat Sep 23)
WH: President Trump "reaffirmed American support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity" in meeting wi… NBC News (Fri Sep 22)
Ukraine's Poroshenko rejects Russia's 'hybrid' peackeeping offer Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 21)
Ukraine women's football clip prompts online sexism row BBC News (World) (Tue Sep 19)
Tillerson, Russia's Lavrov discuss Syria, Ukraine, Middle East Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 18)
Lavrov and Tillerson meet to talk Syria & Ukraine on UN General Assembly sidelines RT (Mon Sep 18)
Cyprus selling EU citizenship to super rich of Russia and Ukraine The Guardian (Sun Sep 17)
Ukraine PM says review of gas price formula is under way Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 16)
Joint military drills begin in Ukraine as Russian war games loom FRANCE 24 English (Tue Sep 12)
Merkel welcomes Putin’s initiative on sending UN peacekeepers to Eastern Ukraine RT (Mon Sep 11)
Ex-ally vows to unite opposition against Ukraine leader Al Jazeera News (Mon Sep 11)
Saakashvili plans to unite Ukraine opposition against president Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 11)
Former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili's train stalled near Ukraine border FRANCE 24 English (Sun Sep 10)
Darth Vader, Olympic athlete, and poet - the new faces of Lenin in Ukraine euronews (Fri Sep 08)
Ukraine fears Russia will use exercises next week to invade BBC News (World) (Thu Sep 07)
Topless FEMEN activist mounts statue in protest outside Ukraine parliament (VIDEO) RT (Tue Sep 05)
Putin warns U.S. not to supply Ukraine with defensive weapons Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 05)
France's Macron says he has 'major differences' with Putin on Ukraine Reuters Top News (Wed Aug 30)
Ukraine’s reform activists are under attack The Economist (Sun Aug 27)
How two North Korean spies were caught trying to steal top-secret missile plans from a garage in Ukraine… CNN International (Fri Aug 25)
Kiev says Russia has 20 times as many tanks in Ukraine since 2014 Newsweek (Fri Aug 25)
Red Famine by Anne Applebaum review – did Stalin deliberately let Ukraine starve? The Guardian (Fri Aug 25)
Dear America, if you need some help on how to deal with unwanted historical monuments, Ukraine has some ideas.… euronews (Fri Aug 25)
Mattis lands in Ukraine and the White House hands the Pentagon a transgender ban memo. Today's Situation Report:… Foreign Policy (Thu Aug 24)
US Defense Secretary James Mattis vows continued US support for Ukraine in the face of Russian "aggression"… CNN (Thu Aug 24)
US Defense Secretary James Mattis vows continued US support for Ukraine in the face of Russian "aggression"… CNN International (Thu Aug 24)
Ukraine prioritises EU integration euronews (Thu Aug 24)
Ukraine is more than just a weapons dumping ground & it's time to tell the world by @radumagdin euronews (Thu Aug 24)
Putin's trip to Crimea jazz festival angers Ukraine Newsweek (Mon Aug 21)
Ukraine war traps care home, clinic residents on front line FRANCE 24 English (Mon Aug 21)
Ukraine plant sucked into North Korea missile row has fallen on hard times Reuters Top News (Fri Aug 18)
Persona Non Grata: Would-Be Reformer Saakashvili Cast Out of Ukraine SPIEGEL English (Fri Aug 18)
Ukraine central bank warns of new cyber-attack risk Reuters Top News (Fri Aug 18)
Far-right in US & Ukraine – same problem, different approach RT (Tue Aug 15)
Far-right in US & Ukraine: same Nazi symbols & lit torches, but mainstream media coverage differs… RT (Mon Aug 14)
Trump administration reopens consideration of rejected plans to arm Ukraine The Globe and Mail (Sun Aug 13)
No amount of American weapons will defend Ukraine from the internal malaise which makes it vulnerable to Russia The Economist (Wed Aug 09)
The Ukraine arms deal has dealt a severe blow to the Putin-backed rebels in the Donbas | Opinion… Newsweek (Mon Aug 07)
Have sanctions helped stall Russia's intervention in Ukraine? Or do they just let politicians look tough? The Economist (Thu Aug 03)
Russia tweeted about sanctions, so Ukraine decided to respond Newsweek (Thu Aug 03)
'Threat to sovereignty & independence of state': Ukraine accuses opposition journalist in treason RT (Thu Aug 03)
Ukraine to start receiving coal from US for first time FRANCE 24 English (Tue Aug 01)
Rick Perry had 20-minute phone call with Russian prankster, thinking it was Ukraine’s prime minister… CNN (Sun Jul 30)
INTERVIEW: Stateless and living in the Bronx, Saakashvili is plotting his return to Ukraine. Foreign Policy (Fri Jul 28)
Ukraine strips Georgia ex-leader Saakashvili of only citizenship Al Jazeera News (Thu Jul 27)
Rick Perry had a 20-minute phone call with a Russian prankster, thinking it was Ukraine’s prime minister… CNN (Thu Jul 27)
If you have a bad time in Crimea, it is Ukraine's fault, Russian security services say Newsweek (Thu Jul 27)
Ukraine starts liquidation of legendary aircraft manufacturer RT (Wed Jul 26)
Fact Checker: The White House’s facile comparison of the Trump-Russia and Clinton-Ukraine stories Washington Post (Tue Jul 25)
In rebel-held Ukraine, activists struggle to stem HIV spread FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jul 22)
Donald Trump makes it harder for Angela Merkel to confront Russia over Ukraine The Economist (Wed Jul 19)
Militants in Ukraine rebranded as "Little Russia." Big Russia is not having it. Newsweek (Tue Jul 18)
Anger in Kyiv as Ukraine rebels proclaim 'Little Russia' euronews (Tue Jul 18)
Russian-backed rebels in Ukraine declare new state of 'Little Russia' as they plot to take over the whole country… Newsweek (Tue Jul 18)
Pro-Russian rebel leader in E. Ukraine unveils plan for new state Reuters Top News (Tue Jul 18)
Kicking up a stink: Ukraine's Lviv blighted by trash crisis FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jul 17)