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Supreme Court mulls California law on anti-abortion facilities Reuters Top News (Tue Mar 20)
Opponents of abortion will come to the Supreme Court on Tuesday to challenge a California law they say is an uncons… CNN (Mon Mar 19)
California task force takes illegal guns off the street CBS News (Mon Mar 19)
Teacher who fired gun inside classroom apologizes to California community Fox News (Sun Mar 18)
Police respond to reports of gunman in Yountville, California veterans home TIME (Fri Mar 09)
NEW: Authorities responding to active shooter and hostage situation at Yountville Veterans Home in California; numb… ABC News (Fri Mar 09)
California Gov. Jerry Brown hits back at Attorney General Sessions over earlier criticism on immigration: "There's… ABC News (Thu Mar 08)
What's a WcDonald's? The McDonald's in Lynwood, California, flipped their golden arches upside down -- but the Amer… CBS News (Wed Mar 07)
Trump vs. California, again and again and again | Analysis by CNN (Wed Mar 07)
Sessions blasts California after filing U.S. immigration suit reports @SharonBernstein Reuters Top News (Wed Mar 07)
WATCH LIVE: California attorney general responds to Trump administration lawsuit over immigration… CBS News (Wed Mar 07)
California governor calls DOJ lawsuit over the state's sanctuary laws a 'political stunt.' ABC News (Wed Mar 07)
JUST IN: Justice Department plans to sue California over "sanctuary" laws that help protect undocumented immigrants… CBS News (Wed Mar 07)
Justice Department plans to sue California over its ‘sanctuary’ laws that help protect undocumented immigrants from… Washington Post (Wed Mar 07)
Yo-Yo Ma visited the seven adult Turpin children in a California hospital and gave them an impromptu performance… CNN (Tue Mar 06)
Dramatic video shows 5-year-old girl dangling from a chairlift at a California ski resort before dropping safely on… ABC News (Tue Mar 06)
California couple arrested after starving children were found living in a box next to trailer filled with 30 cats… Newsweek (Sun Mar 04)
Up to 30,000 people in Southern California were ordered to leave their homes ahead of a Pacific storm:… CBS News (Fri Mar 02)
Malibu, California, moves to ban plastic cutlery and straws, citing concerns over keeping its famous beaches clean… ABC News (Wed Feb 28)
California regulator suggests charging rural areas more for electricity to pay for fire prevention Fox News (Tue Feb 27)
Sen. Feinstein loses support of California Democratic party CBS News (Mon Feb 26)
Sen. Feinstein loses support of California Democratic party CBS News (Mon Feb 26)
Feinstein fails to earn endorsement of California Dems USA TODAY (Mon Feb 26)
California Highway Patrol doesn't "horse" around. They arrested a man after he was accused of riding a horse on a f… CBS News (Sun Feb 25)
U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein failed to win the official endorsement of the California Democratic Party as she seeks h… CBS News (Sun Feb 25)
A federal judge in California has blocked an effort by the Interior Department to roll back rules designed to preve… NBC News (Sat Feb 24)
The California parents who allegedly held their 13 children captive in their home are set to return to court today.… ABC News (Sat Feb 24)
ICE Director Hits Back at California Dems: 'I'm Enforcing Laws That They Enacted' Fox News (Fri Feb 23)
The Supreme Court declined to hear a Second Amendment challenge to a California law that imposes a 10-day waiting p… The New York Times (Tue Feb 20)
California firefighters scale a cliff face to stage a dangerous rescue of two men who who became stranded.… ABC News (Sat Feb 17)
"We serve the top 100 percent": California community college chief responds to Trump Washington Post (Sat Feb 17)
Toronto firefighter found in California likely had head injury: authorities The Globe and Mail (Thu Feb 15)
Toronto firefighter who wound up in California may have suffered head injury CTV News (Wed Feb 14)
Suspect barricaded inside California police car has access to high-powered rifle Fox News (Wed Feb 14)
Nearly three months after his death, Charles Manson's body is still on ice in Kern County, California, as at least… CNN International (Wed Feb 14)
After another dry spell, California and much of the Southwest is finally getting some much-needed rain and snow.… ABC News (Tue Feb 13)
Southern California firefighters rescued an American flag as flames tore through the roof of an Anaheim building.… ABC News (Tue Feb 13)
MeToo California assemblywoman accused of groping BBC News (World) (Fri Feb 09)
A cup of coffee in California could soon come with a cancer warning. The Council for Education & Research on Toxins… CBS News (Thu Feb 08)
Hours off of receiving a second Twitter attack from President Trump, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said Wh… CNN (Tue Feb 06)
Hours off of receiving a second Twitter attack from President Trump, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said Wh… CNN International (Tue Feb 06)
Hours off of receiving a second Twitter attack from President Trump, California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff said Wh… CNN (Mon Feb 05)
“So, Nancy Pelosi again said that it's crumbs. She is a rich woman who lives in a big beautiful house in California… CBS News (Mon Feb 05)
WATCH: A bagel chain in California tells the tale of rising wages via @ReutersTV Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
"It was not sufficient": California officials reevaluate voluntary evacuations after deadly mudslides Washington Post (Sat Feb 03)
ICE raid hits 77 businesses in Northern California via @bdbrown473 Fox News (Fri Feb 02)
Stunning drone footage captures a fin whale swimming close to Newport Beach, California. ABC News (Thu Feb 01)
Waymo's self-driving tests in California have fewest human interventions Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 01)
Waymo's self-driving tests in California have fewest human interventions Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 01)
President Trump recognizes Preston Sharp, a 12-year-old California boy who started a movement to place flags at the… CNN (Wed Jan 31)
A helicopter crashed into a Southern California home, killing 3 people TIME (Wed Jan 31)
A teacher at a California high school is accused of calling military service members "the lowest of our low" during… CNN International (Wed Jan 31)
Business leader, ex-ICBC head Nick Geer dies in California car crash The Globe and Mail (Wed Jan 31)
Military-bashing California teacher pulled from classroom pending investigation Fox News (Tue Jan 30)
Human remains found in California recreation area CBS News (Tue Jan 30)
Home-schooling advocates are bracing for calls for greater regulation in the wake of California abuse case TIME (Mon Jan 29)
Women's bodies found at California almond orchard CBS News (Sun Jan 28)
California man escapes from burning home in shower curtain CBS News (Sat Jan 27)
California looks to ramp up electric vehicle sales Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 27)
U.S. Coast Guard crews in San Diego, California offload 47,000 pounds of cocaine, worth more than than $721 million… ABC News (Fri Jan 26)
When bears were left with severe burns to their paws after the recent California wildfires, experts came up with a… BBC News (World) (Fri Jan 26)
Emotional residents return to California town devastated by mudslides The Globe and Mail (Thu Jan 25)
After California wildfires, veterinarians help bears and other wildlife heal Fox News (Thu Jan 25)
Los Angeles hit by 4.0 magnitude earthquake, felt across S. California RT (Thu Jan 25)
JUST IN: California judge grants order protecting the 13 victims in the David and Louise Turpin case. The protectiv… CBS News (Wed Jan 24)
Parents accused of shackling children in California make court appearance. CBC News Alerts (Wed Jan 24)
Cops in Clovis, California, protect and serve even their smallest citizens, with one officer making sure this squir… ABC News (Wed Jan 24)
OPINION: California and the definition of insanity: Why do Democrats love tax hikes so much? (via @FoxNewsOpinion) Fox News (Wed Jan 24)
Officials say eight beaches on California's Central Coast have reopened after nearly 5 million gallons of sewage sp… ABC News (Wed Jan 24)
A Tesla Model S crashed into a fire truck while driving in a semi-autonomous Autopilot mode on a California highway… CNN International (Wed Jan 24)
Politicians in California, New York, and New Jersey have come up with ideas to protect residents' federal deduction… NBC News (Wed Jan 24)
MORE: Tsunami watch was issued for Washington, California and Hawaii early Tuesday after a preliminary magnitude 8.… NBC News (Tue Jan 23)
California DMV begins offering Real ID driver's license applications CBS News (Tue Jan 23)
California parents accused of torturing their 13 children involved in religion and sex experiments… Newsweek (Tue Jan 23)
California DMV begins offering Real ID driver's license applications CBS News (Tue Jan 23)
A skydiver was killed after landing on the roof of a California home, officials say CBS News (Tue Jan 23)
California State Assemblyman Travis Allen: "Sessions and Trump need to come to California [and] literally arrest,… Fox News (Tue Jan 23)
California Democrats want some businesses to fork over half tax-cut savings to state via @EDeMarche Fox News (Mon Jan 22)
California sushi lover pulled 5-foot tapeworm from his intestines CBS News (Sun Jan 21)
California "torture house" case exposes lack of oversight of home schools NBC News (Sun Jan 21)
Charles Manson supporter Leslie Van Houten denied parole again by California governor Fox News (Sat Jan 20)
Doctors say the California siblings allegedly held captive and tortured by their parents have a tight bond, not so… ABC News (Sat Jan 20)
Helping Paw: Police officers rescue a dog that got trapped under a car on a busy highway in California. Thankfully,… ABC News (Sat Jan 20)
California community rallies behind 13 victims in 'house of horrors' case Fox News (Fri Jan 19)
NEW: California couple accused of starving and shackling their 13 children enter not guilty pleas on all counts in… CBS News (Thu Jan 18)
California abuse case sparks calls for home-schooling oversight Reuters Top News (Thu Jan 18)
Jon Rahm ready for more Southern California golfing success FRANCE 24 English (Thu Jan 18)
California couple who held 13 children captive due in court FRANCE 24 English (Thu Jan 18)
Parents of shackled California children expected to make 1st court appearance today amid reports children were fed… CBC News Alerts (Thu Jan 18)
A 20-year-old Southern California man is charged with murder in the stabbing death of a former high school classmat… CBS News (Thu Jan 18)
NEW: California torture house: 13 siblings allowed to eat once a day, shower twice a year NBC News (Thu Jan 18)
The horrific conditions in the California torture case highlight what some experts say are lenient home-schooling r… CNN (Thu Jan 18)
Most cases of long-term captivity -- such as the California couple accused of imprisoning their 13 children -- are… CNN (Thu Jan 18)
Police comb through filthy California home where starving siblings found Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 17)
Cat lost in the California mudslides tracked down by paw prints and reunited with her owners. "We needed something… ABC News (Wed Jan 17)
Report: ICE to arrest 1,500 illegals in California. Fox News (Wed Jan 17)
'New California' movement seeks to divide the Golden State in half Fox News (Wed Jan 17)
Homeowners in Montecito sued Southern California Edison and the Montecito Water District, saying their failures pre… NBC News (Wed Jan 17)
Homeowners in Montecito sued Southern California Edison and the Montecito Water District, saying their failures pre… NBC News (Wed Jan 17)
Parents at California house of horrors had 'God call on them', family says, as details of their past emerge Fox News (Wed Jan 17)
Horror for 13 California siblings hidden by veneer of a private home school The New York Times (Wed Jan 17)
Can anyone open a school at home in California BBC News (World) (Wed Jan 17)
California captivity case: Turpin children faced 'torture' BBC News (World) (Wed Jan 17)
13 siblings found malnourished and shackled to beds in a California home TIME (Wed Jan 17)
'After years of over taxation, regulation, and mono party politics the State of California and many of it’s 58 Coun… RT (Wed Jan 17)
California siblings being treated after 'horrific' ordeal Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 16)
California police hail courage of girl who escaped "horrific" home and told authorities of her chained siblings… CBS News (Tue Jan 16)
California hostages were biological children of captors: police Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 16)
A car somehow crashed into the second story of a California building TIME (Tue Jan 16)
Tortured, starved California children rarely seen outside home: neighbors Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 16)
‘This is a highly respectable family.’ Grandmother defends couple accused in California 'house of horrors' TIME (Tue Jan 16)
California couple charged with torture and child endangerment after police discovered that their 13 children had be… CNN International (Tue Jan 16)
A married couple accused of holding their 13 children captive in their California home are facing charges of tortur… CBS News (Tue Jan 16)
Shackled children found in California home euronews (Tue Jan 16)
Police rescue 13 children chained in California home, parents charged with torture FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 16)
Dramatic surveillance video captures car crashing into second floor of Southern California dental office.… ABC News (Tue Jan 16)
13 siblings in California were rescued after being held captive by their parents, the police The New York Times (Tue Jan 16)
Nine people have been slapped with criminal charges after handing out food to the homeless in California… Newsweek (Tue Jan 16)
Twelve charged for defying California city's ban on feeding homeless The Guardian (Mon Jan 15)
Missing California woman, whose sister was killed in wrong-way crash, found dead in car; ex-boyfriend sought Fox News (Mon Jan 15)
Thirteen siblings rescued from California house; parents charged Reuters Top News (Mon Jan 15)
A teen managed to escape from her California home and alert police that her 12 siblings were being kept captive by… CNN International (Mon Jan 15)
Crews continue to search for missing people after California mudslides Fox News (Mon Jan 15)
Driver crashes car into second story of California building, officials say Fox News (Mon Jan 15)
Car goes airborne, slams into second floor of California office The Globe and Mail (Mon Jan 15)
On today's frontpage: Embezzlement plagues union offices around U.S.; California's Highway 101, closed by mudslide… USA TODAY (Mon Jan 15)
California rescue dog takes a bath after a long day of search and rescue operations in Montecito.… ABC News (Sun Jan 14)
Body found, increasing California mudslides death toll to 20 CTV News (Sun Jan 14)
Southern California mudslide death toll rises to at least 20, official says Washington Post (Sun Jan 14)
Twenty dead as search for California mudslide survivors grinds on Reuters Top News (Sun Jan 14)
Crews ramp up effort to rescue live victims of California mudslide Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 13)
After more than a month of destruction, the largest fire in California's modern history is now 100% contained, acco… CNN International (Sat Jan 13)
California man recounts last moments before losing life partner in mudslide CBS News (Sat Jan 13)
Thomas Fire, largest wildfire on record in California, is finally contained NBC News (Sat Jan 13)
John Tunney, former U.S. senator from California, dies at 83 NBC News (Sat Jan 13)
Largest wildfire on record in California finally contained. The Associated Press (Sat Jan 13)
“It was just wiped clean”: Reckoning with the toll of the California mudslides Washington Post (Fri Jan 12)
California mudslides have left at least 17 people dead — including 4 children. @GadiNBC has the latest on "Stay T… NBC News (Fri Jan 12)
'Window closing' as search expands for missing in California mudslide Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
The Thomas Fire, once the largest in California history, is now 100% contained CNN International (Fri Jan 12)
Rescuers at California mudslide expand search for missing Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
Children among the dead following a mudslide in Southern California NBC News (Fri Jan 12)
Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown read aloud the names of the 17 people confirmed dead in Southern California… ABC News (Fri Jan 12)
Here's how to help the victims of the California mudslides CNN (Fri Jan 12)
Michigan has been hit hard by a deadly hepatitis A outbreak that has spread from Southern California to states acro… CNN International (Fri Jan 12)
NEW: National Weather Service tweets that a series of storms will impact Northern California next week with "valley… NBC News (Fri Jan 12)
Here's how to help the victims of the California mudslides CNN (Thu Jan 11)
California man rescues baby girl buried in four feet of debris after mudslides TIME (Thu Jan 11)
California OK'd getting high, but all's not kush for L.A. sellers euronews (Thu Jan 11)
The western storm that brought the flooding and mudslides to Southern California crossed the Rockies overnight and… ABC News (Thu Jan 11)