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California passes bill banning pet stores from selling animals from any source other than shelter or rescue group.… ABC News (Wed Oct 18)
In California wine country, employers worry about keeping immigrant workers after fires exacerbate a housing crisis The New York Times (Wed Oct 18)
California hepatitis A outbreak death toll climbs to 19 BBC News (World) (Wed Oct 18)
Nurse fleeing California wildfires puts horse in car, picture goes viral Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
California winemaking is a $58 billion business, but now, some of that could go up in smoke because of the wildfire… CBS News (Wed Oct 18)
'Bigfoot' reportedly sighted in Northern California, pictures go viral Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
A fire at a huge oil refinery in the Los Angeles area may impact Southern California gas prices:… CBS News (Wed Oct 18)
Damage estimates from Northern California's deadly wildfires top $3 billion, and that number is expected to grow… CBS News (Wed Oct 18)
California tourist facing charge of criminal negligence causing death in Montreal accident that killed teen cyclist. CBC News Alerts (Tue Oct 17)
California wildfire evacuees allowed home as crews search for bodies Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
What to know about hepatitis A as California outbreak triggers state of emergency: ABC News (Tue Oct 17)
California will make one year free at community colleges CNN (Mon Oct 16)
There's finally some progress in the fight against the California wildfires TIME (Mon Oct 16)
200-pound, 85-year-old tortoise gets a lift from California wildfires in a wheelbarrow ABC News (Mon Oct 16)
Pot farmer's dreams go up in smoke during California wildfires Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
Family dog emerges alive and well from California wildfires Fox News (Mon Oct 16)
Winds subside as California wildfires continue to burn over 217,000 acres NBC News (Sun Oct 15)
Heartbreaking video shows California residents returning to devastated neighborhoods that were leveled by wildfires… CNN (Sun Oct 15)
California 'horror' fires kill at least 38, deadliest in state history Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 14)
Forest fires rage in California and Russian President Vladimir Putin gets a puppy. The world in photos this week:… Foreign Policy (Sat Oct 14)
Death toll rises to 38 in California wine country wildfires; hundreds more homes evacuated: CBC News Alerts (Sat Oct 14)
Insurers now estimate the damage from California's deadly wildfires could reach $6 billion: CBS News (Sat Oct 14)
Images show a neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California before and after it was devastated by a wildfire… CNN (Sat Oct 14)
Images show a neighborhood in Santa Rosa, California before and after it was devastated by a wildfire… CNN International (Sat Oct 14)
California wildfire 'blast' kills teen, injures his family Fox News (Sat Oct 14)
Winds stoke California wildfires in fabled Sonoma wine country The Globe and Mail (Sat Oct 14)
5,100 buildings have been destroyed. The total, if confirmed, would make it California's most destructive wildfire. The New York Times (Sat Oct 14)
Deputies drive through flames to rescue California residents CNN (Sat Oct 14)
This aerial video shows wildfires raging in California’s wine country CNN (Sat Oct 14)
Latino workers flee California wine country fires for shelters, beaches Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 14)
?? California wildfires rage on as record death toll rises FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 14)
California declares state of emergency over deadly hepatitis A outbreak: CBS News (Sat Oct 14)
California wineries are still in crisis as wildfires rage on CNN (Fri Oct 13)
An 85-year-old Santa Rosa, California, woman said her wildfire-destroyed neighborhood "looks like WWII."… ABC News (Fri Oct 13)
Tree completely hollowed out by flames amid raging wildfires in Sonoma County, California. ABC News (Fri Oct 13)
California wildfire death toll climbs to 31 TIME (Fri Oct 13)
The home of Charles Schulz, the creator of the "Peanuts" comic strip, has burned down in the California wildfires… CNN (Fri Oct 13)
Family has emotional reunion with helicopter pilot who rescued them from California wildfires… CBS News (Fri Oct 13)
Heartbreaking photos show the toll on firefighters as they seek to rest or take a break amid the California blazes… CNN (Fri Oct 13)
The deadliest fire in California history burned just 47 acres – but the men fighting it were ill-prepared The New York Times (Fri Oct 13)
"That could be my death.": Monk recalls escape from lethal California wildfires: USA TODAY (Fri Oct 13)
Northern California wildfire destroys home of 'Peanuts' creator Charles Schulz, family says. ABC News (Fri Oct 13)
California fires: deadliest week in history kills 31 as blaze rages on The Guardian (Fri Oct 13)
California wildfires kill at least 31, deadliest week for fires in state history Fox News (Fri Oct 13)
"Just ash and bone": At least 31 dead, hundreds still missing as California wildfires rage Washington Post (Fri Oct 13)
Grim search for victims as California wildfires grow to size of NYC CTV News (Fri Oct 13)
Hundreds missing, 29 dead in California wildfires as crews gain ground Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 12)
When do you evacuate from a wildfire? Not everyone gets the message in California. USA TODAY (Thu Oct 12)
Wildfires in California have declined in numbers over the years, but their damage and size have grown… Al Jazeera English (Thu Oct 12)
Communication problems plague California as 8,000 firefighters work to control the 22 large fires… CBS News (Thu Oct 12)
Emergency alerts for wildfires in Northern California are being scrutinized after at least 23 people die.… ABC News (Thu Oct 12)
Mourning loss as California fires rages on FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 12)
High winds are fanning "catastrophic" wildfires that have killed at least 23 in northern California, fire chief say… BBC News (World) (Thu Oct 12)
Seen from above: California fires reduced entire communities to ash The New York Times (Thu Oct 12)
Napa businesses are opening their doors to help the community connect with loved ones as California wildfires rage… CNN International (Thu Oct 12)
California woman's search for her mother during wildfire ends in heartbreak CTV News (Thu Oct 12)
California wildfires: Winds fan 'catastrophic' blazes BBC News (World) (Thu Oct 12)
Dramatic footage shows a @sonomasheriff deputy driving through an advancing wildfire in Northern California… CNN International (Wed Oct 11)
Dry weather could propel California wildfires that killed 21 Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 11)
BREAKING California fires continue: 21 deaths so far, more than 3,500 wine-country homes, buildings destroyed USA TODAY (Wed Oct 11)
Married for 75 years, Charles, 100, and Sara, 98, died together in their home during a California wildfire… CNN International (Wed Oct 11)
House set to vote Thurs. on $36.5B relief package to help respond to California's wildfires and to aid Puerto Rico… CBS News (Wed Oct 11)
WATCH LIVE: Officials give an update on at least 17 wildfires burning in Northern California CBS News (Wed Oct 11)
The Latest: Cooler weather and moist ocean air helps firefighters gain ground against a California wildfire. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 11)
Throughout Northern California's wine country, those who are able to get to their property are surveying the damage… CBS News (Wed Oct 11)
Wineries are at risk as California wildfires rage NBC News (Wed Oct 11)
Dramatic footage shows a @sonomasheriff deputy driving through an advancing wildfire in Northern California… CNN (Wed Oct 11)
Couple returns to home in ruins after neighborhood is wiped out by California wildfire. "It's just unimaginable."… ABC News (Wed Oct 11)
Firefighters are making progress against the Canyon Two Fire in Orange County, California, which damaged or destroy… CBS News (Wed Oct 11)
More evacuations were ordered on Tuesday evening as wildfires raged across California, killing at least 17 people… CNN (Wed Oct 11)
Satellite video captures deadly wildfires burning across northern California. ABC News (Wed Oct 11)
LATEST: Two more deaths reported in Sonoma County brings death toll to 17 as wildfires ravage Northern California… ABC News (Wed Oct 11)
California wildfires: Residents find devastation in Santa Rosa BBC News (World) (Wed Oct 11)
As firefighters battle deadly California blazes, a family searches for a 28-year-old woman after the Santa Rosa fir… CNN (Wed Oct 11)
These are the wineries affected by wildfires in California TIME (Wed Oct 11)
Death toll rises as firefighters continue to battle California blazes FRANCE 24 English (Tue Oct 10)
NEW: Red Flag warning in effect for northern California Wednesday into Thursday for gusty winds and low humidity, C… NBC News (Tue Oct 10)
Couple married 75 years dies in California wildfires. "They were happy right up until the last minute," son says.… ABC News (Tue Oct 10)
BREAKING At least 15 people have been killed, 2,000 homes destroyed by still-raging California fires USA TODAY (Tue Oct 10)
‘It looked like the apocalypse.’ California residents watch in horror as wildfires destroy their homes TIME (Tue Oct 10)
California fires: -At least 13 dead -1,500 homes, businesses destroyed - nearly 107,000 acres burned… CBS News (Tue Oct 10)
Officials say more than 2,000 homes and businesses destroyed, 13 dead in California wine country wildfires. The Associated Press (Tue Oct 10)
Before and after images show the total devastation of California's wildfires CNN International (Tue Oct 10)
Press Sec. on California wildfires: "Our hearts go out to the people of California...the loss of life is truly deva… ABC News (Tue Oct 10)
Officials get more than 100 missing persons calls as blazes sweep Northern California NBC News (Tue Oct 10)
UPDATE: At least 11 dead as wildfires devour wide swaths of Northern California CBS News (Tue Oct 10)
Neighborhoods wiped out in Santa Rosa, California, where at least 7 residents died after wildfires tore through cit… ABC News (Tue Oct 10)
More than 1,500 buildings have been destroyed in California. The governor asked Trump to declare a major disaster. The New York Times (Tue Oct 10)
Tuesday Morning Briefing - Trump-Corker spat - Wildfires decimate California - N. Korea's resort for missile tests… Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Firefighters battle to contain California wildfires that have left 10 dead The Globe and Mail (Tue Oct 10)
Wildfires kill at least 10 in California wine country Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
California wine country wildfires kill at least 10, force tens of thousands to evacuate via @travfed @nicoledarrah Fox News (Tue Oct 10)
Video shows what police in Northern California see as they continue flying rescue missions for victims of wildfires… ABC News (Tue Oct 10)
"We can't get in front of this fire": Firefighters battle fast-moving wildfires north of Napa, California… CNN (Tue Oct 10)
A pilot helps extinguish wildfire in Napa. At least 10 people have been killed across California, authorities say… CNN International (Tue Oct 10)
At least 10 people have died in Northern California wildfires, which are among the most destructive in state histor… The New York Times (Tue Oct 10)
Disneyland guests share scary photos of smoky orange sky over California attractions CanyonFire2… Newsweek (Tue Oct 10)
At least 10 people are dead and more than 20,000 have been evacuated as wildfires burn in Northern California… CNN (Tue Oct 10)
At least 2 hospitals evacuated patients as California wildfires spread and destroyed 1,500 structures, officials sa… CNN International (Mon Oct 09)
At least 2 hospitals evacuated patients as California wildfires spread and destroyed 1,500 structures, officials sa… CNN (Mon Oct 09)
Death toll in California wine country fires jumps to 10 BBC Breaking News (Mon Oct 09)
California wildfires: Death toll rises to 10 CTV News (Tue Oct 10)
Wildfires are raging in California's wine country, forcing evacuations from hospitals and homes… CNN (Mon Oct 09)
California Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation that reduces penalty for knowingly exposing someone to HIV… CBS News (Mon Oct 09)
Wildfires in California's wine country raged overnight forcing evacuations from a hospital, homes, and hotels… CNN International (Mon Oct 09)
New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen Fox News (Mon Oct 09)
California officials: Wildfires destroy more than 50 structures; thousands threatened; state of emergency declared. The Associated Press (Mon Oct 09)
Dangerous California wildfires sweep Napa wine country and force evacuations Newsweek (Mon Oct 09)
California wildfires force evacuations, threaten wine country (via @travfed) Fox News (Mon Oct 09)
California lowered the penalty for knowingly infecting a partner with HIV Newsweek (Sun Oct 08)
Prototypes of Donald Trump's US-Mexico border wall have appeared in California BBC News (World) (Fri Oct 06)
Jewelry store's scam targets US service members, California AG says Fox News (Wed Oct 04)
ATF: Gunman in Las Vegas shooting purchased rifles, shotguns, and pistols in Nevada, Utah, California, and Texas. NBC News (Wed Oct 04)
Photographer spots humpback whales feeding on school of anchovies in Monterey Bay, California.… ABC News (Mon Oct 02)
Air France says passenger flight en route to California from Paris is forced to land in Canada with engine damage. The Associated Press (Sun Oct 01)
"Statistically, it's coming": How California is preparing for the next big earthquake CNN (Sat Sep 30)
California student steals 'MAGA' hat, pleads for wearer to be punished in bizarre rant Fox News (Fri Sep 29)
California moves presidential primary for bigger say in candidate choice Reuters Top News (Wed Sep 27)
California finds itself in an extraordinary position to stage a regulatory mutiny against the Trump administration The New York Times (Wed Sep 27)
Fire crews fight to save homes from fire in Southern California canyons CTV News (Tue Sep 26)
Southern California wildfire has spread to 1,700 acres & prompted mandatory evacuations, according to fire official… CNN International (Tue Sep 26)
To ease prison overcrowding, California lawmakers want to release more of the state's older prisoners.… ABC News (Tue Sep 26)
Kelly McParland: Gaffe-prone Ontario Liberals turn over green policy to California via @nationalpost National Post (Mon Sep 25)
Will the next Democratic presidential candidate come from California? Newsweek (Sun Sep 24)
Classified US spy satellite launched from California. The Associated Press (Sun Sep 24)
California man convicted of gas station attendant's 1978 killing CBS News (Sat Sep 23)
California hospital lets kids 'drive' themselves to the operating room to help them "relax a little bit more."… ABC News (Sat Sep 23)
What would happen if a massive earthquake hit California? Watch more on "Stay Tuned": NBC News (Sat Sep 23)
California cop shot and killed a man in a shocking video Newsweek (Fri Sep 22)
Protests planned against 'Free Speech Week' at University of California, Berkeley Al Jazeera News (Fri Sep 22)
One dead, 7 cars damaged after illegal street race sets off chain collision in California CBS News (Fri Sep 22)
California man faces life sentence for killing 8 in hair salon CTV News (Fri Sep 22)
Gatorade can no longer make disparaging comments about water, according to a settlement announced by California's A… CNN (Thu Sep 21)
California's attorney general sues Trump administration over its plan to build wall along U.S. border with Mexico.… ABC News (Thu Sep 21)
California sues Trump administration over proposed border wall ABC News (Thu Sep 21)
California dad and his two kids recovering after being struck by lightning while camping in Sequoia National Forest… ABC News (Thu Sep 21)
California sues Trump administration over border wall Reuters Top News (Wed Sep 20)
California suing @POTUS over border wall, escalating battle with @WhiteHouse Fox News (Wed Sep 20)
Where might a powerful quake strike in the United States? The Pacific Northwest and California are areas at risk. The New York Times (Wed Sep 20)
California to file lawsuit over Trump border wall Reuters Top News (Wed Sep 20)
What would you do? California teen finds wallet full of cash and returns it: CTV News (Wed Sep 20)
Mock slavery lesson at California high school stirs outrage among parents Fox News (Wed Sep 20)
And, a California roll is a sushi roll with "avocado, cucumber, and ... crabmeat." USA TODAY (Tue Sep 19)
Former pro skier takes his puppy on her first ski run after inch of hail falls in California. "This counts, right?"… ABC News (Tue Sep 19)
California could become the first state to ban sale of puppies, bunnies and kittens that don't come from shelters The New York Times (Mon Sep 18)
California prepares to become the second sanctuary state, defying the Trump administration on immigration… Newsweek (Mon Sep 18)
'It' factor: California cops pose for viral photo inspired by horror film Fox News (Sun Sep 17)
California home sells for $782K above asking price CBS News (Sun Sep 17)
Should Trump be censured? California lawmakers vote 'yes' Newsweek (Sat Sep 16)
California lawmakers take anti-Trump stance as session ends Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 16)