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?? Trump impeachment hearings: Fiona Hill, David Holmes testify on Capitol Hill FRANCE 24 English (Thu Nov 21)
Trump impeachment hearings: Fiona Hill slams Republicans for promoting ‘fictional narrative’ of Ukrainian election… The Globe and Mail (Thu Nov 21)
Trump says he won't let U.S. navy oust SEAL commando who posed with ISIL fighter's corpse National Post (Thu Nov 21)
Noah on Trump's rant: 'One of the least presidential things I've ever seen' The Guardian (Thu Nov 21)
Here is a concise look at what happened on each day of the Trump impeachment USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
Trump impeachment inquiry: witness rebukes Republicans for 'fictional' Ukraine narrative – video The Guardian (Thu Nov 21)
Trump campaign hypes Tulsi Gabbard's attacks on Democratic party during debate with "100" emoji Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Just 40% of Wisconsin registered voters believe Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 53% disagr… USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
Harris on Trump’s policy toward North Korea: “Donald Trump got punked.” The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
President Trump's campaign sent out an attack on Pete Buttigieg during tonight's DemDebate, notes @llerer, one of… The New York Times (Thu Nov 21)
Amy Klobuchar says women are held to a higher standard and a woman can beat President Trump because "Nancy Pelosi d… CNN (Thu Nov 21)
"Donald Trump got punked," Harris said at CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
A full-blown debate on what a post-Trump foreign policy ought to look like would be healthy. It could also be surpr… The Economist (Thu Nov 21)
Harris: "[Trump] has conducted foreign policy, since Day 1, born out of a very fragile ego." The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Trump’s trip to Texas coincided with Apple's announcement that it is beginning construction on a new $1 billion cam… USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
Trump considers Apple exemption from China tariffs. More here: Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
Fact checking Rep. Gabbard's claim there was an "ongoing Bush, Clinton, Trump foreign policy doctrine of regime cha… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Fiona Hill, President Trump's former top Russia adviser, delivers opening statement in impeachment hearing… TIME (Thu Nov 21)
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says evidence is clear: President Donald Trump used office for personal gain… Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
An overwhelming 70% of Americans think Pres. Trump’s request to a foreign leader to investigate his political rival… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Foreign policy is central to Trump’s impeachment inquiry. The same will be true for the entire 2020 race, FP’s… Foreign Policy (Thu Nov 21)
Trump has "no defense" after Sondland testimony, Watergate prosecutor says: "What's he going to say, the Devil made… Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Sen Sanders: "Congress can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time...We can deal with Trump's corruption, but we… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Bush-era ethics lawyer suggests not only Trump, but also Pence, should be impeached and removed after Sondland test… Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
“If you think a woman can’t beat Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi does it every single day,” Amy Klobuchar says at the… TIME (Thu Nov 21)
Fact Checker: Buttigieg’s claim on Trump and veterans The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Fmr. VP Biden says he would not prosecute President Trump after he leaves office because it’s not his job to decide… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Sondland says email informed multiple senior officials that Zelenskiy would assure Trump he intended to run "invest… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Biden at the DemDebate: Trump has "indicted himself" CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Fox News host begs Trump to 'rein' in Giuliani amid impeachment hearings: 'Are we letting Rudy run through the Ukra… Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
The dubious world of Black Voices for Trump The Guardian (Thu Nov 21)
The Cybersecurity 202: Impeachment hearing highlights Trump’s apathy toward cybersecurity The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Last week, President Trump reversed the Navy SEAL's demotion over a war crimes charge. USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
Today’s front page of The New York Times Gordon Sondland testified that he was following President Trump’s orders,… The New York Times (Thu Nov 21)
President Trump is hosting lunch with Sens. Romney and Collins — who declined to condemn House impeachment inquiry. NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
@CBCNews Latest update @CBCNews: Witness at impeachment hearing takes veiled shot at Trump GOP backers for promotin… CBC News Alerts (Thu Nov 21)
The first question of the demdebate is on the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, and @AsteadWesley says how E… The New York Times (Thu Nov 21)
Sen. Bernie Sanders: "We can not simply be consumed by Donald Trump. Because if we are ... we are gonna lose the el… The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Sen. Harris says “justice is on the ballot," President Trump has been running a “criminal enterprise,” and impeachm… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Donald Trump carries "quid pro quo" notes to Air Force One, misspells Ukranian President Zelensky's name Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Joe Biden: "I learned something about these impeachment trials. I learned number one, that Donald Trump doesn't wan… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Sen. Bernie Sanders said President Trump "is likely the most corrupt President in the modern history of America. Bu… CNN (Thu Nov 21)
Navy commando accused of war crimes in Iraq faces expulsion from SEALs after Trump restored rank… RT (Thu Nov 21)
Pete Buttigieg says the "day the sun comes up" and the "Trump presidency is behind us, "will be a tender moment in… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
"This was it. ... Every suspicion of Donald Trump was confirmed today. This was about abuse of power." -… CNN (Thu Nov 21)
Fact check: Did President Trump admit to diverting charity money from veterans? NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Trump impeachment hearings: Here's how the process works. ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Beijing not 'stepping up' in trade negotiations, says Trump. More here: Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
[email protected]: "Basically everybody that Pres. Trump had put in place to deal with Russia and Ukraine policy wanted to… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Opinion: The GOP defense of Trump is in slow-motion collapse. It’s about to get worse. The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
President Trump says U.S. Navy won't remove SEAL designation from Edward Gallagher, man convicted of posing with a… CTV News (Thu Nov 21)
The Democratic presidential candidates are unified in their goal of defeating President Trump in 2020. But they dif… CNN (Thu Nov 21)
Mike Pompeo’s unwavering loyalty to Trump has created resentment among his own employees. Foreign Policy (Thu Nov 21)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren on if she would vote to impeach President trump: "We have to establish the principle no one… The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Opinion: It looks like Republicans are trying to impeach the media — not Trump The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
'Black Voices for Trump' advisory board member once said homosexuality is "evil" and an "abomination" Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Ten Democratic presidential hopefuls who want to take on President Trump in 2020 take the stage tonight at the… BBC News (World) (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes says U.S. envoy Sondland told him Trump was interested in ‘big stuff like the Biden investigation that Giuli… Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes explains how he overheard portion of Trump call with Gordon Sondland: "This was a distinctive experience. I'… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes testifies that Ukrainian President Zelenskiy said President Trump ’three times’ raised ‘some very sensitive… Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
Goldman: "So, is it your understanding that President Trump disregarded the advice of his senior officials about th… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Three key takeaways from Gordon Sondland’s testimony as the Trump impeachment inquiry unfolds. Read more here:… Al Jazeera English (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes says he interpreted the ‘very sensitive issues’ Zelenskiy referred to in Trump call as Biden, Burma Energy C… Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
Trump says China isn’t "stepping up," and trade talks show signs of languishing The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
"People who work for Trump keep flipping because Trump keeps mistreating them" via @PostEverything The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Trump has a new target for his pressure campaign: two of the United States’ closest Pacific allies. Foreign Policy (Thu Nov 21)
Goldman: "So you heard President Trump ask Amb. Sondland, 'Is [Zelensky] going to do the investigation?'" Holmes:… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Why A$AP Rocky became an unlikely figure in the Trump impeachment hearing ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
‘The answer is yes’: Sondland testimony rips away Trump White House’s principal defence The Globe and Mail (Thu Nov 21)
"Sondland's testimony adds to a mounting body of evidence that Trump personally directed a scheme to abuse the powe… USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
Sondland’s bombshell testimony leaves Trump’s Republican allies scrambling The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
"Trump has, per usual, thrown out a barrage of defenses, hoping something will stick. So far nothing has," writes… TIME (Thu Nov 21)
"Given the mutual disdain between academia and Trump, it might seem surprising that prominent academics back some o… Foreign Policy (Thu Nov 21)
Trump takes credit for opening 'new Apple factory’ that’s been open since Obama was president indy100 (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes says Sondland agreed that Trump "did not give an expletive about Ukraine." "Amb. Sondland stated that the p… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes says he heard Trump demand "investigations" from Ukrainians Live updates: The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
From "quid pro quo" to Pres. Trump’s defense to what happens next, here's everything you need to know about the imp… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Trump: Navy will not strip service member accused of war crimes of his SEAL status The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Perspective: Why family separation is so central to Trump’s immigration vision The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Donald Trump's Ukraine "bribery scam" was a "vintage mob operation," says ex-federal prosecutor Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
After touring a plant that assembles Apple computers, President Trump says he is considering whether to exempt the… Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
Trump took credit for opening a Mac factory. It’s been open since 2013. The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes says Gordon Sondland recommended President Trump to not interfere and to let A$AP Rocky, who was then jailed… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Republican group to run anti-Trump ad on Fox & Friends: "Republicans know a quid pro quo is wrong" Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
David Holmes describes conversation he overheard between Trump and Sondland in which Trump asks if Zelenskiy will d… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Holmes says he heard President Trump ask, "He's gonna do the investigation?" during phone call with Amb. Gordon Son… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Donald Trump is "biggest threat to American Jews today," Jewish Democrats say in new ad Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
President Trump's nominee to be the next head of the FDA told a group of senators that he supports "aggressive acti… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Trump's impeachment inquiry messaging expert calls Sondland "short-term" ambassador to Ukraine, but he is ambassado… Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Defense official testifies that Ukrainians asked about status of security assistance on same day as Trump call The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Analysis: The ambassador did not accuse the president of bribery — but implicated President Trump and several of hi… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Schiff, in closing statement, says that President Trump's actions raise the question: "What does America stand for… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Federal judge temporarily halts Trump administration’s bid to resume executions The Globe and Mail (Thu Nov 21)
David Holmes says he was "deeply disappointed" upon reading memorandum of Pres. Trump's July Ukraine call. "The pr… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Three refugee resettlement agencies file a lawsuit challenging Trump's executive order that requires states and loc… CNN Breaking News (Thu Nov 21)
Fox News judge dismisses Trump's "I want nothing" defense: "Clear understanding president wanted some things from t… Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
WATCH: Holmes explains that the new Ukrainian president saw a White House meeting with President Trump as critical… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Democrats focus on beating Trump, rather than beating up on each other The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Live Updates: Fiona Hill and David Holmes round out week of public testimonies in Trump impeachment inquiry Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Nebraska becomes the first state to help Trump's quest for citizenship data CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Top Trump health official spent $3 million on consultants who helped boost her visibility The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Two new key witnesses - Fiona Hill and David Holmes - are giving their opening statements in the Donald Trump… BBC News (World) (Thu Nov 21)
NEW: President Trump tweets that he will not allow the US Navy to take away an emblem signifying membership in the… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Fiona Hill and David Holmes testify in the last scheduled day of public hearings of the Trump impeachment inquiry.… Al Jazeera English (Thu Nov 21)
5 things to know about David Holmes, the diplomat who heard Trump ask about "investigations" Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
The Trump administration ignored the offer of a free flu clinic for migrants despite the deaths of three children,… Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Mike Pompeo still poised to run for Senate — but only with Trump's blessing CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
All whistleblowers are equal, as long as they hate Trump Op-Ed by Graham RT (Thu Nov 21)
Defense Dept official says she never discussed Ukraine aid with Trump Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
DOD official Cooper says Ukraine inquired about aid the same day as phone call with Trump Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Fiona Hill, President Trump's former top Russia adviser, and David Holmes, the counselor for political affairs at t… CNN (Thu Nov 21)
That almighty crash you heard coming from the US was the implosion of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense.… CNN International (Thu Nov 21)
Pres. Trump expected to have lunch at the White House today with a group of 10 Senate Republicans, including Mitt R… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Breaking News: President Trump reversed a decision by the Navy that sought to remove from the SEALs a sailor who wa… The New York Times (Thu Nov 21)
Trump Jr says actual war hero Lt Col Vindman isn't a hero and it backfired badly indy100 (Thu Nov 21)
The candidates united around two ideas in a mostly civil debate: President Trump must be defeated at the ballot box… The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
As two key witnesses testify in the impeachment inquiry, Trump's former top Russia adviser is expected to refute a… CNN Breaking News (Thu Nov 21)
Sondland acknowledged a Ukraine quid pro quo and implicated Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
On tap: Trump's ex-Russia adviser Fiona Hill will warn lawmakers to stop promoting 'falsehoods' that minimize Russi… Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
Sondland’s bombshell testimony left Trump’s Republican allies scrambling The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
WATCH NOW: Two pivotal witnesses who showed concern about Trump's foreign policy in Ukraine testify at the last pub… CBS News (Thu Nov 21)
Gordon Sondland tied senior members of the Trump administration — including Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and Mick Mulvan… The New York Times (Wed Nov 20)
Ex-GOP Congressman says Republicans on House Intel Committee have "lack of love of country" for defending Trump Newsweek (Wed Nov 20)
Law professor warns that a Trump pardon will not save Sondland if he lies under oath Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
Gordon Sondland confirms "quid pro quo" in Trump's dealings with Ukraine: "The answer is yes" Newsweek (Thu Nov 21)
What Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others knew, according to Gordon Sondland’s testimony, texts and emails The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Sondland pointed the finger at Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and several other key administration figures over hours of exp… euronews (Thu Nov 21)
Analysis: Ukraine aid was halted in early July — and Ukraine likely knew by the time of Trump’s call The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
LIVE: @NBCNews Special Report: Testifying in the Trump impeachment inquiry this morning: • Fiona Hill, former top… NBC News (Thu Nov 21)
Democratic candidates focus on pocketbook issues, not Trump’s impeachment The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Fiona Hill and David Holmes testify in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump's dealing with Ukraine. USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
Watch Live: Final witnesses of the week take the stand in the impeachment inquiry of President Trump… TIME (Thu Nov 21)
UPDATED: Trump impeachment hearing witness denounces 'fictional' Ukraine election interference CTV News (Thu Nov 21)
Fiona Hill and David Holmes testify in Trump impeachment probe Reuters (Thu Nov 21)
“The Trump administration is changing life for Iranians. The question is, is it changing life for the better?” On “… The Economist (Thu Nov 21)
Today's top business headlines: - Stocks slip on renewed trade war worries - Trump claims he opened Apple plant i… CNN (Thu Nov 21)
Wednesday was a significant day in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Gordon Sondland’s dramatic testi… The Washington Post (Thu Nov 21)
Amb. Gordon Sondland confirmed a quid pro quo—which Pres. Trump has denied. More key takeaways from Gordon Sondlan… ABC News (Thu Nov 21)
Sondland, nominated to his post in 2018, was among only a few dozen donors who gave $1 million or more to Trump's p… USA TODAY (Thu Nov 21)
China demands Trump veto bills supporting Hong Kong's pro-democracy protest movement Al Jazeera English (Thu Nov 21)
“I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo”: President Trump reads from handwritten notes while speaking to the media… CBS News (Wed Nov 20)
Trump administration is 'cannibalizing itself' with its attacks on serving staffers, says ex-Bush aide Newsweek (Wed Nov 20)
US House passes Hong Kong human rights bills, sends to Trump Al Jazeera English (Wed Nov 20)
Analysis: No, Devin Nunes, Trump in 2019 is not like George Washington in 1794 The Washington Post (Wed Nov 20)
NEW: On July 25, the day of Trump-Zelenskiy call, Ukrainians were asking about their military aid, Cooper testifies… NBC News (Wed Nov 20)
Gordon Sondland's explosive testimony implicated both President Trump and top officials in the Ukraine pressure cam… The New York Times (Wed Nov 20)
Schiff: "As early as July 25th, the same day Pres. Trump spoke with Pres. Zelenskiy on the phone and asked for this… ABC News (Wed Nov 20)
Billboards calling on Trump administration to stop "locking up" kids go up across Florida to mark World Children's… Newsweek (Wed Nov 20)
Trump considering withdrawing up to 4,000 U.S. troops from South Korea: report The Globe and Mail (Wed Nov 20)
Trump tweets he will release ‘financial statement’ before 2020 presidential election The Globe and Mail (Thu Nov 21)