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Donald Trump claims Democrats are telling "phony stories of sadness and grief" about immigrants… Newsweek (Fri Jun 22)
Opinion: “The executive order is basically a piece of paper that does what Donald Trump could’ve done with a phone… NBC News (Fri Jun 22)
NEW: In White House statement, Melania Trump says she hopes Congress will pass "common sense immigration reform tha… ABC News (Fri Jun 22)
Putin-Trump meeting unconfirmed, media talk of dismay, alarm already RT (Thu Jun 21)
DEVELOPING: Ahead of votes, President Trump questions the purpose of the US House "doing good immigration bills" wh… NBC News (Thu Jun 21)
Yes, Kim Jong Un met President Trump. But China is still North Korea’s most important ally. Washington Post (Thu Jun 21)
President Trump is speaking at a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, hours after signing an order to end family separations… CNN Breaking News (Wed Jun 20)
WATCH NOW: President Trump greets supporters at campaign style rally in Minnesota hours after signing order ending… CBS News (Wed Jun 20)
Donald Trump signs an executive order to stop family separations The Economist (Wed Jun 20)
Trump to end his family separation policy amid massive backlash – live updates The Guardian (Wed Jun 20)
"It's been going on forever" - President Trump's latest comments on immigration "problem", ahead of expected execut… BBC News (World) (Wed Jun 20)
Congresswoman accuses "thug" Trump of being "willing to sacrifice children" Newsweek (Wed Jun 20)
Exclusive: Separating migrant kids from their parents will cost the Trump administration more than keeping them wit… NBC News (Wed Jun 20)
EU to impose duties on U.S. imports Friday after Trump tariffs Reuters Top News (Wed Jun 20)
Ivanka Trump asked her father to end the child separation policy Newsweek (Wed Jun 20)
"Womp womp." While appearing on Fox News, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski dismissed the story of a… CNN (Wed Jun 20)
Donald Trump belongs to Russia, Moscow's state-run media says Newsweek (Wed Jun 20)
People are angry that President Trump used this word to describe undocumented immigrants TIME (Wed Jun 20)
White House piles pressure on China after Trump tariff threat Reuters Top News (Tue Jun 19)
Analysis: The consistent theme throughout some of the biggest controversies of the Trump presidency Washington Post (Tue Jun 19)
Analysis: Senate Republicans just rebuked Trump on family separations Washington Post (Tue Jun 19)
Trump administration unveils new health plan; Democrats call it 'junk insurance' NBC News (Tue Jun 19)
U.S. President Donald Trump comments on Canada and NAFTA while speaking in Washington. Watch more here:… CTV News (Tue Jun 19)
Donald Trump belongs to Russia, Moscow's state-run media says Newsweek (Tue Jun 19)
Trump, U.S. Republicans to meet amid furor over family separation policy The Globe and Mail (Tue Jun 19)
Donald Trump says he wants a 'Space Force' and the jokes are writing themselves indy100 (Tue Jun 19)
President Trump on Tuesday: "Crime in Germany is up 10% plus" Official statistics: Germany last year recorded its… NBC News (Tue Jun 19)
Are Americans satisfied by how the summit went between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un? A CNN poll revealed the fol… CNN International (Tue Jun 19)
Judge cancels hearing in Stormy Daniels case against Trump, Cohen Reuters Top News (Tue Jun 19)
"We're doing the right thing. We're taking care of these children." AG Jeff Sessions defends the Trump administrati… CNN (Tue Jun 19)
WATCH: "That is an outright lie," Hillary Clinton says of Trump White House saying separation of families at the US… NBC News (Mon Jun 18)
NEW: Jeb Bush calls on Pres. Trump to "end this heartless policy" of separating families at the border. "Children… ABC News (Mon Jun 18)
Opinion: Trump’s surrogates struggle to defend his grotesque border policy, @JRubinBlogger writes Washington Post (Mon Jun 18)
Democrats intensify fight for immigrant children — and bludgeon Trump and Republicans ahead of midterms Washington Post (Mon Jun 18)
The proper way to view the Trump Foundation scandal (via @CNNOpinion) CNN (Mon Jun 18)
Trump aide Stephen Miller describes enforcement of child border separation policy as "simple decision"… Newsweek (Mon Jun 18)
Roger Stone, longtime Trump confidant, reveals he met with a Russian who offered dirt on Hillary Clinton during 201… Washington Post (Sun Jun 17)
Special counsel Robert Mueller remains interested in longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen, grand jury witness tell… ABC News (Sun Jun 17)
WATCH: A speech by VP Pence was interrupted by protesters against the Trump administration's policy of separating m… NBC News (Sat Jun 16)
Opinion: "What I couldn’t stop thinking about as I watched Trump on ‘Fox & Friends’" Washington Post (Sat Jun 16)
US President Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani tells CNN's @ChrisCuomo that Trump will not pardon anyone involved… CNN International (Sat Jun 16)
@GadiNBC @jacobsoboroff Former DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson responded to comments made by President Trump that Democrats ar… NBC News (Fri Jun 15)
5 ways Trump weakened America this surreal week | By Frida Ghitis via @CNNOpinion CNN (Fri Jun 15)
White House aides are telling Republicans on Capitol Hill that President Trump did not intend to suggest he would v… NBC News (Fri Jun 15)
Trump bombs with joke about North Korean dictator Kim Reuters Top News (Fri Jun 15)
Several books on Trump and Russia try to cover the newest details. What they need is more history, writes… Washington Post (Fri Jun 15)
Former Trump campaign chief Manafort to ask judge not to jail him Reuters Top News (Fri Jun 15)
WATCH: Pres. Trump talks IG report, North Korea at the White House: ABC News (Fri Jun 15)
AG Sessions defends the Trump administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the bord… NBC News (Fri Jun 15)
Trump slaps Beijing with $50 billion in trade tariffs on Chinese imports RT (Fri Jun 15)
Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump appears to have made most of the 3.5m Muslims in America feel unwelcome The Economist (Thu Jun 14)
Trump blasts New York lawsuit: 'I won't settle this case!' Reuters Top News (Thu Jun 14)
[email protected] on NY AG suing Trump Foundation: "The current acting NY AG has stated that battling the WH is the most i… Fox News (Thu Jun 14)
Trump administration undermined student debt relief unit while claims mounted, watchdog finds Washington Post (Thu Jun 14)
Ageing bulls: have Robert De Niro’s roles inspired Donald Trump? The Guardian (Thu Jun 14)
Trump to meet with top trade advisers on activation of China tariffs: source Reuters Top News (Thu Jun 14)
These are the North Korean human rights violations Trump doesn't seem to be talking about indy100 (Wed Jun 13)
Secretary of State Pompeo calls questions about gaps in Trump-Kim statement "insulting and ridiculous" Washington Post (Wed Jun 13)
[email protected]: Attacking Trump is now a losing strategy in BOTH parties -- That's the real takeaway from Tuesday… Fox News (Wed Jun 13)
Ryan tells House GOP that Trump is supportive of immigration strategy Washington Post (Wed Jun 13)
"There is no longer a Nuclear Threat." President Trump appeared to be taking a victory lap even as critics cautione… The New York Times (Wed Jun 13)
"Trump ending war games with South Korea isn't a 'stunning concession.' It's long overdue" TIME (Wed Jun 13)
Alec Baldwin says he’d beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election. "If I ran I would win." USA TODAY (Wed Jun 13)
Trump says no war games while North Korea negotiates in good faith: Fox interview Reuters Top News (Wed Jun 13)
The 'film trailer' Trump made for Kim Al Jazeera News (Wed Jun 13)
President Trump says he thinks Kim Jong Un will follow through with agreement: "I may be wrong, I mean I may stand… NBC News (Wed Jun 13)
President Trump pitched a message of peace between the United States and North Korea by showing North Korean dictat… CNN International (Tue Jun 12)
Corker says GOP cowers before Trump after party leaders block trade bill Washington Post (Tue Jun 12)
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un signed something in Singapore. Here's what it says National Post (Tue Jun 12)
There’s no indication that Trump and his team have any clue what the “art of the deal” is about when it comes to in… Foreign Policy (Tue Jun 12)
Solidarity of heirs on the Trump and Kim surreality show The Guardian (Tue Jun 12)
John Robson: You can't tame Trump. But we can stop provoking him National Post (Tue Jun 12)
President Trump praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un -- a man who leads a government that outside observers sa… CNN (Tue Jun 12)
Slavoj iek: EU must create a new world order to stop Donald Trump RT (Tue Jun 12)
President Trump says he thinks Kim Jong Un will follow through with agreement: "I may be wrong, I mean I may stand… NBC News (Tue Jun 12)
During their first year in government service, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner remained investors through various ve… The New York Times (Tue Jun 12)
"I said ‘What’s this all about? He didn’t do that to my face, what’s this all about?’": Pres. Trump on hearing ABC News (Tue Jun 12)
They came. They shook. They made history. The 5 biggest moments as Pres. Trump became the first sitting U.S. pres… ABC News (Tue Jun 12)
?? Trump hails summit with Kim FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jun 12)
President Trump on Canadian leader Justin Trudeau's trade comments: "That’s going to cost a lot of money for the pe… USA TODAY (Tue Jun 12)
Pres. Trump says "we'll probably need another summit," but "we're much further along than I would have thought."… ABC News (Tue Jun 12)
US President Donald Trump will speak soon from Singapore. Follow our live KimTrumpSummit coverage on… Al Jazeera News (Tue Jun 12)
FULL STORY: After a historic meeting in Singapore, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un signed a document containing four p… euronews (Tue Jun 12)
?? REPLAY - Watch the historic press conference with Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jun 12)
President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un sign unspecified document that claimed progress after hours of… USA TODAY (Tue Jun 12)
WATCH LIVE: Pres. Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un attend joint signing at Singapore summit.… ABC News (Tue Jun 12)
"We will have a terrific relationship, I have no doubt" - this is what Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un had to say befo… BBC News (World) (Tue Jun 12)
Richard Nixon is the reason President Trump's aides have to repair documents he rips up TIME (Tue Jun 12)
Follow our live updates as President Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea have their first face-to-face meeting The New York Times (Tue Jun 12)
Pres. Trump says he's honored to meet with Kim Jong Un in Singapore. "We're gonna have a great discussion, and I th… ABC News (Tue Jun 12)
President Trump tweets that economic adviser Larry Kudlow has suffered a heart attack and is now in medical care mi… CBS News (Tue Jun 12)
Here's what was really happening in that photo of Trump at the G7 CNN (Tue Jun 12)
Here's a look at the key players working behind the scenes of the Trump-Kim summit: ABC News (Mon Jun 11)
Trump optimistic on North Korea summit despite differences on ending nuclear standoff Reuters Top News (Mon Jun 11)
At Trump-Kim Summit, human rights is a back-burner issue TIME (Mon Jun 11)
After spending much of his time in office tearing things down, Pres. Trump’s challenge now is to build up something… ABC News (Mon Jun 11)
?? Special coverage: Trump-Kim Summit FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jun 11)
After the shock, allies will react to Trump with anger and retribution | @NicRobertsonCNN for @CNNOpinion… CNN International (Mon Jun 11)
Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are the unlikeliest of statesmen, but they might be able to change the world | Analysi… CNN International (Mon Jun 11)
For Kim Jong Un, there is much at stake at the historic summit with President Trump. @benstracy shows us the possib… CBS News (Mon Jun 11)
Fox & Friends host slips, calls Trump a 'dictator' when describing North Korea Newsweek (Mon Jun 11)
LIVE: A view of the Istana, Singapore's presidential office and residence, where a convoy carrying Trump is expecte… Reuters Top News (Mon Jun 11)
Fox & Friends host slips, calls Trump a 'dictator' when describing North Korea Newsweek (Sun Jun 10)
Summit is 'one-time shot' for peace with North Korea, says Trump FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jun 09)
President Trump is planning to depart the G7 ahead of climate change talks CNN (Sat Jun 09)
White House says President Trump will deliver a statement soon before leaving G7 Summit early. Earlier story: CBC News Alerts (Sat Jun 09)
Why Canadian milk infuriates Donald Trump The Guardian (Sat Jun 09)
Trump to leave G7 early, missing environmental talks Reuters Top News (Sat Jun 09)
Remembering when Muhammad Ali destroyed Donald Trump in just 132 words indy100 (Sat Jun 09)
President Trump is dressed as a king on the new Time magazine cover CNN International (Sat Jun 09)
Trump makes controversial pitch to invite Russia back to G7, creating rifts in summit allies National Post (Sat Jun 09)
Trump says he has "absolute right" to pardon himself Newsweek (Fri Jun 08)
Trump's tariff on imported solar panels has cast a dark cloud over the renewable energy industry in the U.S. See mo… Reuters Top News (Fri Jun 08)
As the Kim-Trump summit nears, follow our live blog for the latest North Korea news Reuters Top News (Fri Jun 08)
Opinion: Trump’s pardons really aren’t out of the ordinary Washington Post (Fri Jun 08)
WATCH: President Trump has arrived in Quebec for the G7 summit; Trump was originally scheduled to meet with French… CBS News (Fri Jun 08)
Trump-Kim creations on the menu as Singapore chefs mark summit FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jun 08)
BREAKING: Russia should be in G7 meeting - Trump RT (Fri Jun 08)
Trump congratulates 'superstar' Ovechkin for making 'D.C. poppin' with Caps success RT (Fri Jun 08)
?? Trump trade clash dooms prospects of G7 consensus FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jun 08)
'BIG question for John Brennan... Did you receive any secret info on candidate Trump or his campaign from European… RT (Fri Jun 08)
Macron leads G7 charge against Trump over trade euronews (Fri Jun 08)
Donald Trump is undermining the rules-based international order The Economist (Fri Jun 08)
Maryland gubernatorial candidate tells Trump to kiss off in new ad CBS News (Fri Jun 08)
Trump floats replacing NAFTA with bilateral agreements with Canada, Mexico The Globe and Mail (Fri Jun 01)
Leading group of cancer doctors wary of new Trump administration proposals for lowering drug prices… Reuters Top News (Fri Jun 01)
Breaking News: President Trump said that the summit meeting with North Korea will be held after all The New York Times (Fri Jun 01)
President Donald Trump says he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12 in Singapore, a summit he previ… CNN (Fri Jun 01)
Sarah Sanders’s press briefings are getting shorter as Trump’s rate of mistruths is growing Newsweek (Fri Jun 01)
Analysis: Trump’s spent far more going to Mar-a-Lago alone than the Mueller probe has cost Washington Post (Fri Jun 01)
Trevor Noah on Trump: 'All he cares about is doing favors for people he likes' The Guardian (Fri Jun 01)
Analysis: Despite summit uncertainty, President Trump and Kim Jong Un are more popular than ever in South Korea Washington Post (Fri Jun 01)
Analysis: Trump deepens the West’s sense of crisis Washington Post (Fri Jun 01)
Trump says he may pardon Martha Stewart Reuters Top News (Thu May 31)
Happy birthday, covfefe: Remembering some of Trump’s craziest tweets RT (Thu May 31)
Samantha Bee apologizes to Ivanka Trump for using vulgar slur. CBC News Alerts (Thu May 31)
Obama referenced 'The Godfather' after Trump victory: "I almost got out" Newsweek (Thu May 31)
President Trump says he is considering pardoning Martha Stewart and commuting former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich'… CNN Breaking News (Thu May 31)
Samantha Bee urges Ivanka Trump to "put on something tight and low cut and tell your father to f*****g stop it."… Newsweek (Thu May 31)
Trump tariffs could 'destroy' EU's steel industry euronews (Thu May 31)
Melania Trump breaks silence but no one believes tweet is from her Newsweek (Thu May 31)
Trump blasts 'Double Standard' at ABC: 'Where is my call of apology?' - via @brookefoxnews Fox News (Thu May 31)
APExplains Spain’s political crisis, Europe’s new data privacy rules, Trump’s FBI spy theory and more here: The Associated Press (Thu May 31)
Trump Meets With Kim. Kim Kardashian West, That Is. The New York Times (Thu May 31)
Choose your conspiracy! Russiagate liberals & Trump fans cherry-pick facts from Gowdy interview RT (Wed May 30)
The big thing everyone is missing in the Roseanne garbage fire. (Hint: It's Donald Trump Jr.)… CNN (Wed May 30)
Despite Rep. Trey Gowdy disputing Pres. Trump's unsubstantiated claim the Obama administration used spy to infiltra… ABC News (Wed May 30)
Analysis: Roseanne Barr wasn’t so Trump-like, after all. She failed to emulate the president's knack for plausible… Washington Post (Wed May 30)
Kaepernick lawyer: NFL owner testified to shunning my client due to Trump The Guardian (Wed May 30)
A federal judge has set a June 15 deadline for attorneys representing President Trump and his personal lawyer Micha… USA TODAY (Wed May 30)