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Man rescued from Taliban couldn't believe Donald Trump is actually president Newsweek (Wed Oct 18)
A Gold Star father on Trump's comments to widow of a fallen soldier: "There could've been a little more compassion"… CNN International (Wed Oct 18)
Congresswoman says President Trump told widow of fallen soldier "he knew what he signed up for"… CNN (Wed Oct 18)
President Trump rejects health insurer "bail out" — after praising it NBC News (Wed Oct 18)
The mother of a soldier killed in Niger said Trump did tell her son's widow that he “knew what he signed up for" The New York Times (Wed Oct 18)
Trump lied about Obama, and his former aides were furious Newsweek (Wed Oct 18)
Analysis: Twitter, please give Trump 280 characters so he can spend more time working Washington Post (Wed Oct 18)
White supremacists inspired by Trump primed to do something more "daring" than Charlottesville… Newsweek (Wed Oct 18)
On Tuesday, Trump appeared to support a deal to restore insurance subsidies. On Wednesday, he gave a different take. The New York Times (Wed Oct 18)
At Heritage Foundation event, Trump claims he's done more than any president in 9 months CBS News (Wed Oct 18)
Judge blocks latest Trump curbs on people entering United States Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 18)
U.S. senators reach bipartisan deal on Obamacare, Trump indicates support Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 18)
Second federal judge blocks Trump administration's latest travel ban hours before it was set to take full effect… ABC News (Wed Oct 18)
Donald Trump’s latest travel ban is blocked by two federal judges The Economist (Wed Oct 18)
Pres. Trump denies lawmaker's account of call with fallen soldier's family: "Didn't say what that congresswoman sai… ABC News (Wed Oct 18)
Sessions tells lawmakers he will not discuss his conversations with Trump Washington Post (Wed Oct 18)
DOJ lawyers to ask judge to toss lawsuit accusing Pres. Trump of violating Constitution over emoluments… ABC News (Wed Oct 18)
Robert Reich: The unraveling of Donald J. Trump | Opinion Newsweek (Wed Oct 18)
Jeff Sessions told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he would not discuss his conversations with President Trump The New York Times (Wed Oct 18)
Trump pitches tax plan as 'the best Christmas present of all' Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
[email protected] on Trump Speech: Tax Cuts 'Not That Easy to Sell' to Democrats Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
AG Sessions says he cannot discuss content of conversations with President Trump during today's Senate hearing.… Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
John McCain takes on the "half-baked" nationalism of Trump's presidency Newsweek (Tue Oct 17)
A federal judge in Maryland has delivered a second blow to President Trump's latest travel ban. USA TODAY (Wed Oct 18)
Trump likely to name Fed chair by early November: source Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Trump travel ban blocked again euronews (Wed Oct 18)
Today, a federal judge in Hawaii temporarily blocked President Trump's third attempt at a travel ban.… CBS News (Tue Oct 17)
Trump travel ban faces second setback as judge in Maryland blocks restrictions The Guardian (Wed Oct 18)
Opinion: The Trump doctrine The New York Times (Wed Oct 18)
Trump says reporters should ask General Kelly: "Did he get a call from Obama?” Newsweek (Wed Oct 18)
Trump allegedly tells soldier's widow: 'He knew what he signed up for' The Guardian (Wed Oct 18)
Neil Cavuto Gets Down to Business When Calling Out President Trump Fox News (Tue Oct 17)
Trump tax plan hits bump in Senate as Rand Paul weighs 'no' vote Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Member of Trump’s voting commission dies during surgery Washington Post (Wed Oct 18)
Lawmaker says Pres. Trump told a service member's widow her late husband "knew what he signed up for." … ABC News (Wed Oct 18)
Trump: NFL’s refusal to impose national anthem rules shows league has 'total disrespect' for country @brookefoxnews Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
Trump allegedly tells widow of fallen soldier ‘he knew what he signed up for’ The Globe and Mail (Wed Oct 18)
Trump's net worth drops $600 million on Forbes' rich list, falls 92 spots CNN (Wed Oct 18)
Trump’s list for the next Fed chair down to five names, decision expected within two weeks Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
President Trump warns Sen. John McCain: "Be careful because at some point I fight back" CNN (Tue Oct 17)
Check out President Trump's Halloween 'MAGA' hats Newsweek (Wed Oct 18)
Joe Biden: Trump "doesn't understand how the government functions" TIME (Wed Oct 18)
JUST IN: A federal judge in Hawaii blocked the latest version of Trump's travel ban Newsweek (Tue Oct 17)
Federal judge blocks latest version of President Trump's travel ban TIME (Tue Oct 17)
Trump reportedly tells widow of fallen soldier that her husband knew "what he signed up for" TIME (Wed Oct 18)
THE INTERVIEW - 'Trump is the most powerful unifying force the Democrats could imagine' FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 18)
Trump pick for drug czar Tom Marino pulls out after report on opioid bill role The Guardian (Tue Oct 17)
NFL weighs protesting players' passion against Trump rebukes Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Donald Trump is ripping up the alliances that keep the world safe. We must defend them | Natalie Nougayrède The Guardian (Tue Oct 17)
Trump seems supportive of bipartisan two-year deal for Affordable Care Act subsidies USA TODAY (Tue Oct 17)
Trump: 'Ask General Kelly' if Obama called after son died in Afghanistan The Guardian (Tue Oct 17)
The Miami Heat will move their charity golf tournament away from President Trump’s course Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Statement comes one day after Pres. Trump made unsubstantiated claim that “most” past presidents did not call famil… ABC News (Tue Oct 17)
Donating to Trump? Campaign is spending $1 of every $10 on legal fees CNN (Tue Oct 17)
Trump warns McCain: 'I fight back, and it won't be pretty' FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 18)
Lawrence Summers: Trump’s top economist’s tax analysis isn’t just wrong, it’s dishonest Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Trump: 'ObamaCare Is a Disgrace to Our Nation' Fox News (Tue Oct 17)
"It won’t be pretty": Trump promises to "fight back" against McCain Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Man held by Taliban for five years thought his captors were joking about Trump being president Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
BREAKING Trump plans massive increase in federal immigration jails USA TODAY (Tue Oct 17)
Opinion: Trump’s incompetence will not save us from his malevolence Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Opinion: Sally Yates needs to be heard more often on Trump’s unfitness Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Trump: Ask General Kelly if he got a call from Obama when his son died Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
"Half-baked spurious nationalism": McCain’s most biting recent criticisms of Trump Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
How could Trump lose his base? Betraying America's farmers is a good start Newsweek (Tue Oct 17)
Today's @NBCFirstRead: Trump hits a new low with swipe at former presidents NBC News (Tue Oct 17)
Trump says Rep. Tom Marino withdraws from consideration as drug czar in wake of Washington Post/"60 Minutes" report Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Clinton: Trump ‘uses tactics to dominate women’ BBC News (World) (Tue Oct 17)
BREAKING Rep. Tom Marino has withdrawn his name from consideration as U.S. drug czar, Trump tweets USA TODAY (Tue Oct 17)
[email protected]: Trump's Presser Format Made Reporters Look Like a 'Pack of Jackals' Fox News (Tue Oct 17)
Trump appears to be keeping his options open as his Republican Party threatens to erupt into full-scale war:… Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
President Trump finally comments on Niger soldier deaths; falsely knocks Obama over his responses to dead soldiers CNN (Tue Oct 17)
US 'not taking sides' between Iraqi forces, Kurds: Trump FRANCE 24 English (Tue Oct 17)
Mudslide hits Puerto Rico neighborhood that President Trump visited CNN (Tue Oct 17)
‘F**k Donald Trump’ chant led by Macklemore at Arizona concert RT (Tue Oct 17)
Donald Trump mocks Mike Pence for wanting to "hang" all gay people Newsweek (Tue Oct 17)
Trump says he will 'look into' drug czar pick following report Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Post-Maria, Trump's approval rating on hurricane response goes down 20 points CNN (Mon Oct 16)
After a White House lunch, Pres. Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell strolled to the Rose Garden to bury the hatchet.… CBS News (Mon Oct 16)
U.S. 'not taking sides' in Iraqi-Kurdish dispute: Trump Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
For art collectors, Pres. Trump's tax plan paints a pretty picture ABC News (Mon Oct 16)
Trump to meet Yellen Thursday in search for new Fed chair: source Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
21 things President Trump said during his impromptu press conference NBC News (Mon Oct 16)
President Trump claimed Obama didn’t call the families of dead soldiers TIME (Mon Oct 16)
Trump upbeat on bipartisan U.S. healthcare fix Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
President Trump says he is not considering firing Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller… CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Pres. Trump blamed Cuba for acoustic attacks affecting at least 22 Americans in Havana over the past year… CBS News (Mon Oct 16)
Trump: Cuba 'is responsible' for attacks on U.S. personnel CTV News (Mon Oct 16)
Pres. Trump renews "total termination" threat on Iran nuclear deal, saying the U.S. had been taken advantage of… CBS News (Mon Oct 16)
Trump slams Clinton for defending NFL anthem kneelers, says that 'thinking' is why she lost - via @brookefoxnews Fox News (Mon Oct 16)
Trump says Cuba 'responsible' for alleged sonic attacks, but offers no evidence The Guardian (Mon Oct 16)
Here's the memo a Kremlin-linked lawyer took to a meeting with Donald Trump, Jr. Foreign Policy (Mon Oct 16)
Donald Trump blames Senate GOP for his stalled agenda: 'I’m not going to blame myself' National Post (Mon Oct 16)
Trump, McConnell pledge unity on tax reform, health care after feud Fox News (Mon Oct 16)
"Hillary, please run again," Trump says, following Clinton’s criticism of him on her book tour (corrects location) CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Analysis: Trump’s quote on shifting blame just about says it all Washington Post (Mon Oct 16)
President Trump says he will be declaring the opioid crisis a national emergency next week CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Pres. Trump on 60 Minutes/WaPo report on opioid crisis: "We are going to look into the report. We are going to take… CBS News (Mon Oct 16)
As former adviser Steve Bannon targets Sen. McConnell and Senate GOP, Pres. Trump says his relationship with McConn… ABC News (Mon Oct 16)
Pres. Trump: "Just so you understand, the Republican party is very, very unified. When we get things approved, we h… CBS News (Mon Oct 16)
Trump's support wasn't enough to carry his candidate in Alabama. Will the story be different in South Carolina?… ABC News (Mon Oct 16)
Venezuela is blaming Trump for missed debt payments CNN International (Mon Oct 16)
Trump allies privately worry that losing the House means impeachment CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Who’s holding up Trump’s appointments? Ask Mitch McConnell | Opinion Newsweek (Mon Oct 16)
Larry Flynt offers up to $10M for info that leads to Donald Trump's impeachment: 'Let's see what happens'… National Post (Mon Oct 16)
EU's Mogherini vows to defend Iran deal despite Trump FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 16)
Trump's gaffe about the 'Arabian Gulf' enraged Iran more than his strategy TIME (Mon Oct 16)
H.R. McMaster will often volunteer to have his staff study Trump’s more unorthodox ideas to slow them down… Washington Post (Mon Oct 16)
OPINION: Trump doesn't owe Obama anything Fox News (Mon Oct 16)
'Mad dog' anti-Trump leaflets, suspected floated in from North Korea, turn up in Seoul Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
Pink on her new album and Trump: "Our government has failed its people, I'm heartbroken" Newsweek (Mon Oct 16)
Lawyers for one of the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual assault subpoenaed his campaign for documents on he… CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Rex Tillerson refuses to deny he called Trump a moron, answering questions with 'I'm not playing'… Newsweek (Mon Oct 16)
FCC commissioner on President Trump's media threats: 'History won't be kind to silence' CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Rex Tillerson brushes off drama with President Trump TIME (Mon Oct 16)
Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes says GOP needs to stop "enabling" Pres. Trump. ABC News (Mon Oct 16)
There’s now a $10 million reward for info that could get Trump impeached TIME (Mon Oct 16)
Trump Obamacare move seen harming Americans, bipartisan prospects Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
The prime minister's biggest worry: Donald Trump could start a trade war The Economist (Mon Oct 16)
Stephen Colbert pitted Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson against each other in the Thunderdome Newsweek (Mon Oct 16)
Read the full lyrics to Eminem's Trump-bashing freestyle 'The Storm' CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Californians wonder why Trump isn’t tweeting about the fatal wildfires Washington Post (Sun Oct 15)
Dem Sen. Murphy: Trump's plan to end ObamaCare subsidies 'health care arson' Fox News (Sun Oct 15)
Will Trump be impeached, resign or be removed via the 25th Amendment? Newsweek (Sun Oct 15)
Former 'Apprentice' star Summer Zervos subpoenas Trump's campaign for all documents detailing assault claims… Newsweek (Sun Oct 15)
Trump's core supporters will be worst hit by the president's latest plan to dismantle Obamacare… Newsweek (Sun Oct 15)
Sen. Collins: Trump needs to realize his words matter Washington Post (Sun Oct 15)
[email protected] on Trump's coal plan: The administration "has decided to move into a new century- the 19th century." CNN (Sun Oct 15)
Sen. Susan Collins: President Trump is “affecting the ability of vulnerable people to receive health care right now” CNN (Sun Oct 15)
Arizona restaurant closes following backlash from its pro-Trump Facebook post Fox News (Sun Oct 15)
Iran says Trump's nuclear deal policy not to have high impact on oil prices: TV Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 15)
Steve Bannon says Trump will win in 2020 by landslide 400 electoral votes Newsweek (Sun Oct 15)
Arizona restaurant closes following backlash from its pro-Trump Facebook post Fox News (Sun Oct 15)
Ivanka Trump isn't really called Ivanka Trump indy100 (Sun Oct 15)
WATCH: Baldwin reprises Trump "Saturday Night Live" role: Eminem, Puerto Rico, Obama, Sen. Corker provide fodder… ABC News (Sun Oct 15)
Opinion | Bob Corker on Trump’s biggest problem: The "castration" of Rex Tillerson Washington Post (Sun Oct 15)
Will Trump be impeached, resign or be removed via the 25th Amendment? Newsweek (Sun Oct 15)
Pro-Trump states are most affected by his health care decision CTV News (Sun Oct 15)
Trump, the hypocritical imperial president, is on pace to double Obama's number of executive orders… Newsweek (Sun Oct 15)
Iranians fear economic hardship, but united against Trump Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 14)
'It seems like Trump aims at nuclear accord as a lever to force Iran to follow American geopolitics' (Op-Edge) RT (Sat Oct 14)
Pres. Trump's abrupt move to cut off federal payments to insurers jolts health care and political worlds alike… ABC News (Sat Oct 14)
Trump's Iran strategy might be too tough for him to pull off. The latest from Elephants in the Room: Foreign Policy (Sat Oct 14)
What you need to know about Trump and the Iran deal Al Jazeera English (Sat Oct 14)
Hillary Clinton: Trump will provoke 'nuclear arms race' over North Korea The Guardian (Sat Oct 14)
Former Secy. of State John Kerry says Pres. Trump is "creating an international crisis" over the Iran deal:… CBS News (Sat Oct 14)
Hustler founder Larry Flynt offers $10 million for dirt leading to Trump Fox News (Sat Oct 14)
Trump puts America first, but more and more alone FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 14)
Trump touts ObamaCare executive order as boon to millions, end of Dems' 'windfall' Fox News (Sat Oct 14)
Danger of war, Germany warns after Trump's move on Iran nuclear deal Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 14)