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John Bolton, President Trump's pick to be the next national security adviser, has a decade-long history of associat… CNN (Fri Mar 23)
Trump administration bans bump stocks, 'all devices' that turn 'legal' weapons into machine guns Fox News (Fri Mar 23)
Karen McDougal claims President Trump never used condoms during their 10-month affair Newsweek (Fri Mar 23)
'A lot of things I'm unhappy about': Trump reluctantly signs spending bill – video The Guardian (Fri Mar 23)
NEW: Pres. Trump signs omnibus spending bill. In an earlier statement, he vowed to "never sign another bill like th… ABC News (Fri Mar 23)
As President Trump plans tariffs, Wall Street bites its nails. NBC News (Fri Mar 23)
Trump slams Democrats, vows he’ll "never sign another bill like this again" as he signs omnibus spending bill… Newsweek (Fri Mar 23)
John Bolton will finally let Donald Trump be Donald Trump on foreign policy USA TODAY (Fri Mar 23)
Trump signs budget deal after raising government shutdown threat Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 23)
President Trump will soon give a statement from the White House to address the spending bill, which he has threaten… CNN (Fri Mar 23)
Will Trump's new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo be able to succeed where Rex Tillerson failed?… Al Jazeera English (Fri Mar 23)
Trump signs spending bill, averting government shutdown FRANCE 24 English (Sat Mar 24)
Ex-Playboy model tells CNN she 'was in love' with Trump Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 23)
Trump signs order to ban most transgender people from military service The Globe and Mail (Sat Mar 24)
Attorney General Jeff Sessions: Trump, DOJ taking steps to make Americans safer after school shootings Fox News (Sat Mar 24)
BREAKING: President Trump issues order to ban transgender troops from service except in `limited circumstances' Fox News (Sat Mar 24)
Trump issues order to ban most transgender troops from serving in military USA TODAY (Sat Mar 24)
President Donald Trump considered firing his chief of staff this month and not naming a successor, according to thr… NBC News (Fri Mar 23)
What Trump doesn't get about Obamacare and health insurers' profits | via @Luhby CNN (Fri Mar 23)
Trump temporarily excludes EU, six other allies from steel tariffs Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 23)
"Donald Trump is a bully. He doesn’t have the ability to demonstrate empathy or decency and so he makes fun of anyo… NBC News (Fri Mar 23)
China responds after Trump proposes tariffs and claims unfair trade practices USA TODAY (Fri Mar 23)
[email protected] on Joe Biden saying he would have "beat the hell" out of President Trump "behind the gym": “If Chen… Fox News (Thu Mar 22)
Pres. Trump says he "would like to" testify in Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe. The statement follows the pr… ABC News (Thu Mar 22)
House Democrats fear Trump will fire special counsel Robert Mueller during the two-week congressional recess. USA TODAY (Thu Mar 22)
UPDATE: Trump says Section 301 trade action with China could be about $60 billion in tariffs, has asked China to re… Reuters Top News (Thu Mar 22)
Analysis: Fox News thinks that Trump — and Hannity — could probably beat up Biden Washington Post (Thu Mar 22)
Opinion: Trump’s new female accusers may put him in greater danger Washington Post (Thu Mar 22)
House Judiciary Democrats hold presser to deliver "united message" to Pres. Trump: "Do not meddle with the special… ABC News (Thu Mar 22)
Trees older than America: a primeval Alaskan forest is at risk in the Trump era The Guardian (Thu Mar 22)
U.S. dollar slips after Fed does not signal faster pace of rate hikes; worries on Trump tariff announcement dents A… Reuters Top News (Thu Mar 22)
Watch Trump produce props to the meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to illustrating the billion dollar d… RT (Thu Mar 22)
A U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) official does not comment on reports that President Trump will announce aggressi… CBS News (Wed Mar 21)
London has the trump card in its fight with Moscow, if it's willing to use Foreign Policy (Wed Mar 21)
Trump did not come from nowhere. The comparison to Bush and Obama is worth considering, writes Hal Foreign Policy (Wed Mar 21)
Before Trump called Putin, he was advised: 'DO NOT CONGRATULATE' CTV News (Wed Mar 21)
Analysis: Trump congratulated Putin on his victory. Other world leaders stopped short of that. Washington Post (Wed Mar 21)
Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, an outspoken critic of President Trump, warns of impeachment if the President fires spe… CNN International (Wed Mar 21)
Perspective: The Christian sect that has always cheered on Donald Trump Washington Post (Wed Mar 21)
Trump reportedly defied warning from security team not to congratulate Putin The Guardian (Wed Mar 21)
Stormy Daniels took a polygraph test about her alleged affair with Donald Trump. She passed TIME (Wed Mar 21)
"DO NOT CONGRATULATE" tells you everything you need to know about Donald Trump's psyche | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN… CNN International (Wed Mar 21)
Former Playboy model, Karen McDougal, is suing Donald Trump over a hush payment designed to prevent her disclosing… euronews (Wed Mar 21)
"President Trump deserves a lot of credit for taking the Saudi-American relationship to greater heights." — Saudi… Fox News (Wed Mar 21)
The Trump administration’s cancellation of a federal program to prevent teen pregnancy was directed by political ap… NBC News (Wed Mar 21)
Stormy Daniels' claim that she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump was registered as truthful in a polygraph test… CNN (Wed Mar 21)
Trump on GOP's midterm chances: "We should do great when we run in a very short period of time. The economy is boo… NBC News (Tue Mar 20)
3 Trump-related lawsuits: Porn star, Playboy model, harassment accuser | Analysis by CNN's Z. Byron Wolf… CNN (Tue Mar 20)
Trump’s reelection campaign calls for adding citizenship question to 2020 census amid criticism that he is politici… Washington Post (Tue Mar 20)
What can we expect from Trump's talks with North Korea? We asked Mickey Bergman. Foreign Policy (Tue Mar 20)
On Persian New Year, US President Trump slams Iranian rulers "who serve themselves instead of serving the people"… CNN International (Tue Mar 20)
Perspective | Trump’s view of public service: Officials serve him, not the public Washington Post (Tue Mar 20)
Can Trump’s tariffs keep China from becoming the global technology leader? Washington Post (Tue Mar 20)
Trump breaks ranks to congratulate Putin on landslide election victory The Guardian (Tue Mar 20)
NEW: In 2011, Stormy Daniels told a polygraph examiner that she had unprotected sex with Donald Trump in 2006. The… NBC News (Tue Mar 20)
On whether Pres. Trump discussed election meddling with Vladimir Putin, @PressSec tells @CeciliaVega, "I don't beli… ABC News (Tue Mar 20)
Sen. McCain on Pres. Trump congratulating Putin on election win: “An American president does not lead the Free Worl… ABC News (Tue Mar 20)
Breaking News: President Trump called Vladimir Putin to congratulate him for his re-election victory, days after th… The New York Times (Tue Mar 20)
President Trump congratulates Vladimir Putin on election victory TIME (Tue Mar 20)
NEW: Pres. Trump "mourns for victims of the recent bombings in Austin," Press Sec. Sanders says, adding: "There is… ABC News (Tue Mar 20)
Opinion: How the attacks on Mueller are putting Trump in greater danger Washington Post (Tue Mar 20)
US retail giants ask Trump to reconsider China tariffs BBC News (World) (Tue Mar 20)
"The Trump 'virus' spreads to Canada" — AJOpinion, by @AndrewMitrovica Al Jazeera English (Tue Mar 20)
Trump signs executive order prohibiting trade in Venezuela’s oil-backed cryptocurrency, Maduro calls new sanctions… RT (Tue Mar 20)
Trump adds Joe diGenova to legal team in Russia probe CBS News (Tue Mar 20)
"President Trump is acting guilty as hell going after Mueller," says Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen… CNN (Tue Mar 20)
"President Trump is acting guilty as hell going after Mueller," says Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen… CNN International (Tue Mar 20)
Trump calls for death penalty for drug dealers to beat opioid crisis FRANCE 24 English (Tue Mar 20)
[email protected]: "The American public is...sick and tired of a Republican truth, a Democrat truth, a Trump truth, an a… Fox News (Tue Mar 20)
People are calling out Ivanka Trump for what she is doing and it's brutal indy100 (Mon Mar 19)
Trump pledges to "get tough" on drug crime, unveils opioid epidemic plan in New Hampshire Washington Post (Mon Mar 19)
Analysis: Trump is attacking Mueller as faith in the special counsel is rising Washington Post (Mon Mar 19)
Rep. Adam Schiff on Trump attacking special counsel Robert Mueller on Twitter: The President seems to be testing th… CNN (Mon Mar 19)
Analysis: Why Trump’s attacks on Mueller just might work Washington Post (Mon Mar 19)
Trump has "gone rogue" with his new tariffs, blowing up decades of Foreign Policy (Mon Mar 19)
Trump to seek death penalty for drug dealers: WH official FRANCE 24 English (Mon Mar 19)
Trump's attack on Robert Mueller, a longtime Republican and former FBI director appointed by George W. Bush, drew i… The New York Times (Mon Mar 19)
"Donald Trump said America is going to Mars. Here’s why that won’t happen any time soon" TIME (Mon Mar 19)
A data company tied to Pres. Trump's 2016 campaign is under investigation by Facebook, accused of mishandling milli… ABC News (Mon Mar 19)
Lawmakers warn of 'red line' as Trump attacks Russia probe FRANCE 24 English (Mon Mar 19)
Cambridge Analytica, a data vendor for the Trump campaign, was phased out during the general election, CBS News has… CBS News (Sun Mar 18)
Legal analysis: Trump team's moving of Stormy Daniels suit carries risks NBC News (Sun Mar 18)
Bill Hader returns to "SNL" — with John Goodman as ousted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — to take on Trump firin… NBC News (Sun Mar 18)
Trump attacks special counsel Robert Mueller's team on Twitter a day after his personal lawyer called for end to Ru… CNN Breaking News (Sun Mar 18)
Fired ex-FBI 2nd man McCabe gave Russiagate investigator Mueller his memos on Trump – report RT (Sun Mar 18)
Trump campaign consultants exploited millions of Facebook users’ data FRANCE 24 English (Sun Mar 18)
U.S. allies line up for exemptions from Trump's tariffs Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 09)
As Trump imposes tariffs, allies sign on to free-trade pact — without U.S. Washington Post (Fri Mar 09)
Stormy Daniels' attorney confirms that Michael Cohen used his Trump Organization email while negotiating details of… CNN International (Fri Mar 09)
President Trump's lawyer says he used his home equity line for the $130,000 paid to porn star Stormy Daniels and th… CNN International (Fri Mar 09)
Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett on Pres. Trump's meeting with North Korea: "We should all be rooting for him."… ABC News (Sat Mar 10)
White House aides use Trump’s impulsive, improvisational style as the biggest selling point to explain his decision… Washington Post (Sat Mar 10)
BREAKING: Trump says deal with NorthKorea ‘very much in the making’ RT (Sat Mar 10)
President Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs raise two big questions: 1. Are they legal? 2. And will it matter if… CNN (Sat Mar 10)
President Trump offered a history lesson on presidents and tariffs, but there's more to the story TIME (Fri Mar 09)
Donald Trump has said a lot of sexist things about women Newsweek (Fri Mar 09)
The pros and cons of a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un The Economist (Fri Mar 09)
Trump says North Korea's Kim promises to give up nuclear weapons, plans first-ever meeting Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 09)
Trump still hasn't appointed a U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, or 56 other ambassador vacancies… Newsweek (Fri Mar 09)
Very little is known about US President Donald Trump's plans to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un except that th… CNN (Fri Mar 09)
Erik Prince, the latest Trump associate in the spotlight of the Russia investigations, is an international traveler… CNN (Fri Mar 09)
[email protected]?'s Ali Velshi explains the Trump administration's controversial steel and aluminum tariffs and why they mat… NBC News (Fri Mar 09)
Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse has a blunt assessment of President Trump's new tariff plan: "It's really, reall… CNN (Fri Mar 09)
Melania Trump silent on Stormy Daniels, unlike Hillary Clinton who defended Bill over Monica Lewinsky… Newsweek (Fri Mar 09)
Opinion: Canada gets relief on tariffs – but Trump’s olive branch comes with thorns From @globedebate The Globe and Mail (Fri Mar 09)
South Korean national security adviser: "[Kim] expressed his eagerness to meet President Trump as soon as possible.… CBS News (Fri Mar 09)
South Korean national security adviser: "I told President Trump that in our meeting, North Korean leader Kim Jong-u… CBS News (Fri Mar 09)
South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-Yong: “President Trump appreciated the briefing and said he would… CNN International (Fri Mar 09)
South Korean National Security Adviser Chung Eui-Yong: “President Trump appreciated the briefing and said he would… CNN (Fri Mar 09)
Trump 'ready to meet NK's Kim Jong-un' BBC News (World) (Fri Mar 09)
BREAKING: US President Donald Trump said he will meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by May for talks on denuclear… CNN International (Fri Mar 09)
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un invited President Trump to meet and offered to suspend nuclear missile testing, US… CNN Breaking News (Thu Mar 08)
Trump says South Korea to make 'major statement' on North Korea. Letter from North Korean leader delivered to White… CBC News Alerts (Fri Mar 09)
North Korean leader has invited Trump to a meeting, U.S. officials say Washington Post (Fri Mar 09)
President Trump on his tariff plan: "American companies have not been treated fairly, and some American companies f… CNN (Thu Mar 08)
Trump sticks to tariff level pledge as Mexico, Canada reject pressure Reuters Top News (Thu Mar 08)
Most Americans disagree with Trump on arming teachers, but not by much: Poll Newsweek (Thu Mar 08)
Fact Checker: Trump’s trade war: Does the U.S. have the "lowest tariffs in the world"? Washington Post (Thu Mar 08)
U.S. President Trump signals tariff announcement coming this afternoon CTV News (Thu Mar 08)
Jimmy Kimmel thinks he knows how to get under Trump's skin after that Oscars jab TIME (Thu Mar 08)
Paula Simons: Campy melodrama of The Trump Show a distraction from NAFTA threats National Post (Thu Mar 08)
The attorney representing porn star Stormy Daniels, who is suing President Trump, says the White House's suggestion… CNN (Thu Mar 08)
President Trump has signaled that he believes violence in video games is partly to blame for real life violence. He… CNN (Thu Mar 08)
More than one hundred Republican members of Congress signed a letter "urging" President Trump to trim down his prop… NBC News (Thu Mar 08)
Here are 35(!) senior officials who have left the Trump administration so far | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN… CNN International (Wed Mar 07)
The Trump administration is considering appointing an outside expert as a special envoy to deal with the North Kore… CNN (Wed Mar 07)
Trump vs. California, again and again and again | Analysis by CNN (Wed Mar 07)
A database of the employees, assembled by ProPublica, offers a comprehensive look at how Trump is influencing the d… The New York Times (Wed Mar 07)
WATCH LIVE: California attorney general responds to Trump administration lawsuit over immigration… CBS News (Wed Mar 07)
The Trump administration has hired at least 187 former lobbyists and 125 people with ties to conservative think tan… The New York Times (Wed Mar 07)
Legal analysis: Porn star Stormy Daniels didn’t sue Trump for money, but for the right to speak out. NBC News (Wed Mar 07)
OPINION: Trump needs to test North Korea's intentions -- Now Fox News (Wed Mar 07)
A judge sides with President Trump on DACA, but blasts the White House and Congress for inaction… CNN (Wed Mar 07)
Want to know about the actual effects of the Trump presidency? Here’s where to be: Reuters Top News (Wed Mar 07)
President Trump's description of "shithole countries" in January was greeted with a mix of horror and outrage in Af… NBC News (Wed Mar 07)
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell broke his silence and denounced President Trump's threat to place controvers… CNN (Wed Mar 07)
Stock prices fell in after-hours trading Tuesday after Gary Cohn, the chief economic adviser of President Trump, st… USA TODAY (Wed Mar 07)
Shares, dollar tumble after Trump adviser Cohn steps down Reuters Top News (Wed Mar 07)
“He is a rare talent, and I thank him for his dedicated service to the American people,” President Trump said about… The New York Times (Tue Mar 06)
Trump is systematically backing off consumer protections, to the delight of corporations Washington Post (Tue Mar 06)
BREAKING: Gary Cohn, top Trump economic adviser, is resigning, White House says. - NBC News (Tue Mar 06)
President Trump asserts: “The Russians had no impact on our votes whatsoever. But certainly there was meddling, and… NBC News (Tue Mar 06)
Ex-Trump aide Sam Nunberg changes tune, says he will cooperate with Mueller probe Washington Post (Tue Mar 06)
Exclusive: Visa waivers rarely granted under Trump's latest U.S. travel ban: data Reuters Top News (Tue Mar 06)
Trump 2020 campaign prompts an ethics update, but only after Jared Kushner was already accused of violating law… Newsweek (Tue Mar 06)
Trump claims "there is no chaos" in White House, but warns of future firings Washington Post (Tue Mar 06)
Analysis: Winners and losers from Trump’s tariffs Washington Post (Tue Mar 06)
President Trump said trade wars are good. Three days later, he changed his mind TIME (Tue Mar 06)
vPresident Trump is not letting GOP criticism deflect him from imposing tariffs on U.S. steel and aluminum imports.… CBS News (Tue Mar 06)
Bill Maher's observation about the Trump administration and the NRA is absolutely brutal indy100 (Tue Mar 06)