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CIA confirms it helped Russia foil a terror attack in St.Petersburg euronews (Mon Dec 18)
Trump strategy document singles out Russia as bad actor globally Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 18)
Trump team claims Russia investigator 'unlawfully' got emails FRANCE 24 English (Mon Dec 18)
U.S. helped thwart major attack in St. Petersburg: U.S., Russia say Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 18)
Trump is afraid of firing Robert Mueller and interfering with the Russia probe Newsweek (Mon Dec 18)
Russia making progress over doping says Coe FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 17)
U.S. tip-off helped Russia thwart 'major' terrorist plot: White House Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 17)
Russia-linked Twitter accounts 'tried to divide UK' after terrorist attacks The Guardian (Mon Dec 18)
Venezuela awards 2 offshore gas field licenses to Russia’s RT (Sun Dec 17)
Venezuela gives Russia's Rosneft gas field concessions: Rosneft Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 17)
Putin phoned Trump to thank him for CIA intel that foiled a planned terrorist attack in Russia, the Kremlin says Washington Post (Sun Dec 17)
Venezuela gives Russia's Rosneft gas field concessions: Rosneft Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 17)
Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating alleged Russia meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. Al Jazeera English (Sun Dec 17)
Double dose bad news for President Trump in poll on Russia probes CBS News (Sun Dec 17)
[email protected]: "Hillary was given special treatment by partisan agents, then paid for fake dirt from Russia to sm… Fox News (Sun Dec 17)
Trump transition lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained documents in Russia probe Fox News (Sun Dec 17)
BREAKING NEWS: Trump lawyer: Mueller improperly obtained transition documents in Russia probe… Fox News (Sat Dec 16)
In Syria, Russia securing position as Assad presses war Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 16)
US, North Korea should start talks without preconditions – Russia RT (Sat Dec 16)
The Simpsons made a clip showing Trump attempting to bribe Mueller over Russia Newsweek (Sat Dec 16)
While everybody's looking at Russia, it's China that has proved adept at inserting itself in American Foreign Policy (Fri Dec 15)
The “mere threat of a cutoff gives Russia political leverage” over Europe, some experts Foreign Policy (Fri Dec 15)
Trump says "Russia is not helping" the U.S. deal with North Korea's Kim Jong Un Newsweek (Fri Dec 15)
Russia, Egypt officials sign documents to resume direct flights – report RT (Fri Dec 15)
U.S. army gets brand new, lethal armored vehicle to counter Russia threat in Europe Newsweek (Fri Dec 15)
America's income inequality is on par with Russia's, according to a new report: CBS News (Fri Dec 15)
Trump says U.S. wants Russia's help on North Korea Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 15)
No underwater cables ?? No connection ?? Russia wins RT (Fri Dec 15)
Where are the undersea cables that are "at risk" of being cut or disrupted by Russia? BBC News (World) (Fri Dec 15)
Trump speaks by phone to Russia's Putin: White House Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 15)
Russia could cut off internet to Nato countries, British military chief warns The Guardian (Thu Dec 14)
Russia's Putin, on track for easy re-election, laments dearth of rivals Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 14)
The majority of weapons used by ISIS since 2014 originated in China, Russia and Eastern Europe, according to a new… CNN International (Thu Dec 14)
Donald Trump Jr. had a marathon nine hour interview over Russia election meddling Newsweek (Thu Dec 14)
"Politics is fashionable." [email protected] meets the former model who could run against Putin in Russia's 2018 presi… NBC News (Thu Dec 14)
The Arctic is making Russia rich, but we need to protect its fragile eco-system & consider interests of local peopl… RT (Thu Dec 14)
China snubs Trump, says Russia ties are the most important in the world Newsweek (Thu Dec 14)
[email protected] on possible investigation into the Russia probe: "Let's have an independent and full investigation… Fox News (Thu Dec 14)
Fueled by increasing concern in Washington that Russia is violating a 30-year old missile treaty, the U.S. is consi… Foreign Policy (Wed Dec 13)
Deputy AG Rosenstein pushes back at suggestion of bias in Russia probe, saying he and special counsel Robert Muelle… ABC News (Wed Dec 13)
Russia asks UN for green light to send arms to C. Africa FRANCE 24 English (Wed Dec 13)
Turkey snubs NATO allies and buys missile systems from Russia NBC News (Wed Dec 13)
Michael Flynn’s former deputy, who said Russia had “thrown” election to Trump, is called to testify… Newsweek (Wed Dec 13)
Under Putin, Russia increases clout in the Middle East. By @visachenkov, @zkaram. The Associated Press (Wed Dec 13)
Peter Strzok, FBI agent removed from Robert Mueller's Russia probe, called Trump an 'idiot’ USA TODAY (Wed Dec 13)
Russia suspends diplomatic mission in Yemen's Sanaa Al Jazeera English (Tue Dec 12)
It wasn't by coincidence that Putin's announced yet another re-election campaign just a day after Russia was barred… Foreign Policy (Tue Dec 12)
Trump’s lawyers call for second special counsel to investigate Russia special counsel The Guardian (Tue Dec 12)
Russia’s Syria success highlights US mission mess (Op-Ed by Finian Cunningham) RT (Tue Dec 12)
Russia to support its 'neutral' athletes at Winter Olympic Games euronews (Tue Dec 12)
Syrian opposition urges Russia to rescue UN peace talks The Guardian (Tue Dec 12)
Russia’s Mriya Resort & Spa in Crimea named the best holiday hotel RT (Tue Dec 12)
Donald Trump Jr. might be subpoenaed after dodging Russia questions in House probe Newsweek (Tue Dec 12)
"Both Russia and Turkey think the decision of the US to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not helping… Al Jazeera English (Tue Dec 12)
Erdogan says officials to meet to 'finalise' Russia defence deal FRANCE 24 English (Tue Dec 12)
U.S. decision on Jerusalem is destabilizing Middle East: Russia's Putin Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 11)
Turkey, Russia will meet to finalize S-400 defense deal in coming week Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 11)
For Trump adviser at center of Russia probe, a rapid rise and dramatic fall in his ancestral land Washington Post (Mon Dec 11)
The Russia probe is far from over, as Mueller seizes thousands of "hot" documents Newsweek (Mon Dec 11)
Trade between Russia & India up 22% this year RT (Mon Dec 11)
2016: US: $217.2bn (4%?? since 2015) Western Europe: $91.6bn (0.2%?? since 2015) Russia: $26.6bn (3.8%?? since 2015… RT (Mon Dec 11)
Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein thinks Fox News is helping the Trump administration cover up its Russia ties… Newsweek (Mon Dec 11)
Russia is hunting for two WW2 submarines that mysteriously disappeared in the Sea of Japan Newsweek (Mon Dec 11)
Democratic lawmakers have asked the Treasury Department for documents on financial dealings with Russia… CNN (Mon Dec 11)
Donald Trump's optimism on Russia probe prompts Steve Bannon to warn president against "happy talk" from lawyers… Newsweek (Sun Dec 10)
It wasn't by coincidence that Putin's long-expected announcement came just a day after Russia was barred from the 2… Foreign Policy (Sun Dec 10)
A battle for public opinion: Trump goes to war over Mueller and Russia The Guardian (Sun Dec 10)
Petro-coin? Russia may ditch petrodollar & use CryptoCurrencies for oil trade - analyst RT (Sun Dec 10)
Opinion: Russia’s 2 subversions, of global sports and American democracy, have more in common than you may think The New York Times (Sat Dec 09)
Fifty shades of Putin: Russia's president gets a pop art makeover. More from @reutersTV: Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 09)
Democrats investigating Russia ties seek financial data on Trump administration The Guardian (Fri Dec 08)
Putin opens Russia’s $27bn Arctic LNG plant RT (Fri Dec 08)
Russia ready to help Japan clean up Fukushima disaster: ‘Different options discussed’ RT (Fri Dec 08)
Could Russia's next president be artificial intelligence? Alisa the robot – who’s already got 20,000+ supporters… RT (Thu Dec 07)
Opinion: Donald Trump Jr. is clamming up on Russia. Republicans may help him get away with it. Washington Post (Thu Dec 07)
Russia ban adds to South Korea's Winter Olympics woes CNN (Thu Dec 07)
Though Russia’s doping programme was shockingly extensive, sport’s drug problem is much wider and less blatant The Economist (Thu Dec 07)
Fifty shades of Putin: Russia's president gets a pop art makeover. More from @reutersTV: Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 07)
Nadya Tolokonnikova was imprisoned after speaking out against Vladimir Putin's presidency in Russia. She speaks to… The Economist (Thu Dec 07)
WATCH: President Vladimir Putin confirms Russia's worst kept political secret, saying he will run for re-election i… Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 07)
AI to rival Putin during presidential election in Russia? RT (Thu Dec 07)
Russia ban adds to South Korea's Winter Olympics woes CNN (Thu Dec 07)
Russia ban adds to South Korea's Winter Olympics woes CNN International (Thu Dec 07)
Whistleblower: Flynn was doing private Russia-related business on his phone during Trump’s inauguration speech… Newsweek (Thu Dec 07)
Filmmakers of "Icarus," Russian doping documentary, praise IOC decision to ban Russia from 2018 Winter Olympics… CBS News (Thu Dec 07)
Trump Jr. won't discuss talks with dad about Russia meeting, lawmaker says Fox News (Thu Dec 07)
Trump Jr. meets with House intelligence panel on Russia Fox News (Wed Dec 06)
Flynn said Russia sanctions would be 'ripped up' - congressman BBC News (World) (Wed Dec 06)
Russia's Olympic ban strengthens Putin's re-election hand Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
Vladimir Putin says he will seek re-election, putting him on track to become Russia's longest-serving ruler since S… ABC News (Wed Dec 06)
Michael Flynn's secret text messages show Trump colluded with Russia, experts say Newsweek (Wed Dec 06)
Tillerson takes tough line on Russia, open to peacekeepers Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
In Russia, HIV is spreading, as conspiracy groups claim it does not exist Newsweek (Wed Dec 06)
Russia's Putin, pulling no surprises, says he'll seek re-election Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
The IOC sends a strong message – but will Russia hear it? @GlobeDebate The Globe and Mail (Wed Dec 06)
Michael Flynn said sanctions against Russia would be “ripped up” as one of the Trump administration's first acts, a… The New York Times (Wed Dec 06)
Analysis: Three pressing questions about Trump-Russia collusion that Donald Trump Jr. can answer Washington Post (Wed Dec 06)
IOC bans Russia: Cold War 2.0 politics ruins the Olympics (Op-Ed by @NeilClark66) RT (Wed Dec 06)
While everybody's looking at Russia, it's China that has proved adept at inserting itself in American Foreign Policy (Wed Dec 06)
Olympic committee bans Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics over doping allegations, but says clean athletes can co… CNN (Wed Dec 06)
Tillerson says no normalization of NATO ties with Russia Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
Russia's Putin says to decide soon if he will run for re-election Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
Late-night hosts made light of reports that Russia has been banned from next year’s Olympics The New York Times (Wed Dec 06)
Olympic ban sparks outrage in Russia FRANCE 24 English (Wed Dec 06)
Globe editorial: Give the IOC a gold medal for booting Russia From @GlobeDebate The Globe and Mail (Wed Dec 06)
[email protected] on Russia being banned from 2018 Winter Olympics: "What a stunning fall from grace for Russia from h… Fox News (Wed Dec 06)
FBI agent removed from Russia probe after discovery of potentially anti-Trump messages also played key role in cont… ABC News (Tue Dec 05)
Russia's president met Flynn at a dinner, but didn't know who he was, says Russia Today chief… Newsweek (Tue Dec 05)
‘Let’s take the word “reset” out of the dictionary,’ says US ambassador to Russia RT (Tue Dec 05)
Opinion | The Trump team’s new Russia defense: Who cares? Washington Post (Tue Dec 05)
‘We hope sanity wins the day’: IOC to decide if Russia can go to Olympics RT (Tue Dec 05)
JUST IN: Russia lists 9 media outlets as foreign agents, incl Voice of America, Radio Free Europe… RT (Tue Dec 05)
Russia has labeled allegations that former US national security adviser Michael Flynn attempted to persuade then-Ru… CNN (Mon Dec 04)
Tokyo stocks open flat amid Russia probe jitters FRANCE 24 English (Mon Dec 04)
All the signs in the Russia probe point to Jared Kushner. Who next? | Jill Abramson The Guardian (Mon Dec 04)
Trump tweets about Russia probe spark warnings from lawmakers Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 03)
Attorney General Jeff Sessions says reports Mueller reassigned top FBI agent in Russia probe over anti-Trump texts… NBC News (Sun Dec 03)
Will Obama be questioned about Trump and Michael Flynn in the Russia investigation? Newsweek (Sun Dec 03)
If the Russia investigation takes down Donald Trump and Mike Pence, would you like the next president?… Newsweek (Sat Dec 02)
Trump says no collusion between his campaign and Russia Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 02)
Flynn pleads guilty to lying on Russia, cooperates with U.S. probe Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 01)
Flynn says cooperating with Russia probe, in best interest of U.S. Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 01)
Michael Flynn enters Washington court to enter plea after being charged in Russia probe. Former Trump Nat'l Securit… CBC News Alerts (Fri Dec 01)
Michael Flynn charged in Russia investigation, guilty plea expected Fox News (Fri Dec 01)
Stalin calendar pulled from sale in Russia euronews (Fri Dec 01)
Putin's top security adviser says North Korea tensions have Russia preparing for war Newsweek (Fri Dec 01)
A preliminary deal between Russia and Egypt is the latest sign of the waning influence of the United States, analys… The New York Times (Fri Dec 01)
Sorry, Trump, the Russia investigation is showing no signs of ending Newsweek (Fri Dec 01)
[email protected]_FR: "It’s no accident that nearly all of the major developments in the Trump-Russia story have been reported… Foreign Policy (Thu Nov 30)
Kushner met with special counsel Mueller in Russia probe: CNN Reuters Top News (Thu Nov 30)
Is Russia afraid of losing Syria? — AJOpinion, by Leonid Issaev Al Jazeera English (Wed Nov 29)
Mueller’s Trump-Russia probe may be only one that leads to answers-or handcuffs | Analysis Newsweek (Wed Nov 29)
Russia loses contact with newly-launched satellite euronews (Tue Nov 28)
Russia says cannot make contact with new space satellite Reuters Top News (Tue Nov 28)
Russia says President Trump's administration wants to provoke North Korea into starting a war… Newsweek (Tue Nov 28)
Top White House lawyer prepares for questioning in Russia probe CNN International (Mon Nov 27)
Why Russia produces -- and quashes -- so much radical art via @cnnstyle CNN International (Mon Nov 27)
South Korea's inclusion in Russia-led free trade zone requires 'serious approach' - Russian Deputy FM… RT (Mon Nov 27)
'Russia, Russia, Russia': Trump using all the Twitter characters to slam "phony" probe Newsweek (Sun Nov 26)
US and Russia row over media laws euronews (Sun Nov 26)
Sen. Graham urges the Trump administration to impose Russia sanctions: “If you don’t you’re creating a problem for… CNN (Sun Nov 26)
Tug of war pits Russia vs. the West over Serbia NBC News (Sun Nov 26)
Russia has been ‘messing around’ in elections for decades, Gorka says Newsweek (Sun Nov 26)
Russia may label McDonald's a "foreign agent" hell-bent on damaging people's health Newsweek (Sun Nov 26)
Foreign media outlets in Russia now are allowed to be listed as foreign agents CNN Breaking News (Sat Nov 25)
Russia's Putin signs 'foreign agents' media law Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 25)
Move targeting media considered a response to allegations that Russia interfered in last year's U.S. presidential e… CBC News Alerts (Sat Nov 25)
Michael Flynn's lawyers have told other defense lawyers in the ongoing Russia probe, including President Trump's le… CNN (Fri Nov 24)
Russia working with Saudi Arabia to unify Syrian opposition: Lavrov Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 24)
11 quotes of Putin: 'Russia is country with 1000-yr-history & almost always enjoyed privilege of sovereign foreign… RT (Fri Nov 24)