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The EU’s ambassador to Russia has been temporarily withdrawn to Brussels The Economist (Fri Mar 23)
Unlike US-led coalition, Russia not hitting civilian homes in Syria with incendiary bombs – MoD RT (Fri Mar 23)
EU confirms its ambassador to Russia has been recalled, expected in Brussels at weekend Read more:… euronews (Fri Mar 23)
The Backstory on how @Reuters Moscow bureau set out to gather hard data to show what happened during Russia's pres… Reuters Top News (Thu Mar 22)
With the final report from the GOP-led House probe on Russia expected to find no collusion, a new study suggests th… NBC News (Thu Mar 22)
What do Londoners REALLY think about Russia after anti-Russian hysteria in Britain (VIDEO) RT (Wed Mar 21)
Russia's economy is stagnating and Putin isn't doing anything about Foreign Policy (Wed Mar 21)
Russia ignored four requests to inspect anti-doping lab, says Wada The Guardian (Wed Mar 21)
Largest petrochemicals firm in Russia will construct new plant in Far East to target Chinese market RT (Tue Mar 20)
Trump adds Joe diGenova to legal team in Russia probe CBS News (Tue Mar 20)
A fourth term for Russia’s perpetual president The Economist (Mon Mar 19)
Russia is becoming "more aggressive," a NATO leader warned Sunday Newsweek (Mon Mar 19)
Russia goes to the polls: The candidates, the numbers, the chance of surprises. Newsweek (Mon Mar 19)
Lawmakers warn of 'red line' as Trump attacks Russia probe FRANCE 24 English (Mon Mar 19)
Putin says 'nonsense' to think Russia would poison spy in Britain Reuters Top News (Mon Mar 19)
Many analysts expect newly reelected President Vladimir Putin will try to intensify Russia's conflicts with the Wes… Washington Post (Sun Mar 18)
Russia online ‘troll farm’ that meddled in U.S. election also targeted Trudeau, Canadian pipelines The Globe and Mail (Sun Mar 18)
Things could be much worse for the U.S.-Russia relationship, writes @stephenWalt. Foreign Policy (Sun Mar 18)
More than 270,000 Russian tourists visited South Korea last year. Will Russia's absence have an economic impact on… Al Jazeera News (Fri Mar 09)
Top U.S. general says he is "outmatched" by Russia in Europe Newsweek (Fri Mar 09)
Erik Prince, the latest Trump associate in the spotlight of the Russia investigations, is an international traveler… CNN (Fri Mar 09)
Turkey, Russia & Iran to hold summit on Syria in April – Ankara RT (Tue Mar 06)
Trump-Russia: Ex-aide refuses to co-operate with Mueller probe BBC News (World) (Mon Mar 05)
Russia delivering more gas to Britain to relieve cold-weather shortage RT (Mon Mar 05)
Putin's nuclear slideshow reveals Russia's naked ambitions The Guardian (Fri Mar 02)
Will Russia meddle in Italy’s election? It may not have to. The New York Times (Fri Mar 02)
Russia says a U.S. war with North Korea could kill “millions” of innocent people Newsweek (Wed Feb 28)
Russia's Lavrov says rebels must 'act' to make Eastern Ghouta truce work FRANCE 24 English (Wed Feb 28)
NSA chief: Trump 'has not ordered disruption of Russia election meddling' The Guardian (Tue Feb 27)
Russia-ordered 'pause' goes into effect east of Damascus CTV News (Tue Feb 27)
House Russia probe investigators set to question Hope Hicks, but answers may prove to be elusive Washington Post (Tue Feb 27)
Russia hacked Olympics computers, turned blame on N Korea: report FRANCE 24 English (Mon Feb 26)
Russia sets stage for U.N. veto of western bid to call out Iran Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 25)
Germany, France urge Russia to pressure Syria government on eastern Ghouta Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 25)
[email protected]: "Hillary herself had gotten Russia cash when she was Secretary of State through her husband; that wasn… Fox News (Sun Feb 25)
Democrats release Russia probe memo defending FBI surveillance CTV News (Sun Feb 25)
U.S. House intelligence committee Democrats release memo on Russia investigation. Refutes allegations in Republican… CBC News Alerts (Sat Feb 24)
WATCH: Nikki Haley calls out Russia for delaying UN vote on Syria ceasefire NBC News (Sat Feb 24)
JUST IN: Olympic Athletes from Russia progress to men’s hockey final after beating Czech Republic 3-0… RT (Fri Feb 23)
Rick Gates charged in Mueller's Russia probe: Who is he? Fox News (Thu Feb 22)
U.S. judge in Russia probe orders sealed hearing in Gates case Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 22)
'It's a whole lot of nothing.' Trump's CPAC supporters don't want to talk Russia TIME (Thu Feb 22)
[email protected]: Mueller indictment confirms Russia is a major threat to many nations Fox News (Wed Feb 21)
Lawyer charged with lying in U.S. probe of Russia election role Reuters Top News (Tue Feb 20)
If Trump has nothing to hide, why is he so soft on Russia? | Walter Shapiro The Guardian (Tue Feb 20)
Pres. Trump suggested that the FBI’s Russia investigation caused the agency to divert resources that could have pre… ABC News (Tue Feb 20)
Donald Trump seems to have forgotten he called the Russia probe "fake news," claiming he did not deny Russia meddli… Newsweek (Tue Feb 20)
Russia's foreign minister dismisses allegations of tampering in the 2016 US presidential election; the fallout from… euronews (Sat Feb 17)
Trump rebukes FBI over Florida shooting, saying agency 'spending too much time trying to prove' Russia-Trump ties BBC Breaking News (Sun Feb 18)
Far From the Games, a Canadian Skater Says Russia Cost Him a Spot The New York Times (Sun Feb 18)
Ben Stein: "I don't think there's going to be any Russia-Trump collusion found. I don't think there's anything foun… Fox News (Sat Feb 17)
Special counsel Mueller's Russia probe: Where it stands FRANCE 24 English (Sat Feb 17)
Ukraine progress should soften sanctions on Russia: Germany's Gabriel Reuters Top News (Sat Feb 17)
VIDEO: DOJ Russia probe points to social media impact. The Associated Press (Sat Feb 17)
About that "Russia hoax" thing -- President Trump's argument that the investigation is just a "witch hunt" just got… CNN International (Sat Feb 17)
Imagined Russia threat is pretext for US dominance in Europe through NATO – Lavrov RT (Sat Feb 17)
'NO COLLUSION:' Trump says vindicated by Russia meddling indictments Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 16)
Go inside the headquarters of Russia’s “troll army” From April 2015 The Guardian (Fri Feb 16)
Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein on special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe: “We are seeing evidence of a co… CNN (Fri Feb 16)
Jennifer Lawrence, her director and a former CIA officer discuss Russia, spy craft and their new film "Red Sparrow"… The New York Times (Fri Feb 16)
Agreement near on Democrats' Russia memo: Schiff Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 16)
NEW: Pres. Trump tweets initial reaction to special counsel's office new Russia indictments as he travels to Mar-a-… CBS News (Fri Feb 16)
In White House statement on Russia indictments, President Trump says, "we cannot allow those seeking to sow confusi… NBC News (Fri Feb 16)
White House releases statement on special counsel's Russia indictments: "There was NO COLLUSION between the Trump c… CBS News (Fri Feb 16)
JUST IN: White House statement on Russia indictments: President Trump "fully briefed on this matter and is glad to… ABC News (Fri Feb 16)
Robert Mueller charged 13 foreigners associated with Russia and 3 Russian organizations with illegally using social… The New York Times (Fri Feb 16)
[email protected]: "Today marks the day that @TheDemocrats' Russia collusion conspiracy theory unraveled... The Rus… Fox News (Fri Feb 16)
Russia’s archives still open for business The Guardian (Fri Feb 16)
If America ‘won the Cold War,’ why is there now a ‘Second Cold War with Russia’? (Op-Ed by Stephen Cohen)… RT (Fri Feb 16)
The White House blasts Russia for the NotPetya cyberattack, calling it "the most destructive and costly cyber-attac… CNN (Fri Feb 16)
Pence falsely claims that intelligence community found Russia had no effect on 2016 election Newsweek (Fri Feb 16)
Lawmakers dismiss NATO calls to disclose location of Russia’s newest ballistic missiles RT (Thu Feb 15)
Russia inks huge energy deals with Saudi Arabia, challenging US dominance in Gulf region RT (Thu Feb 15)
Putin gets a look at Russia’ most expensive diamonds ever mined. The pink and yellow rocks were found at the end of… RT (Wed Feb 14)
House Russia investigation has 'abundance' of evidence against Trump, says top Democrat The Guardian (Wed Feb 14)
The U.S. and Russia will not confirm U.S. strikes killed Russian CBS News (Wed Feb 14)
Trump's doubts about Russia's election meddling are a "green light" to Putin, says ex-CIA analyst… Newsweek (Wed Feb 14)
Russia wants to help Syria relaunch oil production FRANCE 24 English (Wed Feb 14)
[email protected] on possibility of Russia disrupting 2018 U.S. midterm elections: "The notion of spreading false inf… Fox News (Wed Feb 14)
[email protected] on DNI Coats' Warnings: US Should 'Get Serious' on Preventing Cyberattacks from Russia Fox News (Tue Feb 13)
U.S. intelligence agencies expect Russia to ramp up its efforts to meddle in the U.S. political system through hack… NBC News (Tue Feb 13)
Russia is a declining power with an opportunistic leadership, whereas China is a rising power with time on its side The Economist (Tue Feb 13)
The Pentagon is asking for a major boost in military spending for 2019 amid threats from Russia, China and North Ko… CNN (Tue Feb 13)
UPDATE: All 71 people on board the Saratov Airlines are feared dead after plane crashes near Russia's capital… Al Jazeera English (Sun Feb 11)
LATEST: Jet crash in Russia confirmed, criminal case opened - Investigative Committee RT (Sun Feb 11)
George W. Bush says there's "pretty clear evidence" Russia attempted to interfere in U.S. election… Newsweek (Thu Feb 08)
Lavish military parades are almost an art form in North Korea, Russia and China. Will Trump reintroduce them in Was… Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 08)
Russia asking Turkey for access to jet crash site in Syria: Ifax Reuters Top News (Wed Feb 07)
[email protected]: "[Republicans] were begging the Obama administration to do something about the Russia problem, and t… Fox News (Wed Feb 07)
Steele’s Trump-Russia dossier not only informed Clinton’s campaign against Trump, it was also informed by it, makin… RT (Tue Feb 06)
Turkey says no disagreements with Russia over Syria operation Reuters Top News (Tue Feb 06)
How the Kremlin is clamping down on dissent as Russia's presidential election approaches via @AJListeningPost Al Jazeera English (Tue Feb 06)
Donald Trump’s lawyers want him to refuse an interview with Mueller for Russia inquiry National Post (Tue Feb 06)
Steve Bannon planning to refuse to testify before U.S. House committee on Russia National Post (Tue Feb 06)
'Russia wants to hack the Oscars': smear campaign targets Syrian nominee The Guardian (Tue Feb 06)
?? US House committee votes to release Democrats' Russia memo FRANCE 24 English (Tue Feb 06)
Breaking News: President Trump's lawyers want him to refuse any interview request in the Russia investigation, whic… The New York Times (Tue Feb 06)
Who is Carter Page and what does he have to do with the Russia probe? NBC News (Tue Feb 06)
US accuses Russia of balking at UN condemnation of Syria chlorine attacks FRANCE 24 English (Mon Feb 05)
Trump hasn't been vindicated and Russia investigation will continue, Republicans say Newsweek (Mon Feb 05)
Opinion: In the latest chapter of the doping scandal, Russia gets a pass Washington Post (Mon Feb 05)
House committee seen voting to release Democrats Russia memo Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Russia orders warplanes in Syria to fly higher after jet shot down Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Russia calls in army after 'snowfall of the century' in Moscow Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Analysis: Meet Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democrat Trump just made the face of opposition on Russia Washington Post (Mon Feb 05)
Donald Trump Jr. suggests Russia investigation akin to "McCarthyism," says Dems are "left of commie."… ABC News (Mon Feb 05)
Russia says it has measures it can take against the U.S.: Izvestia Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Russia steps up air raids on Syria's Idlib province after jet shot down Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Russia steps up air raids on Syria's Idlib province after jet shot down Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 05)
Sports bodies ‘pressured to expel Russia from Olympics’ in political struggle – Patriarch Kirill… RT (Sun Feb 04)
On @foxandfriends, Rep. @Jim_Jordan reflected on the FISA memo, Jim @Comey, and the Russia investigation.… Fox News (Sun Feb 04)
Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin says the Nunes memo does not “totally vindicate” President Trump in the Russia investig… CNN (Sun Feb 04)
Iran's Rouhani raps new U.S. nuclear plan as threat to Russia Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 04)
With the memo's release, Carter Page, a former Trump aide, is now back in the spotlight of the Russia investigation The New York Times (Sun Feb 04)
On @foxandfriends, Rep. @Jim_Jordan reflected on the FISA memo, Jim @Comey, and the Russia investigation.… Fox News (Sun Feb 04)
It's not a great time to be an opposition figure or journalist in Russia. Here's why. Al Jazeera English (Sun Feb 04)
UN chief thanks Russia for holding Syria peace meeting in Sochi RT (Sun Feb 04)
Russia strikes back after warplane is downed in Syria euronews (Sun Feb 04)
[email protected] on the Russia investigation: "It's a bogus, illegitimate investigation which we know now is tainte… Fox News (Sat Feb 03)
Pence says memo 'raises serious concerns,' suggests more memos on Russia probe will be released Fox News (Sat Feb 03)
Trump: Declassified memo 'vindicates' him, shows Russia investigation a 'witch hunt' Fox News (Sat Feb 03)
The Nunes memo didn't live up to the hype. But the effort to stoke doubts about the Russia inquiry could have a lin… The New York Times (Sat Feb 03)
[email protected] on GOP FISA memo: "There is no Russia collusion story without the dossier. And we now know and have con… Fox News (Sat Feb 03)
Republicans received an explanation from Nikki Haley yesterday about why Russia is "not our friend"… Newsweek (Sat Feb 03)
[email protected]: 'We Still Don't Have Evidence of Any Trump-Russia Campaign Collusion' Fox News (Sat Feb 03)
BREAKING: Jon Huntsman Sr., billionaire philanthropist and father of the ambassador to Russia, Jon Jr., is dead at… Fox News (Fri Feb 02)
Our reporters analyzed the previously secret GOP memo on the Russia inquiry. Here are their notes alongside the mem… The New York Times (Fri Feb 02)
What’s in that Trump-Russia memo everyone’s talking about? Six major takeaways From @AdrianMorrow The Globe and Mail (Fri Feb 02)
Trump steps up fight over Russia probe, approves release of secret memo Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
House Republicans release partisan memo on Russia probe FRANCE 24 English (Fri Feb 02)
JUST IN: Republican memo says 'dossier' on Trump Russia contacts formed 'essential part' of surveillance applicatio… Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Trump approves release of secret memo in fight over Russia probe Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Bashar al-Assad’s alliance with Russia is setting up Mr Putin to fill the void being left by America. His tour of t… The Economist (Fri Feb 02)
BREAKING: White House declassifies partisan memo on Russia probe CTV News (Fri Feb 02)
Russia’s backdoor Olympics | Sean Ingle via @guardian_sport The Guardian (Fri Feb 02)
Many Republicans are clamoring to give the public a classified memo about intelligence collection in the Russia inv… NBC News (Fri Feb 02)
INSIGHT: Russia marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad with a military parade via… Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Trump set to OK publication of classified memo on Russia probe that Republicans say shows improper use of surveilla… CBC News Alerts (Fri Feb 02)
Trump accuses top FBI and justice department officials of bias in Russia investigation The Guardian (Fri Feb 02)
Russia says U.S. 'hunting' for Russians to arrest around the world Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Russia says U.S. 'hunting' for Russians to arrest around the world Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Nunes Memo Subject Carter Page Has a Long History With Russia Newsweek (Fri Feb 02)
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slams Russia at the Republican retreat CNN International (Fri Feb 02)
Rex Tillerson said Russia's presence in Latin America is "alarming" and warned against overreliance on China… Newsweek (Fri Feb 02)
Russia's warships start anti-missile drill on the edge of the Arctic Newsweek (Fri Feb 02)
U.S., Russia likely to meet nuclear treaty obligations by Feb. 5: State Department Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
A handful of GOP lawmakers worry that the release of a classified memo about intelligence collection in the Russia… NBC News (Fri Feb 02)
@CBSNews [email protected] is expected to authorize the release of a classified memo about the Russia investigation written b… CBS News (Thu Feb 01)
Nunes Memo Subject Carter Page Has a Long History With Russia Newsweek (Thu Feb 01)
When you think fake news about Russia could not get any more bizarre RT (Thu Feb 01)