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Palestinian media raided, shut down by Israel on suspicion of inciting terrorism RT (Wed Oct 18)
Mass murder or terrorism? Expert says words used to report violent attacks could shape public perceptions CBC News Alerts (Sat Oct 07)
How the Las Vegas shooter foiled a well-drilled counter-terrorism plan Reuters Top News (Fri Oct 06)
In landmark terrorism trial, France confronts roots of homegrown extremism Washington Post (Thu Oct 05)
North Korea was listed as a state sponsor of terrorism for two decades, from 1988 until 2008. USA TODAY (Thu Oct 05)
"Among the most dangerous and active of all hate groups are those committed to violent right-wing terrorism." Al Jazeera English (Wed Oct 04)
Governments need to figure out a plan for stopping low-tech terrorism, Corri Zoli writes. Foreign Policy (Wed Oct 04)
Quebec City and Edmonton attacks: Why it's difficult to lay terrorism charges in Canada The Globe and Mail (Wed Oct 04)
THE POLITICAL BRIEF - Will France's tough new counter-terrorism law erode civil liberties? FRANCE 24 English (Tue Oct 03)
Governments need to figure out a plan for stopping low-tech terrorism, Corri Zoli writes. Foreign Policy (Tue Oct 03)
France, 'in a state of war', to vote on anti-terrorism law Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 03)
Las Vegas massacre reignites debate over the meaning of "domestic terrorism" CNN International (Mon Oct 02)
[email protected] declines to say if president believes Vegas shooting is domestic terrorism. "Would be premature to weigh… ABC News (Mon Oct 02)
Why isn’t the Las Vegas shooting being called "terrorism" and shooter Stephen Paddock a "terrorist"?… Newsweek (Mon Oct 02)
UPDATED: CTV News has confirmed the name of the suspect in Edmonton attack; terrorism charges pending CTV News (Sun Oct 01)
Muhanad al-Farekh, one of Winnipeg’s ‘Lost Boys,’ found guilty in U.S. court of terrorism charges From @jslaternyc The Globe and Mail (Fri Sep 29)
Venezuela's government on latest travel ban: Lists like this are "a form of psychological and political terrorism"… CNN (Tue Sep 26)
?? National security or personal freedom? French MPs discuss anti-terrorism bill FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 25)
Theresa May can’t outsource counter-terrorism to Silicon Valley | Alia Brahimi The Guardian (Thu Sep 21)
Germany has climbed eight places on the Global Terrorism Index to 41 -- but it's still behind the UK and France… CNN International (Thu Sep 21)
British Prime Minister Theresa May on President Trump's terrorism tweet: "I don't think it's helpful"… NBC News (Sun Sep 17)
After London attack, Trump tells Air Force "radical Islamic terrorism" will be "eradicated" CBS News (Sun Sep 17)
On @ffweekend, @Nigel_Farage slammed @HillaryClinton's "politically correct" response to radical Islamic terrorism.… Fox News (Sun Sep 17)
John Miller, the NYPD's deputy commissioner for intelligence and counter-terrorism, joins @AnthonyMasonCBS to discu… CBS News (Fri Sep 15)
After London attack, President Trump tells Air Force "radical Islamic terrorism" will be "eradicated"… CBS News (Fri Sep 15)
President Trump pledges to continue close collaboration with UK to stop terrorism in call with Prime Minister BBC News (World) (Fri Sep 15)
British PM May rebukes President Trump over London police terrorism tweet NBC News (Fri Sep 15)
London police are treating Parsons Green tube incident as terrorism -- latest updates here: CNN International (Fri Sep 15)
London's Metropolitan Police are investigating the Parsons Green tube station incident as terrorism. Latest updates… CNN (Fri Sep 15)
When Miss Texas was asked if Donald Trump should have condemned white terrorism, she had the perfect response indy100 (Wed Sep 13)
Police have evacuated Barcelona's landmark Sagrada Familia cathedral amid anti-terrorism operation. The Associated Press (Tue Sep 12)
Since the September 11 attacks, many countries have made the 'war against terrorism' a core issue in their policies… Al Jazeera English (Tue Sep 12)
London could get £50m armed police base to tackle terrorism The Guardian (Mon Sep 11)
French make third arrest in terrorism probe after explosives find Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 07)
Tunisia's PM Chahed called cabinet reshuffle a 'war government' that will 'fight against terrorism' and more… Al Jazeera News (Thu Sep 07)
British officials: 4 members of banned neo-Nazi group arrested on suspicion of terrorism are serving army members. The Associated Press (Tue Sep 05)
Finland’s police plan to arm patrol officers with submachine guns amid mounting terrorism concerns RT (Fri Sep 01)
'Closing the terrorism page': Iraq will be free from ISIS terrorists ‘within days’ – Iraqi ambassador to RT RT (Wed Aug 30)
‘I’m not afraid’: Hundreds of thousands march against terrorism in Barcelona (VIDEO, PHOTO) RT (Sat Aug 26)
British counter-terrorism officials investigate armed man arrested near queen's palace Reuters Top News (Sat Aug 26)
1,000s of Muslims march against terrorism in Barcelona after van attack (PHOTOS) RT (Tue Aug 22)
Trump pledges to defeat terrorism: "They are nothing but thugs and criminals and predators and that's right, losers" CNN International (Tue Aug 22)
Can the World Cup be used as a tool to fight terrorism? via @TalktoAlJazeera Al Jazeera English (Mon Aug 21)
Spain might have escaped Islamist terrorism for over a decade, but it is a critical country for jihadist groups.… Foreign Policy (Mon Aug 21)
Brits who risked their lives to fight ISIS say they return home only to be accused of terrorism Fox News (Mon Aug 21)
Australian PM Turnbull unveils plan to fight vehicle terrorism after RT (Sun Aug 20)
Families of a group of attack suspects in northern Spain denounce terrorism ABC News (Sun Aug 20)
The knife attack in Finland that killed two people is being investigated as terrorism, officials said The New York Times (Sat Aug 19)
Deadly stabbing rampage Turku was possible terrorism — Finland police NBC News (Sat Aug 19)
Finland police believe Turku knife attack was terrorism The Guardian (Sat Aug 19)
Finnish knife attacks investigated as terrorism-related crimes: police Reuters Top News (Sat Aug 19)
In spite of recent attacks elsewhere, terrorism threat level for Canada remains stable. CBC News Alerts (Fri Aug 18)
The Islamic State’s shock-and-bore terrorism. Foreign Policy (Fri Aug 18)
The Islamic State’s shock-and-bore terrorism. Foreign Policy (Fri Aug 18)
[email protected] on Barcelona attack: "We've got enough trouble with homegrown terrorism like we saw in Charlotte… Fox News (Fri Aug 18)
Spain, home to independence movements, no stranger to terrorism NBC News (Fri Aug 18)
Spanish police say officers killed at least 4 terrorism suspects in an attempted attack south of Barcelona. The Associated Press (Fri Aug 18)
Spain's prime minister calls Barcelona attack 'jihadist terrorism,' declares three days of national mourning.… ABC News (Thu Aug 17)
The Barcelona attack follows a disturbing trend of terrorism that requires little organization. USA TODAY (Thu Aug 17)
Trump, Pershing and terrorism: A primer on the president's tweet urging a history lesson CTV News (Thu Aug 17)
Has Spain become the latest European victim of ISIS-inspired terrorism? Newsweek (Thu Aug 17)
UPDATE: Authorities in Spain are activating terrorism protocols after van plows into crowd in Barcelona… CBS News (Thu Aug 17)
It was not immediately clear whether the episode was related to terrorism or whether the crash was even intentional The New York Times (Thu Aug 17)
House Homeland Security Committee will hold hearing on domestic terrorism after Charlottesville TIME (Wed Aug 16)
POTUS on Charlottesville car-ramming incident: "The driver of the car is a disgrace...you can call it terrorism, yo… ABC News (Tue Aug 15)
How do threats of terrorism and nuclear war affect our mental health? A psychiatrist weighs in… Newsweek (Tue Aug 15)
Modi tells India: 'Use resolve to oust Britain 70 years ago to now end terrorism' The Guardian (Tue Aug 15)
Man, 23, charged in Oklahoma City bomb plot after domestic terrorism investigation NBC News (Tue Aug 15)
Analysis: Mild or mad? How President Trump responds to everything from violence and terrorism to perceived slights. Washington Post (Tue Aug 15)
Jeff Sessions just called the Charlottesville attack what Trump won't: domestic terrorism Newsweek (Mon Aug 14)
Opinion: "Why is Trump reluctant to condemn white terrorism?" Washington Post (Mon Aug 14)
AG Sessions: Charlottesville car-ramming incident that killed 1 does meet definition of domestic terrorism in US la… ABC News (Mon Aug 14)
U.S. attorney general says fatal Charlottesville car-ramming incident meets definition of domestic terrorism. BG: CBC News Alerts (Mon Aug 14)
McMaster calls violence in Charlottesville 'terrorism' Fox News (Mon Aug 14)
?? Security in France: "You need to be versatile to fight terrorism" FRANCE 24 English (Wed Aug 09)
Levallois ? The Paris prosecutor's counter-terrorism department have opened a probe into the incident. (Reuters)… euronews (Wed Aug 09)
Bomb explodes during morning prayers at Minnesota mosque; FBI's Terrorism Task Force investigating… Newsweek (Sat Aug 05)
Dozens of convicts in US prisons for terrorism-related offenses will be released soon. Should Americans be alarmed? The Associated Press (Sat Aug 05)
Australians on terrorism charges accused of building bomb with help of Isis The Guardian (Fri Aug 04)
Man arrested at Southend airport on suspicion of terrorism offences The Guardian (Wed Aug 02)
Sydney counter-terrorism raids: alleged plane plot was 'well along', US officials say The Guardian (Mon Jul 31)
Police rule out terrorism in Germany nightclub shooting NBC News (Sun Jul 30)
LIVE: Four Arab countries say they are ready for dialogue with Qatar if it shows willingness to fight terrorism… Al Jazeera News (Sun Jul 30)
Australian PM confirms counter-terrorism op foiled plot to bring plane down, 4 men in custody RT (Sat Jul 29)
Counter-terrorism police raid properties in four Sydney suburbs The Guardian (Sat Jul 29)
'Disgusting, sick, and despicable': Outrage after German gym bans ethnic minorities over terrorism fears RT (Fri Jul 28)
Allegations of torture follow the expansion of the U.S. footprint in Africa to forge new allies against terrorism. Foreign Policy (Thu Jul 27)
EU court keeps Hamas on terrorism list, removes Tamil Tigers Reuters Top News (Wed Jul 26)
Turkey withdraws list of German firms ‘suspected of terrorism’ - Berlin RT (Mon Jul 24)
Saudi Arabia's terrorism is killing people in Yemen, says @hrw Al Jazeera English (Mon Jul 24)
In France, murder of a Jewish woman ignites debate over the word "terrorism" Washington Post (Mon Jul 24)
Cumhuriyet journalists face terrorism trial BBC News (World) (Mon Jul 24)
Trump administration transfers al Qaeda suspect to the U.S. to face terrorism charges: CBS News (Fri Jul 21)
Woman facing terrorism-related charges fails to appear in court CTV News (Fri Jul 21)
BREAKING Trump adds new sanctions on Iran, targeting ballistic missiles and support for terrorism USA TODAY (Tue Jul 18)
Inside the Israeli 'counter-terrorism boot camp' for tourists in the occupied West Bank: Reuters Top News (Mon Jul 17)
Stripped of territory, how does ISIS raise funds for its terrorism? | Opinion Newsweek (Mon Jul 17)
Indonesia restricts Telegram app over 'terrorism' content FRANCE 24 English (Sun Jul 16)
Lawyer for U.S. Army sergeant accused of terrorism suggests entrapment Reuters Top News (Fri Jul 14)
US, Qatar sign agreement on fighting terrorism FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jul 11)
‘Two-way street’: US, Qatar sign agreement to step up Doha’s counter-terrorism efforts RT (Tue Jul 11)
Public hysteria masks the fact that the number of incidents of terrorism in Western Europe is down significantly. USA TODAY (Tue Jul 11)
Opinion: Why are eight Basques facing a total of 375 years in jail on terrorism charges for a 'bar fight'?… Al Jazeera English (Mon Jul 10)
Muslim leaders arrive in Berlin on European tour against terrorism euronews (Sun Jul 09)
UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia under threat as court ruling on terrorism looms The Guardian (Sun Jul 09)
Qatar’s rejection of Arab states’ ultimatum & denial of terrorism financing ‘shockingly naive’ – UAE… RT (Sun Jul 09)
Qatar’s rejection of Arab states’ ultimatum & denial of terrorism financing ‘shockingly naive’ – UAE RT (Sun Jul 09)
URGENT: We discussed Ukraine, Syria, cybersecurity & fighting terrorism - Putin on meeting with Trump… RT (Fri Jul 07)
Qatar crisis raises questions about defining terrorism, @ayaelb reports. The Associated Press (Fri Jul 07)
Theresa May accused of double standards over terrorism funding The Guardian (Thu Jul 06)
"While we will always welcome new citizens who share our values ... our borders will always be closed to terrorism,… CBS News (Thu Jul 06)
"There are dire threats... to our way of life" - Donald Trump says West will prevail over radical Islamic terrorism… BBC Breaking News (Thu Jul 06)
"We are fighting hard against radical Islamic terrorism and we will prevail. We cannot accept those who reject our… Fox News (Thu Jul 06)
About 100 gun-owners in France on anti-terrorism watchlist – interior minister RT (Thu Jul 06)
Qatar rejects allegations it supports terrorism – video The Guardian (Wed Jul 05)
Terrorism charges laid against Toronto woman accused of threatening Canadian Tire employees with knife: CBC News Alerts (Tue Jul 04)
Ontario court upholds $1.7B judgment against Iran for sponsoring terrorism against Americans National Post (Mon Jul 03)
Cab strikes crowd near Boston’s Logan Airport, injuring several; not an act of terrorism, official says Washington Post (Mon Jul 03)
Incident outside Boston airport being treated as an accident, not an act of terrorism, law enforcement sources say… CNN (Mon Jul 03)
Crash near Boston airport was not an act of terrorism and appears to be an accident, police say TIME (Mon Jul 03)
UPDATE: At least 10 people injured in cab crash; incident "definitely" not terrorism-related: police via @nbcboston NBC News (Mon Jul 03)
Swedish security service receives up to 6,000 intelligence tip-offs per month regarding terrorism and extremism… RT (Mon Jul 03)
Man arrested on preliminary terrorism charges for plotting possible attack on French Pres. Macron or minority group… CBS News (Mon Jul 03)
Police say shooting that left 8 slightly wounded in southern France was not terrorism, nearby mosque not a target CNN Breaking News (Mon Jul 03)
8 wounded in France mosque shooting, not terrorism: prosecutor FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jul 03)
Shooting outside France mosque injures 8, police rule out terrorism Fox News (Mon Jul 03)
LittleRock Authorities: "All of the victims are expected to survive... This was not an act of terrorism."… Fox News (Sat Jul 01)
France's Macron returns to Mali to boost regional anti-terrorism force FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jul 01)
Terrorism not suspected after 17 shot at TIME (Sat Jul 01)
Mayor de Blasio on Bronx shooting: "Thank God this was not an act of terrorism...but that makes it no less tragic." NBC News (Fri Jun 30)
NEW: FBI says “at this time there is no nexus to terrorism” in Bronx shooting; NYPD handling the incident.… ABC News (Fri Jun 30)
"This was not an act of terrorism," @NYCMayor says of Bronx hospital shooting. "It was an isolated incident."… CBS News (Fri Jun 30)
?? Fighting terrorism: What can the UN do? FRANCE 24 English (Thu Jun 29)
THE INTERVIEW - Fighting terrorism: What can the UN do? FRANCE 24 English (Thu Jun 29)
Counter-terrorism was never meant to be Silicon Valley's job. Is that why it's failing? The Guardian (Thu Jun 29)
[email protected] on terrorism: "I think that our goal every day is to do what we can to protect life in all forms."… Fox News (Tue Jun 27)
JUST IN: DOJ: 21-year-old NC man gets life in prison for attempting to commit act of terrorism transcending nationa… ABC News (Tue Jun 27)
Peter MacKay: Canada cannot afford to turn soft on terrorism. It still needs C-51 via… National Post (Tue Jun 27)
Via @fullcomment: Peter MacKay: Canada cannot afford to turn soft on terrorism. It still needs C-51 National Post (Tue Jun 27)
Putin asks parliament to ratify intl convention on countering terrorism financing RT (Tue Jun 27)
Young girl hugs Counter Terrorism Service senior commander after forces free her neighborhood in Mosul from ISIS.… ABC News (Tue Jun 27)
Young girl hugs Counter Terrorism Service senior commander after forces free her neighborhood in Mosul from ISIS.… ABC News (Mon Jun 26)
Tech giants team up to fight extremism following cries that they allow terrorism The Guardian (Mon Jun 26)
When to say it’s ‘terrorism’? | Open door | Paul Chadwick The Guardian (Mon Jun 26)
Car hits UK Eid crowd, 'not believed to be terrorism': police FRANCE 24 English (Sun Jun 25)
When to say it’s ‘terrorism’? | Open door | Paul Chadwick The Guardian (Sun Jun 25)
Vehicle crashes into pedestrians in Newcastle, U.K.; terrorism not suspected CTV News (Sun Jun 25)
Six hurt when car hits crowd marking end of Ramadan in Newcastle, England. Police don't think it's terrorism CNN Breaking News (Sun Jun 25)
U.K. Police Say Car Crash that Injured 6 Not Terrorism-Related The New York Times (Sun Jun 25)
The latest wave of terrorism will get worse before it gets better | Opinion Newsweek (Sun Jun 25)