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Senate pushing ahead on $36.5B hurricane relief package that would give Puerto Rico much-needed infusion of cash… CBS News (Mon Oct 23)
Post-hurricane cleanup work could kill more workers than storms themselves The Guardian (Mon Oct 23)
Hurricane Harvey didn't discriminate among victims, but recovery might NBC News (Mon Oct 23)
NEW: Benefit concert featuring all five living ex-presidents raised $2 million for hurricane relief, George H. W. B… ABC News (Sun Oct 22)
Trump video played at hurricane relief concert Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 22)
All five living former US presidents take part in a benefit concert for hurricane relief efforts.… CNN Breaking News (Sun Oct 22)
Former presidents lead Texas concert for hurricane relief Fox News (Sun Oct 22)
Trump video to be played at hurricane relief concert Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 22)
LIVE: All five living ex-presidents attend concert in College Station, TX to benefit hurricane relief efforts… ABC News (Sun Oct 22)
Texas demands Israel loyalty oath for Hurricane Harvey relief aid Newsweek (Fri Oct 20)
Texas town makes hurricane aid applicants pledge not to boycott Israel National Post (Fri Oct 20)
Bernie Sanders will not attend the women's convention, but instead will travel to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico Washington Post (Fri Oct 20)
AP VIDEO: President Trump gives himself a '10' for the hurricane response in Puerto The Associated Press (Thu Oct 19)
Nearly a month after Hurricane Maria, 83% of Puerto Ricans are still without power NBC News (Wed Oct 18)
One month after Hurricane Maria, a million Americans are without running water and three million are without power… CNN International (Wed Oct 18)
Puerto Rico schools still closed nearly a month after hurricane, and students waiting for life to return to normal. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 18)
911 calls capture unfolding crisis at South Florida nursing home where patients died after Hurricane Irma.… ABC News (Wed Oct 18)
NEW: FLOTUS records PSA urging help for hurricane victims: "I will continue to lend my voice, time, and resources t… ABC News (Tue Oct 17)
The sky turned orange across the UK on Monday, due to former Hurricane Ophelia and wildfires in Spain and Portugal… CNN International (Tue Oct 17)
Post-Maria, Trump's approval rating on hurricane response goes down 20 points CNN (Mon Oct 16)
A month after hurricane, only half of Puerto Rico's banks are open CNN (Mon Oct 16)
Former Hurricane Ophelia is racing toward Ireland and the United Kingdom as a post-tropical storm… CNN International (Mon Oct 16)
Hurricane Ophelia -- the tenth named Hurricane of 2017 -- is heading to an unlikely place: Ireland… CBS News (Sun Oct 15)
Ophelia, strongest eastern Atlantic hurricane on record, roars toward Ireland Washington Post (Sun Oct 15)
Ophelia is expected to maintain hurricane force winds until it reaches Ireland tomorrow, according to the National… NBC News (Sun Oct 15)
Weather warnings for UK as Hurricane Ophelia threatens 80mph gusts The Guardian (Sun Oct 15)
Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló says he plans to restore power to 95% of the hurricane-ravaged island by December.… CNN Breaking News (Sun Oct 15)
Correction: Weeks after Hurricane Maria hit, Puerto Ricans struggle for food and water as death toll reaches 48 CNN Breaking News (Sat Oct 14)
Texas inmates donate over $53,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts NBC News (Sat Oct 14)
Prison inmates from Texas are donating their commissary money to help Hurricane Harvey victims… Newsweek (Sat Oct 14)
Thousands of inmates in Texas have raised $53,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims CNN (Fri Oct 13)
Trump blames Puerto Rico for its poverty, says he can't provide hurricane aid "forever" Newsweek (Fri Oct 13)
Ophelia became the 10th consecutive named storm in the Atlantic to reach hurricane intensity this season… CNN (Thu Oct 12)
Three weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still desperately needs help CNN (Thu Oct 12)
San Juan mayor responds to Pres. Trump on hurricane aid: "HELP US. WITHOUT ROBUST and CONSISTENT HELP WE WILL DIE."… ABC News (Thu Oct 12)
Three weeks after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico still needs help desperately CNN (Thu Oct 12)
Donald Trump: U.S. can't help hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico 'forever' TIME (Thu Oct 12)
Drone video shows flooding in San Juan, Puerto Rico, after heavy rain hit the island weeks after Hurricane Maria.… ABC News (Thu Oct 12)
JUST IN: Ophelia strengthens to a hurricane in the far out Atlantic, becoming 10th hurricane of the 2017 Atlantic s… NBC News (Wed Oct 11)
Zuckerberg blasted for VR tour of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico Fox News (Wed Oct 11)
Harvey, Irma, Maria, Nate. Here's a look at four storms from one brutal hurricane season CNN International (Wed Oct 11)
U.S. House panel approves $36.5 billion for hurricane, wildfire relief Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 11)
Pres. Trump asked Congress for an almost $5 billion loan to help Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria… CBS News (Wed Oct 11)
Tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans flee to the U.S. mainland to escape the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 11)
Hurricane Maria death toll rises to 43 in Puerto Rico. Power restored to just 16% of island, 23 days after storm. CBC News Alerts (Tue Oct 10)
Nearly 3 weeks after Hurricane Maria, distributing aid across Puerto Rico is still a mess. USA TODAY (Mon Oct 09)
This is the most active hurricane season since 2005, says @CNNweather CNN (Mon Oct 09)
Hurricane Nate makes landfall in USA euronews (Sun Oct 08)
Satellite video captures Hurricane Nate making landfall last night along the U.S. Gulf Coast.… ABC News (Sun Oct 08)
Hurricane Nate downgraded to tropical storm in the US Al Jazeera News (Sun Oct 08)
All 5 living former US presidents will take part in a benefit concert for hurricane relief later this month… CNN International (Sun Oct 08)
Hurricane Nate makes landfall in USA euronews (Sun Oct 08)
The Latest on Hurricane Nate: New Orleans lifts curfew as storm passes by. The Associated Press (Sun Oct 08)
After Hurricane Maria, Google is to provide phone service to Puerto Rico with balloons Newsweek (Sat Oct 07)
NEW: Florida Gov. Scott requests pre-landfall emergency declaration from President Trump ahead of Hurricane Nate.… ABC News (Sat Oct 07)
Gulf Coast braces for Hurricane Nate as outer bands bring heavy rain Fox News (Sat Oct 07)
Google will send special balloons to Puerto Rico to help restore phone service in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria… Al Jazeera News (Sat Oct 07)
Hurricane Nate is expected to make landfall tonight between New Orleans, Louisiana, and Mobile, Alabama… CBS News (Sat Oct 07)
This is what people are doing on Bourbon Street in New Orleans as Hurricane Nate approaches the Gulf Coast… CNN International (Sat Oct 07)
Hurricane Nate death toll climbs; barrels in on Gulf Coast The Globe and Mail (Sat Oct 07)
Hurricane Nate will strengthen into a Category 2 ahead of making landfall near New Orleans Newsweek (Sat Oct 07)
LATEST: Hurricane Nate strengthens as it approaches Gulf Coast NBC News (Sat Oct 07)
Hurricane Nate is expected to be a Category 2 storm when it makes landfall overnight southeast of New Orleans… CNN (Sat Oct 07)
Hurricane Nate expected to be Category 2 at TIME (Sat Oct 07)
Deadly Hurricane Nate heads toward US FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 07)
Pres. Trump on Hurricane Nate: "Everyone in LA, MS, AL, and FL please listen to your local authorities & be safe!"… ABC News (Sat Oct 07)
Hurricane Nate is now a Category 1 storm. Louisiana and Mississippi declare local state of emergency. Al Jazeera English (Sat Oct 07)
[email protected]: If a hurricane comes... and the government can't do anything or won't do anything to help me, I'd l… Fox News (Sat Oct 07)
A hurricane warning has been extended to include New Orleans as the US Gulf Coast braces for Tropical Storm Nate… CNN International (Sat Oct 07)
NHC issues a hurricane warning for the stretch of coast between Grand Isle, La., and the Alabama-Florida border:… CBS News (Fri Oct 06)
'We're still in the middle of a storm' We speak to an activist on rebuilding a hurricane-battered Puerto Rico… Al Jazeera English (Fri Oct 06)
TS Nate is expected to reach the Gulf Coast this weekend as a hurricane. Track: CNN (Fri Oct 06)
Hurricane watches are in effect along the Gulf Coast where Tropical Storm Nate is expected to make landfall this we… CBS News (Fri Oct 06)
Tesla could save the hurricane-hit country 78 million gallons of fuel per year, says the company's CEO… Newsweek (Fri Oct 06)
Forecasters say Tropical Storm Nate could reach the U.S. Gulf Coast as a hurricane over the weekend.… ABC News (Fri Oct 06)
Lin-Manuel Miranda releases star-studded song to raise money for hurricane relief in Puerto Rico… CNN (Fri Oct 06)
On a hurricane-battered island, one of the scarcest, most precious commodities has become a plane ticket out The New York Times (Thu Oct 05)
All 5 living former US presidents will take part in a benefit concert for hurricane relief later this month… CNN (Thu Oct 05)
All 5 living former US presidents will take part in a benefit concert for hurricane relief later this month… CNN Breaking News (Thu Oct 05)
Donald Trump "terrible and abominable" for tossing paper towels to a crowd of Puerto Rico hurricane survivors… Newsweek (Thu Oct 05)
Mexico plans aid for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 04)
A year after Hurricane Matthew, Haiti more vulnerable than ever FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 04)
White House asks Congress for $29B to fund hurricane relief and recovery and payment of flood insurance claims. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 04)
Tropical depression 16 forms in the Caribbean and could strengthen into a hurricane this weekend.… USA TODAY (Wed Oct 04)
The ferocious 2017 hurricane season shows no signs of letting up. USA TODAY (Wed Oct 04)
Americans have made hurricane destruction worse (but not with carbon emissions) via… National Post (Wed Oct 04)
US car sales get boost from hurricane recovery FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 04)
Donald Trump has raised the prospect of wiping out hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico's crushing debt load… CNN International (Wed Oct 04)
White House to request $29 billion for hurricane relief Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 04)
On his first trip to Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria, President Trump tossed rolls of paper towels to locals… The New York Times (Tue Oct 03)
[email protected] on hurricane relief effort: “We’re going to have to do more emergency spending in the disaster relief… Fox News (Tue Oct 03)
President Trump compares Puerto Rico death toll to Hurricane Katrina: "16 versus literally thousands of people... Y… NBC News (Tue Oct 03)
President Trump heads to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, two weeks after Hurricane Maria first struck the island.… ABC News (Tue Oct 03)
San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz will attend Pres. Trump's hurricane briefing, White House press secretary confirms… CBS News (Tue Oct 03)
Trump dedicates golf trophy to hurricane victims after calling San Juan mayor an ingrate and Puerto Ricans lazy… National Post (Mon Oct 02)
How Hurricane Harvey is affecting victims' health Newsweek (Mon Oct 02)
Florida firefighter helping with Hurricane Irma recovery feeds water to a dehydrated deer: "It drank 4 bottles!"… ABC News (Wed Sep 20)
The Latest: Trump dedicates Presidents Cup golf trophy to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, Texas and Florida. The Associated Press (Sun Oct 01)
Puerto Rico has been devastated by Hurricane Maria. Here's how many are pointing the finger at US President Trump:… Al Jazeera News (Sun Oct 01)
Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico almost two weeks ago, but families remain trapped in Utuado and elsewhere… Washington Post (Sun Oct 01)
Captain misreading strength of a hurricane was the primary cause of El Faro cargo ship sinking, Coast Guard says… NBC News (Sun Oct 01)
What's happening with Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria? Find our latest coverage here: The Associated Press (Sun Oct 01)
Puerto Rico's hurricane death toll could rise as people remain stranded without medical attention, food… Newsweek (Sat Sep 30)
Hurricane Maria a reminder of 'second-class' status for some CTV News (Sat Sep 30)
Trump blames Puerto Ricans for slow hurricane response Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 30)
Pres. Trump says that "big decisions" must be made about the cost of rebuilding hurricane-battered Puerto Rico.… ABC News (Sat Sep 30)
BREAKING Trump blasts Puerto Rican mayor for 'poor leadership' in hurricane relief crisis USA TODAY (Sat Sep 30)
The Week in Pictures: wedding bells, surfing dogs, hurricane recovery, and more: NBC News (Sat Sep 30)
Corporate donations have reached more than $24 million for Hurricane Maria relief efforts CNN International (Sat Sep 30)
Pres. Trump hits Puerto Rico, describing the already-in-debt "island" as unprepared for the wrath of Hurricane Mari… CBS News (Fri Sep 29)
Hurricane Harvey dumped a record amount of rain on Texas, but about 150 flooded-out families say their troubles wer… CBS News (Fri Sep 29)
Woman dies from flesh-eating bacteria after falling into Hurricane Harvey floodwaters TIME (Fri Sep 29)
Eight days after Hurricane Maria, the wait for food and supplies is agonizing: CBS News (Fri Sep 29)
Commander of Hurricane Katrina response: “Puerto Rico is bigger than Katrina… It doesn’t look like we’ve learned an… CNN (Thu Sep 28)
We’re with Hamilton creator @Lin_Manuel, speaking about Puerto Rico hurricane relief. Watch live on Facebook:… CNN (Thu Sep 28)
Trump has waived shipping restrictions for Puerto Rico to allow more supplies to reach the hurricane-battered island USA TODAY (Thu Sep 28)
Facebook is helping to get Puerto Rico back online after Hurricane Maria CNN (Thu Sep 28)
Banks and ATMs are running out of money. Lack of cash is exacerbating Puerto Ricans' problems after Hurricane Maria… CNN International (Thu Sep 28)
After Hurricane Maria, mainland Puerto Ricans piece together family updates CNN International (Thu Sep 28)
Vital hurricane hunter plane has failed three times in past 8 days, and has no backup Washington Post (Wed Sep 27)
The race is on to restore cell service in Puerto Rico one week after Hurricane Maria made landfall… CNN (Wed Sep 27)
Pres. Trump on hurricane relief: "Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands" CNN International (Wed Sep 27)
The race is on to restore cell service in Puerto Rico one week after Hurricane Maria made landfall… CNN International (Wed Sep 27)
Scenes of the destruction from Hurricane Maria TIME (Wed Sep 27)
Maria, again a hurricane, swirls over North Carolina beaches CTV News (Wed Sep 27)
Ways to help relief efforts for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico: ABC News (Wed Sep 27)
Coca-Cola donates an additional $4.3M in the wake of Hurricane Maria and Mexico quakes, tripling its contribution… CNN (Wed Sep 27)
The Latest: Hurricane Center: Maria regains strength, becomes a hurricane again as it lingers off North Carolina. The Associated Press (Wed Sep 27)
Photos show Puerto Rico left in the dark after Hurricane Maria knocked out power to the entire island:… ABC News (Wed Sep 27)
A week after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the Federal Government says more supplies & help are on the wa… CBS News (Wed Sep 27)
Puerto Ricans are still waiting for aid a week after Hurricane Maria's devastation CNN International (Wed Sep 27)
Puerto Ricans are still waiting for aid a week after Hurricane Maria's devastation CNN (Wed Sep 27)
US President Donald Trump has announced plans to travel to hurricane devastated Puerto Rico Al Jazeera News (Wed Sep 27)
U.S. Navy personnel evacuate children from Dominica, where at least 27 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria.… ABC News (Wed Sep 27)
Hurricane Maria didn't get the same media attention that Harvey and Irma attracted. Here's a look at reasons why. CNN (Wed Sep 27)
Puerto Ricans living in desperate conditions on hurricane-ravaged island plead for help from federal agencies. More… NBC News (Tue Sep 26)
Supermarkets gradually re-opening in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, but food and water remain scarce… ABC News (Tue Sep 26)
Canadian sailors find ‘near total devastation’ in hurricane-ravaged Dominica The Globe and Mail (Tue Sep 26)
How to help Hurricane Maria victims in Puerto Rico TIME (Tue Sep 26)
President Trump says he'll visit hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico next Tuesday. The Associated Press (Tue Sep 26)
The NFL will lead a fundraising effort during Thursday's game to raise money for hurricane relief on Puerto Rico… CNN International (Tue Sep 26)
Maria's threat continues; hurricane has led to storm surge warning for North Carolina coastal regions shown here: CBC News Alerts (Tue Sep 26)
"It's life or death," San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz says of Hurricane Maria. "People are starting to die already… CBS News (Tue Sep 26)
Trump tweets about Puerto Rico's debt as the island struggles with hurricane recovery TIME (Tue Sep 26)
Puerto Rico is in a humanitarian disaster after Hurricane Maria. Millions are struggling for basic needs like food… CBS News (Tue Sep 26)
This is Puerto Rico days after Hurricane Maria tore through the US territory: Flooded streets and long lines for ga… CNN (Tue Sep 26)
Why consumers pay the price for hurricane fuel shortages Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 26)
Couple defy Hurricane Maria on roof to save pets - lots of them Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 26)
Trump says Puerto Rico in trouble after hurricane, debt 'must be dealt with' Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 26)
This is Puerto Rico days after Hurricane Maria tore through the US territory: Flooded streets and long lines for ga… CNN (Tue Sep 26)