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Iraq PM Abadi's office criticises Tillerson comments about Iran-backed militias FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 23)
Go home, Tillerson tells Iranian-backed militias in Iraq Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 22)
A time lapse map of ISIL's territorial loss in northern Iraq Al Jazeera English (Sun Oct 22)
Strictly controlled government checkpoint has severely curbed freedom of movement for residents of Iraq's Fallujah… Al Jazeera English (Sun Oct 22)
A sense of claustrophobia pervades Iraq's Fallujah Al Jazeera News (Sun Oct 22)
Saudi oil minister makes high profile Iraq visit, calls for economic cooperation Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 22)
Iraq’s lost generation: ‘I have forgotten what happiness is’ The Guardian (Sat Oct 21)
Ontario man found guilty of fraud in scheme to supply U.S. with shoddy armoured vehicles for Iraq… National Post (Fri Oct 20)
Opinion: How Iraq's reconquest of Kirkuk checks Kurdish secession by @thewarjournal Al Jazeera English (Fri Oct 20)
Court in Iraq orders arrest of Kurdistan VP Kosrat Rasul BBC News (World) (Thu Oct 19)
There's no time to waste to act on Iraq, writes Foreign Policy (Thu Oct 19)
Their restaurant had become a hangout for Iraq veterans. So he was stunned when he got the call about the attack.… The New York Times (Wed Oct 18)
Russian, Israeli leaders discuss Iran nuclear program, Syria, Iraq Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 18)
Big Pharma funded anti-US militia in Iraq, US veterans allege in lawsuit Fox News (Wed Oct 18)
What does the future hold for Iraq's Kurds now that government troops have taken control of oil-rich Kirkuk?… Al Jazeera News (Tue Oct 17)
Kurds abandon territory in the face of Iraq government advance Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Opinion: Iraq's reconquest of Kirkuk checks Kurdish secession by @thewarjournal Al Jazeera English (Tue Oct 17)
Oil prices firm as Iraq tensions escalate, Asian shares extend rally From @GlobeInvestor The Globe and Mail (Tue Oct 17)
Barrels, ballots & ISIS: Why Iraq is taking back Kirkuk, and what US will do about it RT (Mon Oct 16)
Oil jumps on concerns over potential renewed U.S. sanctions against Iran and conflict in Iraq. @hgloystein reports:… Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
Iraq conflict: Kurdish leaders refuse to reject referendum result BBC News (World) (Sun Oct 15)
Iraq troops in armed standoff with Kurd forces FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 14)
Threat of civil war in Iraq overshadows recent successes against ISIS CTV News (Fri Oct 13)
"ISIL is within a few months of controlling no cities in Iraq" Is it the end of ISIL in Iraq?… Al Jazeera English (Thu Oct 12)
Emotional Iraq veteran finds his dog tag amid ruins of parents' home destroyed by wildfire. "I needed to find them"… ABC News (Wed Oct 11)
What is left of ISIL in Iraq? Al Jazeera News (Wed Oct 11)
Hundreds of suspected Islamic State militants surrender in Iraq: source Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Opinion: Why is Israel supporting Kurdish secession from Iraq? by @LamisAndoni Al Jazeera English (Sun Oct 08)
Erdogan says Turkey will close Iraq border and air space soon Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 05)
Iraq: What is the strategic importance of Hawija in the battle against ISIL? Al Jazeera News (Thu Oct 05)
?? Iraq: Army forces 'recapture' town of Hawija from Islamic State group FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 05)
‘You paid with your life if you were caught.’ Informants in Iraq in the battle against Islamic State:… Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 04)
The Air Force may soon deploy new light attack aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan. Foreign Policy (Wed Oct 04)
Iraq's first post-Saddam president, Jalal Talabani, has died at 83, Kurdish officials CBS News (Tue Oct 03)
Iraq forces claim recapture of IS-held areas near Hawija FRANCE 24 English (Tue Oct 03)
Thousands of Iraqis have been fleeing ISIS-controlled territory to the safety of Kurdish areas in northern Iraq The New York Times (Sun Oct 01)
Shiite pilgrims throng Iraq's Karbala for mourning ritual FRANCE 24 English (Sun Oct 01)
Kurdish referendum triggers retaliation from Iraq, Turkey CBS News (Sun Oct 01)
Officials say Iran and Iraq's armies to hold joint drills at crossings on Iran's border with Iraqi Kurdistan region… Al Jazeera News (Sat Sep 30)
Will Iraq force Kurds to cancel referendum results? Al Jazeera English (Sat Sep 30)
U.S.-led forces acknowledge killing 50 more civilians in Iraq, Syria Reuters Top News (Fri Sep 29)
@AJENews A ban on international flights into Iraq's Kurdish region goes into effect as retaliation against independ… Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 29)
BREAKING: A flight ban on Iraq's Kurdistan, imposed by the central government in Baghdad, has gone into effect… Al Jazeera News (Fri Sep 29)
RT @AJENews: A flight ban on Iraq's Kurdistan, imposed by the central government in Baghdad, has gone into effect… Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 29)
Foreigners flee Iraq's Kurdistan region before international flight ban FRANCE 24 English (Fri Sep 29)
?? Iraq: IS group leader hails jihadists despite loss of territory FRANCE 24 English (Fri Sep 29)
No military confrontation with Kurds, says Iraq's prime minister Al Jazeera News (Thu Sep 28)
Oil steadies as North Iraq, Kurdish pipeline stays open from @GlobeBusiness The Globe and Mail (Thu Sep 28)
Kurds vote overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Iraq in disputed referendum, officials announce… CNN International (Thu Sep 28)
Iraq: ISIL kills seven soldiers in Anbar province Al Jazeera News (Wed Sep 27)
Iraq says defeats IS infiltration near Ramadi FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 27)
JUST IN: Kurds vote overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Iraq in disputed referendum, officials announce… CNN (Wed Sep 27)
5 things for Wednesday: - Alabama election - Puerto Rico - Russia investigation - Iraq - Saudi Arabia… CNN (Wed Sep 27)
Iraq’s prime minister has given the country's Kurdish region until Friday to surrender control of 2 airports The New York Times (Wed Sep 27)
?? Iraq: Army Forces defeat Islamic state group infiltrators near Ramadi FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 27)
Iran, Turkey vow to stand with Iraq against Kurdish independence Al Jazeera News (Wed Sep 27)
?? Iraq: Kurdish leader Barzani claims win, "The people of Kurdistan have made their decision"… FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 27)
Iraq forces defeat IS group incursion near Ramadi FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 27)
Exclusive insight into an Iranian Kurdish political party and paramilitary group in exile in northern Iraq… Al Jazeera English (Tue Sep 26)
Kurdish people in northern Iraq headed to the polls today to vote in an independence referendum:… ABC News (Mon Sep 25)
?? Kurdish Blogger: We want no part in corrupt Iraq! FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 25)
- Trump extends travel ban - Merkel wins German election - Iraq’s Kurds vote in referendum Monday Morning Briefing… Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 25)
MORE: Referendum may cause unrest, US embassy in Iraq warns its citizens RT (Mon Sep 25)
VIDEO: Iran holds artillery drills held near Iraq border ahead of Kurdish RT (Mon Sep 25)
BREAKING: Polls open in Iraq's Kurdish provinces, disputed Kirkuk as Iraqi Kurds vote for independence from Baghdad. The Associated Press (Mon Sep 25)
Millions of Kurds expected to vote for independence in northern Iraq, amid international opposition against poll… Al Jazeera News (Mon Sep 25)
Iraq Kurd head: Baghdad partnership has 'failed', vote to go ahead FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 25)
Iraq's disputed Kirkuk: 'We respect diversity' Al Jazeera English (Sun Sep 24)
Hundreds protest in eastern Iraq against a planned referendum on the secession of northern Iraq's Kurdish region… Al Jazeera English (Sun Sep 24)
Talks continuing with Shell about Iraq's Majnoon oil field: oil minister Reuters Top News (Sun Sep 24)
Iraq combat vet pulls woman from burning car just before it explodes Fox News (Sun Sep 24)
Fighting in Iraq for up to $1,500 per month, paid by Iran. Meet the Nujaba militia. Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 23)
Iraq launches offensive to retake ISIS stronghold Hawija near Kirkuk RT (Thu Sep 21)
Turkey, Iran, Iraq consider counter-measures over Kurdish referendum: Anadolu Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 21)
Iraq PM rejects any Kurdish independence referendum FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 20)
In a twist on President Bush's "Axis of Evil," Trump keeps North Korea and Iran but subs Venezuela for Iraq. USA TODAY (Tue Sep 19)
Battle of Hawija looms in Iraq, but so does Kurdish independence referendum FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 18)
U.N. chief: Northern Iraq vote would detract from Islamic State fight Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 18)
Iraq prepared to intervene militarily if Kurdish region's planned independence referendum results in violence… ABC News (Sun Sep 17)
Booby-trap blast kills 8 in Iraq village seized from IS FRANCE 24 English (Sun Sep 17)
Independence vote in Iraqi Kurdistan: ‘We have no place in this artificial country called Iraq’… FRANCE 24 English (Sun Sep 17)
Iraq army 'to intervene' if Kurds' referendum escalates, says PM Haider al-Abadi Al Jazeera News (Sun Sep 17)
Iraq's army regains ISIL area on Syrian border Al Jazeera News (Sat Sep 16)
Iraq could use force if Kurdish referendum leads to violence FRANCE 24 English (Sat Sep 16)
Canadian special forces caught in middle as Kurds prepare to vote on independence from Iraq National Post (Thu Sep 14)
Suicide attacks on restaurants, checkpoint, kill 50 in southern Iraq Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 14)
50 dead in ISIL suicide attack in Iraq euronews (Thu Sep 14)
Dozens die in twin attacks in Iraq BBC News (World) (Thu Sep 14)
2 Russian orphans whose parents were killed in Iraq arrive in Moscow (VIDEO) RT (Thu Sep 14)
Islamic State have lost 90% of their “caliphate” in Iraq and 85% of their territory in Syria The Economist (Wed Sep 13)
Kurdish independence referendum to go ahead in Iraq euronews (Wed Sep 13)
How Iraq's IDPs cope with the trauma of displacement Al Jazeera English (Wed Sep 13)
Iraq parliament rejects Kurdish independence referendum by a Al Jazeera News (Wed Sep 13)
Iraq holds 1,300 IS women, children: security official FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 11)
Supriya Venkatesan served six years active duty in the US Army, including a 15-month deployment to Iraq CNN International (Mon Sep 11)
Iraq: Kurdish civilians donate blood to victims of ISIL violence Al Jazeera News (Mon Sep 11)
Exclusive: Iraq holding 1,400 foreign wives, children of suspected Islamic State fighters Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 11)
How does a Kurdish man feel about coming referendum for independence from Iraq? Jubilant. "I am free. I have power.” The New York Times (Sun Sep 10)
“It has not reached Iraq and will not reach Iraq." The U.S. is determined to keep blocking an ISIS convoy in Syria. The New York Times (Thu Sep 07)
‘N.Korea hopes to avoid tragic fate that befell disarmed Iraq & Libya’ – Dan Glazebrook, political writer (Op-Edge) RT (Thu Sep 07)
Eid holiday dedicated to 'martyrs' in Iraq's Valley of Peace FRANCE 24 English (Sat Sep 02)
U.S.-led forces acknowledge killing 61 more civilians in Iraq, Syria Reuters Top News (Fri Sep 01)
Al Jazeera follows couriers who work for Kurdish smugglers on the Iraq-Iran border Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 01)
Iraq declares victory over IS group in 'liberated' Tal Afar FRANCE 24 English (Fri Sep 01)
Where does IS stand after Iraq, Syria losses? FRANCE 24 English (Thu Aug 31)
Iraq declares victory in Tal Afar, the last city under ISIS control in Nineveh province CNN Breaking News (Thu Aug 31)
Following the dangerous smuggling route across the Iraq-Iran border Al Jazeera English (Thu Aug 31)
'Closing the terrorism page': Iraq will be free from ISIS terrorists ‘within days’ – Iraqi ambassador to RT RT (Wed Aug 30)
"Unacceptable": Iraqi PM condemn a Hezbollah- and Syria-backed deal to transfer ISIL fighters to Iraq-Syria frontie… Al Jazeera English (Wed Aug 30)
Iraqi PM al-Abadi said Syria-backed deal to send ISIL fighters to Iraq's border area is an 'insult to Iraqi people'… Al Jazeera News (Wed Aug 30)
Iraq's Kirkuk votes to take part in Kurdish independence referendum FRANCE 24 English (Tue Aug 29)
Can Iraq's Kurdish region gain independence? via @AJInsideStory Al Jazeera English (Tue Aug 29)
Iraq fighters take 'victory selfies' at Tal Afar citadel FRANCE 24 English (Mon Aug 28)
France pledges support to stabilize post-Islamic State Iraq Reuters Top News (Sat Aug 26)
Iraq retakes Tal Afar centre, citadel from IS FRANCE 24 English (Sat Aug 26)
Iraq forces recapture Tal Afar centre, citadel from IS FRANCE 24 English (Sat Aug 26)
Iraq’s new ground zero: Over 10 thousand of civilians desperately left Tal Afar battleground… RT (Thu Aug 24)
Revolution or evolution? Iraq shakes up Asian oil trading: Russell Reuters Top News (Thu Aug 24)
Top Turkish diplomat in Iraq to warn against Kurdish vote FRANCE 24 English (Wed Aug 23)
US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has arrived in Baghdad, Iraq ahead of meetings with US and Iraqi officials… CNN (Tue Aug 22)
US Secretary of Defense James Mattis has arrived in Baghdad, Iraq ahead of meetings with US and Iraqi officials… CNN (Tue Aug 22)
Iraq plans to shift Basra crude price benchmark for Asia from January Reuters Top News (Mon Aug 21)
IS conflict: Iraq army makes advances on Tal Afar BBC News (World) (Mon Aug 21)
U.S.-backed Iraqi forces began operation to retake Tal Afar from ISIS, Iraq's prime minister announced… CBS News (Sun Aug 20)
On AJNewsGrid: A three-party attack on ISIL in Iraq and Syria just launched. Will it work? Share your questions ?… Al Jazeera English (Sun Aug 20)
IS conflict: Iraq launches ground offensive in Tal Afar BBC News (World) (Sun Aug 20)
Mubin Shaikh: "As ISIS is fought back and beaten back in both Iraq and Syria you will start to see these kinds of s… Fox News (Fri Aug 18)
What is it like to be a fixer in Iraq? Al Jazeera English (Thu Aug 17)
Thousands flee Islamic State-held town west of Mosul as Iraq steps up airstrikes The Globe and Mail (Tue Aug 15)
Saudi Arabia to reopen border with Iraq after 27 years Al Jazeera English (Tue Aug 15)
Iraqi officer: Iraq's air force, coalition planes step up strikes on Islamic State targets in IS-held town. The Associated Press (Tue Aug 15)
Two U.S. soldiers have been killed in combat operations against ISIS in Iraq Newsweek (Tue Aug 15)
Iraq's Kurds say they will hold an independence referendum in Sept. Can Iraq's Kurdish region gain independence?… Al Jazeera English (Mon Aug 14)
Iraq's Kurds stick to independence vote despite U.S. request to postpone it Reuters Top News (Sat Aug 12)
‘Waiting for you at home’: Relatives of Russian children in Iraq come forward after RT coverage RT (Sat Aug 12)
"Terms-No Foreigners-Iraq vet" USA TODAY (Sat Aug 12)
Air raids kill 'PKK fighters' in Turkey, northern Iraq Al Jazeera News (Fri Aug 11)
ISIS plundered $800 million from Iraq, according to the country's Central Bank Newsweek (Fri Aug 11)
Iraq is in the grip of a ferocious heatwave, with temperatures hitting 122°F (50°C) TIME (Fri Aug 11)
"Blackwater guards killed 14 civilians in Iraq a decade ago. I remember seeing the destruction." Washington Post (Thu Aug 10)
How the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran is aiming to consolidate power along the Iraq-Iran border… Al Jazeera English (Wed Aug 09)
In Pictures: Tensions build along Iraq-Iran border Al Jazeera English (Wed Aug 09)
Shiite militia blames U.S. for attack that killed dozens on the Syria-Iraq border Newsweek (Tue Aug 08)
Kissinger warns Trump that Iran must not replace ISIS in Iraq and Syria Newsweek (Tue Aug 08)
German girl who joined ISIS in Iraq shown screaming in footage of capture Newsweek (Tue Aug 08)
Iraq Shia militia 'lose dozens in attack' BBC News (World) (Tue Aug 08)
Appeals court tosses murder conviction for ex-Blackwater contractor in 2007 Iraq shooting Fox News (Sat Aug 05)
Two killed in IS-claimed attack on Iraq embassy in Kabul FRANCE 24 English (Tue Aug 01)
Two Afghan employees of the Iraq embassy died in the attack in Kabul, authorities say Al Jazeera News (Tue Aug 01)
UK court blocks bid to prosecute Blair for 2003 Iraq invasion National Post (Mon Jul 31)