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How diaspora influenced 2017's elections in Africa: report Al Jazeera News (Wed Jul 18)
Former President Obama addresses some 15,000 people in South Africa to mark the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela… CNN (Tue Jul 17)
The fight against Islamic State is moving to Africa The Economist (Tue Jul 17)
Chinese find suggests human relatives left Africa earlier CTV News (Wed Jul 11)
The carnage cabaret: Tate's high-octane tribute to Africa's forgotten war dead The Guardian (Tue Jul 10)
"I believe in a win, win game. Let's help Africa to succeed. Let's provide new hope for African youth in Africa." F… CNN International (Thu Jul 05)
Cows for child brides: ‘War & climate change’ raise rates of child marriage in East Africa RT (Sat Jun 30)
Ugandan Brian Gitta wins Africa engineering prize after developing a malaria test that would not need blood samples… ABC News (Sun Jun 24)
Liverpool-Real Madrid: How Mo Salah fever has gripped Africa BBC News (World) (Sat May 26)
New Ebola outbreak hits Africa as 2 cases confirmed in Congo CBS News (Wed May 09)
Africa's last absolute monarch renames Swaziland as 'eSwatini' Reuters Top News (Fri Apr 20)
EYE ON AFRICA - Three Kenyan election officials resign FRANCE 24 English (Tue Apr 17)
Rich in oil and natural resources, Africa remains a key territory on the global chessboard of the 21st century. Al Jazeera English (Sun Apr 08)
A huge crack provides evidence that Africa is slowly splitting into two Washington Post (Sun Apr 08)
How the crisis in the Gulf could spread to East Africa BBC News (World) (Sun Apr 08)
Is a large crack that suddenly appeared in Kenya evidence that East Africa could be splitting in two?… CNN (Thu Apr 05)
Toxic bullet lead ingested while devouring animal carcasses is killing Africa's vultures National Post (Wed Apr 04)
South Africa in control of fourth Test despite Australia fightback FRANCE 24 English (Mon Apr 02)
Building Wakanda: Africa's search for the next Einstein Al Jazeera News (Thu Mar 29)
EYE ON AFRICA - UN votes to strengthen its force in DR Congo ahead of elections FRANCE 24 English (Wed Mar 28)
South Africa police say may issue Zuma summons this week Reuters Top News (Sun Mar 25)
?? French media give access to 'useful and different information in Africa' FRANCE 24 English (Tue Mar 20)
Former Secretary of State Tillerson's trip to Africa, including to the headquarters of the continent-wide African U… ABC News (Sun Mar 18)
Canadian bank asks South Africa to ground Gupta family's jet The Guardian (Fri Mar 09)
South Africa's health ministry is warning consumers to avoid "all processed meat products that are sold as ready-to… CNN International (Mon Mar 05)
A lion that mauled a young woman to death in South Africa was under the care of a man known as the "lion whisperer"… ABC News (Wed Feb 28)
Dala shines as South Africa put brakes on India FRANCE 24 English (Sun Feb 25)
Jacob Zuma's mismanagement cost South Africa as much as 25% in lost GDP The Economist (Thu Feb 22)
President Cyril Ramaphosa has promised a "new dawn" in South Africa. But many voters are skeptical. The New York Times (Sun Feb 18)
A fresh start for South Africa? euronews (Fri Feb 16)
?? South Africa: "Ramaphosa was not part of the national liberation mafia" FRANCE 24 English (Fri Feb 16)
"A new dawn has arrived"- Cyril Ramaphosa makes his first state of the nation address as South Africa's new preside… BBC News (World) (Fri Feb 16)
Column: BlackPanther empowers students of color by highlighting Africa's centuries of greatness.… USA TODAY (Fri Feb 16)
172 documents referencing South Africa's new president Cyril Ramaphosa from WikiLeaks archives… WikiLeaks (Fri Feb 16)
A Brexiteer got angry at Yorkshire Tea for being grown in India and Africa - they had the perfect response indy100 (Fri Feb 16)
Want to understand what’s going on in South Africa? @SisonkeMsimang writes Jacob Zuma’s political obituary:… Foreign Policy (Thu Feb 15)
Cyril Ramaphosa elected President of South Africa The Globe and Mail (Thu Feb 15)
South Africa’s Zuma is out. Will things actually get better? Washington Post (Thu Feb 15)
ANC's Ramaphosa set to become South Africa's leader Al Jazeera News (Thu Feb 15)
Cyril Ramaphosa to be elected president of South Africa The Guardian (Thu Feb 15)
Jacob Zuma: South Africa’s scandal-struck president resigns – video The Guardian (Thu Feb 15)
South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma says he will resign ‘with immediate effect’ USA TODAY (Wed Feb 14)
South Africa's President Jacob Zuma resigns BBC News (World) (Wed Feb 14)
Zimbabwe opposition leader Tsvangirai dies in South Africa The Globe and Mail (Wed Feb 14)
THE DEBATE - South Africa political crisis: Zuma defies pressure to resign FRANCE 24 English (Wed Feb 14)
Jacob Zuma refuses to resign as South Africa's president, calls ANC moves to oust him 'unfair'… Al Jazeera News (Wed Feb 14)
South Africa's Zuma: I've done nothing wrong BBC News (World) (Wed Feb 14)
South Africa's ANC gives Zuma 48 hours to quit, state broadcaster says Reuters Top News (Tue Feb 13)
South Africa's ANC gives Zuma 48 hours to resign: state broadcaster Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 12)
ZumaExit: Is South Africa's president about to step down? @AJStream discusses live on YouTube. Weigh in with your… Al Jazeera English (Mon Feb 12)
South Africa’s next leader faces plenty of challenges NBC News (Mon Feb 12)
South Africa's Zuma resignation reports 'fake news', says spokesman FRANCE 24 English (Mon Feb 12)
South Africa's ANC set to 'finalise' Zuma exit FRANCE 24 English (Mon Feb 12)
South Africa's Ramaphosa says working to resolve issue of Zuma's future Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 11)
A Brexiteer got angry at Yorkshire Tea for being grown in India and Africa - they had the perfect response indy100 (Sun Feb 11)
End game nears for South Africa's Jacob Zuma FRANCE 24 English (Wed Feb 07)
South Africa's parliament postpones its annual State of the Nation Address amid growing calls for Zuma to resign.… CNN International (Tue Feb 06)
William Saunderson-Meyer writes in @ReutersOpinion: In drought-hit South Africa, the politics of water… Reuters Top News (Tue Feb 06)
EYE ON AFRICA - Kenyan government restores transmission to two major TV stations FRANCE 24 English (Tue Feb 06)
Globe in Africa: Cape Town delays water cut-off date amid drought, 'Day Zero' gets pushed back to May 11… The Globe and Mail (Mon Feb 05)
Today on CNNTalk: What if South Africa's Jacob Zuma refuses to quit? Share your thoughts with us live on Facebook… CNN International (Mon Feb 05)
Africa is not poor, we are stealing its wealth — AJOpinion, by Nick Dearden Al Jazeera English (Mon Feb 05)
Mali has become one of Africa's most intractable security problems The Economist (Mon Feb 05)
South Africa's ANC top leaders to meet under-pressure Zuma Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 04)
There are ambitious plans for a railway line to connect East and West Africa. How would this change the way you do… Al Jazeera English (Sun Feb 04)
Black Panther: does the Marvel epic solve Hollywood's Africa problem? The Guardian (Sat Feb 03)
?? Africa''s Education Challenge: Growing Population, Struggling School Systems FRANCE 24 English (Sat Feb 03)
Why MeToo isn't taking off in West Africa BBC News (World) (Sat Feb 03)
Hundreds resurface after being trapped in South Africa gold mine FRANCE 24 English (Fri Feb 02)
South Africa gold mine: Rescue underway for 955 trapped workers BBC News (World) (Fri Feb 02)
A man from Massachusetts got married to six women from sub-Saharan Africa in ten years -- federal investigators say… CNN (Thu Feb 01)
A man from Massachusetts got married to six women from sub-Saharan Africa in ten years -- federal investigators say… CNN (Thu Feb 01)
The Al Jazeera Centre for Studies ranks fifth in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to the Global G… Al Jazeera News (Thu Feb 01)
Meet the pioneers who are shaping Africa's future with drones. Al Jazeera English (Wed Jan 31)
Africa's drone revolution Al Jazeera English (Tue Jan 30)
Croatia national shot dead on South Africa lion hunt BBC News (World) (Tue Jan 30)
Water crisis grips Cape Town, South Africa, after drought stretching years euronews (Tue Jan 30)
EYE ON AFRICA - At least four killed, thousands left homeless after fire in Nairobi shanty town… FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 30)
Africa aims for cheaper air travel with free market launch FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 30)
Trump is sending Tillerson on an "extended" Africa trip to mend relations after his "shithole" comments… Newsweek (Mon Jan 29)
Trump says he 'deeply respects' people of Africa after purported derogatory remark Fox News (Sat Jan 27)
Why Donald Trump’s immigration comments caused such an uproar in Africa Washington Post (Fri Jan 26)
President Trump sends his "warmest regards" to Africa after he reportedly called African nations "sh*thole countrie… CBS News (Fri Jan 26)
Africa's week in pictures: 19 - 25 January 2018 BBC News (World) (Fri Jan 26)
Oldest human fossil outside Africa is dug up in Israel FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 26)
The oldest fossil of a modern human found outside of Africa is 100,000 years old TIME (Thu Jan 25)
It's being called "Day Zero" -- the day when the taps run dry. Officials in Cape Town, South Africa, say their city… CNN (Thu Jan 25)
The fall armyworm first arrived in Nigeria in January 2016. Today, it can be found in 43 countries across Africa The Economist (Thu Jan 25)
It's being called "Day Zero" -- the day when the taps run dry. Officials in Cape Town, South Africa, say their city… CNN International (Thu Jan 25)
EYE ON AFRICA - Women protest alleged rapes at Nairobi hospital FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 24)
?? Couscous, protected by UNESCO? North Africa certainly hopes so! FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 24)
A bitter rivalry between Arab states is spilling into Africa The Economist (Tue Jan 23)
EYE ON AFRICA - George Weah sworn in as Liberia's president FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 23)
Liberia's Sirleaf: Africa's first elected female leader FRANCE 24 English (Sun Jan 21)
Trump and Africa: a missed opportunity in US President's first | Analysis by David McK… CNN International (Sat Jan 20)
South Africa's Cape Town could run out of water by April. Al Jazeera English (Fri Jan 19)
Trump's vulgar Africa comment morphs into tourism campaigns; Botswana a 'waterhole' country. By @torchiachris. The Associated Press (Fri Jan 19)
Chair of the Africa Group at the UN says US Ambassador Nikki Haley told ambassadors "Africa is very important for t… The Associated Press (Fri Jan 19)
Ex-US envoys to Africa write letter to President Trump following "s-hole countries" comment via @NBCBLK NBC News (Fri Jan 19)
South Africa's Cape Town is on track to become the first major city in the world to run out of water… Al Jazeera English (Thu Jan 18)
'Massive' infrastructure spending needed in Africa, says report FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 17)
Police search offices of Belgian company supplying passports to Africa Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 17)
For a brief moment last week, Ethiopia seemed poised to shed its reputation as Africa’s Stasi state. The outpouring… Foreign Policy (Wed Jan 17)
Fake medicines flourish in Africa despite killing thousands FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 17)
Jake Tapper: Just to clear it up, when he said 's-hole countries,' he was referring to Africa?" Sen. Dick Durbin:… CNN (Tue Jan 16)
A portrait of Africa's more notorious rulers, through the eyes of people who saw them at first hand The Economist (Tue Jan 16)
Whopping 910-carat diamond discovered in southern Africa—one of the biggest gems ever found, mining company says.… ABC News (Tue Jan 16)
Do President Trump's recent comments on Haiti, Africa, and Norway make him a racist? Van Jones and David Urban enga… CNN (Tue Jan 16)
[email protected]: "People were saying that @POTUS has called Haiti and Africa a bad word. No, he was referring to the… Fox News (Sun Jan 14)
Protesters in South Africa raided H&M stores after the release of the 'coolest monkey in the jungle' advertisement… Newsweek (Sun Jan 14)
For a brief moment last week, Ethiopia seemed poised to shed its reputation as Africa’s Stasi state. The outpouring… Foreign Policy (Sat Jan 13)
South Africa 'open for investment', new ANC leader Ramaphosa says Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 13)
Evening Update newsletter: Africa furious at Trump, NAFTA, Weed Kings The Globe and Mail (Fri Jan 12)
Alta Fourie showed a picture of her home and manicured garden, which she called "my shithole in Africa." President… CNN International (Fri Jan 12)
Twenty-five years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, black people are still waiting to get their land back… Al Jazeera English (Fri Jan 12)
President of Senegal: "I am shocked by the words of President Trump on Haiti and Africa. I reject them and condemn… NBC News (Fri Jan 12)
Update: Trump denies using racist words to describe immigrants from Africa, Haiti, El Salvador but admitted using '… Al Jazeera News (Fri Jan 12)
Analysis: Haiti and Africa? No, thanks. Trump prefers immigrants from some of the least diverse countries on Earth. Washington Post (Fri Jan 12)
UN refugee agency urges Israel to scrap plans to send migrants back to Africa RT (Tue Jan 09)
South Africa train crash: 200 injured near Johannesburg BBC News (World) (Tue Jan 09)
Cricket - South Africa gain lead over India, but suffer Steyn blow Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 06)
Train collision kills 14, injures 260 in South Africa RT (Fri Jan 05)
South Africa train crash leaves at least 14 people dead and scores injured The Guardian (Thu Jan 04)
4 killed and dozens injured in South Africa train, truck collision TIME (Thu Jan 04)
DEVELOPING: At least 12 dead, more than 260 hurt in passenger train crash, South Africa transport minister says. ABC News (Thu Jan 04)
South Africa's transport minister says at least 12 people dead, more than 260 injured in collision between truck an… CBC News Alerts (Thu Jan 04)
Rescue workers say four killed in South Africa train crash The Globe and Mail (Thu Jan 04)
Four people killed and about 100 injured when a train, car and truck collided in South Africa, emergency responders… CNN Breaking News (Thu Jan 04)
4 killed and dozens injured in South Africa train, truck collision TIME (Thu Jan 04)
Surgery death rates in Africa are twice global average: study FRANCE 24 English (Thu Jan 04)
EYE ON AFRICA - Ethiopia to release political prisoners, close notorious prison camp in surprise move… FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 03)
Patients in Africa twice as likely to die after an operation than global average, report shows The Guardian (Wed Jan 03)
Even though it doesn't have a contract, sub-equipped ship departs South Africa to search for MH370… National Post (Wed Jan 03)
EYE ON AFRICA - Deadly crackdown on New Year's Eve protests in DR Congo FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 02)
2018 predictions from Saxo Bank: -‘Austro-Hungarian Empire’ will threaten EU takeover -South Africa will see a Sout… RT (Mon Jan 01)
In 1990 just 19% of babies were born in Africa; in 2018, 31% of them will be The Economist (Sun Dec 31)
Kohli tips India's balanced team to end drought in South Africa Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 30)
Kohli tips India's balanced team to end drought in South Africa Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 30)
Ruling by South Africa's top court heaps more pressure on embattled Zuma Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 29)
South Africa's top court rules parliament failed to hold Zuma to account over scandal Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 29)
Shami returns to India's ODI squad for South Africa FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 24)
Special Report: How to make millions selling passports to Africa Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 22)
Africa's week in pictures BBC News (World) (Fri Dec 22)
South Africa's ruling ANC party to 'immediately' downgrade embassy in Israel amid Jerusalem furore… Al Jazeera English (Thu Dec 21)
?? South Africa's Ramaphosa vows 'radical' economic overhaul FRANCE 24 English (Thu Dec 21)
S. Africa: Ramaphosa calls for unity in maiden speech as ANC chief FRANCE 24 English (Thu Dec 21)
The battle to contain Africa's hidden killers: Around 250 people were reportedly killed over a three-week period in… CNN International (Wed Dec 20)
It is shaping up to be the biggest corporate scandal that South Africa has ever seen The Economist (Tue Dec 19)
From Eastern Europe to China to East Africa, intensive efforts are underway to get children out of orphanages. The Associated Press (Tue Dec 19)
?? South Africa: Cyril Ramaphosa elected new head of ruling ANC party FRANCE 24 English (Tue Dec 19)