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Police in Europe say they seized nearly a ton of cocaine found hidden inside a shipment of fresh pineapples.… ABC News (Thu Jan 18)
Irish PM looks to the future of Europe euronews (Wed Jan 17)
GE appoints new CEO for Europe Reuters Top News (Wed Jan 17)
E.U. plans major crack down on Europe's plastics pollution euronews (Wed Jan 17)
TALKING EUROPE - 2018 begins: A happy new year for Europe? FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jan 15)
'We have a situation where poverty in Europe is at an all-time high...' RT (Mon Jan 15)
Euro hits three-year high as Europe leads global optimism Reuters Top News (Mon Jan 15)
Golf: Europe dominate singles to defend EurAsia title Reuters Top News (Sun Jan 14)
Globe in Rome: Why Europe will be closely watching Italy’s election From @ereguly The Globe and Mail (Sun Jan 14)
Why Europe will be closely watching Italy’s election The Globe and Mail (Sat Jan 13)
Asia take surprise lead over Europe in EurAsia Cup FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 12)
On Europe, Labour was right to be cautious. No longer | Martin Kettle The Guardian (Fri Jan 12)
Five gorgeous short hikes in Europe The Guardian (Fri Jan 12)
When Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa ruled Europe – and where it went wrong via @guardian_sport The Guardian (Fri Jan 12)
'It costs us': Canada trails Europe and U.S. when adopting new technology National Post (Wed Jan 10)
The World Bank says the global economy will expand in 2018 - but big economies like the US, China and Europe will b… CNN International (Wed Jan 10)
From snow to sunshine: Europe's chaotic winter weather euronews (Tue Jan 09)
In @ReutersOpinion: There’s a better way to unite Europe Reuters Top News (Sat Jan 06)
The wealthiest countries in Europe, mapped indy100 (Sat Jan 06)
The Norwegian photographer of these puzzling photos is having a moment in Europe's art scene The New York Times (Fri Jan 05)
The United States has Europe's back. That obligation should cut both ways. The latest for Elephants in the Room: Foreign Policy (Thu Jan 04)
Having already wreaked havoc in the UK and Ireland, Storm Eleanor is sweeping across Europe CNN International (Thu Jan 04)
Austria's far-right revival signals the resurgence of xenophobia in Central Europe -… Al Jazeera English (Thu Jan 04)
How to say Happy New Year in countries across Europe indy100 (Thu Jan 04)
Aurora Cannabis teams up with Danish tomato producer to sell pot in Europe National Post (Thu Jan 04)
WATCH: Storms hit Europe's cities, forcing road closures and wreaking havoc on buildings Reuters Top News (Thu Jan 04)
Deadly storm blasts across Europe, killing three BBC News (World) (Thu Jan 04)
Storm Eleanor: Northern Europe suffers power cuts and disruption BBC News (World) (Wed Jan 03)
Why is the capital of Europe’s most successful economy so dysfunctional? The Economist (Wed Jan 03)
"First, Europe loved refugees. Now they hate us." Al Jazeera English (Wed Jan 03)
Podcast ?: In 2016, roughly 800 Romanians were trafficked in Western Europe. The majority were women… Al Jazeera English (Wed Jan 03)
'United States of Europe: Mad idea nobody needs' RT (Sun Dec 31)
PwC: - China to dominate global economy by 2050 - US to fall behind India - Russia to top Europe RTBest2017… RT (Sun Dec 31)
TALKING EUROPE - Astronaut Thomas Pesquet: To the ISS and beyond FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 31)
The wealthiest countries in Europe, mapped indy100 (Sat Dec 30)
Populist parties on rise in Europe, could become 'new normal' & 'transform public policy in radical ways,' Tony Bla… RT (Fri Dec 29)
Weapons made in eastern Europe 'finding their way to ISIL' euronews (Fri Dec 29)
As IS has collapsed, Europe has braced for jihadists coming home with their combat training and combat trauma The Economist (Wed Dec 27)
Russia fired an ICBM in test to beat anti-missile defenses like those in Europe Newsweek (Wed Dec 27)
EUROPE NOW - To split or not to split? Where next for Spain and Catalonia? (Part 1) FRANCE 24 English (Sat Dec 23)
How do Christmas celebrations differ around Europe? euronews (Fri Dec 22)
In another blow to the reputation of Europe’s largest budget airline, Ryanair pilots in Germany are on strike The New York Times (Fri Dec 22)
‘Extraordinary moment for democracy in Europe: Madrid got strong message from Catalonia’ - Thomas Harrington to RT… RT (Fri Dec 22)
?? Carles Puigdemont: "I am prepared to meet PM Rajoy anywhere in Europe, but not in Spain" FRANCE 24 English (Fri Dec 22)
This is the best city in Europe, according to travelers TIME (Fri Dec 22)
TIME has been reporting on the journey of Syrians seeking asylum in Europe. Here, 25-year-old music teacher, wife a… TIME (Fri Dec 22)
TIME has been reporting on the journey of Syrians seeking asylum in Europe. Here, 25-year-old music teacher, wife a… TIME (Fri Dec 22)
Becky is a Nigerian teenager who left for Europe in search of a better life. Instead, she was raped, beaten and for… CNN International (Thu Dec 21)
Europe's top court rules Sharia divorce 'not in the scope' of EU laws euronews (Wed Dec 20)
Mexico looks to Europe and beyond for free-trade allies as NAFTA falters Washington Post (Wed Dec 20)
View: Europe has chance for change in 2018 euronews (Tue Dec 19)
Fly to Europe Next Year for $99 With WOW Air TIME (Tue Dec 19)
Deadly painkiller drug fentanyl has ‘growing market in Europe’ Read more --> euronews (Tue Dec 19)
Podcast ?: In 2016, roughly 800 Romanians were trafficked in Western Europe. The majority were women… Al Jazeera English (Tue Dec 19)
From Eastern Europe to China to East Africa, intensive efforts are underway to get children out of orphanages. The Associated Press (Tue Dec 19)
Baby Heln is a Syrian refugee. TIME has been chronicling her family’s journey to find a new home in Europe since th… TIME (Mon Dec 18)
TALKING EUROPE - Goodbye to tax havens? New EU blacklist under the microscope FRANCE 24 English (Mon Dec 18)
Europe's far-right leaders vow to create a united Europe without EU CBS News (Mon Dec 18)
Podcast ?: In 2016, roughly 800 Romanians were trafficked in Western Europe. The majority were women. Al Jazeera English (Mon Dec 18)
US to spend $214mn on Europe air bases on pretext of 'Russian aggression' RT (Mon Dec 18)
Populist far-right leaders want no EU in future Europe ABC News (Sun Dec 17)
In Europe and US, homegrown jihadists the main threat FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 17)
‘EU is killing Europe’: Far-right leaders call for end to ‘disastrous’ union RT (Sat Dec 16)
"More aggressive redistribution through taxes and transfers has spared Europe from the acute disparities that Ameri… The New York Times (Sat Dec 16)
The “mere threat of a cutoff gives Russia political leverage” over Europe, some experts Foreign Policy (Fri Dec 15)
U.S. army gets brand new, lethal armored vehicle to counter Russia threat in Europe Newsweek (Fri Dec 15)
The majority of weapons used by ISIS since 2014 originated in China, Russia and Eastern Europe, according to a new… CNN International (Thu Dec 14)
Alabama election result seen as "miracle" in a Europe horrified by Trump Washington Post (Wed Dec 13)
Europe's gas prices soar as Austria blast adds to supply fears euronews (Tue Dec 12)
Barring an external shock, Europe's economic seas should remain calm The Economist (Tue Dec 12)
Brexit is allowing Europe to get serious about defending itself | @StevenBlockmans for @CNNopinion… CNN International (Tue Dec 12)
Europe's five biggest economies have warned the Trump administration that its tax plan may violate international tr… CNN (Mon Dec 11)
Severe weather creates chaos across Europe FRANCE 24 English (Mon Dec 11)
2016: US: $217.2bn (4%?? since 2015) Western Europe: $91.6bn (0.2%?? since 2015) Russia: $26.6bn (3.8%?? since 2015… RT (Mon Dec 11)
In Europe, claimants must shoulder the often astronomical legal costs for both sides if they lose The Economist (Sun Dec 10)
Trump administration has yet to fill many U.S. ambassador posts in Europe. ABC News (Sun Dec 10)
Secretary Tillerson ends Europe trip after wave of rebukes on Trump positions. ABC News (Sun Dec 10)
This is the best city in Europe, according to travelers TIME (Sat Dec 09)
The wealthiest countries in Europe, mapped indy100 (Fri Dec 08)
With pitch for "United States of Europe," German center-left opts to open talks with Merkel Washington Post (Fri Dec 08)
German SPD backs talks with Merkel after impassioned Europe speech Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 07)
Council of Europe accepts UK compromise on prisoner voting rights The Guardian (Thu Dec 07)
Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
General Electric to cut 4,500 jobs in Europe: source Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 06)
The wealthiest countries in Europe, mapped indy100 (Wed Dec 06)
JUST IN: Russia lists 9 media outlets as foreign agents, incl Voice of America, Radio Free Europe… RT (Tue Dec 05)
How Bosnia is on the frontline of Europe’s landmine battle euronews (Sat Dec 02)
Rick Steves tips to avoid pickpockets in Europe. USA TODAY (Sat Dec 02)
Extreme right wing movement gains momentum in Europe, echoes heard around the world ABC News (Sat Dec 02)
Muslim population in Europe to triple by 2050, even with ‘zero migration’ – study RT (Thu Nov 30)
TALKING EUROPE - Europeans and their food: World-beaters in tradition and traceability? FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 27)
ISIS propaganda images suggest Europe faces winter terrorist threat – reports RT (Sun Nov 26)
The European Commission wants to bring aspects of Sweden's ulta-generous parental leave system to the rest of Europe The Economist (Sat Nov 25)
Europe needs a leader. Who will step up if Merkel goes? | Simon Jenkins The Guardian (Thu Nov 23)
IN THE PAPERS - "Bad news for Merkel is bad news for Europe" FRANCE 24 English (Tue Nov 21)
German coalition talks collapse 'bad news for Europe': Dutch minister Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 20)
It's not only America that's battling a nationwide opiate addiction—this country in Europe is hooked too | Opinion… Newsweek (Mon Nov 20)
Russia’s military clout eclipses Europe’s, making it a real threat from the Baltic to the Black Sea - US State Dept… RT (Fri Nov 17)
U.S. military needs more troops in Europe in case of war with Russia, U.S. Army chief warns Newsweek (Fri Nov 17)
Macron warns Europe not to rebuff Trump and Putin BBC News (World) (Tue Nov 14)
“Living statues” are common in Europe, and there are some in NYC. But none are quite like this one.… The New York Times (Tue Nov 14)
'Biggest group of medieval mass graves' unearthed in central Europe: - 1,500 skeletons - 30 mass graves - 50-70 peo… RT (Tue Nov 14)
Shawn Mendes wins best artist at MTV Europe Music Awards FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 13)
"Pray for an Islamic Holocaust": Tens of thousands from Europe’s far right march in Poland Washington Post (Mon Nov 13)
'White Europe': 60,000 join far-right march in Poland NBC News (Sun Nov 12)
'White Europe': 60,000 nationalists march on Poland's Independence Day The Guardian (Sun Nov 12)
Doctors in Europe grew sheets of healthy skin that saved the life of a 7-year-old boy with a genetic disease The New York Times (Sun Nov 12)
After a year of Trump, good news for Europe – he doesn’t care about us | Natalie Nougayrède The Guardian (Sat Nov 11)
UK is most obese country in western Europe, OECD finds The Guardian (Fri Nov 10)
French President Emmanuel Macron talks about how the identity and values of Europe are the key to its future… TIME (Thu Nov 09)
French man on trial for 'smuggling' Syrian in-laws to Europe FRANCE 24 English (Wed Nov 08)
Fly to Europe for under $100 with this airfare sale TIME (Tue Nov 07)
Remember corporate Europe? It wants to be noticed again The Economist (Mon Nov 06)
This is the best city in Europe, according to travelers TIME (Mon Nov 06)
All of Europe is focused on Foreign Policy (Thu Nov 02)
Stopping terrorists, Israel & Europe take steps to prevent lone wolf attacks (via @AndrewOReilly84) Fox News (Wed Nov 01)
Morell: Pattern of ISIS in Europe is "attack followed by copycat attacks...I’m not saying it'll happen here, but we… CBS News (Wed Nov 01)
The UK has the most regionally unbalanced economy in Europe. Time for change The Guardian (Wed Nov 01)
Timeline of recent vehicle attacks in Europe Fox News (Wed Nov 01)
Europe and Latin America's sweet tooth allows snack giant Mondelez to beat estimates $MDLZ Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 31)
North Korea could drop nuclear bombs on Western Europe, NATO warns Newsweek (Tue Oct 31)
TALKING EUROPE - Andrej Plenkovic, Croatia's Europhile prime minister FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 30)
Several die as strong winds batter Europe euronews (Sun Oct 29)
Europe's Catalonia problem: "The rich don't want to pay for the poor" @csdickey @dovalfon on the FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 27)
Beyond Catalonia: pro-independence movements in Europe The Guardian (Fri Oct 27)
Police arrest 11 in UK after overnight raids, as part of Europe-wide investigation into suspected people smuggling BBC Breaking News (Thu Oct 26)
Beginning of the end for Europe's loose money? ECB to curb stimulus Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 26)
Washington speeds up collision course with Europe over Iran (Op-Edge by Finian Cunningham) RT (Wed Oct 25)
This map of Europe shows who works the longest hours indy100 (Wed Oct 25)
Google remains the most attractive employer among Europe's business, engineering and IT students, new survey says… CNN (Wed Oct 25)
Europe is getting its first underwater restaurant CNN (Wed Oct 25)
Europe is getting its first underwater restaurant CNN International (Wed Oct 25)
Europe is getting its first underwater restaurant CNN (Wed Oct 25)
Germany's new far-right politicians enter parliament today -- here's how they might influence the country and Europe CNN (Tue Oct 24)
Europe is getting its first underwater restaurant CNN (Tue Oct 24)
Hungary's prime minister says Central Europe is continent's last "migrant-free zone" ABC News (Tue Oct 24)
Bath fly flag in Europe after Rhys Priestland puts boot into Scarlets via @guardian_sport The Guardian (Fri Oct 20)
Washington 'trying to squeeze Russian gas out of Europe': Putin Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 19)
In center of Europe, politics takes a Trumpian turn with rise of anti-immigrant billionaire Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Tortured and detained in Libya, many migrants who failed to reach Europe face an even bleaker future back home. Foreign Policy (Tue Oct 17)
Australia's Qantas hops ahead with first nonstop flight to Europe CNN (Tue Oct 17)
U.S. tech giants like Facebook, Google and Apple may find their future shaped by Europe, @DanicaKirka writes. The Associated Press (Tue Oct 17)
London sky turns yellow as remnants of Ophelia bring dust from the Sahara, smoke from wildfires in southern Europe.… ABC News (Mon Oct 16)
Listen to Part I of FP's investigation into Europe's efforts to stem migration from Africa on @audmapp. Foreign Policy (Sun Oct 15)
Europe is desperate to stem the tide of African migrants. Will its policies do more harm than good? FP investigates: Foreign Policy (Sat Oct 14)
US allies in Europe vow to stand by Iran nuclear deal after Trump said he would not recertify it… CNN Breaking News (Sat Oct 14)
Europe is desperate to stem the tide of African migrants. Will its policies do more harm than good? FP investigates: Foreign Policy (Fri Oct 13)
Successive Tory leaders, from Margaret Thatcher to David Cameron, have experienced painful party rifts over Europe The Economist (Thu Oct 12)
This map shows you just how BIG the separatist and autonomous movements are all over Europe and not just in… RT (Thu Oct 12)
Europe's plan to solve the migration crisis is based on a fatal flaw. Foreign Policy (Thu Oct 12)