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Government set to face fresh legal challenge over air pollution crisis The Guardian (Wed Oct 18)
What does the future hold for Iraq's Kurds now that government troops have taken control of oil-rich Kirkuk?… Al Jazeera News (Tue Oct 17)
Joe Biden: Trump "doesn't understand how the government functions" TIME (Wed Oct 18)
Maltese blogger who accused government of corruption killed by car bomb FRANCE 24 English (Tue Oct 17)
Chief deputy US marshal engaged in sexual activity on government property, report finds CNN (Tue Oct 17)
Kurds abandon territory in the face of Iraq government advance Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Right-wingers are more likely to support non-democratic forms of government, a new global survey shows. Foreign Policy (Mon Oct 16)
Right-wingers are more likely to support non-democratic forms of government, a new global survey shows. Foreign Policy (Mon Oct 16)
Pink on her new album and Trump: "Our government has failed its people, I'm heartbroken" Newsweek (Mon Oct 16)
New Zealand likely to announce new government by end of week Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 16)
New Zealand may have to wait until end of week for new government: Prime Minister Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 15)
Government criticised for low funding level to tackle online hate crime The Guardian (Sat Oct 14)
Philippines' Duterte warns of 'revolutionary government' FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 14)
For a comedian in China, it's government permits to tell jokes and gigs in front of soldiers The New York Times (Sat Oct 14)
The Latest: Syrian government troops seize town of Mayadeen, Islamic State stronghold in the country's east. The Associated Press (Sat Oct 14)
7 reasons why not to put nukes in South Korea. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Fri Oct 13)
@realDonaldTrump @F24Debate Trump: "We hope that these new measures will compel Iran's government to re-evaluate… FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 13)
The Latest: President Trump criticizes Puerto Rico, says government can't keep federal aid there 'forever' The Associated Press (Thu Oct 12)
The U.S. shouldn't put nukes on the Korean Peninsula. Here are 7 reasons why. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Wed Oct 11)
Spain's prime minister says Catalan government has eight days to drop its independence or risk losing its autonomy… Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 11)
The foreign policy in Trump’s Twitter feed is competing with the foreign policy of the U.S. government: Foreign Policy (Wed Oct 11)
Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says the Spanish government is to formally ask Catalan government if it has ..… euronews (Wed Oct 11)
Rajoy says Spanish government will formally ask Catalan government whether it has declared independence euronews (Wed Oct 11)
The Latest: The Spanish government starts urgent meeting to discuss its next steps to halt Catalonia crisis. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 11)
Federal government seeking partner to look at way to create domestic jet biofuel industry National Post (Tue Oct 10)
"We're here to fight for our democracy": Guatemalans clash with government over corruption NBC News (Tue Oct 10)
Non-white Britons almost twice as unlikely to get jobs, reveals government-backed review Al Jazeera English (Tue Oct 10)
[email protected] on wildfires: The federal government will stand with people of CA & we will be there for you in this time o… Fox News (Tue Oct 10)
In Alberta, unions want legal pot shops to be government run and operated National Post (Tue Oct 10)
The foreign policy in Trump’s Twitter feed is competing with the foreign policy of the U.S. government: Foreign Policy (Tue Oct 10)
Fukushima court rules Tepco, government liable over 2011 disaster: media Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Fukushima court rules Tepco, government liable over 2011 nuclear disaster: media Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Taiwan's president says her island's government will protect regional peace and stability amid China tension. The Associated Press (Tue Oct 10)
After bloodshed, Venezuelan government and foes battle for votes Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 09)
Puerto Rican CEO who blasted local government over Maria response gets 'serious' threats Fox News (Sun Oct 08)
Cambodia seeking law to dissolve main opposition party, citing involvement in a plot to topple the government… Al Jazeera News (Sun Oct 08)
New Zealand parties hold talks to form government after final vote tally Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 07)
EU holds Brexit talks with opposition amid fears UK government could collapse euronews (Sat Oct 07)
Treasury Sec. Mnuchin's government flights cost taxpayers over $800,000 but broke no laws, preliminary review finds… ABC News (Sat Oct 07)
The regional government claimed that 2.3m people voted, or around 43% of an electorate of 5.4m The Economist (Sat Oct 07)
Government to release final JFK assassination documents — unless Trump decides to keep them out of view… CNN (Sat Oct 07)
[email protected]: If a hurricane comes... and the government can't do anything or won't do anything to help me, I'd l… Fox News (Sat Oct 07)
The federal government ran a $668 billion budget deficit for the just-completed 2017 fiscal year. The Associated Press (Fri Oct 06)
[email protected]: "Why are people so gung-ho with the government taking more control of their own healthcare?"… Fox News (Fri Oct 06)
Treasury Sec. Steven Mnuchin's flights on government jets have cost taxpayers over $800,000. ABC News (Fri Oct 06)
Chao used government planes seven times when cheaper flights would not work Washington Post (Thu Oct 05)
Indian government considering exemptions sought by Apple: official Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 05)
Americans buying seafood may inadvertently have subsidized the North Korean government, an AP investigation finds. USA TODAY (Thu Oct 05)
Confusion ensues as Kurdish government announces parliamentary and presidential polls days after referendum vote… Al Jazeera News (Thu Oct 05)
Strong chances of Brexit no deal, but UK government may collapse: Scottish minister Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 04)
Leader of Catalonia's devolved government says the region will declare independence from Spain in a matter of days… CBS News (Wed Oct 04)
[email protected] on Las Vegas shooting aftermath: “There is not a government solution for every problem.”… Fox News (Tue Oct 03)
Palestinian government meets in Gaza for first time in three years The Guardian (Tue Oct 03)
Monarch collapse: government denies it should have warned of airline's troubles The Guardian (Mon Oct 02)
Though President Trump has declared the federal government’s response a success, residents feel very differently as… Washington Post (Sun Oct 01)
JUST IN: Catalan government says 337 people have been injured in clashes as Spain attempts to prevent vote… CNN International (Sun Oct 01)
JUST IN: Catalan government says 337 people have been injured in clashes as Spain attempts to prevent vote… CNN (Sun Oct 01)
The face of Spanish democracy today: masked government agents seize ballot boxes and abuse voters in… WikiLeaks (Sun Oct 01)
Police to remove people from Catalan voting stations on Sunday: government source Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 30)
‘Government using spy technology the American founders never contemplated’ (DEBATE) RT (Sat Sep 30)
U.S. regulatory council votes to release AIG from stricter government oversight from @GlobeBusiness The Globe and Mail (Sat Sep 30)
Residents of Spain’s Catalonia region gear up for an independence referendum despite efforts by the government in M… NBC News (Sat Sep 30)
BREAKING: A flight ban on Iraq's Kurdistan, imposed by the central government in Baghdad, has gone into effect… Al Jazeera News (Fri Sep 29)
RT @AJENews: A flight ban on Iraq's Kurdistan, imposed by the central government in Baghdad, has gone into effect… Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 29)
Catalonia's leaders vow to push forward on independence referendum as Spanish government vows to block vote… Al Jazeera News (Fri Sep 29)
Fake black activist accounts linked to the Russian government sought to amplify racial tension during the election… CNN International (Fri Sep 29)
AC Grayling: our right to good government | Letters The Guardian (Wed Sep 27)
The Kurdish referendum prompted a confrontation with the government in Baghdad, which has called the vote illegal The New York Times (Wed Sep 27)
@davidlebovitz @leekandpotato @Wahid_Awad French government declares war on pesticides (but backtracks on weedkill… FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 27)
NEW: House Oversight Committee says it will examine senior government officials' use of private aircrafts for offic… CBS News (Wed Sep 27)
A week after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, the Federal Government says more supplies & help are on the wa… CBS News (Wed Sep 27)
Canada’s access-to-information system has worsened under Trudeau government: report @GlobePolitics The Globe and Mail (Wed Sep 27)
Venezuela opposition won't attend scheduled talks with government Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 26)
Bangladeshi government bans phone companies from selling SIM cards to Rohingya refugees, citing security concerns:… CBS News (Tue Sep 26)
WikiLeaks mirror of censored Catalan government referendum site now includes polling stations… WikiLeaks (Tue Sep 26)
Venezuela's government on latest travel ban: Lists like this are "a form of psychological and political terrorism"… CNN (Tue Sep 26)
Ontario government says it still backs rent control, despite condo conversions The Globe and Mail (Tue Sep 26)
At least 6 of President Trump's advisers used private email accounts for government business The New York Times (Tue Sep 26)
U.S. government says an American citizen may be missing in Yemen CBS News (Mon Sep 25)
The government has been subsidising lavatories for over three decades. But this does not guarantee greater usage The Economist (Mon Sep 25)
FOCUS - Judicial reforms: Polish government on collision course with the EU FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 25)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces the difficult task of forming a new government after being elected to a fourt… CBS News (Mon Sep 25)
Mnuchin on use of costly government jet to fly from NY to DC: "There are times when I need secure communications."… ABC News (Mon Sep 25)
The Chinese government sets its sights on building dominance in new industries The Economist (Mon Sep 25)
Iraqi government asks foreign countries to stop oil trade with Kurdistan Reuters Top News (Sun Sep 24)
Federal government in court to challenge ruling it bungled $830-million army truck purchase National Post (Sun Sep 24)
Provinces reject federal government's small-business tax changes From @ianabailey cdnpoli (for subscribers) The Globe and Mail (Sat Sep 23)
Mnuchin flew on government jet to Washington following appearance at Trump Tower Washington Post (Sat Sep 23)
Government approved plan to resettle foreign citizens of Russian extraction back to RT (Fri Sep 22)
US lacked 'whole government approach' to Afghanistan as security forces struggle to prevent Taliban advances, repor… Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 22)
Facebook will provide congress with more than 3,000 ads bought by entities linked to the Russian government.… USA TODAY (Fri Sep 22)
Your Internet isn’t getting any faster, but the government might soon call it "high-speed" anyway Washington Post (Thu Sep 21)
“We are actively working with the U.S. Government on its ongoing investigations into Russian interference,” Zuckerb… CBS News (Thu Sep 21)
No government agency tracks fatalities in police incidents involving Tasers. Read our ‘Shock Tactics’ series:… Reuters Top News (Wed Sep 20)
Protests in Barcelona after police raid Catalan government buildings euronews (Wed Sep 20)
?? Spain: Catalan leader accuses Government of imposing 'de facto' state of emergency FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 20)
Spain police raid Catalonia government offices, arrest junior minister Reuters Top News (Wed Sep 20)
Government backs tighter rules on takeover of UK companies The Guardian (Wed Sep 20)
Government backs tighter rules on takeover of UK companies The Guardian (Wed Sep 20)
President Trump at U.N.: "The Iranian government masks a corrupt dictatorship behind the false guise of a democracy" NBC News (Tue Sep 19)
Queen Elizabeth without Canadian secretary as Liberal government mulls future of job CBC News Alerts (Tue Sep 19)
Trump is expected to call on U.N. members to block any economic assistance to Kim Jong Un's government. USA TODAY (Tue Sep 19)
Experts spar over government plan to legalize random breath tests for drivers National Post (Mon Sep 18)
May's government is driven from the front. We just don't know the direction | John Crace The Guardian (Mon Sep 18)
The new oil: Government, tech companies prey on personal data CTV News (Mon Sep 18)
In 1931, the bank's insistence on public spending cuts to maintain the gold standard caused a government to collapse The Economist (Mon Sep 18)
The world loves Ethiopian pop star Teddy Afro. His own government doesn’t. Washington Post (Sun Sep 17)
Actions in Washington make it hard to hold federal government, officials accountable. By @AP @APLaurieKellman. The Associated Press (Sun Sep 17)
The bank's role has expanded to manage the government's finances and safeguard the value of the currency The Economist (Sat Sep 16)
Google caves in to US government demands for overseas data RT (Sat Sep 16)
Federal Court judge orders government to release pages of docs on Senate scandal CTV News (Fri Sep 15)
It's time for a new Syria peace process. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Fri Sep 15)
What is Russia's end goal? Rutenberg: "Intelligence assessments said it's to pressure the establishment government… CBS News (Fri Sep 15)
Pres. Trump defends Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin amid government jet inquiry: He's a "straight shooter."… ABC News (Fri Sep 15)
Federal government to announce advisory council for apology to LGBT Canadians @GlobePolitics The Globe and Mail (Fri Sep 15)
Honeymoon phase over. Just-married Mnuchin cancels government love jet NBC News (Thu Sep 14)
U.S. House passes $1.2 trillion measure to fund government Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 14)
More @CBCNews on death of Scarborough-Agincourt MP Arnold Chan, deputy leader of the government in House of Commons: CBC News Alerts (Thu Sep 14)
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin requested use of government jet to take him and his wife on European honeymoon.… ABC News (Thu Sep 14)
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asked to use a government jet for his honeymoon, but later withdrew the request… CNN (Thu Sep 14)
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin asked to use a government jet for his honeymoon, but later withdrew the request… CNN (Thu Sep 14)
Government drops request to bar Facebook from alerting users to searches over political communications Washington Post (Thu Sep 14)
US government bans agencies from using Kaspersky software over spying fears The Guardian (Wed Sep 13)
Former Brexit minister suggests government not being 'honest' about challenge of leaving EU - Politics live The Guardian (Wed Sep 13)
Government rebuked for failing to address homelessness crisis The Guardian (Tue Sep 12)
The loyal opposition needs to craft a new way forward for U.S. foreign policy. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Tue Sep 12)
Boeing walked away from talks with Trudeau government in Bombardier dispute National Post (Tue Sep 12)
Hamas says it is ready to discuss reconciliation with the rival government of Palestinian President Abbas… Al Jazeera English (Tue Sep 12)
“The federal government has been a good partner, our local governments are working really hard. It’s a seamless eff… CBS News (Tue Sep 12)
EU withdrawal bill: Labour rebels abstain or vote with government The Guardian (Tue Sep 12)
Storm floods parts of Philippines forcing the closure of financial markets, government offices and schools… Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 12)
Norway's right-wing government projected to win re-election Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 11)
Norway’s right-wing government projected to win re-election The Globe and Mail (Mon Sep 11)
Chinese EV shares surge as government mulls petrol car ban Reuters Top News (Mon Sep 11)
Canada has deported hundreds to war-torn countries: government data From @GlobePolitics The Globe and Mail (Mon Sep 11)
Trump cares more about nativist ideology than the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The latest from Shadow Government:… Foreign Policy (Mon Sep 11)
Rally held to protest Quebec government’s response to spring flooding The Globe and Mail (Sun Sep 10)
Harvey was still raining on water-logged Texas when the American government sent out an alert about phishing scams The Economist (Sun Sep 10)
Officials in Florida asked the federal government to provide 11 million meals as part of Hurricane Irma recovery… CBS News (Sun Sep 10)
Saudi government allegedly funded a 'dry run' for 9/11, report says Fox News (Sun Sep 10)
Canadians plead for government to evacuate loved ones in St. Maarten. CBC News Alerts (Sat Sep 09)
Watch live as B.C.'s NDP government delivers throne speech: CBC News Alerts (Fri Sep 08)
Federal government says, if Omnitrax doesn't fix rail line to Churchill, it will be forced to sell… CTV News (Fri Sep 08)
US heroin deaths have jumped 533% since 2002, government numbers show CNN (Fri Sep 08)
House to vote on Harvey aid, debt limit and government funding bill, which could send the massive package to POTUS:… CBS News (Fri Sep 08)
What's Myanmar government doing to end Rohingya crisis? Al Jazeera News (Thu Sep 07)
Trump Jr tells Senate staffers: I did not collude with any foreign government The Guardian (Thu Sep 07)
Senate passes package to fund hurricane relief, increase debt limit and fund government USA TODAY (Thu Sep 07)
Senate approves bills that tie hurricane aid with debt ceiling hike and plan to keep government running for 3 month… CNN Breaking News (Thu Sep 07)
First Nations optimistic B.C. government’s pledges are more than ‘hollow words’ From @GlobeBC The Globe and Mail (Thu Sep 07)