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Main policies of Austria's new right-wing government FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 17)
Worldlier than his predecessor, Mr Morawiecki will try to improve the Polish government's image abroad The Economist (Sun Dec 17)
Conservationists have sued the government, arguing that presidents cannot unmake a national monument The Economist (Sun Dec 17)
Some in the Russian government see cryptocurrencies as a way around Western sanctions The Economist (Sun Dec 17)
Austria's conservative-far right government says will be reliable EU partner Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 16)
U.S. government announces a seventh straight monthly increase in people being arrested or denied entry along the Me… CBS News (Sat Dec 16)
Kurz's Austrian conservatives bring far right into government Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 16)
Venezuela government, opposition hold new round of talks FRANCE 24 English (Sat Dec 16)
Syrian government 'will not engage in any dialogue' with opposition unless a statement insisting on the departure o… Al Jazeera English (Sat Dec 16)
For the first time in 17 years, Austria will have a far-right party in government Al Jazeera News (Sat Dec 16)
Detained asylum-seekers win right to sue PNG government for compensation Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 16)
Two years in, PM Trudeau's Liberal Government is in the legislative ‘doldrums’: critics CTV News (Fri Dec 15)
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson expressed “grave concerns” to the government of Myanmar over the arrests. S… Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 15)
It took nearly two weeks for the territorial government and U.S. agencies to deliver relief to the hardest-hit comm… Washington Post (Fri Dec 15)
'The government's played us for fools': your best comments on the Guardian today The Guardian (Fri Dec 15)
Trudeau government gag order in CIA brainwashing case silences victims, lawyer says. CBC News Alerts (Fri Dec 15)
A new report backed by the Rwandan government has accused France of complicity in the 1994 genocide The New York Times (Thu Dec 14)
An Australian child sex offender was stopped from leaving the country Monday, under new laws which government minis… CNN International (Thu Dec 14)
Stop-gap bill unveiled to fund U.S. government until Jan. 19 Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 14)
Residential-school survivor gets permission from government to donate documents From… The Globe and Mail (Thu Dec 14)
Analysis: The Pentagon takes climate change very seriously. This government watchdog says that's not enough. Washington Post (Wed Dec 13)
Trump's administration is the most corrupt government institution in the U.S.: poll Newsweek (Wed Dec 13)
South Korea to consider capital gains tax on cryptocurrency trading - government statement Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 13)
How the Democratic Party’s control of U.S. government has fallen sharply since the 70's: vi… Reuters Top News (Tue Dec 12)
Report: "Americans view Trump White House as the most corrupt government institution" via @PostOpinions Washington Post (Tue Dec 12)
Althea Efunshile joins Channel 4 board after government U-turn The Guardian (Tue Dec 12)
The French government has awarded grants to more than a dozen American-based climate scientists, allowing them to w… CBS News (Tue Dec 12)
'Heat not burn' cigarettes still harmful to health, say government advisors The Guardian (Tue Dec 12)
Opinion: The Polish government is cracking down on private media — in the name of combating "fake news" Washington Post (Tue Dec 12)
Canadian government moves to strip citizenship of man accused of Bosnian war crimes National Post (Tue Dec 12)
The Philippine government declares war on a beloved vehicle The Economist (Mon Dec 11)
A who’s who of Zimbabwe’s first post-Mugabe government. See more: Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 11)
[email protected]: "With Republicans in control of the government, we can make perfectly legitimate argument for across-t… Fox News (Sun Dec 10)
Thousands march in Tel Aviv against 'government corruption' FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 10)
The prospect of a government in Ireland—a long-time British colony—stymying Brexit has inflamed sections of U.K. po… Foreign Policy (Sat Dec 09)
The Mexican government closed the ocean for business to protect this dying mammal CNN (Sat Dec 09)
Kenyan lecturers end strike, say deal reached with government Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 09)
Iraqi Prime Minister declares "end of war" against ISIS, as government forces seize control of border with Syria… Newsweek (Sat Dec 09)
A divided Supreme Court agreed 5-4 to temporarily freeze a lower court order requiring the government to turn over… CNN (Sat Dec 09)
Head of House intelligence panel finds evidence of abuse in US government surveillance Fox News (Sat Dec 09)
PWC to sell government services practice: sources Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 09)
Congress passes bill to avert government shutdown, setting up pre-Christmas showdown |… Fox News (Fri Dec 08)
President Trump signs short-term spending bill to keep government running through Dec. 22 - via Fox News (Fri Dec 08)
Trump signs two-week spending bill to avoid government shutdown The Globe and Mail (Fri Dec 08)
William Watson: Quebec turns its hairdresser shortage into a government-run diversity project… National Post (Fri Dec 08)
Perspective: We need more government, not less, in the war on poverty Washington Post (Fri Dec 08)
BUSINESS DAILY - US government avoids shutdown with temporary funding bill FRANCE 24 English (Fri Dec 08)
Congress averts government shutdown for now Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 08)
Senate passes two-week spending bill to stave off government shutdown, braces for more heated fight Washington Post (Thu Dec 07)
NEW: House approves two-week spending measure to keep the government funded past the Friday deadline and through De… CBS News (Thu Dec 07)
House Republicans pass a short-term spending bill to keep the federal government running for another two weeks. The… CNN Breaking News (Thu Dec 07)
Once again, a government shutdown could mean no pay for deployed U.S. troops Washington Post (Thu Dec 07)
House passes temporary funding bill to avert government shutdown, buying time to negotiate issues like aid to Puert… The Associated Press (Thu Dec 07)
The deadline to fund the government is rapidly approaching. USA TODAY (Thu Dec 07)
Government scandals and rocky Brexit negotiations dog the Conservative Party. Why is Labour not doing better? The Economist (Thu Dec 07)
Trudeau government wants to 'demystify' G7 summit by involving Canadians CTV News (Thu Dec 07)
Here are this morning’s three things you need to know: 1?? Government shutdown? 2?? Australia says "I do" 3?? Walma… CBS News (Thu Dec 07)
UK government admits has not studied Brexit business impact FRANCE 24 English (Thu Dec 07)
President Trump threatens government shutdown, blames Democrats NBC News (Wed Dec 06)
Here's what you need to know about the potential government shutdown on Saturday Newsweek (Wed Dec 06)
Christine Keeler, the model who brought down a U.K. government, dies at 75 TIME (Wed Dec 06)
Is PM Trudeau's government worried Aussie fighter jets could dredge up disastrous used-submarine saga? CTV News (Wed Dec 06)
UK government accused of Brexit ‘shambles’ over economy impact plans euronews (Wed Dec 06)
Canada will not move embassy to Jerusalem, federal government says From @MichelleZilio @GlobePolitics The Globe and Mail (Wed Dec 06)
Deborah Cadman: women in local government need to grab power | Kirstie Brewer The Guardian (Wed Dec 06)
UK government delays possible reforms to gig economy practices The Guardian (Wed Dec 06)
One man could "implicate a lot of people in the Turkish government—maybe Erdogan and his family, maybe his Foreign Policy (Tue Dec 05)
B.C. government web developer moonlights as UFC fighter CTV News (Tue Dec 05)
Syrian villagers in Liwa Yazji’s play are ceremonially presented with goats by the government as a publicity-stunt… The Economist (Tue Dec 05)
Chuck Rocha: "You don't give tax cuts to millionaires when the government is doing so good and when the job economy… Fox News (Mon Dec 04)
According to the government of Myanmar, the Rohingya do not exist. How? The New York Times (Sat Dec 02)
Members of Mexico’s landmark anti-corruption drive say the government has thwarted them from making serious headway The New York Times (Sat Dec 02)
UK warns government agencies not to use Kaspersky software. ABC News (Sat Dec 02)
Only Justices Samuel Alito, Anthony Kennedy and Neil Gorsuch took the government's line The Economist (Sat Dec 02)
Roy Moore co-authored a government course saying women are unfit for office TIME (Fri Dec 01)
Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Russian government's efforts to interfere with the 2016 ele… ABC News (Fri Dec 01)
Congress is scrambling once again to avoid a government shutdown, with funding set to expire in one week. USA TODAY (Fri Dec 01)
Republicans preparing short-term plan to avert government shutdown Washington Post (Thu Nov 30)
LIVE SOON: The families of shooting victims call on the federal government to provide a timetable for the tabling o… CTV News (Thu Nov 30)
UK government 'being dragged screaming' to tackle air pollution The Guardian (Thu Nov 30)
White House does not expect U.S. government shutdown Reuters Top News (Wed Nov 29)
Government picks ex-Channel 4 chair Lord Burns for Ofcom role The Guardian (Wed Nov 29)
Climate Matters newsletter showcases that climate change is a bigger story than one government in one country. It's… USA TODAY (Wed Nov 29)
Dirty air is killing our children. Why does the government let this happen? | George Monbiot The Guardian (Wed Nov 29)
HIV is being diagnosed sooner after infection than it was just a few years ago, new government report finds… CBS News (Tue Nov 28)
The Japanese government believes the North Korean missile flew for more than 50 minutes CNN (Tue Nov 28)
President Trump is playing zero-dimensional chess on the government shutdown | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN… CNN (Tue Nov 28)
Ireland’s deputy prime minister resigns in a move that is likely to avert a government collapse, snap election that… Reuters Top News (Tue Nov 28)
Irish government collapse averted as deputy PM resigns The Guardian (Tue Nov 28)
Irish PM holds talks with opposition to avert government collapse The Guardian (Tue Nov 28)
[email protected]: "I think where the American public is outraged is there's allegedly $16 million of government taxpaye… Fox News (Tue Nov 28)
[email protected] on tax bill: "Do you want the American people to have more money or do you want the government to ha… Fox News (Tue Nov 28)
When gay marriage was legalised in Britain, the government expected more than 9,000 gay weddings the following year… The Economist (Mon Nov 27)
?? Pakistan's Government has 'Capitulated' FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 27)
Syrian government airstrikes and shelling outside Damascus kill at least 22 civilians, activists report… CBS News (Sun Nov 26)
Wave of Syrian government airstrikes, shelling kills at least 19 civilians around Eastern Ghouta. The Associated Press (Sun Nov 26)
Distrust of the central government is intense among pro-democracy legislators in Hong Kong The Economist (Sun Nov 26)
Germany's Merkel eyes Social Democrats in bid to form government Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 25)
Irish government set to fall weeks before Brexit summit Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 24)
Irish government in jeopardy ahead of key Brexit talks FRANCE 24 English (Fri Nov 24)
The UK government's silence on Myanmar is shameful writes @lloyd_rm Al Jazeera English (Fri Nov 24)
Irish government on verge of collapse in spat over deputy prime minister The Globe and Mail (Thu Nov 23)
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions orders a review of a government database used for background checks on gun buye… Reuters Top News (Thu Nov 23)
No joke: China government warns northern cities to get serious in war on smog Reuters Top News (Thu Nov 23)
The likely pick for Census Bureau deputy director has no government experience and authored a book that argues that… CNN (Thu Nov 23)
Migrant’s deportation threatens to topple Slovenia’s government euronews (Wed Nov 22)
If Zarrab talks, “he’s going to implicate a lot of people in the Turkish government—maybe Erdogan and his family, m… Foreign Policy (Tue Nov 21)
Government has mostly lived up to commitments to provide services such as language training to Syrian refugees, AG… CBC News Alerts (Tue Nov 21)
Federal government's troubled Phoenix pay system will take years to repair, and cost more than than half a billion… CBC News Alerts (Tue Nov 21)
Failed promises: survivors of deadly mudslide left homeless by Sierra Leone government The Guardian (Tue Nov 21)
Impeachment of Zimbabwe's Mugabe set to begin amid government cabinet Fox News (Tue Nov 21)
The U.S. government planned false flag attacks with Soviet aircraft to justify intervention Newsweek (Tue Nov 21)
AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson: "When the government suddenly...discards decades of legal precedent, businesses large… CBS News (Mon Nov 20)
Zarrab trial in U.S. is a 'clear plot against Turkey', government says Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 20)
German government talks collapse, raising possibility of new elections National Post (Mon Nov 20)
The world isn't ending on Sunday, but the government is still watching the night sky closely Newsweek (Sun Nov 19)
Top Afghan government official says Taliban should be included in peace talks From… The Globe and Mail (Sat Nov 18)
After losing communication with 44 crew aboard a Navy submarine, The Argentine Foreign Ministry said the government… ABC News (Sat Nov 18)
Richard Ratcliffe: ‘I have no space for rage. But our government has not been entirely honest' The Guardian (Sat Nov 18)
The UK government is starting to publicly accept what any observer of European politics has long known about Brexit… CNN International (Fri Nov 17)
Fairfax Financial Holdings interested in broken Churchill rail line: government CTV News (Fri Nov 17)
Ontario government moves to end college faculty strike CTV News (Thu Nov 16)
Federal government announces hundreds of arrests in MS-13 crackdown NBC News (Thu Nov 16)
UK government '10 years late' on air quality targets The Guardian (Thu Nov 16)
Zimbabwe's Biti says could work in post-coup unity government Reuters Top News (Thu Nov 16)
U.S. government approaches 18 states to fight AT&T-Time Warner deal Reuters Top News (Wed Nov 15)
"This is not a military takeover of government." After taking over the state broadcaster, Zimbabwe's army tries to… CBS News (Wed Nov 15)
Maj. General Sibusiso Moyo is assuring the public that the military is not taking over Zimbabwe's government and t… USA TODAY (Wed Nov 15)
"Proposed changes to the Dublin accord “take away elements of sovereignty”, says a Hungarian government spokesman The Economist (Wed Nov 15)
Zimbabwe's major general addresses the nation after the military seizes state TV, blocks off government offices… Al Jazeera English (Wed Nov 15)
What it's like to be trapped inside Libya's government detention centers CNN International (Wed Nov 15)
[email protected]: “What do you think the greatest percent of your income that you should be taxed by the government is?”… Fox News (Wed Nov 15)
[email protected]: “What do you think the greatest percent of your income that you should be taxed by the government is?”… Fox News (Tue Nov 14)
Police say man who wanted less government was making a weapon of mass destruction Newsweek (Tue Nov 14)
Venezuela opposition says talks with government delayed Reuters Top News (Tue Nov 14)
Ontario's government set to unveil small business tax cuts as part of fiscal update today, to mute impact of higher… CBC News Alerts (Tue Nov 14)
Steve Cortes on immigration: Cities like Chicago need to stop thumbing their nose at the federal government... for… Fox News (Tue Nov 14)
A hung jury would punctuate the trial with a massive question mark and require the government to decide whether to… USA TODAY (Tue Nov 14)
UK government apologises to detained Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe euronews (Mon Nov 13)
An Australian professor accuses his publisher of effectively dumping a book about Chinese government influence beca… CNN (Mon Nov 13)
Former insider says Welsh government was 'toxic environment' The Guardian (Mon Nov 13)
Sex scandals and ministerial mistakes sap Theresa May’s government The Economist (Sun Nov 12)
Was the Afghan government complicit in war crimes? via @AJUpFront Al Jazeera English (Sun Nov 12)
Globe editorial: The Trudeau government made a decision on Trans Mountain. Now it has to make it stick… The Globe and Mail (Sun Nov 12)
With Mr Hariri out of the way, Saudi Arabia can denounce Lebanon’s government as a stooge of Iran The Economist (Sat Nov 11)
Why @Greenpeace and Norwegian environmental organisation Nature and Youth are challenging the Norwegian government… Al Jazeera English (Sat Nov 11)
Croatia government survives no-confidence vote over Agrokor debt crisis Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 11)
Heavy smog has blanketed much of the Indian capital of Delhi prompting the city government to implement emergency m… CNN (Sat Nov 11)
[email protected]: "If you truly believe that Americans make better decisions with their own money and the government… Fox News (Fri Nov 10)
Many Liberal MPs urging federal government to stay out of Bill 62 court challenge @GlobePolitics The Globe and Mail (Fri Nov 10)