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Pro-government forces launched an operation in Nicaragua that left at least 10 people dead on Sunday… CBS News (Mon Jul 16)
U.S. government falls short of deadline to reunite separated migrant kids and their parents TIME (Thu Jul 12)
President Trump: "The U.S. is working very closely with the Government of Thailand to help get all of the children… NBC News (Sun Jul 08)
Ecuador ex-president dismisses arrest bid as government 'plot' FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jul 04)
A copy of the government form that was obtained by @NBCNews is included here. NBC News (Tue Jul 03)
U.S. government says it will detain migrant children with parents Reuters Top News (Sat Jun 30)
?? Andre Lopez Obrador: "The government has become a group at the service of a predatory minority"… FRANCE 24 English (Thu Jun 28)
President Trump claims crime in Germany "is way up." But data from the German government shows that 2017 saw the… CNN International (Sun Jun 24)
President Trump claims crime in Germany "is way up." But data from the German government shows that 2017 saw the… CNN International (Sun Jun 24)
Nova Scotia government to unveil Mi'kmaq licence plate in Truro CTV News (Fri Jun 22)
The Italian government accuses the German NGO of breaking the law by taking in over 220 migrants on Thursday despit… euronews (Fri Jun 22)
A DHS spokesperson says it's "unfortunate" that United, American and Frontier airlines have asked the US government… NBC News (Wed Jun 20)
The Afghan government says a US drone strike has killed the militant who was in charge of the Pakistan Taliban's Sw… CNN International (Fri Jun 15)
Syrian women share personal testimonies of rape by government soldiers (via @AJWitness) Al Jazeera English (Thu Jun 14)
U.S. to house migrant children in tents outside El Paso as government takes more into custody Washington Post (Thu Jun 14)
President Trump praised North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un -- a man who leads a government that outside observers sa… CNN (Tue Jun 12)
During their first year in government service, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner remained investors through various ve… The New York Times (Tue Jun 12)
Victims of disgraced Canada ski coach Bertrand Charest urge government action CTV News (Fri Jun 08)
Romaine lettuce made 172 people sick. Government investigators may never know why. Washington Post (Fri Jun 01)
Two Canadian banks are warning customers of a data breach and the federal government will… CTV News (Tue May 29)
Canadian government spending tens of millions on Facebook ads, boosted posts National Post (Wed May 23)
B.C. government files constitutional challenge of Alberta’s fuel restriction law @GlobeBC The Globe and Mail (Tue May 22)
Government use of Amazon facial recognition prompts warnings from civil rights groups The Globe and Mail (Tue May 22)
A powerful committee of MPs called on the British government to “get serious” and crack down on Kremlin-linked indi… euronews (Mon May 21)
Government plans to tackle mental health crisis 'will fail a generation' The Guardian (Tue May 08)
Myanmar journalists say government is failing to protect press freedom, according to survey:… Reuters Top News (Thu May 03)
Ivanka Trump has a road named after her in India as locals mock the government for neglecting areas she didn't visi… Newsweek (Wed May 02)
The Russian military indicated on Wednesday it will supply the Syrian government with a sophisticated air defense s… CBS News (Wed Apr 25)
Syrian government plans to retake north Homs from rebels next: minister Reuters Top News (Tue Apr 24)
Eventually, the United States will be sorely missed as a steady advocate for democracy and clean government The Economist (Tue Apr 24)
Second Saturday protest tackles Hungary government on media freedom euronews (Sun Apr 22)
Video: Response by @PartisanGirl who the UK government and the Guardian falsely called a Kremlin bot WikiLeaks (Sat Apr 21)
How B.C.’s head of state Judith Guichon chose a minority government over an election The Globe and Mail (Fri Apr 20)
Lance Armstrong has reached a $5 million settlement with the federal government in a whistleblower lawsuit that cou… NBC News (Fri Apr 20)
Israel needs America's help keeping Iran at bay in Syria. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Tue Apr 17)
U.S. government watchdogs slam Trump Cabinet on spending Reuters Top News (Mon Apr 16)
Just ten miles away from Douma, in government-controlled Damascus, residents shrug off the possibility of being a t… CBS News (Fri Apr 13)
Support for sheriffs is mounting from those who believe that the government has no authority to enforce some federa… The Economist (Fri Apr 13)
"How could Trump know if the terrorists used this or the Syrian government did this?" @sethdoane talks to Syrians… CBS News (Thu Apr 12)
Assad government forces 'take entire' Eastern Ghouta Al Jazeera News (Thu Apr 12)
Marni Soupcoff: The government can't handle the truth. At least, it shouldn't National Post (Thu Apr 12)
Israel needs America's help keeping Iran at bay in Syria. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Thu Apr 12)
Brazil's government has codified into law indigenous peoples' "right to retain their own customs." But what happens… Foreign Policy (Wed Apr 11)
Notley says Alberta government would consider buying Trans Mountain pipeline From… The Globe and Mail (Wed Apr 11)
Yes, Austria's far-right government has close ties to Russia. No, that doesn't mean its pro-Russia policies are sus… Foreign Policy (Tue Apr 10)
Mark Zuckerberg: “What we’re going to do is require a valid government identity, and we’re going to verify the loca… Fox News (Tue Apr 10)
Does it matter what kind of gas was used in the latest Syria attack? If the Syrian government used chlorine gas ins… CBS News (Tue Apr 10)
The Chinese government has reacted warily to the establishment of a new Japanese marine unit, its first since WWII… CNN International (Mon Apr 09)
Russia is vowing a "harsh response" to new US sanctions against Russian oligarchs and government officials… CNN International (Fri Apr 06)
U.S. government says it picked up on what appears to be unauthorized surveillance activity in nation’s capital from… ABC News (Thu Apr 05)
[email protected] holds a joint news conference with the Baltic States Heads of Government Fox News (Tue Apr 03)
President Trump seems to be preparing for a war with Amazon. But Trump's government is one of Amazon's biggest cust… CNN (Tue Apr 03)
'It's been my compass': helping the homeless failed by the government | Rachel Obordo The Guardian (Tue Apr 03)
Federal government promises $4.1-billion over next decade for B.C. infrastructure The Globe and Mail (Mon Apr 02)
Julia Kristeva, at 76, is one of Europe’s most decorated public intellectuals. The Bulgarian government alleges she… The New York Times (Sun Apr 01)
Atlanta's municipal government has been brought to its knees by one of the most sustained and consequential cyberat… The New York Times (Wed Mar 28)
Serbs quit Kosovo government after negotiator arrested FRANCE 24 English (Tue Mar 27)
Facebook’s privacy practices are being investigated by the Federal Trade Commission, the government agency confirmed The New York Times (Mon Mar 26)
Congo crisis worsening, EU says, as government shuns aid conference Reuters Top News (Sun Mar 25)
Trump signs spending bill, averting government shutdown FRANCE 24 English (Sat Mar 24)
Trump signs budget deal after raising government shutdown threat Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 23)
Does America need another prison? Starving for jobs, Letcher County, Kentucky, has asked the federal government t… NBC News (Thu Mar 22)
Are on-the-spot fines for sexual harassment in the street a good idea? The French government plans a new law but so… euronews (Thu Mar 22)
Congress may have finally figured out how to fund the government for more than a few weeks at a time. Here's what's… USA TODAY (Thu Mar 22)
Pro-choice NDP MP breaks ranks on summer jobs vote, slams government for removing right to dissent… National Post (Tue Mar 20)
If found violating the NDA, staffers would be penalized $10 million, to be paid to the government. USA TODAY (Mon Mar 19)
[email protected] on foreign government lobbying: "If you're being paid by foreign governments, you are betraying Amer… Fox News (Mon Mar 19)
Qatar's government communication office sues 'QatarExposed' for spreading false information Al Jazeera English (Sun Mar 18)
?? French government plans to set age of consent at 15 FRANCE 24 English (Thu Mar 08)
Italy's populist rivals prepare for talks on forming government euronews (Tue Mar 06)
China's Hainan government will not offer support to HNA Group: vice governor Reuters Top News (Tue Mar 06)
Italy may have to wait a good few weeks to find out what kind of government it will get next The Economist (Mon Mar 05)
France urges Iran to pressure Syrian government over Ghouta Reuters Top News (Sun Mar 04)
When Poland’s government passed a bill criminalizing use of the phrase “Polish death camps” to describe concentrati… Foreign Policy (Fri Mar 02)
Tensions escalate at the Trump International Hotel in Panama as the government dispatch police in riot gear to the… ABC News (Thu Mar 01)
Anger over journalist's murder piles pressure on Slovakia's government euronews (Thu Mar 01)
The Nigerian government has released the names of the 110 missing girls, some as young as 11 years old, who have no… CNN International (Wed Feb 28)
The Nigerian government has released the names of the 110 missing girls, some as young as 11 years old, who have no… CNN (Wed Feb 28)
The Nigerian government has released the names of the 110 missing girls, some as young as 11 years old, who have no… CNN Breaking News (Wed Feb 28)
Immigrants facing deportation can be held by the federal government for months or even years without the chance to… NBC News (Wed Feb 28)
Germany, France urge Russia to pressure Syria government on eastern Ghouta Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 25)
Anti-government protests now look like an opportunity for Iran’s president Washington Post (Sat Feb 24)
The Chinese government gave money to a Chinese student group at Georgetown. @BethanyAllenEbr reports: Foreign Policy (Fri Feb 23)
Parents of missing Nigerian girls demand answers after government retracts statement that some of them were rescued… Al Jazeera News (Fri Feb 23)
?? Tightening grip: French government unveils controversial migrant law FRANCE 24 English (Thu Feb 22)
Syria's government-run media call reports of an ongoing deadly assault on civilians "lies and deceptions." But grap… CBS News (Wed Feb 21)
State elections officials want more information from federal government to help protect their balloting from cybers… Washington Post (Sat Feb 17)
UK lawmakers tell government to cut interest rate on student loans Reuters Top News (Sun Feb 18)
There is little trust between Myanmar's government and ethnic militias, even after a ceasefire The Economist (Fri Feb 16)
Leadership debate leaves viewers guessing what an Ontario PC government would look like @GlobeDebate The Globe and Mail (Fri Feb 16)
Watch the moment a US-led coalition drone strike on a T-72 battle tank allegedly belonging to pro-Syrian government… RT (Thu Feb 15)
Ethiopia's Prime Minister submits resignation after anti-government protests TIME (Thu Feb 15)
Australia's prime minister has banned sexual relationships between government ministers and their staff members The New York Times (Thu Feb 15)
PM says Canada has failed to recognize and implement constitutional rights of Indigenous peoples. Vows government-w… CBC News Alerts (Wed Feb 14)
Watch live as Liberal government announces a new legal framework for Indigenous people. CBC News Alerts (Wed Feb 14)
When Poland’s government passed a bill criminalizing use of the phrase “Polish death camps” to describe concentrati… Foreign Policy (Wed Feb 14)
Arlene Foster: no prospect of restored government in Northern Ireland The Guardian (Wed Feb 14)
After bribery allegations, Netanyahu's government stable - for now Reuters Top News (Wed Feb 14)
They sleep in separate dorms, travel on different buses and have government minders, but the united Korea team is b… Reuters Top News (Tue Feb 13)
The World Government Summit 2018 In Brief euronews (Tue Feb 13)
British charity Oxfam faces government funding axe over Haiti prostitution scandal euronews (Mon Feb 12)
Between red tape and mounds of paperwork, government keeps proving it doesn't understand the farm… National Post (Mon Feb 12)
Boko Haram releases 13 hostages, Nigerian government says CBS News (Mon Feb 12)
Oxfam told to show 'moral leadership' or lose government funds The Guardian (Sun Feb 11)
Since this government can’t govern, parliament must take charge of Brexit | Andrew Rawnsley The Guardian (Sun Feb 11)
Wallace on the 'Dirty Little Secret' About the GOP & Government Spending Fox News (Fri Feb 09)
U.S. President Donald Trump has signed a bipartisan budget bill into law, ending a government shutdown triggered ov… CBC News Alerts (Fri Feb 09)
The government is shut down after Congress failed to reach an agreement on a budget deal. Follow here for the lates… CNN International (Fri Feb 09)
Federal government to reopen after House passes budget deal USA TODAY (Fri Feb 09)
JUST IN: U.S. House approves bill to fund government and raise spending limits over 2 years, sending measure to Tru… Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 09)
Senate reconvenes amid short-term government shutdown. Watch LIVE NBC News (Fri Feb 09)
BREAKING: Government temporarily shuts down after Congress fails to pass funding bill by midnight NBC News (Fri Feb 09)
JUST IN: The Senate has recessed until 12:01am ET Friday. The government will shutdown NBC News (Fri Feb 09)
Facing midnight deadline, U.S. government preparing for possible shutdown Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 09)
B.C. Supreme Court chief justice calls on federal government to appoint more judges The Globe and Mail (Thu Feb 08)
Analysis: Nancy Pelosi’s House filibuster just increased the chances for a government shutdown Washington Post (Wed Feb 07)
Scottish government criticised over US military use of airport The Guardian (Wed Feb 07)
Senate leaders strike budget deal ahead of government shutdown deadline NBC News (Wed Feb 07)
House passes spending bill to avert government shutdown, sends to Senate Reuters Top News (Wed Feb 07)
Subsidiary of Chinese Aecon buyer blacklisted for allegedly bribing government officials @globepolitics The Globe and Mail (Wed Feb 07)
Trump says he would "love a government shutdown," but the White House insists they don't want another gridlock… Newsweek (Wed Feb 07)
Woman severely injured by blast during Dakota pipeline protest sues to access evidence held by government that coul… The Associated Press (Tue Feb 06)
The Russian government billed the Syrian National Dialogue Congress, which it held last week in the Black Sea city… Foreign Policy (Tue Feb 06)
And now, a cheery message from the folks behind Shadow Government: "However bad you think the last year has been, i… Foreign Policy (Tue Feb 06)
Trump threatens government shutdown if Congress doesn't fix immigration laws USA TODAY (Tue Feb 06)
During a meeting on the MS-13 gang, Trump said he supports a government shutdown if Democrats won't agree to tighte… CNN (Tue Feb 06)
Heading for a government shutdown? Here is what is in the new short-term bill and what is not: USA TODAY (Tue Feb 06)
The number of US forces in Iraq will fall after the government in Baghdad declared victory over ISIS, an Iraqi gove… CNN (Tue Feb 06)
[email protected] for Shadow Government: @realdonaldtrump ignores arms reduction agreements at his administration's per… Foreign Policy (Tue Feb 06)
EYE ON AFRICA - Kenyan government restores transmission to two major TV stations FRANCE 24 English (Tue Feb 06)
The EU customs union works. But clearly, the government does not | Jonathan Lis The Guardian (Tue Feb 06)
[email protected]: It's time for national leadership on pipelines — that's why we created a federal government… National Post (Tue Feb 06)
Two Canadians released from Syria, government says @GlobePolitics The Globe and Mail (Mon Feb 05)
The government could shut down (again) later this week CNN (Mon Feb 05)
The list names over 100 government officials and 96 businessmen as “oligarchs” close to Vladimir Putin’s regime The Economist (Mon Feb 05)
In China, there is no government welfare agency to take care of children whose parents go to jail. (via @AJ101East) Al Jazeera English (Mon Feb 05)
[email protected]_: “This is one of the grossest abuses of power that we’ve seen from a government agency and there ha… Fox News (Sun Feb 04)
How much of the crisis is to be blamed on the weather, and how much on a lack of government planning? The Economist (Sat Feb 03)
YouTube is changing the way it handles government-funded news TIME (Sat Feb 03)
Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is calling for the federal government to step in after B.C. recently announced it won… CTV News (Sat Feb 03)
Do cellphones cause cancer? The latest studies from the government show, at the highest doses for the longest perio… NBC News (Sat Feb 03)
House sets Tuesday vote on bill to avoid government shutdown Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Venezuela's government in denial as doctors warn of return to medical 'stone age' (? @Camiikaze)… euronews (Fri Feb 02)
With Russian help, Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian government forces have launched an offensive on one of the last remaini… The Economist (Fri Feb 02)
By taking major TV channels off the air, Kenyan government showed that it is still in the midst of a legitimacy cri… Al Jazeera English (Fri Feb 02)
Marni Soupcoff: Chilling reasons to be paranoid about government research National Post (Fri Feb 02)
JUST IN: Defense Secretary Mattis says chlorine gas has been weaponized and used repeatedly by Syrian government, s… Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
The eldest son of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro committed suicide, two Cuban government sources confirmed to NBC… NBC News (Fri Feb 02)
At least 18 people are in the hospital after a van plowed into pedestrians in downtown Shanghai, the government say… CNN Breaking News (Fri Feb 02)
Several people are in the hospital after a van plowed into pedestrians in downtown Shanghai, government says. The i… CNN (Fri Feb 02)