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Hollywood's executives forming task force to fight sexual harassment CBS News (Sun Dec 17)
Anita Hill will lead a Hollywood commission to combat sexual harassment in the media and entertainment industries The New York Times (Sat Dec 16)
Hollywood’s most overpaid movie stars have one thing in common: they’re all men TIME (Fri Dec 15)
Disney transforms into 'Walmart of Hollywood' with $52-billion Fox studio takeover National Post (Thu Dec 14)
WATCH: Nominations for the Screen Actors Guild awards are being announced this hour from West Hollywood: CBC News Alerts (Wed Dec 13)
How Saoirse Ronan got to Hollywood with talent and a little luck TIME (Tue Dec 12)
Keaton Jones's heartbreaking video about being bullied went viral. Now all of Hollywood wants to be his friend… Newsweek (Mon Dec 11)
50% say Sex Pests part of Hollywood’s everyday life – Russian poll RT (Mon Dec 11)
After showdown between John Oliver and Dustin Hoffman, Hollywood has no "safe space" from hard conversations about… Washington Post (Wed Dec 06)
Billy Bush 'infuriated' that Trump reportedly questioned authenticity of 'Access Hollywood' tape. "Enough's enough.… ABC News (Tue Dec 05)
Billy Bush fires back at Trump for questioning "Access Hollywood" tape: "President Trump is currently indulging in… ABC News (Mon Dec 04)
Trump accuser: 'It's not shocking' Trump would doubt the 'Access Hollywood' tape CNN International (Mon Dec 04)
Hollywood, rocked by sex scandals, takes a hard look at change NBC News (Mon Dec 04)
“He said it”: Billy Bush reiterates that Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape is real Washington Post (Mon Dec 04)
President Trump has questioned the authenticity of the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape in which he bragged about b… CNN International (Sat Dec 02)
Access Hollywood hits back after report that President Trump says leaked tape is fake TIME (Wed Nov 29)
The thing I still don't get about the "Access Hollywood" tape story | Analysis by @CillizzaCNN… CNN (Tue Nov 28)
The White House stands by President Trump's original "Access Hollywood" defense CNN (Tue Nov 28)
Pres. Trump has privately questioned authenticity of infamous 'Access Hollywood' tape, sources say.… ABC News (Sun Nov 26)
LAPD investigates nearly two dozen sex crime cases tied to Hollywood NBC News (Sun Nov 19)
LAPD investigates nearly two dozen sex crime cases tied to Hollywood: NBC News (Sat Nov 18)
Al Franken's reaction to Trump's "Access Hollywood" tape scrutinized Newsweek (Sat Nov 18)
Will Hollywood's sexual-misconduct reckoning result in lasting change? CNN International (Fri Nov 17)
These old Hollywood starlets endured sexual harassment long before the "Weinstein effect" Newsweek (Tue Nov 14)
Opinion: Hollywood’s harassment scandals prove that "Entourage" is basically a documentary Washington Post (Tue Nov 14)
Hundreds of women, men and children rally in Hollywood for march against sexual violence and harassment.… ABC News (Mon Nov 13)
Wilson comes forward with her own story about sexual misconduct in Hollywood. USA TODAY (Sat Nov 11)
'Fear is everywhere': a quiet paranoia haunts post-Weinstein Hollywood The Guardian (Fri Nov 10)
Steve Bannon compares the Roy Moore accusations to coverage of Trump's "Access Hollywood" tape… CNN (Fri Nov 10)
We compiled all of the Hollywood men who have been accused of sexual misconduct since the Weinstein scandal broke. USA TODAY (Thu Nov 09)
Louis C.K. now is the latest Hollywood figure accused of sexual misconduct. USA TODAY (Thu Nov 09)
Hollywood wracked by chaos in aftermath of sex scandals FRANCE 24 English (Wed Nov 08)
Kate Winslet and Allison Janney shared an impromptu kiss at the Hollywood Film Awards TIME (Tue Nov 07)
Sexual misconduct spotlight shifts from Hollywood to state capitols Fox News (Mon Nov 06)
Kate Winslet and Allison Janney shared an impromptu kiss at the Hollywood Film Awards TIME (Mon Nov 06)
ICYMI: Nearly 4,500 fans gather in Hollywood to pay tribute to Latin icon Selena Quintanilla who died in 1995: CBC News Alerts (Sat Nov 04)
These are all of the Hollywood power players accused of sexual assault or harassment. USA TODAY (Fri Nov 03)
Alec Baldwin admits he's 'bullied women' in a 'sexist' way, calls for a change in Hollywood National Post (Fri Nov 03)
[email protected] makes police pay heavy price for ‘Hollywood-style’ raid RT (Fri Nov 03)
Rob Reiner and Woody Harrelson say Trump's narcissism is worse than any Hollywood actor's Newsweek (Wed Nov 01)
Some men in Hollywood have come forward with allegations that they were victims of sexual misconduct:… ABC News (Wed Nov 01)
Hollywood actors speak of 'rampant' problem of male abusers targeting men The Guardian (Tue Oct 31)
Kenneth Branagh cements status as Hollywood star FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 27)
Corey Feldman announces project to expose Hollywood pedophiles CBS News (Fri Oct 27)
A look at Friday's paper: PrinceAlbert shares his memories of Hollywood's princess, GraceKelly; Secret JFKfiles… USA TODAY (Fri Oct 27)
Misogyny in hip hop and Hollywood is "worse than it has ever been," says Eve Newsweek (Thu Oct 26)
Opinion: The spectre of a sexual predator is haunting Hollywood by @HamidDabashi Al Jazeera English (Mon Oct 23)
The 21st-century Hollywood: how Silicon Valley became the world’s trend capital The Guardian (Mon Oct 23)
On @WattersWorld, @ImJohnOHurley slammed intolerant Hollywood liberals who will not accept him supporting @POTUS.… Fox News (Mon Oct 23)
How Hollywood and the media failed to expose sexual predator Harvey Weinstein via… Al Jazeera English (Mon Oct 23)
Role by role, Amy Adams has convinced Hollywood — and herself — that she’s never to be underestimated… The New York Times (Sun Oct 22)
@MariaBelen_Fdez How Hollywood and the media failed to expose Harvey Weinstein via… Al Jazeera English (Sat Oct 21)
Predatory behavior is not confined to Hollywood - here are some survivor stories that powered metoo… CNN International (Fri Oct 20)
Workplace harassment not just a Hollywood problem FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 19)
French Aids drama BPM shows Hollywood how to capture gay history The Guardian (Wed Oct 18)
Analysis: On TV news, the 2016 campaign ended with more Comey and WikiLeaks than "Access Hollywood" Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Lawrence join the chorus of women sharing Hollywood abuse stories Washington Post (Tue Oct 17)
Hollywood women speak out on harassment BBC News (World) (Tue Oct 17)
Courtney Love warned young girls in Hollywood to avoid meeting with Harvey Weinstein Newsweek (Mon Oct 16)
[email protected]: "Hollywood's been steeped in hypocrisy for decades." Fox News (Sun Oct 15)
ANALYSIS: When powerful men run the show, can Hollywood really stamp out abuse? CBC News Alerts (Sun Oct 15)
Will flood of Weinstein accusers bring sweeping change to Hollywood? NBC News (Sun Oct 15)
OP-ED: Weinstein scandal -- Can Democrats afford to cut Hollywood loose? Fox News (Sun Oct 15)
Sexual harassment scandals aren't contained to Hollywood. They've happened in science for years… Newsweek (Sat Oct 14)
Oscars board votes to expel Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein over sexual harassment allegations BBC Breaking News (Sat Oct 14)
George Clooney's 'ER' costar accused him of 'blacklisting' her from Hollywood Fox News (Sat Oct 14)
Perspective: Five myths about Hollywood Washington Post (Sat Oct 14)
Reality bites: why Hollywood wouldn’t let Winona Ryder grow up The Guardian (Sat Oct 14)
Reiner said there are steps that can be taken to change the Hollywood culture. USA TODAY (Sat Oct 14)
Weinstein exposes the hatred of women endemic in Hollywood | Opinion Newsweek (Sat Oct 14)
?? Will the Harvey Weinstein controversy be a watershed moment for Hollywood? FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 13)
Rex Murphy: And the Oscar for moral hypocrisy goes to ... Hollywood! via @nationalpost National Post (Fri Oct 13)
[email protected]_Villa: The Hollywood swamp is starting to crumble. If Weinstein is getting pulled to the surface, all these o… Fox News (Fri Oct 13)
Actor James Van Der Beek speaks out, saying he was the victim of sexual harassment in Hollywood.… ABC News (Fri Oct 13)
Hollywood turns on Harvey Weinstein euronews (Thu Oct 12)
WATCH: Tucker Rips Hollywood, NBC, NY Prosecutor over Weinstein Scandal Fox News (Thu Oct 12)
IN THE PAPERS - "Hollywood Pervert," "the pig" of Cannes...French papers weigh in on Harvey Weinstein… FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 12)
Hollywood A-listers accuse Harvey Weinstein of harassment euronews (Wed Oct 11)
Actor Terry Crews: I was sexually assaulted by Hollywood executive The Guardian (Wed Oct 11)
More Hollywood artists are speaking out against Harvey Weinstein CNN (Wed Oct 11)
Terry Crews describes being sexually assaulted by a Hollywood exec Newsweek (Tue Oct 10)
Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood kingmaker with feet of clay FRANCE 24 English (Tue Oct 10)
'Hollywood Loves to Wave the Self-Righteous Finger': @RealDeanCain Rips Harvey Weinstein Scandal Fox News (Tue Oct 10)
[email protected] on Harvey Weinstein allegations: "This was the worst-kept secret in Hollywood."… Fox News (Tue Oct 10)
BUSINESS DAILY - Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein fired over sexual harassment claims FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 09)
IN THE PAPERS - Harvey Weinstein scandal: 'Men must step up to change Hollywood culture' FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 09)
Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein fired over sexual harassment claims euronews (Mon Oct 09)
"There is still a lot of fear. Is Harvey really done?” In Hollywood, after all, there is no shortage of sequels. The New York Times (Sun Oct 08)
90210 star AnnaLynne McCord on sexual harassment in Hollywood and the infamous casting couch Newsweek (Sun Oct 08)
90210 star AnnaLynne McCord on sexual harassment in Hollywood and the infamous casting couch Newsweek (Sun Oct 08)
Hollywood's Harvey Weinstein takes leave after sex harassment claims Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 05)
Bullets and Burgers gives guests the chance to shoot "the actual firearms used in several Hollywood hits." USA TODAY (Tue Oct 03)
Tom Petty to fans at his final Hollywood Bowl concert: "I want to thank you for 40 years of a really great time."… CBS News (Mon Oct 02)
'F--k you!' George Clooney blasts Trump for 'Hollywood elite' comment via @nparts National Post (Mon Sep 25)
TONIGHT: @TuckerCarlson Takes On Hollywood Director Rob Reiner on 'War' With Russia |… Fox News (Thu Sep 21)
THURSDAY: Tucker Takes On Hollywood Director Rob Reiner on 'War' With Russia Fox News (Thu Sep 21)
Ryan Phillippe photographs his Hollywood run-in with Anthony Scaramucci: It's "Mooch ado about nothing"… ABC News (Sun Sep 17)
3 days after Hurricane Irma hit, the dire situation at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills became clearer. The Associated Press (Sat Sep 16)
TIFF 2017: Ian McEwan gets his Hollywood moment, two decades after his first From @GlobeArts The Globe and Mail (Fri Sep 15)
Update: At least 8 people dead at nursing home that lost power, city of Hollywood, Fla. says CNN (Wed Sep 13)
"We are proactively conducting inspections of all assisted living facilities," Hollywood police chief says… CBS News (Wed Sep 13)
Hollywood, FL Mayor on looters: "County sheriff made a point...for persons electing to make bad life decisions to t… Fox News (Mon Sep 11)
Miami International Airport & Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport are closed. Latest updates:… CNN (Mon Sep 11)
George Clooney slammed Steve Bannon in a profane rant about his failed Hollywood career Newsweek (Sun Sep 10)
Hurricane Irma's ferocious winds spin crane around in Hollywood, Florida as lightning flashes in the sky… ABC News (Sun Sep 10)
Paul Hollywood pictured wearing fancy-dress Nazi uniform The Guardian (Sun Sep 10)
“People didn’t care,” Steve Bannon tells @CharlieRose on "Access Hollywood" tape. “And they dismissed it.”&hel CBS News (Fri Sep 08)
'Special Report' anchor @BretBaier talks to The Hollywood Reporter about covering President Trump.… Fox News (Thu Sep 07)
'Flash Boys' author says Hollywood won't adapt his book with an Asian lead TIME (Thu Sep 07)
Hollywood had its worst summer in 20 years. Can fall save the box office? CNN (Tue Sep 05)
How Hollywood's eye turned to the Holocaust euronews (Sun Sep 03)
Hollywood stars enter Confederate symbols row FRANCE 24 English (Sun Sep 03)
Kim Dotcom’s ‘gift to Hollywood’: Bitcoin-based file-sharing platform set for launch RT (Sat Sep 02)
This actress changed her last name to get roles in 'racist' Hollywood TIME (Fri Sep 01)
How Hollywood's eye turned to the Holocaust euronews (Wed Aug 30)
Hollywood rallies for the Harvey relief effort CNN International (Tue Aug 29)
Box-office eclipse: Hollywood has worst weekend in years National Post (Sun Aug 27)
Why an underpass in Berlin is Hollywood’s biggest breakout star The Guardian (Sun Aug 27)
Director Patty Jenkins shot back after James Cameron criticized "Wonder Woman" as "a step backwards" for Hollywood.… USA TODAY (Fri Aug 25)
Another Hollywood movie casts a white actor as a character that was written as Asian-American… CBS News (Fri Aug 25)
"She’s an objectified icon, and it’s just male Hollywood doing the same old thing!" USA TODAY (Fri Aug 25)
Godzilla vs Kong: whoever wins Hollywood's monster mashup, we all lose The Guardian (Tue Aug 22)
Prepare for the best series of Bake Off yet, says judge Paul Hollywood The Guardian (Mon Aug 21)
Hollywood after Bridesmaids: has the ladette comedy gone too far? The Guardian (Sat Aug 19)
Hollywood says goodbye. USA TODAY (Fri Aug 18)
Hollywood and Apple may offer movie rentals weeks after debut, ignoring theatres via… National Post (Fri Aug 18)
Hollywood still has some work to do: There are no people of color on @Forbes highest paid actresses list. USA TODAY (Thu Aug 17)
Her OscarsSoWhite campaign changed how Hollywood deals with race. Now she’s taking on HBO. Washington Post (Thu Aug 17)
Could Benedict Cumberbatch star in Hollywood's TV adaptation of Brexit? Newsweek (Tue Aug 15)
Hollywood tends to favour neat, saccharine endings. That makes “The Glass Castle” a tricky bit of source material The Economist (Tue Aug 15)
Decades before Charlottesville, the Ku Klux Klan was dead. The first Hollywood blockbuster revived it. Washington Post (Sun Aug 13)
Jim Carrey's art is yet more proof that Hollywood stars should avoid the canvas The Guardian (Thu Aug 10)
Annabelle is plenty freaky, but let’s see how she ranks against other inhabitants of Hollywood’s horror dollhouse. USA TODAY (Wed Aug 09)
"We're really disappointed..." Hollywood power couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris separate after 8 years of marriage… CBS News (Mon Aug 07)
Amazon is spending billions of dollars in Hollywood NBC News (Sun Aug 06)
Amazon’s Hollywood spending soars, returns unclear Reuters Top News (Thu Aug 03)
Stage direction: North By Northwest takes Hollywood to the theatre The Guardian (Wed Aug 02)
Hollywood still excluding women and Hispanics despite diversity push, per a new report NBC News (Mon Jul 31)
Hollywood is trying to turn everything into movies — even mindless games like "Fruit Ninja" The New York Times (Sun Jul 30)
TheLastTycoon is a stylish Hollywood portrait. Our review. (Photo: Amazon) USA TODAY (Fri Jul 28)
Violent femmes: Atomic Blonde and Hollywood’s new wave of killer women The Guardian (Fri Jul 28)
How director John Woo changed Hollywood’s history of violence From @GlobeArts The Globe and Mail (Thu Jul 27)
A John Wick 'expanded universe' – Hollywood's most idiotic idea yet? The Guardian (Thu Jul 27)
Has the fear of Putin seized Hollywood? (Op-Edge by Michael McCaffrey) RT (Sun Jul 23)
Review: "'Dunkirk' is the rare example of a Hollywood blockbuster done right" TIME (Sat Jul 22)
Stan Lee honored with an imprint ceremony at Hollywood's famous TCL Chinese Theatre. ABC News (Tue Jul 18)
The zombie film is George A. Romero’s gift to, and curse on, Hollywood From @GlobeArts The Globe and Mail (Mon Jul 17)
Is Hollywood working hand-in-hand with military and intelligence agencies to legitimise their operations?… Al Jazeera English (Sun Jul 16)
Donald Trump’s Hollywood star clean-up has gone viral – but not for the reason he’d want indy100 (Wed Jul 12)
After a humiliating cyberattack at Sony Pictures, she became a role model in Hollywood for dealing with adversity The New York Times (Sun Jul 09)