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In Pakistan, a suicide bomber killed at least 70 people at a political rally on Friday— including a candidate… CBS News (Fri Jul 13)
The Afghan government says a US drone strike has killed the militant who was in charge of the Pakistan Taliban's Sw… CNN International (Fri Jun 15)
A war of nerves between Pakistan's military and Sharif BBC News (World) (Mon May 28)
Pakistan is spending around $483 million to build chain-link fences along its porous 1,500-mile border with Afghani… NBC News (Thu May 17)
Death toll from Pakistan mining explosions climbs to 23 CTV News (Sun May 06)
Pakistan's Ziarat: An ancient juniper forest and its living fossils BBC News (World) (Sat Apr 21)
Despite a media blackout, an ethnic Pashtun protest group has grown quickly in Pakistan as it demands justice for e… The New York Times (Tue Apr 17)
‘Never fight someone else’s war’: US aid brought Pakistan more losses than benefits - Imran Khan… RT (Mon Apr 16)
More delays in GE power plants a worry for Pakistan's ruling party Reuters Top News (Fri Apr 13)
Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai returns to Pakistan home town FRANCE 24 English (Sat Mar 31)
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai returns to Pakistan for the first time since she was shot by the Taliba… NBC News (Thu Mar 29)
JUST IN: "We have invested 600 million dollars for female education in Pakistan under the Malala Fund," says Malala… euronews (Thu Mar 29)
Militant leader, bin Laden ally roams freely in Pakistan Fox News (Thu Mar 29)
Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is back in Pakistan for the first time since she was shot in the face and… CNN International (Wed Mar 28)
Under Trump, U.S. drones are back in Pakistan. And it's all about the Foreign Policy (Tue Mar 27)
Marvia Malik - Pakistan TV airs first transgender anchor BBC News (World) (Mon Mar 26)
'I've never been to school': child waste pickers living on Pakistan's streets | Haroon Janjua The Guardian (Tue Mar 20)
After decades of oppression, discrimination and abuse, Pakistan's Pashtuns are demanding change and justice… Al Jazeera English (Sun Feb 25)
Pakistan court sentences child killer, rapist to death Reuters Top News (Sat Feb 17)
Man sentenced to death for raping and killing six-year-old Zainab Ansari, whose murder sparked outrage in Pakistan BBC Breaking News (Sat Feb 17)
"Pakistan will pay for this misadventure," Nirmala Sitharaman, India's defence minister Al Jazeera News (Wed Feb 14)
India has warned Pakistan that it "will pay" for its "misadventure" in Indian-administered Kashmir… Al Jazeera English (Tue Feb 13)
A strong magnitude 6.1 earthquake rattled Pakistan and Afghanistan, killing a young girl and injuring 15 others, of… USA TODAY (Wed Jan 31)
Climber rescued on Pakistan's 'killer mountain' arrives home in France FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 31)
Bomb kills eight Shiites in NW Pakistan FRANCE 24 English (Tue Jan 30)
After the U.S. government said it would cut millions of dollars' worth of security aid to Pakistan, violence in Afg… The New York Times (Tue Jan 30)
French climber saved on Pakistan's 'killer mountain' FRANCE 24 English (Sun Jan 28)
Rescuers call off efforts to save Polish climber on Pakistan mountain The Globe and Mail (Sun Jan 28)
Climber Rescued on Pakistan’s ‘Killer Mountain,’ but Another Is in Peril The New York Times (Sun Jan 28)
Pakistan's 'Killer Mountain' claims life of Polish climber, French mountaineer rescued from slopes (via @travfed) Fox News (Sun Jan 28)
Polish rescue team finds French climber on Pakistan's 'Killer Mountain' Reuters Top News (Sun Jan 28)
Climbers rescue French woman stranded on Pakistan’s ‘Killer Mountain’ The Guardian (Sun Jan 28)
Stranded mountain climbers in Pakistan to be rescued FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 26)
Haqqani militant killed by drone strike in Pakistan: officials FRANCE 24 English (Wed Jan 24)
Mother and daughter shot dead while immunising children from polio in Pakistan The Guardian (Fri Jan 19)
Pakistan Zainab murder: DNA suggests suspect in other case was 'innocent' BBC News (World) (Fri Jan 19)
Police killing of 27- year-old Naqeebullah Mehsud sparks social media outcry in Pakistan Al Jazeera English (Fri Jan 19)
Pakistan’s generals hold a trump card The Economist (Wed Jan 17)
Pakistan has some of the world's worst schools. Fortunately it is embracing radical reform The Economist (Sun Jan 14)
Boult destroys Pakistan as New Zealand take series FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jan 13)
Serial killer may be behind the rape and murder of 8-year-old girl in Pakistan: official National Post (Sat Jan 13)
Pakistan army chief says nation felt 'betrayed' by U.S. criticism Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
Pakistan-US ties tested but not killed by huge aid cut Al Jazeera News (Fri Jan 12)
Pakistan army chief says nation felt 'betrayed' at U.S. criticism Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
Pakistan Zainab murder: Anger in Kasur as other parents speak out BBC News (World) (Fri Jan 12)
'A mad scramble': How Trump's tweet on Pakistan blindsided U.S. officials via @ReutersTV Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
Protests erupt in Pakistan over rape and murder of 7-year-old girl FRANCE 24 English (Fri Jan 12)
Trump’s New Year’s Day tweet about cutting aid to Pakistan is the latest example of officials sometimes having to s… Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
Trump’s New Year’s Day tweet about cutting aid to Pakistan is the latest example of officials sometimes having to s… Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 12)
Pakistan reporter Taha Siddiqui flees armed abductors BBC News (World) (Wed Jan 10)
CIA Director Mike Pompeo discusses the Trump administration's position on North Korea, Pakistan, Iran and more on… CBS News (Sun Jan 07)
Trump backs Sen. Paul's plan to fund infrastructure projects with suspended aid to Pakistan Fox News (Sun Jan 07)
Pakistan’s feeble attempts at land reform were ruled un-Islamic by its Supreme Court in 1990 The Economist (Sat Jan 06)
Trump could freeze $2bn of Pakistan aid over militant havens FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jan 06)
China is building a new base for warships in Pakistan, America's newest enemy Newsweek (Sat Jan 06)
Make America less safe again: Will Trump endanger U.S. soldiers by cutting Pakistan funding?… Newsweek (Fri Jan 05)
US & Israel target Iran, Pakistan and other Muslim countries for their resources – Erdogan… RT (Fri Jan 05)
Trump has threatened to cut off millions in aid to Palestine and Pakistan. What will this mean for US policy in the… Al Jazeera English (Fri Jan 05)
U.S. suspends at least $900 million in security aid to Pakistan Reuters Top News (Fri Jan 05)
U.S. suspends aid to Pakistan accusing it of failing to deal with terrorist groups euronews (Fri Jan 05)
US suspends security assistance to Pakistan Fox News (Fri Jan 05)
The US is suspending security assistance to Pakistan over what it says is a failure by the country to adequately cr… CNN Breaking News (Thu Jan 04)
The US is suspending security assistance to Pakistan over what it says is a failure by the country to adequately cr… CNN International (Thu Jan 04)
US cuts Pakistan security assistance over terror groups BBC News (World) (Thu Jan 04)
President Trump withholding $255 million in aid from Pakistan TIME (Thu Jan 04)
LIVE: State Department says U.S. suspending national security assistance to Pakistan until Islamabad takes actions… Reuters Top News (Thu Jan 04)
Trump administration suspends nearly all security assistance to Pakistan, claiming it has failed to act against ext… Washington Post (Thu Jan 04)
US suspends national security assistance to Pakistan. Demands Islamabad act against Afghan Taliban, and Haqqani net… CBC News Alerts (Thu Jan 04)
Pakistan has outsourced the running of more state-funded schools than any other developing country… The Economist (Thu Jan 04)
U.S. places Pakistan on watch list for religious freedom violations Reuters Top News (Thu Jan 04)
News Alert: Trump Administration expected to announce cuts to security assistance for Pakistan as early as today.… Fox News (Thu Jan 04)
Pakistan plans ‘balanced response’ after Trump tweet The Globe and Mail (Thu Jan 04)
Pakistan shrugs off impending U.S. aid cuts, wary of harsher measures Reuters Top News (Thu Jan 04)
[email protected]: "Pakistan is at best a frenemy... Bin Laden lived in their country for a decade, they did nothing about… Fox News (Thu Jan 04)
The U.S. has caused a "bloodbath" says Pakistan, in an attack on Trump's tweets Newsweek (Thu Jan 04)
Pakistan's defense minister says the nation is ready to face any U.S. action in the wake of Trump’s New Year's Day… USA TODAY (Thu Jan 04)
Trump is "ignorant and ungrateful," says Pakistan's Imran Khan Newsweek (Thu Jan 04)
After Trump tweets, US to announce plans to "cancel" security assistance to Pakistan. ABC News (Thu Jan 04)
Trump is lying about how much aid the U.S. sends to Pakistan, top official says Newsweek (Wed Jan 03)
Pakistan rejects Trump's "lies and deceit" tweet euronews (Wed Jan 03)
[email protected] shared his support for @POTUS' plan to withhold military aid to Pakistan. Cavuto… Fox News (Tue Jan 02)
U.S. puts Pakistan on notice: do more to stop terrorism Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 02)
[email protected] on @POTUS withholding aid to Pakistan: "This is a president who does what he says he's going to do."… Fox News (Tue Jan 02)
[email protected]: What precipitated the president's tweet about threatening to withhold future U.S. aid to Pakistan?… CBS News (Tue Jan 02)
Nikki Haley on President Trump's Pakistan comments: "They work with us at times, and they also harbor the terrorist… CBS News (Tue Jan 02)
Pakistan summons U.S. envoy over Trump's 'lies and deceit' tweet Reuters Top News (Tue Jan 02)
President Trump's lambasting of Pakistan has drawn an angry response on the streets and an official summoning of th… CBS News (Tue Jan 02)
The Trump administration says it'll continue withholding $225 million in military aid to Pakistan due to frustratio… CNN (Tue Jan 02)
Trump says U.S. has gotten 'nothing' from Pakistan aid Reuters Top News (Mon Jan 01)
President Trump's Twitter diplomacy could hit the mark on Pakistan, writes Samantha Vinograd for @CNNOpinion… CNN International (Mon Jan 01)
The Trump administration says it'll continue withholding $225 million in military aid to Pakistan due to frustratio… CNN International (Mon Jan 01)
The Trump administration says it'll continue withholding $225 million in military aid to Pakistan due to frustratio… CNN (Mon Jan 01)
[email protected] withholding millions in aid to Pakistan, as he accuses country of giving 'safe haven' to terrorists Fox News (Mon Jan 01)
Why are Donald Trump's first 2018 tweets about Pakistan? Newsweek (Mon Jan 01)
In his first tweet of the new year President Trump slammed Pakistan, saying the country has given the US nothing bu… CNN (Mon Jan 01)
Trump threatens to cut Pakistan aid FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jan 01)
Exclusive: Pakistan plans takeover of charities run by Islamist figure U.S. has targeted Reuters Top News (Mon Jan 01)
Who is stealing the water in Karachi, Pakistan? Al Jazeera English (Sun Dec 31)
Cricket - Pakistan warm hearts, India and Australia shine at home Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 30)
Teething problems or deeper issues at hand for $GE's flagship power turbines in Pakistan? v… Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 28)
Al Jazeera correspondent recalls the day former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto was killed 10 years ago… Al Jazeera News (Wed Dec 27)
India angered by Pakistan's treatment of death row prisoner's wife, mother Reuters Top News (Tue Dec 26)
Editorial: Where the Real Power Lies in Pakistan The New York Times (Mon Dec 25)
Yuan likely to replace dollar in Pakistan’s trade with China RT (Tue Dec 19)
'Illegal and primitive': Pakistan expels foreign aid groups in droves The Guardian (Mon Dec 18)
Hoping to extend maritime reach, China lavishes aid on Pakistan town Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 18)
ISIS claims responsibility for deadly church bombing in Pakistan. Fox News (Sun Dec 17)
Suicide bombers attack Pakistan church, killing 8 people, officials say Fox News (Sun Dec 17)
Deadly suicide attack on church in southwest Pakistan FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 17)
Update: At least 8 people killed in Quetta church attack in Pakistan, officials say Al Jazeera News (Sun Dec 17)
BREAKING: A suicide attack on a church in Pakistan's Quetta kills at least 5 people Al Jazeera English (Sun Dec 17)
"We must protect our girls." Will Pakistan finally vote to end child marriage? TIME (Mon Dec 11)
Pakistan says over 300 Baloch separatist militants surrender Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 10)
Mohsin Hamid: ‘If you want to see what tribalism will do to the west, look at Pakistan’ The Guardian (Sun Dec 10)
"We must protect our girls." Will Pakistan finally vote to end child marriage? TIME (Sun Dec 10)
Pakistan? No, home is south London, Sadiq Khan tells BBC reporter The Guardian (Thu Dec 07)
The Trump administration says Pakistan has not done enough to rein in the Haqqani network, which is blamed for leth… Foreign Policy (Wed Dec 06)
Pakistan's Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) burned more than 130 tons of confiscated drugs during a ceremony in… RT (Wed Dec 06)
Islamist militants dressed as women wearing burqas storm a university for agriculture research in Pakistan, killing… USA TODAY (Fri Dec 01)
Taliban militants disguised as women attacked a university dormitory in Pakistan, killing at least nine people The New York Times (Fri Dec 01)
BREAKING: At least 13 people confirmed killed in attack at university in Pakistan's Peshawar, 15 wounded… Al Jazeera News (Fri Dec 01)
BREAKING: Gunmen attack university in Pakistan's Peshawar, reports of several wounded. More details soon on… Al Jazeera News (Fri Dec 01)
Pakistan's law minister resigns amid Islamist anti-blasphemy protests FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 27)
?? Pakistan's Government has 'Capitulated' FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 27)
Families of India terror victims angry after Pakistan releases militant linked to 2008 massacre that killed 168: CBC News Alerts (Sun Nov 26)
Pakistan calls army in as 'blasphemy' clashes rage euronews (Sun Nov 26)
Pakistan releases US-wanted militant suspect on court order Fox News (Sat Nov 25)
White House 'strongly condemns' Pakistan's release of Hafiz Saeed, the alleged mastermind behind 2008 attack that k… CBC News Alerts (Sat Nov 25)
Social media crackdown stifles dissent in Pakistan Al Jazeera News (Fri Nov 24)
Pakistan releases from house arrest Islamist blamed for 2008 Mumbai Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 24)
Russia has defense budget akin to Saudi Arabia's ($63bn), troop numbers between those of Pakistan (653K) & N. Korea… RT (Sun Nov 19)
Pakistan indifferent as smog kills more people than militancy FRANCE 24 English (Thu Nov 16)
Satellite image shows smog in India and Pakistan Al Jazeera English (Sun Nov 12)
Pakistan’s second-largest city "looks like a dystopian wasteland right now" The New York Times (Fri Nov 10)
Opinion: The harassment tweet that outraged Pakistan by @Rabail26 Al Jazeera English (Mon Oct 30)
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson talks tough on Pakistan's harboring of terrorists, but will it have any effect?… CNN International (Fri Oct 27)
US wants Pakistan to establish military presence in Afghanistan but won’t pay the cost – fmr intelligence chief… RT (Thu Oct 26)
These women are the custodians of a fading ancestral knowledge in Pakistan Al Jazeera English (Thu Oct 26)
‘Butcher of Pakistan’: Austrian police arrest hitman-turned-migrant-trafficker accused of killing 70… RT (Wed Oct 25)
Pakistan PM tells Tillerson it has 'produced results' in fighting terrorism Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 24)
'Pakistan's angel of death, the dead's favourite poet and the coffin maker of Kabul' A series of stories on death… Al Jazeera English (Sun Oct 22)
Pakistan Taliban leader 'killed by drone' in Afghanistan BBC News (World) (Thu Oct 19)
Pakistan blast kills at least six in southwestern city Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 18)
Why is Jane Austen so popular in Pakistan? From @1843mag The Economist (Sun Oct 15)
Pakistan's hostage rescue hailed, but tensions with U.S. remain Reuters Top News (Fri Oct 13)
BREAKING news: Canadian-American family freed from Taliban leaves Pakistan CTV News (Fri Oct 13)
Freed Canadian man, family have left Pakistan; possibly headed for London The Globe and Mail (Fri Oct 13)
After U.S.-Canadian couple and their children freed in Pakistan, husband refuses to board U.S. plane… Reuters Top News (Fri Oct 13)
"Hopefully, there will be a change in the cooperative relationship between in U.S. and Pakistan," John Kelly says… CBS News (Thu Oct 12)
N. American family kidnapped by Afghan Taliban freed: Pakistan army FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 12)