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What's the GRU, Russia's military intelligence agency? 3 things to know. Fox News (Fri Jul 13)
China’s military has “peace disease” after decades without war, a military newspaper says Newsweek (Wed Jul 04)
Russia’s naming of military units after European cities is provocative, experts say Newsweek (Tue Jul 03)
UN chief again calls for end to military ops in south Syria FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jun 30)
Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi raises pensions for military personnel and salaries for civil servants by 1… The Associated Press (Sun Jun 24)
Despite attempts to modernise Saudi Arabia, 'MbS' has become mostly known for the country's military involvement in… Al Jazeera News (Thu Jun 21)
North Korea's Kim visit Beijing; South Korea, U.S. halt military drill Reuters Top News (Tue Jun 19)
'Immediately disclose the full extent of the US military role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen’s Houthis' - US se… RT (Sat Jun 16)
A US Navy ship rescued 40 migrants off the coast of Libya Tuesday, according to US military officials CNN (Tue Jun 12)
The United States may have no better option than to convince uncorrupted elements of the Venezuelan military that t… Foreign Policy (Mon Jun 11)
'Open dialogue is far better than the military option' Meet the young Singaporeans building bridges with North Kor… Al Jazeera English (Sat Jun 09)
The Israeli military published a video aimed at showing that a Palestinian medic killed by Israeli forces was not t… The New York Times (Fri Jun 08)
Ten cases affected by troublesome delays in military justice system: AG CTV News (Tue May 29)
A war of nerves between Pakistan's military and Sharif BBC News (World) (Mon May 28)
NASCAR driver honors military by helping raise thousands for children of fallen servicemembers Fox News (Sun May 27)
The coming military parade that the Pentagon is reluctantly planning will not come close to showcasing how the U.S.… The New York Times (Sun May 27)
US hysteria over Chinese military ‘expansion’ shows ‘corporate coup d’état is complete’ – @LeeCamp… RT (Fri May 25)
Trump says North Korea summit still ‘possible’ after pullout, but warns US military ‘ready if necessary’ - via… Fox News (Thu May 24)
UPDATE: Pentagon says U.S. military is not at a heightened state of vigilance with regards to North Korea… Reuters Top News (Thu May 24)
President Trump says U.S. military "ready if necessary" after cancellation of North Korea summit.… NBC News (Thu May 24)
Heroic military dogs honored with K-9 Medal of Courage CBS News (Tue May 22)
Veterans slam 'shameful' ad attacking candidate for living out of state during military service TIME (Mon May 21)
WaPo issues correction as story claims more people killed in school shootings than in military RT (Sat May 19)
Everything to know about Prince Harry's royal wedding outfit and military significance TIME (Sat May 19)
Dozens of military-owned companies are flourishing in Egypt, expanding the military's economic influence… Reuters Top News (Wed May 16)
US President Trump sought to evacuate military families from South Korea before the Winter Olympics, sources say… CNN International (Tue May 15)
[email protected] departs Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after visiting with @FLOTUS. Fox News (Tue May 15)
Policymakers should consider the longer-term implications of a rival-backed military regime across the Caribbean be… Foreign Policy (Wed May 09)
1,000 hostages rescued from Boko Haram, says Nigeria's military Al Jazeera English (Mon May 07)
The Pentagon has ordered stores at U.S. military bases to stop selling two brands of Chinese-made cellphones and mo… NBC News (Wed May 02)
CCTV footage captures moment military plane crashes near Savannah, Georgia Live updates here Newsweek (Wed May 02)
Video shows smoke swelling into the sky after a military plane crashed moments ago in Savannah, Georgia. “It was h… CNN (Wed May 02)
DEVELOPING: Military aircraft crashes in Savannah, GA, airport and emergency officials say. More details to come. ABC News (Wed May 02)
Good Samaritans, including some military personnel, helped pull at least one victim from fiery wreck that injured t… ABC News (Tue May 01)
President @realDonaldTrump: "@TheDemocrats don't care about our military. They don't. And they don't care about our… Fox News (Sun Apr 29)
America's top public health official will soon be a military doctor who ordered all HIV-positive troops sent to "le… Foreign Policy (Thu Apr 26)
The Russian military indicated on Wednesday it will supply the Syrian government with a sophisticated air defense s… CBS News (Wed Apr 25)
There were no casualties as result of the incident, with the base returning to routine operations - Military spokes… RT (Wed Apr 25)
A young military veteran whose genitals were blown off by a bomb received an extraordinary transplant: a penis, scr… The New York Times (Tue Apr 24)
R. Lee Ermey, a former Marine who made a career in Hollywood playing hard-nosed military men like Gunnery Sgt. Hart… ABC News (Mon Apr 16)
Military approach on Syria should be ‘expressed to terrorist states’ – Israeli PM RT (Mon Apr 16)
[email protected] issued a statement about the military strike against the Assad regime in Syria, saying the U.S. and allies "wi… Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
Earlier, @VP issued a statement about the military strike against the Assad regime in Syria, saying the U.S. and al… Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
Moments ago, @SteveScalise praised President @realDonaldTrump's approval of military strikes in Syria against the c… Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
America's top public health official will soon be a military doctor who ordered all HIV-positive troops sent to "le… Foreign Policy (Sat Apr 14)
"We live a life of injustice." Inside Israel's military checkpoints: Al Jazeera English (Sat Apr 14)
President Trump: "We're going to have the strongest military that we've ever had, and can you think of a better tim… NBC News (Fri Apr 13)
[email protected] on military action in Syria: "[@POTUS] has all the authority he needs as commander in chief and i… Fox News (Thu Apr 12)
Before John Kelly joined the Trump administration, he was waging the U.S. military’s war on drugs in Central Americ… The Associated Press (Thu Apr 12)
Egypt ex-anti corruption tsar 'to face military trial' FRANCE 24 English (Thu Apr 12)
Asked what worries him most about possible military action in Syria, Defense Sec. Mattis says, "On a strategic leve… ABC News (Thu Apr 12)
Israeli military says it bombed Hamas targets in Gaza in response to border explosion; Palestinian reported killed. The Associated Press (Thu Apr 12)
Libyan military boss Khalifa Haftar severely ill after stroke – reports The Guardian (Wed Apr 11)
Airlines warned about 'possible' military action against Syria Fox News (Wed Apr 11)
UPDATE: Algeria's defense ministry says 257 people have died in military plane crash Read more:… euronews (Wed Apr 11)
Syria 'chemical attack': Russia warns US against military action BBC News (World) (Wed Apr 11)
Moments ago, President @realDonaldTrump tweeted about hosting America’s senior defense and military leaders for din… Fox News (Tue Apr 10)
Canada's 2nd-highest ranked military commander appears in Ottawa court to face breach of trust charge. Vice-Admiral… CBC News Alerts (Tue Apr 10)
Russian officials warn of possible military clash with US over Syria The Guardian (Tue Apr 10)
From the April magazine: The campaign against the Rohingya has radically expanded the capacity of Myanmar military'… Foreign Policy (Mon Apr 09)
Rebel fighters begin leaving Syria's Douma after weeks-long military assault Reuters Top News (Mon Apr 09)
NP View: Hooray! Canada's military actually succeeded in procuring a new weapon National Post (Fri Apr 06)
China's military tells Russia "we've come to support you" against the U.S. Newsweek (Fri Apr 06)
"An act of aggression." Rights groups decry Trump's plan to send military to guard border Al Jazeera News (Wed Apr 04)
President Trump said he wants to involve the military with guarding the US southern border, but some lawmakers in C… CNN (Wed Apr 04)
President Trump wants the U.S. military to patrol the Mexico border TIME (Wed Apr 04)
President Trump says he wants to use military to secure US-Mexico border until wall is built, calls it 'big step.' The Associated Press (Tue Apr 03)
The Marines ease tattoo rules, the strictest in the military Fox News (Mon Apr 02)
At least 12 militants have been killed during violent clashes between the Indian military and armed separatist mili… CNN International (Mon Apr 02)
Israel’s defence minister ruled out an inquiry into the military’s handling of clashes in Gaza which left 17 dead.… Newsweek (Sun Apr 01)
DEVELOPING: Vehicle driven at soldiers who were out jogging near their military barracks in south-eastern France, m… ABC News (Thu Mar 29)
Pres. Trump wants the military to help pay for his $25 billion border wall, but will need Congress to do it.… ABC News (Wed Mar 28)
Authorities have arrested a man suspected of sending a series of suspicious packages to military bases and governme… CBS News (Tue Mar 27)
The FBI has taken custody of multiple suspicious packages sent to military locations in the Washington, DC, area, a… CNN International (Mon Mar 26)
Federal authorities have deported a military veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan but was later convicted of… NBC News (Mon Mar 26)
[email protected]: "This is the strongest down payment on rebuilding the military since Ronald Reagan. The biggest… Fox News (Sun Mar 25)
Canadian military aims to deploy peacekeepers in Mali by August: Sajjan CTV News (Sun Mar 25)
Trump signs order to ban most transgender people from military service The Globe and Mail (Sat Mar 24)
Trump issues order to ban most transgender troops from serving in military USA TODAY (Sat Mar 24)
[email protected]: "As much opposition to the military as we've had from @TheDemocrats - and it has been tremendous - I try t… Fox News (Fri Mar 23)
[email protected]: "America is safer and America is much stronger. Our military is now better funded, better equipped, and be… Fox News (Wed Mar 21)
Around 180 British military personnel are being sent to the scene of a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy:… CBS News (Fri Mar 09)
NEW: A second transgender individual is under contract to serve in the U.S. military, a U.S. official confirms to… ABC News (Fri Mar 09)
Egypt's military operation displaces residents in Sinai Peninsula Al Jazeera News (Wed Mar 07)
Army wife with an eye for design creates DIY home decorating project for fellow military families.… ABC News (Wed Mar 07)
Russian military plane crashes in Syria killing 26 passengers and six crew members, defence ministry says BBC Breaking News (Tue Mar 06)
Israel's military checkpoints: "We live a life of injustice" Al Jazeera English (Mon Mar 05)
It's so cold in Europe that the British military had to help people get to work TIME (Fri Mar 02)
Attacks hit French embassy, military HQ in Burkina capital FRANCE 24 English (Fri Mar 02)
Helen James Grace, who was expelled from the military in 1955 due to her sexuality, hopes other veterans will follo… NBC News (Thu Mar 01)
MORE: Turkey launched military op dubbed OperationOliveBranch targeting Kurdish militias in Syria on January 20… RT (Thu Mar 01)
US military and intelligence officials believe that the ISIS fighters that ambushed and killed four US troops in Ni… CNN (Tue Feb 27)
Saudi Arabia has replaced its military chief of staff and other defense officials in a shake-up apparently aimed at… NBC News (Tue Feb 27)
Saudi reshuffles top military posts, adds a woman deputy minister Reuters Top News (Mon Feb 26)
[email protected]: "We want to make our military stronger and better than it's ever been before." CPAC2018… Fox News (Fri Feb 23)
As the military quietly prepares for a war they hope will never happen, the spies are keeping their eyes on North K… Foreign Policy (Wed Feb 21)
Chinese tech firms have little choice about working on military projects The Economist (Sat Feb 17)
One of the biggest hurdles military spouses often find is that some employers are reluctant to hire them, fearing a… NBC News (Sun Feb 18)
A military helicopter carrying officials assessing damage from a powerful earthquake crashes in southern Mexico, ki… CBS News (Sat Feb 17)
Why American civilians first started buying military-style weapons like the AR-15 TIME (Fri Feb 16)
German defense minister slams Trump’s military-heavy approach to security Washington Post (Fri Feb 16)
Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Haza al-Darbi, a Saudi citizen held at the U.S. military detention center in Cuba since 2002,… NBC News (Fri Feb 16)
Egypt military says 53 militants killed in week-long offensive Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 16)
Duterte accused of inciting military to commit war crimes after he offered a $384 bounty for each communist rebel k… Al Jazeera English (Thu Feb 15)
As the military quietly prepares for a war they hope will never happen, the spies are keeping their eyes on North K… Foreign Policy (Thu Feb 15)
Trump's military parade could cost up to $30 million: budget chief Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 15)
Will Trump invade Venezuela? Caracas accuses Colombia of a "bombing campaign" after U.S. military visit… Newsweek (Wed Feb 14)
'China isn't merely ‘catching up’: Beijing military modernization challenges US air power – report RT (Wed Feb 14)
Whatever the outcome on the battlefield, Erdogan has already established an unprecedented military role for a Turki… Foreign Policy (Wed Feb 14)
U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis to press European allies on military spending Reuters Top News (Wed Feb 14)
Incredible video shows military police rescuing a nine-year-old girl who became trapped under mud after heavy rains… ABC News (Tue Feb 13)
Egypt has gone from one political crisis to the next since a military coup in 2013. via @AJInsideStory Al Jazeera English (Tue Feb 13)
Haul Myanmar’s military leaders before the international criminal court | Rushanara Ali The Guardian (Tue Feb 13)
The Pentagon is asking for a major boost in military spending for 2019 amid threats from Russia, China and North Ko… CNN (Tue Feb 13)
Egypt: Will the Sinai military operation succeed? Al Jazeera News (Mon Feb 12)
President Trump wants a military parade. Here's how other countries do it CNN (Mon Feb 12)
Whatever the outcome on the battlefield, Erdogan has already established an unprecedented military role for a Turki… Foreign Policy (Sat Feb 10)
GOP senator calls out Trump's military parade idea as insecure Newsweek (Thu Feb 08)
Sen. John Kennedy on Pres. Trump's proposed military parade: "Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud."… ABC News (Thu Feb 08)
Lavish military parades are almost an art form in North Korea, Russia and China. Will Trump reintroduce them in Was… Reuters Top News (Thu Feb 08)
North Korea is greeting the start of South Korea's Winter Olympics by showing off its military might:… CBS News (Thu Feb 08)
Former military officials harshly criticized President Trump's idea for a parade TIME (Thu Feb 08)
Mattis confirms Trump wants a military parade Newsweek (Thu Feb 08)
Mattis confirms Trump wants a military parade Newsweek (Wed Feb 07)
Scottish government criticised over US military use of airport The Guardian (Wed Feb 07)
Analysis: Short-term spending bills epitomize congressional dysfunction and hurt the military Washington Post (Wed Feb 07)
The US military has completed its investigation into the Niger ambush that killed four US soldiers, defense officia… CNN (Wed Feb 07)
The current rate of technological change is leaving the U.S. military Foreign Policy (Tue Feb 06)
Afghan army officers fired over Kabul military base attack FRANCE 24 English (Tue Feb 06)
UPDATE: Reports of riot police and military officials inside the Maldives Supreme Court Al Jazeera English (Mon Feb 05)
Turkey's military suffered its worst day yet in the two-week offensive in Afrin, Syria, when at least seven soldier… The New York Times (Mon Feb 05)
Turkish military plans to create a 30-km buffer zone near its southern border. But how much of a challenge will tha… Al Jazeera English (Mon Feb 05)
BREAKING: Military helicopter crashes in residential area of southern Japan - police RT (Mon Feb 05)
North Korea derides South's criticism over military parade before Olympics CNN (Sun Feb 04)
Court martial hears about ‘tickle parties’ during military training exercise The Globe and Mail (Fri Feb 02)
INSIGHT: Russia marks the 75th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad with a military parade via… Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
Defense Sec. Mattis raises possibility of new military strike against Assad regime if determined that sarin gas was… NBC News (Fri Feb 02)
5 dead after 2 French military helicopters crash RT (Fri Feb 02)
Tillerson says Venezuelan military may turn on Maduro BBC News (World) (Fri Feb 02)
U.S. State Department official to promote military sales at Singapore show Reuters Top News (Fri Feb 02)
EXCLUSIVE: Tune in to @foxandfriends to hear from the student who recorded his teacher bashing the military during… Fox News (Thu Feb 01)
The current rate of technological change is leaving the U.S. military Foreign Policy (Wed Jan 31)
Exclusive: Secretary of Defense James Mattis is actively considering banning US military and civilian personnel fro… CNN International (Wed Jan 31)
President Trump: “I just signed an order directing Secretary Mattis... to reexamine our military detention policy a… CNN (Wed Jan 31)
"I just signed an order, prior to walking in, directing Secretary Mattis to reexamine our military detention policy… CBS News (Wed Jan 31)
A teacher at a California high school is accused of calling military service members "the lowest of our low" during… CNN International (Wed Jan 31)
Republican women in the House of Representatives plan to wear red, white and blue to show support for the military.… USA TODAY (Tue Jan 30)
Top military police officer cites privacy concerns for slow progress in review of unfounded cases The Globe and Mail (Tue Jan 30)
The Taliban strengthened its hold over Afghanistan in the second half of last year, according to new US military da… CNN International (Tue Jan 30)
Military-bashing California teacher pulled from classroom pending investigation Fox News (Tue Jan 30)