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An earthquake is caused by a sudden release of energy in the. Seismism the seismicity or seismic action of a place denotes the frequency, size and kind of quakes experienced over a time period.

As soon as magnitude is the most typical scale on which quakes bigger than about 5 are reported for the whole world. The more numerous quakes smaller than magnitude 5 are quantified largely on the local magnitude scale, also called the Richter magnitude scale. Magnitude 3 or lower quakes are poor or largely nearly imperceptible and magnitude 7 and around possibly cause serious damage over larger regions, contingent upon their depth. The greatest quakes in historical times have been over 9, although there isn't any limit to the potential magnitude somewhat of magnitude. Strength of shaking is quantified in the modified Mercalli scale. The more shallow a quake, the more damage to arrangements it causes, all else being equal.

News about Earthquake
A 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit western Indonesia, according to the US Geological Survey CNN (Fri Dec 15)
6.2-magnitude earthquake hits Kerman province in SE Iran – reports RT (Tue Dec 12)
The earthquake and its fallout capped off a turbulent year for Foreign Policy (Wed Dec 06)
Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes Ecuador coast Fox News (Sun Dec 03)
Magnitude 6.0 earthquake strikes near coast of Ecuador, no immediate report of casualties or major damage. The Associated Press (Sun Dec 03)
An earthquake shook North Korea near its nuclear testing site Newsweek (Sun Dec 03)
A preliminary magnitude-4.1 earthquake struck Thursday afternoon near Dover, Delaware, the US Geological Survey rep… CNN International (Thu Nov 30)
5.1-magnitude earthquake shakes Azerbaijan RT (Wed Nov 15)
Iran-Iraq earthquake: Olympic champion auctions gold medal for victims BBC News (World) (Wed Nov 15)
Many people were left homeless by Sunday's Iran earthquake, survivors are in urgent need of food and water… euronews (Wed Nov 15)
Powerful images of the region after an earthquake strikes the Iran-Iraq border. USA TODAY (Tue Nov 14)
The Latest: Iran's state-run news agency says the country's death toll from the powerful earthquake that struck the… The Associated Press (Tue Nov 14)
Iran-Iraq earthquake: Rescuers in race for survivors as death tolls reaches 450 Al Jazeera English (Mon Nov 13)
Strong earthquake hits Iraq and Iran, killing more than 450 Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 13)
Hundreds of people are dead and thousands are injured after a powerful 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck the border r… CNN International (Mon Nov 13)
Official tells news agencies that Iran's death toll in powerful earthquake rises to 407. The Associated Press (Mon Nov 13)
A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Iran-Iraq border, killing more than 300 people Al Jazeera English (Mon Nov 13)
Powerful earthquake on Iran-Iraq border kills over 330. The Associated Press (Mon Nov 13)
Update: As aftershocks continue, at least 328 killed in Iran earthquake, seven dead in Iraq Al Jazeera News (Mon Nov 13)
Strong earthquake hits Iraq and Iran, killing at least 332 Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 13)
Iran-Iraq earthquake latest: -At least 214 killed -More than 2,800 injured -Most casualties in Iran's western Kerm… BBC Breaking News (Mon Nov 13)
At least 140 killed and hundreds injured after 7.3-magnitude earthquake near Iran-Iraq border… NBC News (Mon Nov 13)
Iran's state-run news agency says the 7.2-magnitude earthquake along its border killed over 140 people TIME (Mon Nov 13)
Earthquake in Iran leaves at least 61 dead, 300 injured TIME (Mon Nov 13)
UPDATE: Death toll from earthquake rises to 93, over 1,000 injured – Iranian emergency official… RT (Mon Nov 13)
JUST IN: At least 61 people are dead and hundreds are injured after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck near the Iraq… CNN International (Sun Nov 12)
At least one person dead, 50 wounded in Iraq earthquake: officials The Globe and Mail (Sun Nov 12)
7.2 magnitude earthquake jolts Iran-Iraq border area CTV News (Sun Nov 12)
JUST IN: USGS reports 7.2-magnitude earthquake felt on Iraq-Iran border NBC News (Sun Nov 12)
Magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits eastern Iraq euronews (Sun Nov 12)
JUST IN: Iran's state TV is reporting a 7.4-magnitude earthquake has jolted northern Iraq CBS News (Sun Nov 12)
BREAKING: 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Iran-Iraq border region - USGS RT (Sun Nov 12)
A mysterious boom (not an earthquake) shook San Diego and no one's sure what it was Newsweek (Fri Nov 03)
Who's a good boy? See how rescue dogs are trained to save lives for crisis situations such as the recent earthquake… euronews (Tue Oct 31)
In burgeoning Day of the Dead parade, Mexico remembers earthquake casualties Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 28)
After an entire wing of Mexican school collapsed in wake of 7.1 earthquake, frantic search for survivors continues… CBS News (Wed Sep 20)
"Statistically, it's coming": How California is preparing for the next big earthquake CNN (Sat Sep 30)
Will a new Mexico arise from earthquake's rubble? FRANCE 24 English (Wed Sep 27)
Mexico tallying cost of deadly earthquake CTV News (Tue Sep 26)
Earthquake early-warning system is coming to the West Coast via @NBCNewsMACH NBC News (Mon Sep 25)
Rescue crews are still digging through rubble in the search for victims of last week's earthquake in Mexico… CNN International (Mon Sep 25)
Small fraction of Mexico City schools reopen, most still need to be inspected for safety following earthquake. The Associated Press (Mon Sep 25)
Vote winner Merkel faces tricky coalition talks, hard-right 'earthquake' FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 25)
Time is running out in the search for survivors of Mexico's deadly earthquake TIME (Mon Sep 25)
Earthquake strikes North Korea near nuclear test zone, but no radiation reported Washington Post (Sun Sep 24)
Minor but mysterious earthquake in North Korea briefly stokes nuclear fears. MORE: CBC News Alerts (Sat Sep 23)
UPDATE: People flee homes and hotels as earthquake aftershocks hit Mexico CBC News Alerts (Sat Sep 23)
"When that earthquake alarm went off, hearts started racing," says @rosaflores after new quake felt in Mexico City CNN (Sat Sep 23)
A 6.2 magnitude earthquake strikes Oaxaca, Mexico, according to the US Geological Survey CNN (Sat Sep 23)
UPDATE: China's earthquake administration calls tremor detected in North Korea a "suspected explosion"… Al Jazeera News (Sat Sep 23)
An "earthquake" registered in North Korea may not be a natural phenomenon Newsweek (Sat Sep 23)
[email protected]: "We also send our prayers to the people of Mexico. They got hit hard by a devastating earthquake."… Fox News (Sat Sep 23)
What would happen if a massive earthquake hit California? Watch more on "Stay Tuned": NBC News (Sat Sep 23)
The world was pulling for an uplifting rescue after Mexico's earthquake. The problem was, Frida Sofia didn't exist.… CNN International (Fri Sep 22)
Rescuers continue search for life in Mexico City amid devastation of deadly earthquake. ABC News (Fri Sep 22)
Before and after photos show the Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City, which collapsed in the earthquake… CNN International (Fri Sep 22)
The search for Mexico's earthquake survivors enters a fourth day, with some successes TIME (Fri Sep 22)
U.S. search and rescue experts arrive in Mexico after deadly earthquake devastated the country's capital city.… ABC News (Fri Sep 22)
Mexico says school girl who was focal point for frantic earthquake rescue efforts never existed… National Post (Fri Sep 22)
Frantic rescues continue as Mexico earthquake deaths rise to 273. Read more: by… NBC News (Fri Sep 22)
Will a catastrophic earthquake strike the U.S.? TIME (Thu Sep 21)
Mexico struggles to find the missing as death toll from earthquake rises to 273 TIME (Thu Sep 21)
Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises, as search for survivors goes on BBC News (World) (Thu Sep 21)
How to help the earthquake victims in Mexico: NBC News (Thu Sep 21)
Mexico earthquake: Volunteers break into moving song euronews (Thu Sep 21)
Salma Hayek, a native of Mexico, is doing her part to gather donations for earthquake relief CNN (Thu Sep 21)
"A major earthquake will happen in the United States. The country is not prepared." TIME (Thu Sep 21)
Entire towns in Mexico flattened as scale of earthquake damage emerges The Guardian (Thu Sep 21)
After Mexico earthquake, a baptism becomes a funeral CNN International (Thu Sep 21)
Mexican police are using canine teams to look for people stuck in collapsed buildings after the powerful earthquake… CNN International (Thu Sep 21)
Here's a list of local and international organizations helping the Mexican earthquake victims The New York Times (Thu Sep 21)
Rescuers and hundreds of volunteers are working nonstop to search for survivors of Mexico's deadly earthquake:… CBS News (Thu Sep 21)
Mexico earthquake scares Californians, but are they prepared for the "big one"? NBC News (Thu Sep 21)
"She is called Frida Sofia." The rescue of a 12-year-old girl trapped after Mexico's earthquake grips the world… BBC News (World) (Thu Sep 21)
Mexicans collectively rise to the earthquake challenge euronews (Thu Sep 21)
INSIDE THE AMERICAS - Mexico hit by another deadly earthquake FRANCE 24 English (Thu Sep 21)
Rescue efforts continue at a Mexico City school that collapsed following a 7.1-magnitude earthquake… CNN (Thu Sep 21)
LATEST: More than 230 dead after Mexico earthquake as rescue teams desperately try to free trapped schoolchildren.… ABC News (Thu Sep 21)
Boy recalls escape from Mexico City school after earthquake CTV News (Thu Sep 21)
Humanitarian worker in Mexico City says the feeling on the ground is "between chaos and hope" a day after earthquake CNN International (Thu Sep 21)
Facebook donates $1 million to help victims of a powerful earthquake in Mexico CNN (Wed Sep 20)
Facebook donates $1 million to help victims of a powerful earthquake in Mexico CNN International (Wed Sep 20)
Drone footage shows a collapsed building in Mexico City after a 7.1-M earthquake left more than 200 people dead… CNN International (Wed Sep 20)
A video shows the rescue effort after a school collapses in Mexico's earthquake TIME (Wed Sep 20)
Mexico earthquake: Many children killed at primary school BBC News (World) (Wed Sep 20)
FuerzaMexico (strength to Mexico) was shared more than 1m times after the earthquake that killed more than 200 BBC News (World) (Wed Sep 20)
[email protected] is near a collapsed building in Mexico, where up to 40 people are trapped after a deadly earthquake… CBS News (Wed Sep 20)
A 7.1-magnitude earthquake hit Mexico on Tuesday, leaving hundreds of people dead and dozens missing. Live updates:… CNN (Wed Sep 20)
Death toll in Mexico earthquake rises to at least 217; many others missing, feared trapped in collapsed buildings… CBS News (Wed Sep 20)
SPECIAL REPORT: Latest on Hurricane Maria as it hits Puerto Rico, as well as an update on the Mexico earthquake NBC News (Wed Sep 20)
Ordinary Mexicans volunteer to wriggle into a collapsed school after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake. The Associated Press (Wed Sep 20)
For the second time in a fortnight a powerful earthquake has inflicted death and destruction on Mexico The Economist (Wed Sep 20)
Have you been affected by the earthquake in Mexico? The Guardian (Wed Sep 20)
Rescue workers search through rubble in Mexico City, after 7.1-magnitude earthquake toppled buildings in the capita… CNN (Wed Sep 20)
Desperate night search for children in Mexico school ruins after earthquake via @Abeadriana… Reuters Top News (Wed Sep 20)
"It's really quite terrifying," This teacher was in Mexico City when earthquake hit. More than 200 people are dead… BBC News (World) (Wed Sep 20)
LATEST: Death toll following powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake has been reduced to at least 217 people NBC News (Wed Sep 20)
FULL STORY: Powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico has killed at least 226 people NBC News (Wed Sep 20)
At least 226 dead after 7.1-magnitude earthquake shakes Mexico TIME (Wed Sep 20)
Mexico earthquake as it happened BBC News (World) (Wed Sep 20)
Video footage shows chaos and destruction following deadly Mexico City earthquake TIME (Wed Sep 20)
@AJENews UPDATE: Mexico earthquake death toll rises to at least 226, with more than half in the capital, Mexico Cit… Al Jazeera English (Wed Sep 20)
@AJENews UPDATE: Mexico earthquake death toll rises to at least 226, with more than half in the capital, Mexico Cit… Al Jazeera English (Wed Sep 20)
VIDEO: An American in Mexico says earthquake was "crazy." The Associated Press (Wed Sep 20)
At least 22 children from one school are among those killed in the deadliest earthquake to hit Mexico in 30 years… Al Jazeera News (Wed Sep 20)
@AJENews UPDATE: Powerful 7.1 earthquake in central Mexico kills at least 149 people, including 22 pupils from one… Al Jazeera English (Wed Sep 20)
WATCH: Several people rescued from collapsed buildings in wake of 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Mexico City. (Video… NBC News (Wed Sep 20)
LATEST: At least 139 people confirmed dead after 7.1-magnitude earthquake strikes central Mexico, authorities say.… ABC News (Wed Sep 20)
This was the view from the ground as a violent magnitude-7.1 earthquake rocked Mexico CNN (Tue Sep 19)
In central Mexico, "panicked residents poured into the streets as buildings crumbled" after 7.1 earthquake,… CBS News (Tue Sep 19)
Death toll in Mexico City earthquake rises to 61 TIME (Tue Sep 19)
A major earthquake struck Mexico City on the anniversary of its catastrophic 1985 quake TIME (Tue Sep 19)
Major earthquake hits near Mexico City, dozens dead Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 19)
BREAKING: At least 44 people are dead after a magnitude-7.1 earthquake that struck in Mexico, an official says… CNN (Tue Sep 19)
At least 42 dead in central Mexican state of Morelos after violent earthquake, governor says… BBC Breaking News (Tue Sep 19)
Breaking: At least 42 people reportedly killed after strong earthquake strikes central Mexico, a governor says Washington Post (Tue Sep 19)
[email protected] and @FLOTUS tweeted messages to those affected by the 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Mexico City on Tuesday.… Fox News (Tue Sep 19)
UPDATE: At least 44 people killed after 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck Mexico, officials say.… ABC News (Tue Sep 19)
Rescue workers & volunteers search a building that collapsed after an earthquake in downtown Mexico City on Tuesday… Fox News (Tue Sep 19)
Horrific moment earthquake knocks down building caught on video; LIVE UPDATES: RT (Tue Sep 19)
Earthquake jolts central Mexico — just hours after buildings held drills for anniversary of devastating 1985 quake… CBS News (Tue Sep 19)
Several deaths reported after earthquake hits central Mexican state of Puebla, with damage reported in Mexico City… BBC Breaking News (Tue Sep 19)
UPDATED: Magnitude 7.1 earthquake jolts central Mexico, collapsing some buildings CTV News (Tue Sep 19)
A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck the central Mexican state of Puebla, the US Geological Survey said CNN (Tue Sep 19)
BREAKING: Powerful earthquake shakes RT (Tue Sep 19)
Strong earthquake of magnitude 7.4 hits southern Mexico, rattling buildings in Mexico City BBC Breaking News (Tue Sep 19)
Experts say a magnitude-3.6 earthquake that hit Los Angeles late Monday is unlikely to cause any serious damage. USA TODAY (Tue Sep 19)
3.6-magnitude earthquake strikes near Los Angeles, USGS reports. ABC News (Tue Sep 19)
Death toll from Mexico's 8.1 magnitude earthquake rises to 96 after more fatalities in hard-hit Oaxaca… ABC News (Mon Sep 11)
Death toll from massive earthquake in Mexico rises to at least 96 The Globe and Mail (Mon Sep 11)
?? Mexico: Mexican families bury their dead after worst earthquake in decades FRANCE 24 English (Mon Sep 11)
Mexico earthquake death toll rises to 90; president says a third of Juchitan homes uninhabitable… National Post (Sun Sep 10)
Mexico earthquake: Death toll rises to 90 BBC News (World) (Sun Sep 10)
Earthquake death toll rises to 64 as Hurricane Katia pelts TIME (Sat Sep 09)
A tsunami warning has been issued following a massive earthquake off the Mexican coast Newsweek (Sat Sep 09)
Death toll from 8.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico rises to 58, chief emergency official says BBC Breaking News (Fri Sep 08)
Death toll in Mexico's massive earthquake jumps to 58 in the country's most powerful tremor in 100 years Washington Post (Fri Sep 08)
Death toll from 8.1-magnitude earthquake in Mexico rises to 58, chief emergency official says BBC Breaking News (Fri Sep 08)
A least 15 people have died after 8.1-magnitude earthquake strikes off coast of southern Mexico, state media report… CNN (Fri Sep 08)
The Latest: Mexico's civil defense chief says the death toll from earthquake has risen to at least 15. The Associated Press (Fri Sep 08)
President: Mexico hit by biggest earthquake in a century; toppling walls kill five, survivors brace for aftershocks… National Post (Fri Sep 08)
62 aftershocks followed the earthquake, Mexico's president says; waves of 3.3 feet above tide level were measured… CBS News (Fri Sep 08)
Biggest earthquake to shake Mexico in a century caused widespread devastation overnight. At least 5 confirmed dead:… CBS News (Fri Sep 08)
Mexico earthquake is most powerful to hit the country in a century, president says BBC Breaking News (Fri Sep 08)
Massive earthquake hits Mexico, killing several, sparking tsunami warning The Globe and Mail (Fri Sep 08)
Tsunami waves up to 1 meter high pose risk to Mexico and Central American countries after 8.1-magnitude earthquake… CNN (Fri Sep 08)
At least 3 people have died after a strong earthquake hit off Mexico's southern coast TIME (Fri Sep 08)
At least five people have died after an 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit off Mexico's coast, country's president says… CNN International (Fri Sep 08)
"We felt about a total of 5 aftershocks." Witness describes moments after earthquake struck off coast of Mexico… CNN (Fri Sep 08)
N. Korea said on Sunday it set off a hydrogen bomb, which caused an artificial earthquake, S. Korean media reports… CBS News (Sun Sep 03)