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U.S. general: "No further direction" on Syria since Trump-Putin summit Washington Post (Thu Jul 19)
Rebels, families begin evacuating Deraa city as part of Syria ceasefire deal FRANCE 24 English (Sun Jul 15)
BREAKING: Ceasefire agreement reached with leaders of armed groups in Syria’s Deraa province – Russian MoD… RT (Sat Jul 07)
Syria's war: UN 'deeply alarmed' by violence in southern Deraa Al Jazeera News (Wed Jul 04)
Regime reclaims more ground in south Syria: monitor FRANCE 24 English (Mon Jul 02)
UN chief again calls for end to military ops in south Syria FRANCE 24 English (Sat Jun 30)
French multinational allegedly paid ISIS, others to keep cement plant in Syria operational Newsweek (Fri Jun 29)
No breakthrough in Turkey-Iran-Russia talks on Syria constitution Al Jazeera News (Tue Jun 19)
An airstrike close to the Iraq-Syria border Sunday was carried out by Israel, and not by the US or the coalition fi… CNN International (Mon Jun 18)
Without foreign interference we could settle situation in Syria in a year – Assad to RT - WATCH:… RT (Thu May 31)
The last few months in Syria have been the latest in a string of awful months: Civilians have been under attack and… Foreign Policy (Tue May 29)
Iran says Syria has every right to defend itself against Israel: TV Reuters Top News (Fri May 11)
Iran targets Israeli bases across Syrian frontier, Israel pounds Syria The Globe and Mail (Thu May 10)
BREAKING NEWS: Israeli airstrikes pummel Iranian infrastructure in Syria, minister says Fox News (Thu May 10)
Airstrikes kill at least 23 civilians in ISIS-held region of Syria, including 10 children and 7 elderly people: mon… CBC News Alerts (Tue May 01)
2 dead & 13 injured in militant missile attack on Syria's Homs – Russian Reconciliation Center… RT (Mon Apr 30)
Can Iraq get the U.S. to join Russia and Iran's war against ISIS in Syria? Newsweek (Thu Apr 26)
Intl donors raise $4.4bn in emergency aid for Syria, fall short without US pledge RT (Wed Apr 25)
Trump just threw another very public wrench into stated U.S. policy in Syria and the counter-Islamic State Foreign Policy (Sun Apr 22)
Chemical weapons inspectors collect samples from Syria site CTV News (Sat Apr 21)
A militant linked to the 9/11 attacks has been captured by U.S.-backed forces in Syria, the Pentagon says TIME (Fri Apr 20)
Trump says "many people died" when U.S. and Russian troops fought in Syria Newsweek (Thu Apr 19)
?? Head of UN entity probing war crimes in Syria speaks to FRANCE 24 FRANCE 24 English (Thu Apr 19)
?? Hassan Rouhani: "The US, Britain and France invaded Syria without the permission of the U.N."… FRANCE 24 English (Wed Apr 18)
Destruction in Douma – latest photographs from the conflict in Syria The Guardian (Tue Apr 17)
'Hands off Syria': MEPs protest Syria strikes during Macron’s call for EU unity (PHOTOS) RT (Tue Apr 17)
Israel needs America's help keeping Iran at bay in Syria. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Tue Apr 17)
Redacted Tonight’s Lee Camp challenges Western narrative on Syria (VIDEO) RT (Tue Apr 17)
What is the West's end game in Syria? Al Jazeera English (Tue Apr 17)
Syria chemical attack: Investigators allowed to visit site BBC News (World) (Tue Apr 17)
Head of chemical arms watchdog says Russia, Syria cite "pending security issues" before inspectors can visit Douma. The Associated Press (Mon Apr 16)
France convinced Trump to stay in Syria, says Macron FRANCE 24 English (Mon Apr 16)
‘No war in history has begun with so little support’ – Galloway slams PM over Syria (VIDEO) RT (Mon Apr 16)
Sen. @timkaine joins @CBSThisMorning to discuss last week's missile attacks on Syria CBS News (Mon Apr 16)
Mission in Syria: Semi-accomplished (via @CNNOpinion) CNN International (Mon Apr 16)
Rebuilding Syria - that was the aim of a meeting of Russian MPs who met with President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus… euronews (Mon Apr 16)
The Arab League calls for probe into the use of chemical weapons in Syria, condemns what it sees as Iran’s meddling… Reuters Top News (Mon Apr 16)
Military approach on Syria should be ‘expressed to terrorist states’ – Israeli PM RT (Mon Apr 16)
Mission in Syria: Semi-accomplished (via @CNNOpinion) CNN (Mon Apr 16)
The Latest: EU foreign policy chief wants bloc to use major meeting on Syria next week to give impetus to UN peace… The Associated Press (Mon Apr 16)
OPINION: Trump strikes Syria, media fire back, and other examples of their war against the president Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
UPDATE: If Syria uses toxic gas again, "the United States is locked and loaded" - US Ambassador Nikki Haley… Al Jazeera News (Sat Apr 14)
Canada backs Syria strikes but others at Americas summit concerned Reuters Top News (Sat Apr 14)
Analysis: Is President Trump’s strike on Syria constitutional? Washington Post (Sat Apr 14)
Haley warns US is 'locked and loaded' if Syria uses chemical weapons again Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
Post-Soviet security bloc CSTO condemns Western airstrike on Syria RT (Sat Apr 14)
You have nothing but disdain for UN charter – Russian envoy to US-led coalition members who stroke Syria… RT (Sat Apr 14)
Pentagon officials say 105 weapons launched against three targets in Syria have 'significantly degraded (Assad's) a… CBC News Alerts (Sat Apr 14)
U.S., France, U.K. to brief NATO allies today on Syria strikes. Updated story: CBC News Alerts (Sat Apr 14)
Global chemical watchdog says it will continue fact-finding mission to area of suspected chemical attack in Syria a… NBC News (Sat Apr 14)
U.S., France, Britain to brief NATO allies on Syria Reuters Top News (Sat Apr 14)
RAF fighter jets prepare to launch as May greenlights Syria airstrikes (VIDEO) RT (Sat Apr 14)
Theresa May: Syria strikes 'right and legal' option – video The Guardian (Sat Apr 14)
[email protected] issued a statement about the military strike against the Assad regime in Syria, saying the U.S. and allies "wi… Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
Israel says U.S.-led strikes have enforced Syria red line Reuters Top News (Sat Apr 14)
Read UK Prime Minister Theresa May's statement on the Syria strikes CNN (Sat Apr 14)
After Syria strikes, now what? | By Peter Bergen via @CNNOpinion CNN (Sat Apr 14)
The unconventional President finds a conventional cause in Syria | Analysis by @StCollinson CNN International (Sat Apr 14)
Russian foreign ministry says Syria attacked just as it had chance for peace Reuters Top News (Sat Apr 14)
Analysis: Trump's strike on Syria has fire and fury — but not the element of surprise USA TODAY (Sat Apr 14)
Earlier, @VP issued a statement about the military strike against the Assad regime in Syria, saying the U.S. and al… Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
Moments ago, @SteveScalise praised President @realDonaldTrump's approval of military strikes in Syria against the c… Fox News (Sat Apr 14)
All the latest updates on Syria air strikes Al Jazeera English (Sat Apr 14)
Breaking:Trump orders new U.S. 'precision strikes' on Syria, defying Russia threats Newsweek (Sat Apr 14)
President Trump directly addressed Russia and Iran, two countries that have supported the embattled regime of Syria… CNN Breaking News (Sat Apr 14)
Russia said it had “irrefutable” evidence that the deadly Syria chemical weapons attack that has prompted the U.S.… NBC News (Sat Apr 14)
Western hawks come to roost in Syria, but will Trump torpedo the coalition? (Op-Ed by @Robert_Bridge)… RT (Fri Apr 13)
THE DEBATE - To Strike or not to Stike: US and Allies Mull Response to Apparent Syria Chemical Attack… FRANCE 24 English (Fri Apr 13)
EU to consider fresh sanctions on Syria – report RT (Fri Apr 13)
Trump's Syria strategy is nonexistent | @CNNOpinion CNN International (Fri Apr 13)
"Our President has not yet made a decision about possible actions in Syria. But should the United States and our al… NBC News (Fri Apr 13)
Four prominent activists were abducted in Syria. Their fate may now become clear. Washington Post (Fri Apr 13)
An attack on Syria will be disastrous. But the warmongers won’t be told | Owen Jones The Guardian (Fri Apr 13)
US Defence Secretary Mattis urges caution in response to Syria Al Jazeera English (Fri Apr 13)
Daily Briefing: - Political cracks emerge in Europe over Syria strikes - European diplomats to address Trump’s con… Reuters Top News (Fri Apr 13)
The timeline may have changed for punishing Syria for a suspected chemical weapons attack. CBS News' David Martin h… CBS News (Thu Apr 12)
U.S. intelligence continues to report that symptoms related to last weekend's suspected chemical attack in Syria ar… CBS News (Thu Apr 12)
Trump sees Syria decisions soon, Russia envoy says 'cannot exclude' war Reuters Top News (Thu Apr 12)
[email protected] on military action in Syria: "[@POTUS] has all the authority he needs as commander in chief and i… Fox News (Thu Apr 12)
Asked what worries him most about possible military action in Syria, Defense Sec. Mattis says, "On a strategic leve… ABC News (Thu Apr 12)
Macron takes to airwaves amid rail strikes, Syria crisis FRANCE 24 English (Thu Apr 12)
Israel needs America's help keeping Iran at bay in Syria. The latest from Shadow Government: Foreign Policy (Thu Apr 12)
Turkey's ever-closer ties with Russia leave US lacking key ally on Syria The Guardian (Thu Apr 12)
Bolivia calls U.N. meeting over Syria strike threat Reuters Top News (Wed Apr 11)
Trump called out Obama for tipping his hand in Syria. Now he's doing the same thing CNN International (Wed Apr 11)
Trump Promises Strike on Syria and Warns Russia Against Backing Assad The New York Times (Wed Apr 11)
Airlines warned about 'possible' military action against Syria Fox News (Wed Apr 11)
BREAKING: Get ready Russia, missiles will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart’! - Trump on Syria conflict… RT (Wed Apr 11)
Eurocontrol warns airlines of possible missile strikes into Syria by @Jamie_Freed Reuters Top News (Wed Apr 11)
Pres. Trump cancels trip to South America "to oversee the American response to Syria," White House says.… ABC News (Wed Apr 11)
Syria 'chemical attack': Russia warns US against military action BBC News (World) (Wed Apr 11)
Russian officials warn of possible military clash with US over Syria The Guardian (Tue Apr 10)
Seeking to avert U.S. response, Russia proposes inspection of Syria attack site Reuters Top News (Tue Apr 10)
Does it matter what kind of gas was used in the latest Syria attack? If the Syrian government used chlorine gas ins… CBS News (Tue Apr 10)
What could the US target in Syria and how might Russia react? The Guardian (Tue Apr 10)
Read the transcript of President Trump's remarks about the F.B.I. raid on his lawyer's office, Syria and more The New York Times (Tue Apr 10)
Dark times for Syria, the UN and the west | Letters The Guardian (Mon Apr 09)
Syria attacks map FRANCE 24 English (Mon Apr 09)
Trump: 'Major decision' on Syria coming in 24-48 hours. Vows to find out if Syria, Russia, Iran or 'all of them' be… CBC News Alerts (Mon Apr 09)
What we know about the missile strike on Syria's Homs airfield Newsweek (Mon Apr 09)
Video: Syria and Russia accused Israel of conducting aistrikes on a Syrian air base on Monday The New York Times (Mon Apr 09)
Syria blames Israel for missile strike that reportedly killed 14 CTV News (Mon Apr 09)
Trump and other world leaders condemned Saturday's incident in Syria and said they would respond. "Russia and Iran… USA TODAY (Mon Apr 09)
Russia blames Israel for Syria air base attack after Pentagon denial of U.S. involvement USA TODAY (Mon Apr 09)
International outrage and threats of retaliation follow the latest apparent chemical weapons attack by Syria's gove… CBS News (Mon Apr 09)
Syria says U.S. suspected of attacking air base but Pentagon denies it Reuters Top News (Mon Apr 09)
Syria attack response looms over John Bolton's first week as US national security adviser CNN International (Mon Apr 09)
Rebel fighters begin leaving Syria's Douma after weeks-long military assault Reuters Top News (Mon Apr 09)
[email protected]: President @realDonaldTrump Won't Repeat Fmr. President @BarackObama's 'Tragic Mistake' With Syria 'Red… Fox News (Sun Apr 08)
President @realDonaldTrump responds to Syria poison gas attack which has killed at least 40 according to activists… Fox News (Sun Apr 08)
Trump condemns Syria suspected chemical attack BBC News (World) (Sun Apr 08)
The impact of 6 years of war on Syria's children Al Jazeera English (Sun Apr 08)
First strikes on Syria's Ghouta in days as talks sputter FRANCE 24 English (Fri Apr 06)
U.S. policy toward fighting Islamic State in Syria unchanged: general Reuters Top News (Thu Apr 05)
Why Trump is holding off on withdrawing troops from Syria FRANCE 24 English (Thu Apr 05)
Trump scales back U.S. goals in Syria, leaves future to others CTV News (Thu Apr 05)
[email protected]: US mission in Syria coming to 'rapid end' Fox News (Thu Apr 05)
Turkish, Iranian leaders meet ahead of Syria summit with Russia Reuters Top News (Wed Apr 04)
Pres. Trump says he wants to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. "I want to bring our troops back home," the president… ABC News (Wed Apr 04)
'Final evacuation deal' reached for Syria's Ghouta FRANCE 24 English (Sun Apr 01)
Syria's army vows to finish off last Ghouta rebels FRANCE 24 English (Sun Apr 01)
Who is to blame for the ongoing war in Syria? via @AJUpFront Al Jazeera English (Sun Apr 01)
President Trump freezes $200 million in funds earmarked for Syria recovery CBS News (Sun Apr 01)
Trump walking back on US pledge to invest $200mn in Syria recovery – report RT (Sat Mar 31)
Trump tells advisers he wants U.S. out of Syria: senior officials Reuters Top News (Fri Mar 30)
Basement schools aid children in Syria's Eastern Ghouta Al Jazeera News (Thu Mar 29)
UN faces 'day of shame' over failed Syria truce: Haley FRANCE 24 English (Wed Mar 28)
Unlike US-led coalition, Russia not hitting civilian homes in Syria with incendiary bombs – MoD RT (Fri Mar 23)
Analysis: John Bolton has talked about bombing North Korea, Iran and Syria Washington Post (Fri Mar 23)
As a White Helmet, I ask for safe passage from Ghouta, Syria — AJOpinion, by @RaedAlSaleh3 Al Jazeera English (Tue Mar 20)
Syria war: Dozens killed as rockets hit Damascus market BBC News (World) (Tue Mar 20)
What is it like to be trapped inside Syria's Eastern Ghouta? Syrian journalist @NourAdam0 takes us inside a makesh… Al Jazeera English (Tue Mar 20)
Syria’s EasternGhouta militants prepare chemical attack provocation - MoD RT (Tue Mar 20)
Turkey says its forces won't stay in Syria's Afrin region Reuters Top News (Mon Mar 19)
As eastern Ghouta battered in one of the bloodiest assaults in Syria's 7-year war, families retreat to makeshift un… CBC News Alerts (Fri Mar 09)
UN human rights chief launched a stinging attack on Syria over its 'unjustified' Ghouta attacks… euronews (Wed Mar 07)
Russian military plane crashes in Syria killing 26 passengers and six crew members, defence ministry says BBC Breaking News (Tue Mar 06)
Turkey, Russia & Iran to hold summit on Syria in April – Ankara RT (Tue Mar 06)
The two common leftist myths about what is going on in Syria — AJOpinion, by @loubnamrie Al Jazeera English (Mon Mar 05)
A Michigan man fighting ISIS in Syria flew back to Chicago for a wound, was interrogated about terrorist ties… Newsweek (Sun Mar 04)
Attacks on Syria's Ghouta 'unacceptable' collective punishment: U.N. Reuters Top News (Sun Mar 04)
Turkish air strikes kill 36 pro-regime fighters in Syria's Afrin: monitor FRANCE 24 English (Sat Mar 03)
Globe in the Middle East: Israel’s mission creep in Syria raises nightmare scenario of wider war… The Globe and Mail (Sat Mar 03)
Here's why al-Qaeda's presence in Syria is shrinking: Al Jazeera English (Fri Mar 02)
Eastern Ghouta Syria: The neighbourhoods below the bombs BBC News (World) (Fri Mar 02)
Syria regime strikes rebel enclave as aid trucks wait FRANCE 24 English (Thu Mar 01)
Syria war: First civilians leave besieged Eastern Ghouta BBC News (World) (Thu Mar 01)
Syria's Eastern Ghouta residents 'mock' ceasefire amid reports of five killed on Thursday Al Jazeera News (Thu Mar 01)
MORE: Turkey launched military op dubbed OperationOliveBranch targeting Kurdish militias in Syria on January 20… RT (Thu Mar 01)
Days after cease-fire resolution for Syria: "More bombing. More fighting. More death." Washington Post (Thu Mar 01)