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News about Syria
The children of Syria's war Al Jazeera English (Sun Dec 17)
In Syria, Russia securing position as Assad presses war Reuters Top News (Sat Dec 16)
Mother 'poisoned son to avoid trip to Syria with jihadi husband' The Guardian (Fri Dec 15)
U.S. warplane almost collides with Russian fighter jet in dangerous Syria standoff Newsweek (Fri Dec 15)
How ISIS got weapons from U.S. and used them to take Iraq and Syria Newsweek (Thu Dec 14)
Syria war: US planes 'fire flares' at Russian jets BBC News (World) (Thu Dec 14)
U.S. military says American-supported Syria opposition fighters killed more than 20 Islamic State fighters in an ar… The Associated Press (Thu Dec 14)
Putin must nudge Syria into U.N. peace deal, mediator says Reuters Top News (Wed Dec 13)
Syria main source of recent bomb hoaxes – Russian police RT (Tue Dec 12)
Thousands of privately-funded Russian soldiers fighting in Syria CTV News (Tue Dec 12)
Russia’s Syria success highlights US mission mess (Op-Ed by Finian Cunningham) RT (Tue Dec 12)
Kremlin says widespread Russian forces no longer needed in Syria Reuters Top News (Tue Dec 12)
Vladimir Putin announces a partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria TIME (Tue Dec 12)
Putin ordered withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria during surprise visit to Khmeimim Airbase… RT (Tue Dec 12)
Putin, in Syria, says mission accomplished, orders partial Russian pull-out Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 11)
Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a partial withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria during a visit to the co… CNN International (Mon Dec 11)
AP10Things: Putin announces partial pullout of Russian forces from Syria; Final push for Roy Moore and Doug Jones… The Associated Press (Mon Dec 11)
Putin orders Russian forces to start pulling out of Syria The Globe and Mail (Mon Dec 11)
Putin, on visit, orders Russian forces to start pulling out of Syria: agencies Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 11)
How ISIL captured and lost key cities in Syria and Iraq Al Jazeera English (Sun Dec 10)
The Congo crisis has outpaced Syria, Yemen and Iraq in the number of people forced to flee in the first six months… Al Jazeera English (Sat Dec 09)
Iraqi Prime Minister declares "end of war" against ISIS, as government forces seize control of border with Syria… Newsweek (Sat Dec 09)
In praise of refugee chefs: They came from Syria, but they represent an American ideal Washington Post (Sat Dec 09)
The US military is concerned that actions of Russian aircraft could potentially spark a clash over Syria… CNN International (Sat Dec 09)
Erdogan, Putin to discuss Syria, Jerusalem during meeting in Turkey: s Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 08)
Russian military: mission accomplished, Islamic State defeated in Syria Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 07)
Despite the pullout of the Marine gunners, U.S. troops are going to be on the ground in Syria for the long haul, de… Foreign Policy (Wed Dec 06)
BREAKING: Syria fully liberated from ISIS terrorists – Russian MoD RT (Wed Dec 06)
Supreme Court allows enforcement of Trump ban on travelers from Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen even as… The Associated Press (Mon Dec 04)
UK foreign aid money 'diverted to extremists' in Syria BBC News (World) (Mon Dec 04)
'Winter without food, firewood or diesel' in Syria's besieged towns Al Jazeera English (Thu Nov 30)
Assad negotiators expected at Syria peace talks FRANCE 24 English (Wed Nov 29)
Is Russia afraid of losing Syria? — AJOpinion, by Leonid Issaev Al Jazeera English (Wed Nov 29)
Afghanistan - 15,298 (Pentagon: 14,000) Syria - 1,720 (Pentagon: 503) Iraq - 8,992 (Pentagon: 5,262) RT (Tue Nov 28)
Video: What happens once the IS group is defeated in Syria? FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 27)
We pressed pause the day we had to leave Syria. The shock never goes away | Mouna Ghanem The Guardian (Mon Nov 27)
Airstrikes in Syria have killed at least 57 people just two days before United Nations-facilitated peace talks… CNN International (Sun Nov 26)
Sochi summit was ‘right step at right time’ for Syria’s future – Iran’s RT (Sat Nov 25)
Trump tells Turkish president U.S. will stop arming Kurds in Syria Washington Post (Sat Nov 25)
Turkey support key as US seeks to hold on in Syria FRANCE 24 English (Sat Nov 25)
US military aircraft flying over Syria in the last few weeks have been subjected to unsafe flying practices by Russ… CNN (Fri Nov 24)
Pentagon likely to acknowledge 2,000 U.S. troops in Syria: U.S. officials Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 24)
As ISIS retreats, the US is set to reveal troop numbers in Syria CNN (Fri Nov 24)
Turkish foreign minister says Trump told Erdogan U.S. will stop supplying weapons to Kurdish militia in Syria, whic… CBC News Alerts (Fri Nov 24)
Iraq launches operation to clear desert near Syria of Islamic State Reuters Top News (Thu Nov 23)
‘JIM is dead’: Russia hopes for a new ‘objective & unbiased’ Syria chemical inquiry RT (Thu Nov 23)
Syria war: Putin unveils plan for peace congress BBC News (World) (Wed Nov 22)
[email protected]ner on Russia in Syria: "The reason that Russia is in [Syria] in the first place is because they're th… Fox News (Wed Nov 22)
Foreigners held or missing in Syria FRANCE 24 English (Wed Nov 22)
The Bosnian war has modern echoes in the Syria crisis, says @camanpour: "We're seeing the same failure from the int… CNN International (Wed Nov 22)
Syria opposition meets in Riyadh under pressure to compromise FRANCE 24 English (Wed Nov 22)
Russia-hosted summit could be decisive for Syria peace: Erdogan Reuters Top News (Wed Nov 22)
The impact of 6 years of war on Syria's children Al Jazeera English (Wed Nov 22)
US increases the number of its airstrikes in Afghanistan as ISIS fight in Iraq and Syria winds down… CNN International (Tue Nov 21)
JUST IN: Putin informed Trump of meeting with Assad in phone call focused on Syria – Kremlin RT (Tue Nov 21)
Active phase of Syria military operation nears end – Russian General Staff RT (Tue Nov 21)
Putin salutes his generals for "saving Syria" as Assad visits Russia NBC News (Tue Nov 21)
Putin hosts Assad in Sochi ahead of key Syria summit FRANCE 24 English (Tue Nov 21)
Video: Clearing out Syria's last Islamic State group strongholds FRANCE 24 English (Tue Nov 21)
Russia is giving new, deadly missiles to warplanes bombing ISIS in Syria Newsweek (Sat Nov 18)
Russia is giving new, deadly missiles to warplanes bombing ISIS in Syria Newsweek (Sat Nov 18)
Russia rejects UN SC resolution on Syria probe euronews (Fri Nov 17)
At least 20 people killed in ISIL car bombing attack in Syria's Deir Az Zor Al Jazeera English (Fri Nov 17)
Germany to spend 10 million euros to help clear mines in Syria: media Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 17)
Russia vetoes U.S. resolution that would extend the mandate of chemical weapons inspectors in Syria on Thursday… CBS News (Fri Nov 17)
Russia vetoes UN resolution seeking an inquiry into use of chemical weapons in Syria Al Jazeera News (Thu Nov 16)
Watch Live: UN Security Council to decide on resolution on the inquiry on alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria… Al Jazeera News (Thu Nov 16)
Journalist James Foley was kidnapped and killed by ISIS while reporting in Syria in 2014. Now his parents, Diane an… CNN International (Thu Nov 16)
Russian MoD to probe meme-triggering video game screenshot attached to Syria statement RT (Wed Nov 15)
Syria says ISIS on verge of defeat, calls on U.S. to withdraw troops. Comes after U.S. says no walking away before… CBC News Alerts (Tue Nov 14)
Air strikes kill 43 civilians in Syria's Aleppo Al Jazeera English (Mon Nov 13)
Putin, Erdogan address media after talking Syria in Sochi (WATCH LIVE) RT (Mon Nov 13)
US judge OKs partial Trump travel ban. Would bar people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad if no family… CBC News Alerts (Mon Nov 13)
Clapper on Trump saying Putin could help the US on North Korea and Syria: “The likelihood that the Russians are goi… CNN (Sun Nov 12)
Trump says U.S. deal with Russia on Syria will save many lives Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 11)
President Trump and Russian President Putin issue a joint statement on fighting ISIS in Syria… CNN (Sat Nov 11)
Putin and Trump want political solution to Syria conflict, Kremlin says The Guardian (Sat Nov 11)
Putin, Trump agree to fighting IS in Syria, Kremlin says Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 11)
JIM probe into Syria chemical attack fails ‘basic standards’ – Russia’s OPCW envoy RT (Fri Nov 10)
Isis ousted from last major stronghold in Syria The Guardian (Thu Nov 09)
Children in a neighborhood in Damascus, Syria sift through rubble after an airstrike to find schoolbooks.… ABC News (Wed Nov 08)
Environment minister says Environment and Climate Change Canada tweet praising Syria for joining Paris accord was '… CBC News Alerts (Wed Nov 08)
Syria plans to sign the Paris climate deal. That makes the U.S. the only U.N. country opposing it TIME (Wed Nov 08)
Russia rejects "mythical" report blaming Syria for chemical weapons attack TIME (Wed Nov 08)
At U.N., Russia slams inquiry into toxic gas attacks in Syria Reuters Top News (Wed Nov 08)
Assad adviser says Turkish, U.S. forces 'illegal invaders' in Syria Reuters Top News (Tue Nov 07)
As Syria embraces Paris climate deal, it’s the United States against the world Washington Post (Tue Nov 07)
5 Russian servicemen and 4 journalists injured in explosion in Syria - MoD RT (Mon Nov 06)
The impact of 6 years of war on Syria's children Al Jazeera English (Mon Nov 06)
North Korea, Syria and Ukraine—Are Trump and Putin planning a new world order at next week's meeting?… Newsweek (Mon Nov 06)
Islamic State bombing kills dozens in east Syria: war monitor Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 04)
Syria deal being discussed for possible Putin-Trump meeting: report Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 04)
The impact of 6 years of war on Syria's children Al Jazeera English (Sat Nov 04)
Syria and Iraq leave no escape for ISIS, as troops claim major border victories Newsweek (Fri Nov 03)
On AJNewsGrid: Syria's army retakes Deir Az Zor city from ISIL. What questions do you have? Ask ?… Al Jazeera English (Fri Nov 03)
Russian long-range bombers destroy militant outposts, depots in Syria (Footage courtesy: R… RT (Wed Nov 01)
Syria's war: Russia dominates Astana talks Al Jazeera News (Tue Oct 31)
13 million people inside Syria need aid, U.N. warns NBC News (Tue Oct 31)
A doctor narrates his everyday reality in Syria: "The phone rings again...another blast patient is on the way"… Al Jazeera News (Tue Oct 31)
The @UN's inquiry into Syria's chemical weapons usage has hit a possible Foreign Policy (Mon Oct 30)
'The government is stuck': The complicated case of a suspected American ISIL fighter captured in Syria… National Post (Mon Oct 30)
This week's 'Taking the Shot,' on the front lines as the Islamic State falls in Raqqa, Syria. For more… Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 30)
For Syria regime, Raqa still occupied despite IS ouster FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 30)
Britain calls for UN sanctions on Syria over sarin attack FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 27)
Exclusive: Death certificate offers clues on Russian casualties in Syria Reuters Top News (Fri Oct 27)
Latest on $31.3-million settlement to men unjustly imprisoned in Syria CTV News (Fri Oct 27)
Russia blocks UN probe into Syria's use of chemical weapons Al Jazeera English (Thu Oct 26)
New round of Syria talks to begin November 28 FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 26)
ICYMI: Feds pay $31.3M settlement to 3 men unjustly imprisoned in Syria CTV News (Thu Oct 26)
Syria's SDF rebels: ISIL's nemesis or American proxy? Al Jazeera News (Thu Oct 26)
Nicaragua is joining the Paris Climate Accord. That leaves two countries who oppose the deal: Syria and the U.S. The New York Times (Wed Oct 25)
Why does Israel keep attacking Syria? Al Jazeera English (Wed Oct 25)
AP10Things to Know for Weds.: Where confrontation is looming in Syria; more aid on way to Puerto Rico. The Associated Press (Wed Oct 25)
Russia vetoes U.N. Security Council vote on U.S. effort to extend mandate of chemical weapons inspectors in Syria:… CBS News (Tue Oct 24)
Nicaragua is joining the Paris Climate Accord. That leaves two countries who oppose the deal: Syria and the U.S. The New York Times (Tue Oct 24)
BREAKING: Russia vetoes UNSC resolution on renewing Syria chemical weapons probe RT (Tue Oct 24)
ISIL accused of killing scores of civilians in central Syria Al Jazeera News (Tue Oct 24)
U.S.-backed fighters take Syria's largest oil field after three years under Islamic State control.… ABC News (Tue Oct 24)
Dozens die in ISIL 'reprisal killings' in Syria euronews (Tue Oct 24)
Nicaragua will join Paris climate pact, leaving U.S., Syria isolated Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 23)
Why are Israeli attacks on Syria so frequent? Al Jazeera English (Mon Oct 23)
Syria war: 'Dozens killed' in IS reprisals in Qaryatain BBC News (World) (Mon Oct 23)
AP10Things: At least 67 civilians bodies found in Syria; Trump urges House GOP to pass budget. The Associated Press (Mon Oct 23)
JUST IN: US-backed forces say they have captured Syria's largest oil field from ISIS CNN (Mon Oct 23)
U.S.-allied force captures Syria's largest oil field from ISIS CBS News (Mon Oct 23)
'Barbaric destruction': Syria’s Raqqa is comparable to the infamous Allied bombing of Dresden in 1945 - Moscow… RT (Mon Oct 23)
The U.S.-led coalition says allied fighters captured Syria's largest oil field from ISIS: CBS News (Sun Oct 22)
U.S.-backed forces take Syria’s largest oil field from Islamic State The Globe and Mail (Sun Oct 22)
U.S.-backed militias seize key oil field in east Syria: SDF Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 22)
Syria army retakes desert town from IS: state media FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 21)
US pushes for extension of Syria gas attack probe FRANCE 24 English (Sat Oct 21)
Raqqa to be part of 'federal Syria', U.S.-backed militia says Reuters Top News (Fri Oct 20)
After Raqa, what's next for the US military in Syria FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 18)
Russian, Israeli leaders discuss Iran nuclear program, Syria, Iraq Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 18)
Timeline of events in Syria's city of Raqqa, known as Islamic State group's de facto capital. The Associated Press (Tue Oct 17)
Islamic State cleared from Syria's Raqqa: monitor Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 17)
Syria war: US-backed forces 'control' Raqqa BBC News (World) (Mon Oct 16)
OFM Awards 2017: Best Ethical Food Project – Cook for Syria The Guardian (Sun Oct 15)
Final assault starts on Syria's Raqqa as some Islamic State fighters quit Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 15)
Syria demands 'immediate' withdrawal of Turkey troops: SANA FRANCE 24 English (Sun Oct 15)
Convoy to leave Syria's Raqa under evacuation deal: coalition FRANCE 24 English (Sun Oct 15)
About 100 ISIS fighters surrender in Raqqa, Syria, seen as sign battle to retake Raqqa could be nearing its end… ABC News (Sat Oct 14)
French ex-foreign minister faces grilling in Lafarge Syria probe FRANCE 24 English (Fri Oct 13)
Turkish troops travelling in a convoy of 12 armoured vehicles have entered Syria’s Idlib in new military operation… Al Jazeera English (Fri Oct 13)
What are Turkey's plans for Syria? via @AJInsideStory Al Jazeera English (Fri Oct 13)
British IS recruiter Sally Jones reportedly killed in drone strike in Syria in June BBC Breaking News (Thu Oct 12)
Thursday briefing: Isis mother and son 'die in Syria drone strike' The Guardian (Thu Oct 12)
AHEAD on @CBSEveningNews: Meet a 15-year-old girl from Kansas who was brought to Syria against her will by her ISIS… CBS News (Wed Oct 11)
Tim Cahill double keeps Australia alive with extra-time win over Syria via @guardian_sport The Guardian (Tue Oct 10)
World Cup hope brings relief and divisions in Syria FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 09)