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Erdogan says Turkey starting initiatives at U.N. to annul U.S. decision on Jerusalem Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 15)
Why Turkey and Greece cannot reconcile The Economist (Thu Dec 14)
Talking turkey: the best culinary hacks for Christmas dinner The Guardian (Wed Dec 13)
Turkey snubs NATO allies and buys missile systems from Russia NBC News (Wed Dec 13)
"Both Russia and Turkey think the decision of the US to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is not helping… Al Jazeera English (Tue Dec 12)
Turkey, Russia will meet to finalize S-400 defense deal in coming week Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 11)
Trump has made the U.S. a "partner in bloodshed" in the Middle East, Turkey's president says Newsweek (Mon Dec 11)
Netanyahu slams Turkey's Erdogan for claiming Israel is 'terrorist state' that 'kills children' Fox News (Sun Dec 10)
Turkey & Greece re-open old wounds in borderline argument RT (Sun Dec 10)
Everyone from the State Department to Saudi Arabia to NATO ally Turkey are warning that the U.S. recognizing Jerusa… Foreign Policy (Sat Dec 09)
"There is no financial support" After travelling to Romania from Turkey via the dangerous Black Sea, refugees and… Al Jazeera English (Sat Dec 09)
After stinging Athens, Turkey's Erdogan woos crowds in northern Greece Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 08)
Erdogan, Putin to discuss Syria, Jerusalem during meeting in Turkey: s Reuters Top News (Fri Dec 08)
Blunt retort from Greece when Turkey's president suggests 1923 treaty delineating their border needs ‘updating’… National Post (Thu Dec 07)
Turkey's Erdogan arrives in Greece for two-day visit Al Jazeera News (Thu Dec 07)
Turkey will protect banks from fall-out of Zarrab case, minister says Reuters Top News (Thu Dec 07)
Protests erupted outside the American Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey following US President Donald Trump's decision… CNN (Thu Dec 07)
Turkey's President Erdogan's landmark trip to Greece aims at boosting dialogue between the two countries… Al Jazeera English (Wed Dec 06)
The Latest: Turkey warns Trump against recognizing Jerusalem. The Associated Press (Wed Dec 06)
Turkey resumes visa application services for U.S. travelers, but there's a small catch Washington Post (Wed Dec 06)
Turkey warns of 'catastrophe' if US recognises Jerusalem as Israel capital FRANCE 24 English (Mon Dec 04)
Turkey says recognizing Jerusalem as capital would cause catastrophe Reuters Top News (Mon Dec 04)
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Turkey cannot be tried by "virtual courts" in the United States… CNN (Mon Dec 04)
President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, says the country can't be tried by "virtual courts" in the United States… CNN (Sun Dec 03)
Turkey's Erdogan says businessmen moving assets abroad are 'traitors' Reuters Top News (Sun Dec 03)
Erdogan says Turkey cannot be 'condemned by courts' in US FRANCE 24 English (Sun Dec 03)
Turkey targets assets of US witness who says Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is corrupt… CNN International (Sat Dec 02)
Analysis: What the Iran sanctions case in New York means for Turkey and Erdogan Washington Post (Sat Dec 02)
Erdogan says Turkey did not violate US sanctions on Iran FRANCE 24 English (Thu Nov 30)
Turkey seeks arrest of 360 people in probe targeting Gulen network in euronews (Wed Nov 29)
Turkey, United States 'on same wavelength', to speak again this week: Erdogan Reuters Top News (Tue Nov 28)
Turkish PM says EU confused since Brexit, needs to revisit Turkey's future place Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 27)
Turkey says Trump must keep pledge on not arming YPG militia Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 27)
Turkey says Trump must keep pledge on not arming YPG militia Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 27)
Iraq to build new oil pipeline to Turkey FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 27)
The trial is to take place in Manhattan, but many people in Turkey will be hanging on every word The New York Times (Sun Nov 26)
Gold trader's trial strains U.S.-Turkey relations Reuters Top News (Sun Nov 26)
Turkey support key as US seeks to hold on in Syria FRANCE 24 English (Sat Nov 25)
U.S. will stop arming Syrian Kurds, Turkey says CBS News (Sat Nov 25)
‘Washington’s betrayal of Syrian Kurds an attempt to patch-up troubled US-Turkey relations’ RT (Sat Nov 25)
Turkey: U.S. to stop arming Syrian Kurdish fighters. The Associated Press (Fri Nov 24)
Who had the strongest handshake? Vladimir Putin and Turkey's President Erdogan knock over furniture in meeting… Newsweek (Fri Nov 24)
Need a place to sleep off your turkey coma? There's an app for that: ABC News (Thu Nov 23)
Cooking Thanksgiving dinner? Firefighters across the country demonstrate the dangers of improperly frying a turkey:… ABC News (Thu Nov 23)
3,000-year-old fortress found under Turkey's Lake Van CTV News (Thu Nov 23)
Trump's in the White House, turkey's on the table: What to do if you don't want to talk politics.… USA TODAY (Thu Nov 23)
Here are some tips to help you choose the best wine to complement your turkey dinner: USA TODAY (Wed Nov 22)
The dreaded "turkey drop": Here’s why couples break up around Thanksgiving Washington Post (Wed Nov 22)
Intent upon deep frying a turkey this Thanksgiving? These essential safety tips will help you avoid a combustible c… CBS News (Wed Nov 22)
How to carve a turkey in five easy steps. USA TODAY (Wed Nov 22)
The turkey feast with the Wampanoag Indians was not a Pilgrim “thanksgiving” in the proper sense The Economist (Wed Nov 22)
Turkey to receive S-400 components from Russia in 2019 – defense minister RT (Wed Nov 22)
Turkey's Simsek says 'serious fluctuations' in markets, U.S. problem temporary Reuters Top News (Wed Nov 22)
President Trump says he's been informed that he can't reverse Obama's last turkey pardons: "So Tater and Tot, you c… NBC News (Tue Nov 21)
NOW: President Trump pardons turkey named Drumstick at the White House in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday… CBS News (Tue Nov 21)
Zarrab trial in U.S. is a 'clear plot against Turkey', government says Reuters Top News (Mon Nov 20)
Turkey bans all LGBTI events in Ankara, citing security Fox News (Sun Nov 19)
To some of her fans Meral Aksener is already Turkey’s best hope of reversing the descent into absolute rule The Economist (Sun Nov 19)
Turkey bans all LGBTI events in capital Ankara euronews (Sun Nov 19)
Turkey's Erdogan rebuffs NATO apology over 'enemy poster' Reuters Top News (Sat Nov 18)
Like your Thanksgiving turkey crisp, golden and tender? Try this: The New York Times (Sat Nov 18)
Turkey pulls troops out of NATO exercise over 'enemy' list Reuters Top News (Fri Nov 17)
Turkey withdraws troops from Norway after Erdogan is listed as ‘enemy’ during NATO drills RT (Fri Nov 17)
Does cooperating witness have info on Flynn tie to Turkey? NBC News (Thu Nov 16)
Next week, President Trump to participate in a time-honored White House tradition: the presidential turkey pardon… CBS News (Thu Nov 16)
Over 2m Iranians are projected to travel to Turkey this year, a new record The Economist (Mon Nov 13)
Turkey will assume it has a free pass ... unless the Trump administration does something. Foreign Policy (Wed Nov 08)
US, Turkey resume limited mutual visa services FRANCE 24 English (Tue Nov 07)
US embassy in Turkey ‘partially resumes’ visas after month-long pause RT (Mon Nov 06)
Rose wins in Turkey, closes on European Tour No.1 spot FRANCE 24 English (Mon Nov 06)
Turkey passes law banning protests, press conferences and singing in Ankara Newsweek (Fri Nov 03)
Turkey starts to win Russian tourists back as number of visitors surge in first half of 2017 RT (Sun Oct 29)
Crimean Tatar activists freed by Russia, flown to Turkey BBC News (World) (Wed Oct 25)
Turkey's Erdogan says ready to support Iraq reopening oil pipeline Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 25)
Turkish authorities put 11 human rights activists on trial, including director of Amnesty International in Turkey Al Jazeera News (Wed Oct 25)
OPINION: Anti-Semitism in Erdogan’s Turkey is a feature, not a bug Fox News (Wed Oct 25)
Turkey activists in Amnesty case to stand trial FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 25)
Turkey’s other Hagia Sophia – in Trabzon The Guardian (Wed Oct 25)
Erdogan: Turkey's membership will cure EU's problems Al Jazeera News (Mon Oct 23)
Merkel presses allies to cut funds for Turkey's EU bid Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 19)
Turkey's Erdogan calls on mayors to resign, Hurriyet newspaper says Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 19)
Turkey says will not submit to 'impositions' from United States in visa crisis Reuters Top News (Wed Oct 18)
'The threats continue?’: murder of retired couple chills fellow activists in Turkey The Guardian (Wed Oct 18)
Poland hopes Turkey will join EU - President Andrzej Duda RT (Tue Oct 17)
Turkey extends state of emergency for fifth time FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 16)
?? Turkey's brain drain: Talents turn their backs to limited freedom and declining economy FRANCE 24 English (Mon Oct 16)
How a new generation in Turkey is keeping centuries-old culinary traditions alive in a modern world… Al Jazeera English (Mon Oct 16)
Syria demands 'immediate' withdrawal of Turkey troops: SANA FRANCE 24 English (Sun Oct 15)
What are Turkey's plans for Syria? via @AJInsideStory Al Jazeera English (Fri Oct 13)
'Last straw': Gulen & Kurds are core issues behind Turkey-US rift, not consulate worker’s arrest – experts to RT… RT (Thu Oct 12)
Turkey, US discuss visa crisis in phone talks: state media FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 11)
Turkey appears to be deepening its crackdown on journalists, puts one on trial after another was sentenced to priso… CNN International (Wed Oct 11)
Despite strains, Turkey's wine industry refuses to wither FRANCE 24 English (Wed Oct 11)
Wall Street Journal reporter convicted in Turkey over 'terrorist propaganda' The Guardian (Wed Oct 11)
Turkey's Erdogan targets U.S. ambassador over visa dispute Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Turkey's Erdogan blames U.S. envoy for diplomatic crisis Reuters Top News (Tue Oct 10)
Why Turkey has suspended visas for Americans Newsweek (Mon Oct 09)
United States and Turkey mutually suspend visa services for security reasons via @ReutersTV Reuters Top News (Mon Oct 09)
US and Turkey mutually suspend non-immigrant visa services after arrest of a US consulate employee in Istanbul CNN (Mon Oct 09)
Turkey and US suspend visa services in tit-for-tat fallout Al Jazeera News (Mon Oct 09)
Turkey and United States mutually scale back visa services euronews (Mon Oct 09)
U.S., Turkey mutually suspend visa services for security reasons Reuters Top News (Sun Oct 08)
Turkey's president announces operation in Syria's Idlib ABC News (Sun Oct 08)
Turkey's Erdogan says Syrian rebels have launched a major operation in Idlib against former al-Qaeda-linked fighters Al Jazeera News (Sat Oct 07)
Turkey's Erdogan says major operation in Syria's Idlib Reuters Top News (Sat Oct 07)
How to choose a bottle of wine that suits a variety of Thanksgiving dishes – including turkey The Globe and Mail (Fri Oct 06)
ICYMI: Archaeologists 'discover' Santa Claus's grave in Turkey euronews (Fri Oct 06)
Erdogan says Turkey will close Iraq border and air space soon Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 05)
Archaeologists 'discover' Santa Claus's grave in Turkey euronews (Thu Oct 05)
Turkish security forces kill five Kurdish militants in the southwestern province in Turkey - NTV… Reuters Top News (Thu Oct 05)
Santa Claus's tomb may have been discovered beneath an ancient church in Turkey Newsweek (Thu Oct 05)
Turkey sentences 40 to life over Erdogan death plot FRANCE 24 English (Thu Oct 05)
Turkey sentences 40 to life for trying to kill Erdogan Al Jazeera English (Wed Oct 04)
Has the original Santa Claus been found in Turkey? BBC News (World) (Wed Oct 04)
Turkey's Erodgan links Israel's Mossad to Kurdish referendum, while Iran's Rouhani blames "foreign sectarian plot"… Al Jazeera English (Wed Oct 04)
Santa Claus's tomb may have been discovered beneath an ancient church in Turkey Newsweek (Wed Oct 04)
Turkey sets up largest overseas army base in Somalia Al Jazeera News (Sun Oct 01)
Kurdish referendum triggers retaliation from Iraq, Turkey CBS News (Sun Oct 01)
Turkey suggests swapping jailed US pastor for Muslim cleric Fox News (Fri Sep 29)
Turkey threatens oil restrictions after Iraqi Kurds back independence Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 29)
Stockport woman receives hero's welcome in Turkey euronews (Wed Sep 27)
Iran, Turkey vow to stand with Iraq against Kurdish independence Al Jazeera News (Wed Sep 27)
Turkey threatens sanctions after Iraqi Kurdish independence vote The Globe and Mail (Tue Sep 26)
Oil near 26-month high as Turkey threatens to choke Kurdish exports Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 26)
Oil near 26-month high as Turkey threatens to choke Kurdish exports Reuters Top News (Tue Sep 26)
Archaeologists home in on Homeric clues as Turkey declares year of Troy The Guardian (Tue Sep 26)
Oil near 26-month high as Turkey threatens to choke Kurdish exports from @GlobeBusiness The Globe and Mail (Tue Sep 26)
Among the EU’s neighbors, only Russia, Belarus and Turkey have leaders who have been in power longer than Merkel The New York Times (Sun Sep 24)
Turkey warns of 'security' steps in response to Iraqi Kurd vote FRANCE 24 English (Sat Sep 23)
Miss Turkey stripped of her crown over coup tweet BBC News (World) (Fri Sep 22)
Organizers strip Miss Turkey 2017 of her crown over an 'unacceptable' social media post. The Associated Press (Fri Sep 22)
Turkey lists US planes & missiles that Russian-made S-400 SAMs ‘can eliminate’ RT (Fri Sep 22)
Exclusive: Turkey to deploy troops inside Syria's Idlib - Erdogan Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 21)
Turkey: Private jet goes off Istanbul runway, catches fire. The Associated Press (Thu Sep 21)
Turkey mulls options, rallies support to oppose Kurdish state FRANCE 24 English (Thu Sep 21)
Turkey, Iran, Iraq consider counter-measures over Kurdish referendum: Anadolu Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 21)
THE OBSERVERS - The controversial colonial statue in Senegal; and the centuries-old town in Turkey being destroyed…… FRANCE 24 English (Tue Sep 19)
Turkey summons German envoy over Kurdish rally in Cologne Reuters Top News (Sun Sep 17)
Turkey says northern Iraqi referendum an issue of national security Reuters Top News (Sat Sep 16)
@ajnews Russia, Turkey and Iran have agreed to set up de-escalation zones in Syria for six months… Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 15)
What you need to know about Turkey’s S-400 air defence missiles euronews (Fri Sep 15)
Russia, Iran & Turkey agree on final de-escalation zone in Idlib, Syria RT (Fri Sep 15)
RT @AJNews: Russia, Turkey, Iran agree borders of de-escalation zone in Syria's Idlib, more soon on… Al Jazeera English (Fri Sep 15)
Turkey feels betrayed over EU accession but still wants to join the club Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 14)
Arrests at Turkey trial of hunger-striking teachers BBC News (World) (Thu Sep 14)
Turkey's hunger-striking teachers absent for trial BBC News (World) (Thu Sep 14)
Syria talks in Astana - brokered by Russia, Turkey and Iran - aim at implementing lasting ceasefires… Al Jazeera English (Thu Sep 14)
AskJuncker : President Juncker answers youtuber Kovy's question on refugees and EU-Turkey relations. Send us your… euronews (Thu Sep 14)
Turkey warns Iraqi Kurdish referendum move will have a cost Reuters Top News (Thu Sep 14)
Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim to meet Turkey's President Erdogan as Saudi Arabia-led blockade continues… Al Jazeera News (Thu Sep 14)